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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Unsuspecting Candidate Ch. 01

fetish missvicky53 2017-10-30

Would you like to feel how soft and silky my stockings are?" I took his hand under the table and placed it on my leg, just above the knee. You know you want to see me in nothing but my pretty bra and panties." I took my hand from his and moved it to his crotch. You must think only of how good I must feel dressed in my frilly things." He said nothing during the ride, as his eyes focused alternately on my legs and breasts as I drove. Stand up slave, its time for you to experience just how good a pair of panties can feel against your most secret parts." He struggled to his feet, his hands still cuffed helplessly behind his back.

Hit The Right Spot

fetish Gregory_Andrews 2017-10-30

She told me she knew I was serious because my cock had been hard all morning and she would giggle to herself when she thought I wasn't looking. Melanie said something I really didn't consider, she told me that it sounds like Tanya was secretly a dominatrix or at least wanted to be. She told me she should be on the naughty list, she said she knew it wasn't right but she couldn't stop thinking about fucking another woman with me watching. I asked her if it was ok for me to find the right woman for the situation, she told me she was conflicted but she also wouldn't lie about having these new fantasies going wild inside her mind.

Hijabi Tour Guide

fetish uguff90 2017-10-30

She stopped sucking and looked up and said, “I couldn’t help but notice you had a hard on from your dream and I couldn’t resist.” She began sucking again. As I thrusted she moaned louder and began to match my rhythm so she could get all of my hard shaft in her wet pussy. She looked up again with her wet jilbab and hijab and said, “I want to swallow your cum!” She began to suck my shaft again. She kept wiping off the cum with her finger from her face and hijab and sucked her finger and closed her eyes until there was none left. She looked up to me totally soaked in cum and said with a smile, “This is going to be an amazing trip.”

The Necrophiles Have Your Wife Ch. 10

fetish Willailla 2017-10-30

"Woo, and just what type am I?" Barry asked, casually sliding in next to her on the sofa and placing his drink on the glass-topped, brass coffee table. "And good for you," he said, coming back into the living room with her drink. She removed the band that held her ponytail and shook her hair loose so that it was full, hanging halfway down her naked back. He forced the bright red ball gag into her mouth and pulled the stretch strap back as tightly as possible. She felt her sphincter tighten then relax around him. Barbara shook hair out of her eyes and glanced back over her shoulder. "I know what happened to your sister, Allison," the raspy voice said.

The Perfect Birthday Wish

fetish 2017-10-30

The only thing I could get out before becoming a temporary mute was, “Ahhhhh…” As I gazed at her whole body I figured her to be 5’- 9” with curly bright red hair that went about an inch below her neckline, big ice blue eyes, a smile that would melt metal, a little bit of muscle tone, and excellent curves with measurements of 28G - 24 – 34 which were easy to tell due to the tight shorts with a black thong showing and a t-shirt that read “LOADED WITH TWO SMOKIN’ GUNS”. She pulled me up from the bed; lied down stomach first, put her butt up in the air, spread open her pussy again and said, “This.” I slowly entered her with my huge head but didn’t het to far because she yells out in pain.

A Surprise at the Door

fetish susurrus 2017-10-30

Her long, wavy brunette hair fell enticingly over one shoulder and the look on her face told me I wasn't going to be taking it easy right away. Mel smiled around my cock, gave a couple more bobs of the head, then pulled away, removing her hands from my ass, and holding one up for me to help her to her feet. While I'd lost some of my erection while we fiddled with the dildo, the feeling of my wife's mouth on my cock while she fucked my ass had me hard again in moments. I thought I'd have cum right away, but it was holding back, apparently waiting to hear what else came from my sexy, horny wife's mouth.

My Anna

fetish OpenMouth 2017-10-30

"Oh, well, you know," she says, in her sexy Ukrainian drawl, "you want to fuck me in the night, when I'm warm and sleepy, first you've gotta get these off me, and you've gotta put on a condom, mister!" She punctuates the full stop with a tap on my semi erect cock, and I laugh. In my aroused state, I feel slightly disappointed; I briefly imagine my smart, middle-aged female neighbour catching sight of the scene- me with pink lipstick smeared around my mouth and my flies open as this big, overgrown blonde slut feels me up, and despite her initial distaste, fingering herself to orgasm later in bed, at the thought of receiving similar attention from Anna.

To A Special Man

fetish encountersxxx 2017-10-30

Yes, special man, I really do exist, in flesh and blood, full of a burning need to dominate you, use you, punish you; oh, the sublime pleasure of punishing you ... Can you imagine, special man, standing at the door of my apartment, waiting for me to answer? I will be looking at you closely, my naked special man, and wondering just how your body will respond to me. Flinch for me, my special man; I want to see that you feel my strength. I'm going to ride your face, special man, all the way to my orgasm. I think you will have to begin at another sensitive little opening - you know where I mean don't you - to make sure I get fully aroused.

Gender bent – Ch 8 – Made for pleasure

fetish youngprboi 2017-10-30

We have a doctor on call here, a BBC Room with 20 hired studs as some men here like watching sluts get destroyed by BBCs, advanced sex toys and emulation staff that have stuff that you would never see outside of here.” She said joyfully as we walked up a flight of stairs. Kandi cut the men off with a glare and then said “Nikki, in your collar there is a chip that monitors you heart rate and emotions, on top of that every room in the house is bugged with cameras and mics, We have a crew who tallies up what each slut has done in a day” She said smiling “Blow jobs, amount of people you fucked, the stuff you did, etc” One guy said.

First BBC

fetish 2017-10-30

Jed immediately pushed his stiff cock into my open mouth, then I felt Lee get behind me and holding my pussy open entered my cunt with his longbthin cock, all the time I was aware of camera flashes as Dave took photos of me being used my the two old black guys, I wondered where Clive was, then suddenly I saw him out of the corner of my eye wanking the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen in my life, I gasped and Lee must have thought it was due to his urgings," That's right little girl enjoy my long cock ramming your tight teenage cunt, you hot little whore come for Lee little bitch!" I felt Lee's cock filling my pussy, I gripped it and felt it grow harder as he thrust into me deeper, pulling out and driving back into me, I felt an orgasm building as I sucked hungrily on Jed's thick cock, I came as Lee f***ed his cock back into me, the waves of ecstacy flooding over me as Jed's cock throbbed and his hot spunk hit the back of my throat, he came four or five times filling my mouth with his cum, then pulling his softening cock out of my mouth, wiping it all over my cheeks and nose,"What a little cock sucking whore!

Coming Home With A Creampie

fetish billstew 2017-10-30

Sophie and I met another couple a week ago and had a night of orgasmic fun. Two nights ago we meet a guy called Justin; he had sex with Sophie while I took photos and then I enjoyed sloppy seconds. “Enjoy it, honey,” she said and with that I knelt back between her legs. I can definitely taste his cum,” I said, looking up. Clean me well,” she said and began to run her fingers through my hair as I resumed. Sophie’s pussy was exquisite and the clear remnants of Justin’s salty semen were intoxicating to both the nostrils and the taste buds. “I love my slut wife,” I said as I collapsed onto Sophie.


fetish Seurat 2017-10-30

I let her know I didn't want the polygamous relationships so often expressed in female domination stories, but that there were other things I wanted to try. I read stories and came up with a list new ideas for us to try; she edited the list, added some things, and we continued on. My complaints about the implementation and the proposed end results fell on deaf, since I no longer had any say in any part of our sex life. I'm so horny now for that eleven inches of meat; it fills me much better than that old six inches you used to have." She checks the time, and slips the dress back on.

First FemDom Experience

fetish Findingnewexperience 2017-10-30

Mistress let's off my throat for a second, and as I am gasping for air, she pulls out a knife and presses the cold steel to my testicles then runs the blade up and down my erect penis, chokes me again and says: "Clearly you do not understand, my little slut! Mistress leans right up to my ear and whispers sexily "Now, my little slut, if you do exactly as I say you will be rewarded," than her voice turns harsh "but if you disobey or question me, it will result in punishment!" As the word "punishment" leaves the Mistress' lips she applies hard pressure with her knee directly into my genitals which makes me see stars, until she bites on my ear and it brings me back to reality.

Melanie Gets Washed Out

fetish Lion24655 2017-10-30

Melanie screamed, but Judy held on tight, and indeed Melanie's body shook and writhed as the enema enhanced the orgasm she was experiencing, which went on for a couple of minutes, a chance for me to empty more of the enema deep inside her. I sat on her legs, Judy held onto her shoulders so she couldn't move, and as the grips went away I turned the tap on again, and we simply let it run into her until the bag was empty. At last Melanie stood there, before two of our group helped her to the bathroom, while two others took the bowl away and cleaned it out As soon as she returned from her shower, this time in tears of humiliation it was clear that this had totally humbled her - yet at the same time she had just had the biggest orgasm ever for her.

A Friend For Us Ch. 03

fetish jondegwa 2017-10-30

Right hand moving in a blur against her pussy and clit, Dawn blindly groped Jana's full chest until she locked on her right nipple and pinched hard. John's cock throbbed as he pumped it, precum oozing freely from the tip as he eagerly watched, expecting to see Jana orgasm right before his eyes. Dawn leaned over Jana's head and started sucking on her nipples, making the masturbating girl writhe and moan louder. Leaned over some more, she awkwardly tried to kiss Jana deeply, treating John to the wonderful sight of a slim dark girl sticking her tight ass up in the air as she struggled to kiss her sprawled-out friend.

Tammy's Panties Ch. 2

fetish pantyperv 2017-10-30

About two months after Tammy had caught me in the laundry room with her panties, Mike informed me that he was having a big party at his house Friday night. As much as I was enjoying these panty games of hers I was really more interested in a way to get my dick between those long thighs of hers, or at the very least another taste of that sweet little nectar hole. Don't get me wrong, I love your panties, and you're my best friends wife and all, but I was hoping today we could go further on what we started a couple of months ago."

Sloppy Seconds Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2017-10-30

I felt the air enter me, my shrieking hole was now so huge, it was no doubt ruined, I wasn't going to have a hard dump any time soon, but there was no way I could stop, the heaving ecstatic sensations were like nothing I'd experience before. My ass is now so close to coming, the hole is comfortably containing her entire fist, I don't even feel the pressure or the pain, just the deep repeated fierce thrusts as my wave starts rolling. But her mouth was now on my distended slop hole, she was cleaning it out, even as it breathed the end of its orgasm, trying to pull it open with her fingers to get her tongue inside me to scoop anything around.

A Cuckold's Confession

fetish mollycactus 2017-10-30

Playfully, I started referring to the vibrator's flesh like rod as her 'lover's cock' while I described how it looked plunging in and out of her pussy. It was a good thing I was sitting still with my eyes closed - I'd closed them to focus on the sounds better - because with very hushed giggling, Jen and Tony tip-toed past the recliner to make their way into our bedroom. She startled for a moment, but then smiled, saying, "Looks like I'm making our fantasy a reality," as she went back to sucking his cock. It's difficult to put this into words, but the suffering caused by the mental anguish of your woman finding greater sexual pleasure with another man as you watch can actually create a feeling of submissive bliss.

Pungent flower 3: Auto hardon

fetish TheAgantuk 2017-10-30

I looked at Pankaj and he was oblivious to the situation, staring out of the auto on the other end. I secretly turned on the video camera on my phone and held it in my right hand, upside down, facing her. We continued on to our office and all the way I could not stop remembering the sweet sensation of pushing my hard cock against her big and soft ass. Then I noticed she was not actually looking out but stealing glances at Pankaj, making sure he was unaware of what was going on the other side of the auto. The way she stole glances from the corner of her eye and the excited look in those eyes was turning me on even more.

Fucking my teacher at school

fetish 2017-10-30

I kept making eyes at him and sucking my pen like i was interested in him. He kept me after class and told me to stop doing it and behave like a lady and said if i didn't stop he would have to report me. I thought fuck it I'm going to try again so i sucked my pen, and mouthed without making noise "I want to suck your cock" and "fuck me hard" etc. He then said that if i dont let him fuck me he is going to report me with video evidence and ill be expelled. I said i wanted to fuck him anyway and put my hand on his cock. Little does he know i have video of him fucking my 13yo cunt too.

Late Night Visit With Santa

fetish imornery81 2017-10-30

I went over to a work table and was reasoning out where I was going to put some of my hand tool storage when I heard her call out, “Do you have any toilet paper?” I looked over toward the garage door and stacked on a pile of blankets, pads and other things was a 12 pack of toilet paper that I had meant to put in the restroom but obviously had not gotten quite around to. She shrugged off her blouse and her bra and as I pushed my pants and underwear to the floor she reached out and grabbed my stiff cock and said, “I suppose this would be the fabled North Pole!”

Needing Milk

fetish stoneypoint 2017-10-30

Even better, I wanted to go back inside and climb on Geena, do her every way possible, and even better just butt fuck that hearty round ass I loved! Pulling out my cell and walking out and away from the house, I went to the edge of my property towards Geena's house and looked that way. "Mmmmm, I'd think, so damn delicious!" After being quiet for almost a minute I said, "Geena, in all the years we've known one another, I've always thought of you as a good friend. She said yes and when she did, I gradually went higher up inside her shirt towards her breasts while aiming for two gold mines and she knew I was going that way.

For Markie ♥ You drive me wild ♥

fetish mysticalmaiden111 2017-10-30

Your like shit I didn’t know we were going here....why didn’t you tell me...I said no worries you look fab babes ;) You come around to my side of the car and grab me by my chin and look deep into my eyes and said, listen my babydoll had I known I would have brought your collar and tit clamps so I could lead you around. You tell him you want me first bound floating as if on my back and lifted, my right leg knee bent and left leg stretched as far as it will go, then you want my tits bound tight, my arms bound behind my back and then hoisted in the air so that everyone can drink up my leaky puss as you know this will drive me so wild ill be likely to make a mess all over the floor.

Tease and Denial

fetish worzel 2017-10-30

The body hanging a couple of inches off the ground was covered completely in black Latex, She, and it could only be a she had her head covered in the same material a hood and mask with no eye holes could be seen when looking at her outline, side on which had braided pipes coming from where her mouth and nose would normally be. To Alison's surprise Lady Tate was measuring the strangest of places, such as round her ankles, her wrists, and her neck. As they walked Lady Tate questioned Alison about her parents, where she lived, her aspirations, her dreams. Lady Tate walked off, leaving Alison to pick up her bags and cardboard boxes and take them upstairs to her new room.