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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Finding The Comfort Zone

fetish tarkatony 2017-10-30

"Hold me," she said, as she moved in to him, and when he reached for her she climbed onto him and felt his stiff prick poke into her groin, into the side of her pussy and she lay still, clinging to him, feeling the heat of his fat spill into her, as her mother's fat used to do, warm and soft and surrounding, like a cocoon, like the safe place it had always been. They lay like that for a few minutes and she noticed he was lightly panting, little groans seemed to escape with his breath and she thought she could feel a new wetness on her leg so she sat up and reached for his penis.

pregnant and lusting

fetish vinney 2017-10-30

His hands went to her blouse and undid the buttons, pushing it apart and pulling her tits over the top of her bra - he started to suckle her whilst finger-fucking her. Candy had chosen not to breastfeed her baby so Keith suckled on her tits and drank her milk instead - draining both breasts three times a day - breakfast, lunch and tea he called it! Candy thrived with all his attention - her breasts just got bigger with all the milk she was making and due to all the fucking, predictably, within weeks she was pregnant again - Keith loved it. This meant that they were now fucking at least 6 times a day and sure enough, when the new baby was just 8 weeks old - Candy found out she was pregnant again.


fetish Robert_Anthony 2017-10-30

"How many days has it been since I allowed you to cum slave?" asked Samantha, looking down at Nick the way any woman in her position might. Samantha ran her beautifully manicured fingers slowly down her silky smooth leg, her pussy was getting quite wet now and she was looking forward to feeling Nick's skilled tongue, but for now she was happy to let the tension build between her thighs. Samantha pulled her head back and lifted herself up slightly, she took hold of the key with her right hand and the small padlock that secured Nick's chastity device with her left and brought the two together.

Handmaid Hanna

fetish BlewWater69 2017-10-30

"One of the girls in our class gave me and a bunch of other senior guys handjobs for a dollar each out underneath the visitor side of the bleachers." Three guys I barely knew were already in line and Hanna was just taking a seat on the concrete footing like Chad had said. Hanna got right to opening the guys fly and pulling out his cock through the slot in his briefs. I'd noticed some of the guys watching Hanna's hands on them and some looking up at the bottom of the bleachers. As my mind drifted back to what had happened under the bleachers as I watched Hanna's hands play with me, my cock began to stir in my jeans.

The Harem Slave Ch. 13

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-10-30

"Now fuck them, sliding it back and forth." Eric did so eagerly, pumping the dildo vigorously into the girls' twats. Sophie began to suck his dick into her mouth while Sabrina licked up and down the shaft. He watched the Master stroke in and out of her sweet ass several times before pulling out and sliding his dick into Sophie's asshole. Eric was once again ready to cum all over both Sabrina and Sophie's pretty face when the Master pulled his dick out of Sabrina and ordered them all to stop. Eric's dick deep in his throat, the Master managed to crack a smile as he looked up at the shocked young man.



fetish katieCumSlut 2017-10-29

I want to be with 10 strangers, old pervs and black guys and greet them by undoing their pants, pulling their cocks out, and playing with different cocks in each hand. Then I would lay down with my head over the couch so I can lick balls and gargle them with im my mouth with cum, while the guys feel up my body, grabing my tits and licking my fat ass. have a man or two cum on a cock before i gobble each mans balls in my mouth, Then yall would all lay on the floor with yalls feel over your head so I can lick ass. pee comming from everywhere as all 10 pervs streams piss against my face, chest, back, and ass.

My Neighbor's Delight

fetish Georgepat 2017-10-29

One of her hands slowly came up and absently started to touch her left breast, rubbing in small circles towards her nipple. I looked at her again and saw her hips bucking up and down and she had both her nipples pulled out as far as she could pull them when, all of a sudden, her toy slid out of her pussy and a strong stream of her cum started flowing out and running down the crack of her ass. I stopped and turned my head to look over my shoulder and saw that it was my neighbor standing just a few feet away from me.

Help, I'm Marrying a Slut! Ch. 02

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2017-10-29

"Oh, God,'re so....good at that!" I grunted as Tamara sucked my dick all the way inside her throat. "Damn, woman....I'm about to cum!" I warned Tamara, who responded by grabbing my cheeks to spread them and slip a couple of very wet fingers into my asshole.....the fingers smelled of Connie's pussy, in fact, but I wasn't going to gripe about that. Sure enough, with every loving touch of the puff and my hands on Tamara's soaked skin, she began to sigh, to moan, and to whimper....even to shiver. I can't promise that I won't be naughty and sassy, but I'll always mean well by it....always playful and all that," Tamara told me as we shared our fluids between our lips and tongues....a bloody snowball, if you will.

Scat Schoolgirl Ch. 02

fetish Zolrender 2017-10-29

Kym brought the glass to her pussy and squatting a little started to piss into the glass, all the while staring at her father. Paul had been rock hard since he started writing the letter to her teacher but watching his daughter piss into a glass then drink the contents had him on the brink of coming. Just as Paul was about to explode his daughter pulled out a pair of her white cotton school panties and held them over his cock. Thoughts of the old teacher on his knees sucking his cum out of his daughters panties and possibly licking it from her pussy and ass flooded his mind. Just thinking about watching his little girl licking her elderly teachers dirty ass clean drove him insane with lust.

One Night Ch. 09

fetish TheDarkAngel13 2017-10-29

After another long pause, during which I felt myself start to fume, I said, "Like my rape fantasy? But then, maybe it wasn't like, he was thinking about his old girl friends or some hot chick he knew. "I was thinking, Jake, that it would be okay if it wasn't like, someone you know. "Well, what can I do to thank you for helping me?" asked Jake, smiling vaguely as he reached his arms out for me. I kept thinking it would be an older woman or a dominatrix or something kinky that Jake wouldn't want me to know about. My grin was unnerving, I'm sure, but I think Jake liked all the sneakiness and intrigue.

Meeting Samantha

fetish xoos 2017-10-29

The first 10 minutes are a close zoom of my mouth pulling the milk from your left tit, with long, deep sucks and big gulps. (Online commenters love to hear you cum just from my sucking, and ask to see more videos like this.) The second scene switches to you lying next to me on my left arm as I suck your right tit while slowly fondling your left tit, then switches to 10 minutes of me fingering your pussy while sucking your right nipple. Sam wanted you to tell her how it feels to be sucked dry, to have a hungry mouth stretching your nipple as you cum. You reach up and gently pinch both nipples to start the milk flow, then squeeze a few drops from each into your mouth.

Danny Gets a Cage

fetish goldengob 2017-10-29

Danny looked down into Helen's pale blue eyes, her straw blonde hair splayed over the pillow like a golden fleece. While Danny stood dumbfounded, Helen placed the cage over his cock, squeezed his balls in there too and wrapped one pair of chains around his waist. After an interminably long time, his tongue aching almost as much as his punished cock he felt Helen's thighs clamp his head in a vice-like grip. He sucked on her nub of a clit as hard as he could whilst stroking the end of it with his tongue until she exploded her come all over his face. As his cock slid slowly from her hole, Helen turned, grabbed the cage and clamped it back onto his dick.

Showers Of Ecstasy

fetish wet_pussy_4u 2017-10-29

He could see the outline of his wife's body and hear her calling his name, "Oh Steve yes lick my pussy just like that, mmm baby that feels so good." He turned on the small lamp in the corner of the room so he could get a better view of her lost in this fantasy, As he watched her stick one finger up her asshole, put one in her pussy hole and her thumb rubbing her clit, his cock got hard and was hurting from the zipper on his pants, he decided to let his cock free and stroke it.

The Niece

fetish wsgy411 2017-10-29

"Lois please, I'm onthe phone." Peter said interrupting his wife. Peter looked at Lois andonce again covered the phone, "Myb*****r and s****r-in-law are dead. Peter put the phone back to his ear where a beeping soundcould be heard, "HeyBri, I know you're going through a rough time right now with your parents being dead and all, but I got another call coming in… SoI'm going to put you onhold." Oh my Godare you okay?" Peter covered the phone and looked at his wife, "They cancelled Quagmire's subscription to Chicks-R-Us. Now he can't watchhis porn for free. "Thank you Mr. Clark." Lois said as she stood up and led Peter tothe door.

Golden Pleasures Pt. 02

fetish betweenthesheets21 2017-10-29

You hate road trips," Jackson said, slightly confused. So if she got extremely turned on during their road trip, either she or Jackson could stimulate her...until they could get somewhere where they could have sex. Are you not wearing any underwear?" Jackson asked, leaning down and sticking his hand under Reese's dress. "Problem, honey?" Reese asked, looking over at her husband. "Mmm-hmm," she nodded as Jackson leaned over her and pressed a hot, deep kiss onto her lips. After a delicious seafood dinner and a relaxing stroll along the lakeshore, Reese and Jackson headed home. "Oh god yes!" Reese moaned, tears in her eyes, squirming in pleasure, heart racing. "Fuck yeah!" Jackson said as he pulled out of her.

Amelia and the Tutor Ch. 01

fetish AllHeel 2017-10-29

She opened the attachment and laughed at the picture of a terrified looking middle aged man's face obscured by her friend's skirt, judging by the deep red of his forehead and the way his eyes were bulging out she judged he had been there for some time. She moaned and rocked on top of his face, he screamed "Princess" into her satin panties again and again and she yelled in pleasure, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling until his eyes watered. They walked downstairs, in the frosted glass of the front door they could see Amelia's' mother lifting bags from the car boot. Amelia's' mother called her into the kitchen, she pushed the satin panties into Mr. Daniels hand and he fumbled them into his satchel.

The Lindy Series Ep. 06: Lindy's Special Birthday

fetish PTWaters1 2017-10-29

Clara also loved Helen and Lindy's erotic "pee-gasms" as they not only fed her watersports fetish, but also made her feel less like a freak for her involuntary urination when aroused. She smiled as the memory of the night the three of them peed under the table when Clara had come over for dinner the first time replayed in her mind's eye. Then, at the point in the dream where Clara took Lindy's womanhood into her warm, wet mouth, Lindy's bladder relaxed a bit and a gentle flow of pee escaped forward from between Lindy's tightly clamped labia and tricked out over her clit and down her thighs. Helen opened the brochure and handed it back to Lindy, "We'd like to take you to a day spa for a manicure, a facial, and a massage!"

My Last Summer at Home (Part 2)

fetish stifleurself 2017-10-29

night it was a popular hangout for the local high school k**s who like to I took a long drink of my beer and cocked my head with a sly smile. I drew in a breath and asked "Jill, what is it?" while turning to look weird about it?" I stared back at the moon not knowing what she was going Jill looked back at moon and replied very quickly "No way girl. Beth Carter was the queen of our high school. and said she never knew I had such a hot body before this summer, and asked Jill and I were both breathing kind of heavy by now. I'm not going to lie girl, it was kind of hot."

Mrs. Watson, I Presume

fetish EnCarta 2017-10-29

"I have to go badly!...Do you want to watch some more?..." Connie purred, reaching down and closing her panty covered palm around Brian's jutting erection. "Ohhhh!...Ohh my Goddd!...: Brian gasped as Mrs. Watson squeezed his throbbing tool in her satin covered hand. "Mmmmm!...Your so hard baby!...I hope your mother doesn't walk in on us!...What do you think she would say if she found you fucking her best friend!...Fucking her really hard!...Jamming your big cock deep inside her best friend's tight pussy!...What do you think she'd say to that baby?.." Mrs. Watson taunted, rocking back and forth over Brian's lap, dragging the tip of his seething erection back and forth through her succulent vaginal lips.

Lilly's Full Tits Ch. 01

fetish Georgepat 2017-10-29

Suck my milky titty." I leaned forward and slowly took her breast in my hand, my tongue flicking across her nipple and then sliding around her areole until I finally allowed my mouth to cover her nipple and began to suck. With my fingers, I pulled her love lips apart then gently placed the whole of my mouth over her pussy and licked at her wet slit. As I did so, I looked up and saw that Lilly was playing with her own tits and was pinching her stiff nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger with her milk dripping from the tips. Her cum coated my mouth and chin with her wet sticky love juices and I wiped it off with my hand and sucked more of her essence from my fingers.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 07

fetish Demospider 2017-10-29

She rubs it a few times before saying "You don't mind letting me have another look at this do you?" Kevin shakes his head and immediately starts removing his pants. Ashley circles his head a few more times with her tongue before making contact with her lips kissing him on the end of his dick. As he finally stopped unloading into her mouth she focused again on Kevin through the cock in her mouth, this time manipulating his physiological reaction to orgasm so that he did not lose interest in sex so immediately the way that guys normally do. Before another second passed Ashley turned to Kevin and quickly she commanded him to lick up the pool of his cum, there was no way she could get to it quickly but he was right there.

“Can I get some of that lube?”

fetish NotTooLarge 2017-10-29

I turned to see her long slender legs, cute bubble butt and tan lines peeking out the back of her hospital gown. As I did, she rolled onto her side and slid her butt off the edge of the bed and pulled the covers and her gown over, exposing her fine, tan-lined ass. I paused and asked what she wants me to do, and, a little bit louder this time, she said “fuck me.” I reached over to caress her nipple as I slid my cock in farther. The nurse turned around and closed the door (which had been open since I arrived, btw) and came back to Caroline’s bed. The nurse continued to caress Caroline’s cheek, and I asked if she’s alright.

Society 1.6: Modernus Opus

fetish TitianaPrisca 2017-10-29

Jason's knees almost buckled when Mistress Elena started playing with his nipples. Mistress Elena seemed to be having a grand time driving him out of his fucking mind. By the time her darling Jason worked his way down, around, and back up again, Elena's knees were weak. She went from pleased to ecstatic when he wormed his way under the covers and began gently suckling on her pussy lips. Elena would have loved nothing more than to curl up with her sweet Jason and sleep the morning away. Elena sighed happily when her sweet boy went back to his beautiful work. He washed his Mistress's swollen, sticky pussy and ass gently, then tucked her back in.

The Rep

fetish MirageLM 2017-10-29

She knew exactly where the motel he described was and as the first sign for Exit 15 came into view, her heart began to race and unbelieving, she noticed that she still gripped in her hand, around the steering wheel, the money he had given her. Her next sensation was the sound of his sharp intake of breath as her nipples came into view...Dark, large pink paps surrounded by broad dark aureolae...Erect and upturned as if needing to be sucked...She paused to look into his eyes and was frightened by the raw sensuality she saw there...