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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Headmaster's Room Ch. 03

fetish Mag58 2018-09-27

As soon as the Headmaster had finished tormenting me by see-sawing the long cane between my extended pussy-flaps, Millhouse quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles; only stopping to let me step out of them. "It's your turn now Mr. Millhouse," Skinner told his friend, as I gasped for air and my heart felt like it was going to explode. I was so turned on I wrapped my legs around his head and tried to pull his face inside my cunt when Millhouse moved next to us and began mauling my tits again. "Fuck me harder...harder you bastard...FUCK ME!" I kept screaming as Skinner hammered his cock deep inside me and Millhouse sucked and twisted my tits and nipples.

Paul & Liz Ch. 03

fetish Metropolman 2018-09-27

'You know Puppy, when Liz told me how adventurous you two were getting I didn't believe her.' As Faye said this, she reached out to play with my diminished erection. Faye suddenly turned the butt plug onto its highest setting and at the same time released the valve, letting all of the air out in one and I came furiously, screaming, tugging and pulling on the restraints holding me down. 'Paul, I think you may even be better at cock-sucking than Liz,' said Faye and laughed as I turned a bright red, embarrassed. As Liz undid the restraints holding my hands, Faye, still giggling, gently pulled the strap-on away.

Special Delivery

fetish dexterthomas 2018-09-27

Eventually, we discovered that we both have had some interest, curiousity, in sucking on a cock and tasting cum. Licking his cum was wonderful, but as I worked my way to the head I was wanting a real taste of his cock. I locked my lips around his head and licked and suck cum from his dick like a straw. I then felt him put his hand on my head and make a big hump with his hips and drive his cock into my mouth. I tried to pull off, but he held my head on his cock as he exploded into my mouth. I was very greedy for cum and encouraged him not to swallow mine and made him snoball it back into my mouth.

Anything For You Ch. 2

fetish LR 2018-09-26

"I want to fuck you now," she said with a malicious grin. "Enjoy it you whore." April was in total control and obviously wanted me to know it. She began to thrust in and out now and the pain was slowly starting to recede. Let me know how much you love me fucking you like this. I realized it was starting to feel good. "Fuck me faster, April," I moaned to her. April looked me in the eyes and could tell I was loving it. "Now whore," April groaned, "Here is mine!" But instead of cumming in my ass she pulled out and crawled up my body. She started to fuck my face and I slurped on her dick.

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 04

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-09-26

We introduced ourselves around: Ms. Nice Boobs/Butt was Laura, Ms. Fashion Model was Lurecia.(Perhaps I hadn't mentioned this before but my girlfriend's name is Jessica and I'm Marco.) Laura and Lurecia already had a head start with drinks in front of them. All the while, I was wondering what Ms. Nice-Boobs/Butt, I mean Laura, looked like in person- -naked! "Look, like I said, I know you." Jessica was doing her 1st grade teacher presentation now. Laura was fairly popular and introduced Jessica to people, helped her meet some boys, and things like that. "No disrespect, sweetness," Laura got in ahead of Lurecia (and I'm sure Jessica was just as pleased she did) "You are pretty enough to pass for a girl in man's clothes, at least in that lighting!"

Wife in Control Ch. 07

fetish wifetoy 2018-09-26

My wife, watching my anal ordeal, said, "Watching your face, with your mouth opening and contorting as you try to take Kong is so hot, particularly in your pretty pink lingerie." She removed her panties, lifted up the fleece mini-dress she was wearing and began slowly stroking her hairless pussy. The intense soreness I felt as my sphincter ring stretched over the width of the first bulb reminded me of the prior anal indignities suffered for my inability to control myself for the pleasure of my beautiful, sexy bride With each bulb of the post my ass stretched wide to accommodate the 21/4 inch girth of the post before sliding down the other side of the bulb and closing around the narrow part of the post only to be stretched back out again to open myself for the unyielding width of the next bulb.

The Lost World Pt. 03

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-09-26

Oh sweet orgasm, this was a thing worth worshipping, worth forgetting yourself over, worth everything, at least while you were having one (or ten as I might have, I was too new to this to keep a proper count.) Rij pushed more and more in, every inch felt like it was taking a mile, slowly dragging more climaxes out of me, Nila seeming to sense my need leaned over, resting her mammoth tits on my face, letting me lick and suck them to my heart's content, even biting them a little as a particularly strong orgasm took me.


fantasy squirt girl cums to life

fetish brand692020 2018-09-26

We flicked our tongues on each other’s just like those xhamster Japanese girls do on the vids. After we got on the bed I started to eat her pussy and lick her ass, suddenly a gush of fluid shot out of her and covered my face. We made love for almost two hours nonstop with her gushing on my balls and running down my ass cheeks when she was on top, the bed and both of us were soaking wet and loving it! After a few strokes I started pumping a bit harder, as I did she gushed on my balls again and again moaning louder each time. I called her after I got home to say thank you for the best sex of my life, she said the same and a few days later we talked again.

Taken . . .

fetish mrflash222 2018-09-26

The foot on your neck continues to add pressure and suddenly you feel alone and scared as your body is slightly abused bouncing on the hard floor as the van travels through the city. They continue to restrict your oxygen so your mouth has to stay open as you realize the cock is beginning to slide in and out. You feel like he might be right as it crosses your mind that you were almost hoping he would put the dick you had just slobbered on into your soaking wet cunt. You're hurting between the pain from the ropes around your wrists and your knees and face being against the hard metal floor, but that is nothing compared to the incredible pleasure the has been building in you.

Gentlemen Sometimes Aren't

fetish mijack 2018-09-26

He'd pulled this thing out of his bedside draw and said "Fuck me, please." As she watched he took more of it in, pressing her arse forward with his hand. "Well, if I'm going to get this big thing into your little hole I'm going to have to prepare you. She slid her hand slowly up and down the pink plastic shaft, feeling not a little silly. "Not bad," she thought, "but not a fuck." She pushed her finger into him, perhaps a little savagely. "You wanted it," she said, "and you're going to take it. The rubbing and pressure of the base against her continued to feel good in a sort of subdued way.

Wild Girl

fetish steve25805 2018-09-26

Well, we often had a few drinks together and got talking, and he eventually revealed that he was turned on by the thought of just peeing anywhere. He showed me some of his porn collection, which mostly featured pics and vids of girls pissing in all sorts of unorthodox places, often involving hotel rooms being messed up. Afterwards, I kind of got off on thinking about such things, and found myself fantasising about peeing on his carpet in front of him. After that, he himself stood, took his semi-erect dick out, and enjoyed a piss all over the carpet too, right in front of me. In fact, we do kind of pee all over his flat at times, which sure is fun.

Breaking The Sex Barrier

fetish Dann0 2018-09-26

Jerry and Linda, who we continued to get closer with on day Sunday hikes led by the local Sierra Club chapter, had been dropping hints that we might like to go on a little backpacking camping adventure with them, and soon. When the bottle had been passed around several times, Jerry and Roger entertained us with past camping adventures, some of which were deliciously bawdy, notably the time Jen remained totally naked around camp an entire afternoon and evening -- because of the heat she said -- and feeling tipsy kept asking the three men to keep her slathered in bug repellent much to their eager delight.

Sam Steals Neighbor's Panties

fetish jadedappetite 2018-09-26

Soon there was a knock at the door and Sam's mother opened it and welcomed in a plump, brown haired woman. "Ms.Dede would like for you to cut her grass and maybe do some other tasks for her." Sam's mother began. "Take off these clothes right now," Missy said, with one hand on her hip and the other pointing to the bathroom. Going through some drawers Missy revealed a white garter belt, black knee high stockings, and a pink pair of satin panties. Missy couldn't keep her grin off her face and watched as Sam stepped into them and pulled them over the belts. Missy reached into Sams bra and began to pinch his very sensitive nipple.

Spin's Breeding

fetish Frocto 2018-09-26

It was her best feature and she loved it, her ass looking like two almost perfectly round globes, both sets of dark skin highlighted by her sweat and jiggling more than some girl's tits with each motion. Without even realizing, as she listened to girl's names called, she reached into her bag and pulled out a long tube of red lipstick, gliding it over her lips, till they looked wet and glistening, like her cunt was right now. Spin recognized her as the girl her boyfriend had dated before they'd broken up, a blonde who'd already had big tits and now sported ones that looked like basketballs.

My Introduction

fetish jamiesecret 2018-09-26

He pulled one big rubber cock out and said, "this is what you want, right up the ass". I got really pissed and left to walk home, my brothers' friend decided to come with me. As I walked I began to cry, I told my friend that no one knew about this, and he was nice about it and said that he wouldn't tell anyone. My master then took a big handful of lotion and put it all over my cock and ass. As I started to orgasm, my master took his hand off my cock and grabbed the camera. My master told me it was lucky he wasn't a faggot or he would have fucked my ass with his cock.

My First Time Out Ch. 01

fetish Shayna 2018-09-26

Shane was happy he ordered the long leather jacket at the last minute and hoped it arrived in his lock box on time. As she seductively pulled each stocking up her smooth leg, the same sensation hit her, but this time her girl-cock couldn't swell or rise because the gaffe was performing its job. After her break, she looked in the mirror using a soft, sexy, higher pitched voice that she practiced at home, "Shayna baby, even without makeup, you are gorgeous, but lets get back to work to turn you into that skinny little fuck-slut-whore you yearn to become!" As Shayna turned sideways, the three-way mirror allowed her to reveal her long smooth kissable neck.

Texas Hose-the Ranch

fetish johntwoj 2018-09-26

Flicking his tongue over the swollen clit and sucking on the slippery lips it wasn't long before Kay arched her back and cried out in a deep shuttering orgasm. With that, Ed pinned Kay to the shower wall and kissed her long and deep, reaching up to cup a tit in his hand and rolling a nipple between his thumb and finger. With precum dripping down her arches Kay moved her left foot and pressed her sole over the head, still stroking and gripping with her right toes. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her feet to his face so he could lick her soles and suck those lovely toes, never pausing or letting up with his deep, hard thrusts, pacing himself for a long enjoyable ride, masturbating inside her.

Chastity blog day 5

fetish garyw 2018-09-26

Unfortunately, the material is also thinner and less absorbent and a couple of times I found the rapidly building levels of cum in my balls leaking a little with the feeling of pleasure coming from down below and this was far easier to see than it would have been in jeans. Unluckily, I drove past a hotel where I'd spent a couple of hours with a very sexy Asian TS once and the whole way home I kept thinking about the things we had done that day. Work today was a little bit of everything, so jeans would be OK and I have to say the freedom of not having to worry about the bulge showing too much or of there being too much leaking was a weight off my mind.

Dirty s****r rides again!!!

fetish jcvja 2018-09-26

I woke up and made my sandwiches my mother asked me if I wanted a lift to work I said no has I was being picked up at half past! When we arrived at work I realised my sandwiches was on the side at home and I had no cash on me I asked my friend if I could borrow his car has my house was only ten mins away and set off home at lunch. I watched my dad fuck this women and has I looked on my dad got off her and started too head fuck her I opened the door a little bit to get a better view and has my dad cum on her face and made her swallow I relised it was my own s****r!


Trust Ch. 06

fetish noglory 2018-09-26

As we threaded our way through the southern suburbs towards the motorway that would take us out of London to the West Country the view was seldom inspiring, but; with Emma next to me in the driving seat, her long wavy blonde hair swirling around her shoulders in the breeze from the open windows and sun roof, wearing a 50's-style blue gingham short sleeved blouse, with the tails tied in a bow just below her rib cage to expose her torso, and short blue denim shorts leading my eye down the long, flowing lines of her bare legs to her feet in her bright white Keds plimsolls and white ankle socks operating the pedals in fascinatingly sexy fashion; I had no complaints whatsoever about the view.

Mommy's Little Leg Humper

fetish hornyboy2424 2018-09-26

She smiled at her little sissyboi, " I want you to go upstairs into Mommy's room and grab a condom out of her nightstand drawer, can you do that you pathetic boi?" "BUT, you are definitely not going to fuck Mommy's pussy, no, I want you to stay on your knees, grab ahold of Mommy's leg and hump my boot. I saw you staring at them when I walked in sissy, so be a good little sissyboi and hump my leg. he looked down and began to hump her boot, dejected, but at least he was going to be able to cum today. "yes Mommy, it feels great to hump your leg like a dog, Thank You Mommy"

The Piss Empire

fetish nopjans 2018-09-26

Because of the important role pee played in the victory over Koint and the founding of their empire, by tradition, the Empress of T'uria and her heirs are allowed the privilege of urinating wherever they please. Debora, excited to find another person interested in history, explained how Helena, her sons and daughters, and the early T'urian royals pissed freely. Tomas, Helena's great-great-grandson was said to be fond of peeing on the interior walls of the palace, watching the delicate white plaster darken as he directed a beam of urine over it. Lady Debora, please show me how you believe an Empress should pee." She wondered if the chilly and dour Lord Markish had known quite how enthusiastic Debora was about the empire's traditions before appointing her as Liliana's instructor in these matters.

The walk

fetish qudduse 2018-09-26

I thought id done a good job, my bits all neatly ‘tucked’ away, (being blessed with a small cock allowed me to push it back and have an almost convincing ‘camel toe’ in my skinny jeans) I was nicely made up, hoop earrings (not too large as to be too tarty) nice bra and panties, DD cup boobs, wearing my favourite brown modestly heeled over the knee boots, tight blue skinny jeans, cream cowl neck pullover and long black winter coat, faux fur scarf and mittens completing my ‘girl out for a walk’ look. I had passed him earlier, nearly an hour back, cute dog too, I smiled and carried on with my walk, enjoying the freedom of being out, dressed up and feeling nice and fem.

The Freshman Ch. 05

fetish iman2 2018-09-26

In whispers they would remember the shock they felt upon seeing Chad's massive cock for the first time; the way Shannon had pressed the dick in between her huge breasts; the way Chad had filled up Alex's little mouth and slapped Abby's huge ass. Her eyes watered as Chad grabbed her shoulders and began to slowly thrust his huge cock in and out of Abby's mouth. Still looking at her, Chad hefted his huge cock in his hand and plunged it inside Abby's pussy. "Do you like my boyfriend's big cock inside you?" Mollie asked Abby quietly. Abby discovered how much she enjoyed Mollie's big ass sitting on her face while Chad's big cock filled her pussy.