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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

shes the boss

fetish tvtv11uk 2017-10-29

I stood there dripping cum onto the deck when I heard someone else Wall ng towards me so I put my cock away just in time to see choir as mum and parnerwalk up they asked me f had seen her I said no then the next thing chora walked out from by the lifeboat. It was getting late and bar ward closing so I decided to move in and as I reached across to kiss her she pulled away and said it was time she went to bed, she finished her drink and said see you tomorrow. So I just sat there he then unzipped my trousers and started rubbing my cock it was first time someone else had touched me there and I was soon rock hard even though I didn't want to be.

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 05

fetish jessicablank 2017-10-29

Daniella stood slowly, unable to stop trailing her hands over and over her thighs, feeling the texture of the "fuck me" hose. The slave straightened a little, pulling the skirt up over her knees, feeling the soft rubber between her thumb and forefinger, the texture of the "fuck me" hose against her palms. Dressed in rubber." Daniella began to breathe, so very deep and slowly, feeling herself so completely in Mistress' power. "I am your horny little rubber slave!" Daniella's hips began to pump, forward and back, making the butt plug fuck into her again. The slave handed everything to her Mistress, and found herself shivering when MzDominica stood up from the bed, walked so very close to her, and stared into her eyes while she did something near her neckline.

New Boobs!

fetish AndrewJackson 2017-10-29

Plowing your cock between her tits sure looks like sex to me! My 34A boobs weren't very big, but they were nice and firm, and my perky nipples felt very good when licked. And if guys wanted to tit-fuck me, I needed bigger boobs. So I spent most of the time looking at before/after pictures of girls that started out as a 34A, like me. Then I ordered some falsies to slip inside the bras, and started going out, decked out with boobs of different sizes. I know you want to look, but the bandage will keep the swelling down, and help the implants settle into the proper position.

Grieving Before Christmas

fetish J_R_Ashunwhy 2017-10-29

When I came home for the holidays during my junior year, my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all looked to me to try to resurrect our Christmas Eve. I had been the one that had helped my grandmother prepare her party for all those years; no one else had been as dedicated as I, and so they all thought it was only right that the responsibility of continuing the traditions be forced to me.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 04

fetish fursmoke11 2017-10-29

Elaine looked at her, took a long drag on her cigarette and exhaled at the clergyman, directing the smoke at his white collar and watching as it rose up to his face. "I think you will have to excuse us for few minutes while we have a cigarette if you don't mind!" Jane said politely, and a little excited that she now had a smoking colleague in Elaine Phelps. "I am sorry..." said Ruth Mears, to the whole table "...but I think Jane Matthews is a trollop, a man's plaything and I think with that disgusting fur and her chain smoking she sets a terrible example to the children."

Extra Horny Time of the Month

fetish 425olds 2017-10-29

I needed to be tied up I knew the pain, sensations of having a cock inside me will be sexually overwhelming, the thought of him letting loose, balls slapping my bl**d drenched pussy I had this instinct to clamp my legs together. After each of my orgasms he called me his perfect slut, by now I had lost count of how many orgasms I'd thought, I had orgasmed out, He had other ideas and turn it up even further in intensity, Built up an orgasm to the point where though might just blow my head off, he still wasn't going to let off, I was screaming for him to cum, when he finally blew his load inside me, He reached over and started to untie the restraints that held me in his will, my period was over normal service resumed.

You see anything you like? Gay

fetish 425olds 2017-10-29

But being a bit of a pervert, I find the anonymous encounters of watching men, standing shoulder to shoulder, dick in hand, relieving themselves to be very erotic and really quite a fucking turn-on. I love standing at a urinal, my cock in hand, slowly stroking my semi-rigid tool as other anonymous dicks file in and out of the public toilet. He turned back to me and grabbed his fat rod in his masculine hand, jerking it slowly and rubbing his pre-cum up and down his glistening fuck-stick, "Strip naked you little bitch." With a cackle, the big anonymous stud slapped my face one last time with his fleshy dick and turned back to the urinal.

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

fetish LadyG_Amanda 2017-10-29

She was so into reaching her orgasm that she hadn't even noticed he had entered the water, until she looked to the side and saw him there next to the raft smiling up at her. He parted her lips, slowly licked her clit and stuck his tongue deep into her, feeling her juices run down on his face and into his mouth. She screamed, "Don't stop!!!" He stuck a finger deep inside her and flicked his tongue over her already hard clit almost making her reach her orgasm. He reached up and ran his hand over her belly, feeling the baby growing inside of her kick and move against his touch.

The Ex's New Toy Pt. 02

fetish Urtoy2be 2017-10-29

The videos would show the wife many times having her husband suck the other guys cocks to get them hard and ready to fuck her. I also feel that I must confess to you that I have come to absolutely love having one of the toy cocks in my ass while sucking another and having you watch me be spit roasted. If that still bothers you, wouldn't you love to have a sissy cuckold to swoop in and suck all his cum out of your pussy and lick you clean? You could just lay there relaxing in the aftermath of the fucking that huge cock must give you as I lick and suck your sweet pussy clean.

The Woman in White

fetish Decayed Angel 2017-10-29

Moving to a seat not far from her, I watched as she continued playing harmonica, not any specific songs mind you, more just random notes that never really gelled into a harmony, yet it was oddly nice. Ignoring the odd looks I got from the other people in the car, the ones who pulled back from this intriguing woman, I watched as she began playing the harmonica again. As the train slowed to stop at Dupont Circle, I noticed she quit playing, tucked the harmonica in a blouse pocket and scooted herself to the front of her seat. Looking down, it was oddly exciting to see her white painted face sliding up and down over my glistening cock

A Massage for My Exchange Student

fetish 2017-10-29

After I got her signed, because she had such a high academic rating from home, they also asked if she wanted to join any after school sports. At first I didn’t do any moving around and just let it lay there feeling the nice crevice of her ass as I massaged her back. Rising up for a moment I grabbed the lotion bottle and let an ample amount of lotion drip down right where the tip of my cock lay on her ass. Then after setting the lotion aside, using hands to spread her cheeks apart I let my cock slide between them and started to hump her ass.

An Edible Journey Ch. 02

fetish NigelOW 2017-10-29

"Oh, and by the way, I'm going to video tape it all – I know how much you like to watch your cock spurting cum!" She said this last part with a throaty chuckle, but I figured if she was going to tape it, it'd be even more fun for me. "Catch it in your hand, I want to see what you mean, c'mon baby, keep going, I'm loving this." With that she fell silent again and zoomed in close on my rigid cockhead just as the first spurt of thick cum erupted from the tip. Trina watched all of this with rapt attention and somewhere between the fifth, sixth, or maybe even seventh spurt, she had me drop my legs back onto the bed and planted her dripping cunt squarely over my cum-filled mouth!

My VideoChat Error Ch 10

fetish NaughtyOne88 2017-10-29

Denise pulled me to my feet and with a smile said "Naughty said its my turn." She then handed me her egg. I took Denise in my arms and began a passionate kiss as I hiked up her skirt a little and reached for her panties. Naughty had anticipated my thoughts of changing and at random times he/she would text us and Denise would have to take a picture of me, showing my lingerie while driving. Shauna, I want you to take the big black vibrating dildo and pleasure Denise on the bed. "Suck on that cock for me, suck on that big black monster Shauna," Denise said seductively. Denise took it slow but began to pump the very large black dildo in and out of my ass.

Bulge flash for a cute asian

fetish StarDude 2017-10-29

I was in a parking lot trying to fap and then this cute Chinese lady came up to me trying to sell bootleg dvds and I covered my cock out of reaction. I was wearing a thin shirt so the OBVIOUS huge bulge forming a tent in my crotch was hard to hide. About 30 seconds my dick was throbbing wildly in my shirt ready to shoot my load any second. She stopped talking about the dvds for a second and when I looked at her her eyes were gazing down at my cock gawking in awe with her mouth open. When she went away I told her to have a nice day and fapped and shot a huge load on myself.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 09

fetish qexiqex 2017-10-29

Sue examined Ann's sticky tits, looked at the broken bra again and shook her head, "No way this will work. Sue slipped into her own shirt again, grabbed the balloon the attacker used and left, her cute little breasts jiggling underneath the thin fabric. It wasn't easy to focus for Ann, with her tits itching like crazy beneath the tight bra, but somehow she managed to play along. Before Ann could even react, her hand got to work again and thrashed the almost bursting bra, too, forcing the glue-covered tits out in the open. The angry girl had worked hard to prepare the evidence she needed, and now pictures showing Ann's soiled boobs and the goo on the exhibited column side by side hit the net like a tsunami.


Night at the park

fetish patkneels 2017-10-29

He grabbe my neck and said, "if you follow my direction, you won't get hurt you whore." I was to scared to disobey, so I lifted my skirt and pulled the back of my panties to the side and spread my ass cunt for his pleasure. His buddy, then rammed his cock deep into my sissy cunt and exploded filling my already dripping ass with his own hot white load of cum. My r****t hasn't said a word, but the fucking I was receiving f***ed me to moan, "yes fuck my sissy ass deep and hard, fuck me like a whore." He pulled harder on my nipples, if I wasn't in a cage I would get so hard.

Teacher's Treat

fetish apollo5000 2017-10-29

"So let me get this straight Ms. Lindsey, you became a little slut, to make money and thought you could just walk away like it never happened. Warren could feel her resistance wearing away as he stepped inches behind her and began rubbing his hard cock along her throbbing pussy lips, past her ass and up the middle of her back. The young teacher with the Hollywood starlet face recoiled in shock as she witness the large thick rubber band he pulled back and released popping her on her breast. "You will obey me, you will do what you are told or you will be punished naughty little bitch." The beautiful young teacher cried out, kicking her legs as he ruthlessly administered his physical discipline.


fetish 2017-10-29

I had been dating Holly Kinney for about a week now and she thought it was good a time as any to introduce me to her mother with the forementioned warning repeated a few times. Mercifuly Holly was descending the stairs at just this moment and Mrs. Kinney finally released my hand. Lost amongst those shadows Holly opened my pants and stroked my engorged cock and tried to remain fixed upon the girl in my arms at that moment but it was the thought of Lois Kinney that persistantly intruded on my thoughts now, and one thought in particular: I WANT TO FUCK HER. Holly took a condom from her little hand bag, tore open the wrapper, and rolled it down over my cock.

The Wild Woman of Wesley Woods

fetish Subtext 2017-10-29

"I just filled your little hole up with my cum, stud!" she announced, panting victoriously, "How does it feel to be fucked hard and rude?" Feeling my cock buried so deep inside her body made my mind spin as I came to the realization I was fucking the very same wild woman who was famous in our town for humiliating men in battle! As I set my hand atop her sweaty ass and watched her beautiful hole continue to draw out my semen, I wondered if her mother had possibly heard the culmination of our torrid, little wrestling match. "Yeah, look at it good!" she said, throwing her arms out, "Just another bitch knocked up in the woods by Dane Schmidt!

The Mail

fetish SINderellaBelle 2017-10-29

Her hand had disappeared beneath her shorts and her fingers were now sliding against hot, wet sex. The thought made her smile; sometimes it even made her laugh…but it always aroused her to know that he stroked his cock shamelessly to orgasm as he thought of her, of sending his fantasies to her, of her being the woman he wanted. He knew she would stroke herself…touch her steaming cunt and imagine his fantasies becoming a reality. She wanted his cock to replace her fingers between her thighs. Quivers deep inside her body racked her with pleasure as her fingers continued to plunge themselves like a cock. Her body felt like Jell-O and she just lay there, her hand still trapped beneath her shorts.

First Time Fetish Club

fetish rbbrbootjake 2017-10-29

5. jake is to lick your rubber boots clean every night, making sure they have a good shine on them for the next day. You were finished early, so decided to take Luke's advice and headed to your friend's farm for a couple hours, thinking your boy needed a little more challenge after being so good for the week. Saturday is a quiet day, and Luke informs You that jake should do double duty on your pussy, ass and boots to make sure he's ready for the evening. "Sit on the floor jake, looks like Her boots need a good licking, boy!" Master sternly orders. To you this is heaven, a large cock in your mouth, and you peak down to see your boy take care of Master's rubber booted feet.

Girl's Night Pt. 05

fetish DifferentBreed 2017-10-29

"So slippery Jenny probably could have easily fist fucked me," Sophie said, grinning as Fisher groaned softly, his mind obviously playing a scene in his head. "Because I liked seeing you get humiliated, and then fucked by Jenny," Sophie said, then added, "Every time you moaned on my cock, and your giant fake tits bounced I got a little wetter." "And I'll probably let you," Sophie said, taking Fisher's hand in hers, "but first I need to make sure my little slut understands... "Deny any of it, Candi," Sophie said, "and I'll stop...or...tell your Mistress you want this and have all of your sissy submissive fantasies come true."

Making Of Donna -The Cock Whore

fetish licucksocker 2017-10-29

She started telling me, “Marcos knows about our Lady and maid games and would like to participate.” I must have look bewildered, because Marcos took my hand and told me he wanted to make love to Clarissa and me. “You know Donna dear I would love to hear you beg for Master Marcos's big cock in you.” I so wanted to make Clarissa proud of me. Mistress Clarissa held my face up and said, “I knew my little dirty maid would love this big cock.” I moaned my womanly approval while begging for Master warm cream to fill me up.

creampie Wife

fetish 2017-10-29

Immediately Kevin felt a wet & slippery sensation on his nose and upper lip, followed by a familiar sensation of her pussy lips laying across his mouth. Once Kevin recognized the situation at hand he realised her wet pussy was not normal female juices, instead, something other that he could guess was cum from being fucked before she came home. When Kevin again questioned what she was doing she told me that if he was to ever argue with her again she had made arangements to have this same guy and possibly a couple of his freinds perform the same duty of fucking her, filling her pussy with creampie for him to swallow.