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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Wetsuited Fantasy

fetish OzSteamer 2017-10-29

She's incoherent, gasping, pleasure soaking her...she wriggles, helplessly, impaled by me, I pull her back onto my penis, and torture her vagina by inserting first one, then another then a third finger, twisting and running back, and rubbing hard, and I feel her stiffen, her body is pleasuring itself, she can’t stop now, I feel the anal sphincter tighten, her muscles are contracting, her back arches, she looses her breathing control, she bites on the object in her mouth, soaked in her cum juices, she shudders as the orgasm begins within her, running out from my fingers, reaching past where my penis is, tightening, gripping me, harder, I thrust forward hard, she are driven beyond her control, hopelessly now, her orgasm rushes up her spine, smashing into her mind and she spurt, again and again, and orgasm over and over and ...

British Airlines

fetish alizah 2017-10-29

It looks like you have read your proposal few times Only time will tell if it is good or bad, Purnima. I feel bit uncomfortable she said, she pulled her legs very private time,” said Purnima. I couldn’t help but look at Purnima’s legs, drawn feel horny on a late night flight, seated next to a Purnima looked at me and said Oh my, said Purnima as she started reading from my Purnima looked into my eyes and knew exactly what I You like what you see Uma, she asked, but didn’t wait I let my hand slide under the blanket coming to a rest flight reading my story to a complete stranger while Purnima let her tongue slide out of my mouth, trailing

weirdo story

fetish weirdgirl 2017-10-29

looking at how my hair drops to the floor, I put my legs out so I can touch your legs...its like electricity what i feel in my fingers. touch your pussy...stick a finger in...the nipples are extremely hard...i body, taking care of it...i lick your head now, take aout my cock. feels like a living worm on your vagina...i cant halp...pls dont mind...i the silent room, I feel the urge from knowing that something weird is a big glass with some long white things inside, Im thinking of spagetti it must be somthing else, then I feel how you enter the glass close to my bottle with more worms looking like spagetti, I feel how you are empty the

Icing Nancy's Nipples

fetish stacey_lynne 2017-10-29

Every touch, a kiss and more tea, Fred so affectionate and so caring with Nancy. Fred slapped her derrière with such force that Nancy let out a scream and struggled to free her hands to protect herself. Taking each nipple in one hand, he started to squeeze them, to roll them in his fingers, to pull them apart and away, harder and harder until Nancy felt he was going to tear them off her body. Fred continued to rub the ice cube over her pee hole, gently coaxing her to let go, kneading her bloated tummy all along. Fred waited until she had finished, until the neatly folded clothes at her feet were drenched in her pee, kissed her mound lightly, and stood up.

Kyle & Stacy Pt. 01

fetish jobr4pla 2017-10-29

When Kyle removed his jacket and revealed his sculpted body and neon-green wrestling trunks, the arena erupted with the sounds of whistles and female screams. Stacy wanted so badly to run out there and try to help her suffering boyfriend, but she knew that she would be no match for such a strong woman. All Stacy could do was sit and watch helplessly as the woman continued to beat on her man before throwing him back into the ring. She showed no remorse as she intentionally stepped over Kyle's motionless body with her high heels and began passionately kissing Mukova, a reward for proving that he was the better man. Once Kyle was finally able to stand, both Stacy and the female ref helped Kyle get out of the ring.

woke up locked

fetish madismaximus 2017-10-28

The chilling fact was that it almost certainly indicated I had sent a text while d***k, and had not wanted me to read it, so the key to my freedom really was in the hands of someone else, and I had no way to know who! To prove my devotion to you, I have already sent a text message containing the 16 digit combination to the digital safe containing the keys to my chastity belt. I hope you will ensure that my cock is kept secured away from mis-use until such time as you consider I have learned enough about being a slave and it is safe to release it, however many weeks and months that may take.

Nurse Dominique

fetish darhove 2017-10-28

Without anything being said I arranged three firm pillows so that I could lie with my head raised in comfort; my nurse climbed on top of me, sat full on my face, leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth again, as I explored her magnificent arse and cunt with re-invigorated tongue. Leaning forward she took me back in her mouth, drew me so far back in her throat I feared she would choke, and with a gentle but insistent sucking motion she gradually drew out every last drop of spunk I could produce, swallowing it with evident relish as I experienced the most protracted, intense and serene orgasm that I had ever known.

Cruel Master Hans

fetish justincbenedict 2017-10-28

Cyrus Thibodeau struggled for a bit, and then relaxed and just screamed, which was of no consequence to Master Hans....he could cane all day, and ignore the wails of a spoiled 44 year old child. This will prevent tracking..." Several times, Cyrus Thibodeau was distracted, and wanted to tell a little story, and Hans was quick with the cane, just a few helpful swats, and it was amazing how the American began to understand who was in charge! Twice during that time (Because Hans had consumed much too much iced tea on the flight) Cyrus had had to consume Hans's urine, but he had obediently dropped his mop or his sponge and had gone through his good work like a trooper, as the Americans said.

Fantasy Gone Bad

fetish klammer 2017-10-28

Mr Johnson must have been hard again, because I heard him saying to Sarah, "Don't you think it's time you had some fun, honey?" When Bess finally got off my face, I looked over at the other bed and there was Mr Johnson fucking my wife's brains out. Sarah said, "All right, Janyce, I understand you did some pretty interesting things for your boss at work today. After that, a couple of times a week, Sarah would come into my "boudoir" in the middle of the night, shake me awake, and say, "I've got to take a leak." And she must have passed word of this on to Bess, because she discovered a new, and more traditional, use for her chaise percee.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 02

fetish Hotenuf4u 2017-10-28

While rubbing her hands over the red, sore ass and then in between them to caress the now raging hard-on, "OH this color looks good." Not sure if she was talking about the red of the ass or the color of my pink panties until she said, "But I do think we will have to get you a few more pairs." She continued to caress the ass as she spoke, which felt so good. "Sissy boy, how do you think we can see it with you in there?" Elaine says loud enough for everyone in the store to hear,"Come out here so we can get a good look!"

Goldenrod Ch. 07

fetish rlmmike 2017-10-28

After emerging in only a blue baby doll nightie and a gray and white dildo that was striped like a barber shop pole, she stood blushing for a moment by the bed. "Let me know if this hurts, angel," she said, suddenly the man again, but not asserting the penis. Jasmine had me for the last time in my bed, wearing only a pair of white and pink striped panties with a hole cut in front for her shaft. After settling on a basic hip hold with me getting rammed on my hands and knees, she let her soft, fleshy thighs press maddeningly against my own.

Drinking My Aunty's Pee

fetish conh 2017-10-28

I'd had my morning drink of Di's pee, and planned on having a long slow wank on her bed wearing her panties. As soon as they were out the front door I thought I'd have a look at Aunty's undies to see if anything fitted better than Di's, but I saw her potty under the bed with pee still in it. "I know how you feel about it." Jean said, "I like drinking it too." So the best I can do is pee on my face and drink what I can, then cum at the end. "I'm going to pee now Jean, so hold my cock and aim for my mouth." And I have two ready mouths to drink my pee and my cum.


fetish cockbutt 2017-10-28

in my fate that I was going to have my tight butt mercilessly stretched by a massive cock attached to a hot and handsome top daddy! Thankfully this hot dentist took his time and started rotatinjg his cock in circles while it went in, so it opened me up nicely. As he fucked my ass faster and harder, his hand played with my cock. He bit the nape of my neck, growled slightly, held me in place and started slam fucking my now sore fuckhole even faster and harder. "Good boy, you love having your slutty ass fucked don't you? I could feel his fat cock throbbing deep inside my ass. This time my cock felt numb, my ass hurt and so did my stomach.

Tentacle Party, part 5

fetish tigrenar 2017-10-28

His couldn't open his eyes due to the slowly drying cum coating his face. It was slow going, it felt like four centimeters of cum on his face. One word, that's all she said, but Michael was instantly filled with both an intense fear of getting fucked again and a profound need for sex of any kind. Despite his fear, he couldn't deny how much he wanted to fuck her. Right THEEEEERRRRE!!!" For the second time today, Michael swallowed a mouthful of cum. "Pl...please, mmmmmmhh, please fuck me?" Michael could barely believe the words coming out of his mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head, his cock emptied again into the growing lake of cum he was kneeling in.

A Spanking She Will Have

fetish alexcarr 2017-10-28

I suggested I should get up but for her to stay there, crouched over the settee/ I kneeled facing her hind and stretched those gorgeous cheeks apart to get a really good sniff of her femininity, she was gorgeous aright and was right for fucking and after I'd sucked her awhile and enjoyed the taste of her she said there was only one thing she wanted, that the Lord would never do - and especially after she'd had a good spanking, and that was to be fucked from behind whilst her ass was still numb, that would be out of this world she said.


Fiona and I (One)

fetish Underdogfistlover 2017-10-28

She pushed me along the row of seats until I was behind the woman, put her hand inside my shorts again and this time fished my cock out into the open. Sliding back along the seats away from me, she lay down with her cheek on my left thigh and started licking at the head of my cock, which by now was hard enough to hang a towel off and was an angry red colour. I pushed my fingers up into her as deeply as they could go, in and out, in and out, in and out; after a couple of minutes of this treatment combined with the jolting of the bus along the sub-standard Sydney suburban streets, she shuddered and clamped my forearm between her thighs as she came with a suppressed sound deep in her throat.

Hard Laced Ch. 05

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-28

20th February Janine, London, restaurant Victoria Station, 38 yr., ex-model, 5ft 11in, good figure 36B-28-36, wore girdle and long bra, will lace all time, seeks tiny -- said 18 or less, showed career pictures incl. 6th March Joanne, Gloucester restaurant, nursing home manager, age 36, separated, 5ft 2in, waist 26 in girdle, guess 36A, wants 18 ins or less, can lace all day, has two corsets at 21 and 19 ins. He was aching in his groin to see her laced to that point where her eyes were wide open, her lips were gasping or breath, her hands were holding her waist as if she expected to break in two, and she stood with legs apart because of the pressure between her thighs.

A Pee Lust Story Ch. 01

fetish GirlWithBoots 2017-10-28

Although she didn't possess super model good looks, his new sub was by no means unattractive. The first, her profile picture was fairly tame, if hot. Just looking at it got him hard and imagining her hands, reaching behind and pulling those cheeks apart for him. And now, after a nice dinner that included some actual conversation, she cuddled in his arms as he stroked her soft hair. With her hand on the door frame and her head peeking around, spying in fact, she looked younger than her years, especially as the flush of embarrassment rushed to her cheeks. "I'm sorry," she muttered, looking down and letting her shoulder length hair fall across her face. Pausing for a few seconds, he looked at their hands.

Mistress catches me playing with her cock

fetish Retrostoner 2017-10-28

As I furiously masturbate, Mistress throws open the door and shouts, “Just what do you think you’re doing with my cock?!” I try to reply but only manage to stammer as she strides across the room and slaps my hands away from “her” penis. Remove your filthy hands from my cock.” She stands and walks around me slowly before continuing in hushed tones, “You’re like a little monkey that just discovered masturbation and you can’t help yourself. And this is MY cock!” Mistress then proceeds to sit on my face and tease and deny me of an orgasm until I feel like I’m going to explode. “Clean it all up like a good little cum slut.” Thirty minutes later, Mistress is bucking wildly and using a vibrator on her vagina while I tongue her asshole.

The Forest Claims All

fetish june9theveryday 2017-10-28

Victoria saw Martha reach out and caress the woman's bare back, sliding lower and lower until she felt the warm surface of her bottom. The woman ran a hand through Martha's hair, rocking her hips against a furious tongue. The dark skinned woman moaned as the flower grew at a supernatural rate, the bulge of the flower bud pushing its way down her throat, audibly sliding between lush lips. Martha was so frantic she could barely move, her tongue jerking across the woman's dark skin and privates and her hands unable to pleasure herself, they were so shaky. Martha slowly stood, the plant matter anchoring her to the ground as a thick stem pushed its way out of her bulging throat and into the sex-filled air.

Taking Jane

fetish Lordsmythe 2017-10-28

The chauffeur saw the movement in the back of the car and, as Jane relaxed, turned the mirror to view the woman. Yes, Jane thought, a perfect night, the images flowed through her imagination like a half remembered beautiful dream – the lights, the conversation, the people, the whole atmosphere of class, the scent of the gardens floating on the evening air that still retained the memory of a warm afternoon. The driver watched it all, her cries lessening as the gas took effect, then her eyes fluttering, the woman trying to support her weakening body, attempting uselessly to remain upright and conscious, but then slumping unconscious on the back seat.

Drinking My Cousin's Pee

fetish conh 2017-10-28

I went into Diane's room, heart thumping, thinking to steal a pair of her panties, but saw her potty was still full of pee. While I was drinking it, she started rubbing me, and oh boy, did I ever cum quickly in my pants, or rather hers as I was wearing a pair of her panties at the time. "I'll have to teach her to pee more slowly." I thought, "so I can savor it." When she'd finished I licked her clitoris gently, and she responded again by moving her hips slowly at first, and then with more intensity as she came to a climax. We all thought it was gross, but I tasted some of my pee last night and it wasn't so bad.

the zoo

fetish blsbls123 2017-10-28

Me, my wife and her s****r Peggy (yes, shes still with us)got in the car a drove to the zoo. her and my wife stood there giggling and pointing at his giant horse dong for like 15 minutes. Lunch was interesting, eating, while listening to my wife and s****r discuss this horses junk.Then I felt a hand rubbing my cock. Then Peggys hand started rubbing my cock from the other side. My wife was bent over blowing me from the passengers side, and Peggy was reaching over rubbing my balls and her s****rs ass, from the back seat. Peggy got in the same position and kept sucking my cock. Then Peggy started making these low grunting noises, while balls deep on my cock.


fetish Zrnko_Pisku 2017-10-28

Her hair felt so soft trickling my lips as I kissed her thigh moving slowly upward. I was so caught between this sensation and the sight of my destination that I wasn't exactly sure when she woke up but by the time my lips first parted her hair and touched her pussy, I heard her. Slipping my tongue into her, I watched her eyes close and then felt her hands run though my hair. As she moved faster I quickened the movement of my tongue until I felt her pull my head to her and press her pussy onto my face. "Oh I guess you two have met," he said moving away from the door and nodding back at the woman, who was now dressed.