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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kiss My Toes

fetish Paul44 2017-10-28

"I am looking to buy a leather couch that will allow two people to lie side by side," she informed me brusquely and stepped deeper into the warehouse. She shot me a burning look as she hiked her skirt over her toned and tanned ass cheeks and sat on the material sighing with pleasure as her naked skin touched the material. I have been told that it is quite something," this was not a question but the merest sigh as she relaxed in the couch and I saw the juice leak from her cunt onto the leather she rested on. I rubbed my cum covered cock along her feet and continued to pump the flesh and squeezed out every drop of my cum onto her skin.

Wife getting fucked like a whore

fetish 2017-10-28

My wife was smilling and the blond said you think this is funny slut and told him to spank her and he spanked her over and over and over and over hitting each ass cheek with open and closed hand until my wife started lifting her legs to try to stand. Finally the spanking stopped and the blond took a shot and told my wife to open her mouth and gave it to her like snowballing and my wife swallowed it. I grabbed her hair and pulled it really hard and slammed her againts the wall until I had to cumm.I took my condom off they gave us and told her to open her mouth.

a long day for sj33

fetish skippypayne 2017-10-28

Then I start back on your cock, this time running my teeth up and down your beautiful shaft, biting at the head, sucking hard enough to hurt. I slip two fingers into your ass and finger fuck you hard.  I know you're gonna cum so quickly and love how horny you are even though you've already cum so much and are in pain. Your balls have gone so hard and your body is rigid, you're cumming already so I drag my teeth down your cock one last time and hold it painfully hard at the base and start to slap you over and over.

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2017-10-28

From behind Emma witnessed the sight as the first of his piss started to play over the glass window, splashing off in all directions as Mark waved his pee stream back and forwards. Immediately her pussy lips parted to allow her pee hole to open wide sending out a thick, hot, golden spray of her pee shooting force from her hairy pussy and raining down to cover the wall with a running stream of piss. It was a clear night and as Emma suddenly started to urinate, it quite easy for both of them to witness her piss stream as it shot out from her pussy triangle and started to patter noisily over the deck of the fishing boat.

Mother's Milk

fetish catchercradle 2017-10-28

Of course I wasn't helped by the fact that I didn't know that Jessica had ever met Naomi, never mind knew anything about our history. It turned out later that Naomi had kept expressing her milk to cope with the soreness of full breasts even after Richard had died though she was down to once a day in the evening by this time. We must have been in the shower together for over half an hour before I moved in to claim my reward, starting with the strawberries on Naomi's left. I never finished the sentence because first I felt Naomi's second orgasm milking me and then a flood of my seed that reflected how little I had been beating off recently entered her like a torrent.

Two Disabled Workers

fetish rmlooker 2017-10-28

She was like a kid in a candy store, she moved over to the edge of her chair, asked me to move closer and started to look more closely at my leg and brace. Ginger explained that because so much bone, muscle and tissue had been removed from her right shoulder area (just skin left over her rib cage) that she had very little control over the prosthetic arm and that she could only make the hook open and close by pulling her left shoulder forward or back to control the wire from there to the hook. As I said, I have had surgery on my left ankle; a piece of bone was placed in the heel and was supposed to keep my foot from dropping and dragging all the time but had not fully worked.

The Good Doctor

fetish Bane 2017-10-28

He'd felt the pain, like a needle in his left kidney, the dribbly urine flow (that wasn't embarrassing at all, he thought, the little wet spots on his pants every time after he urinated), and he had known right away what it was. "My concern," she began, regaining her composure, "is that passing stones in the centimeter size could cause injury or damage, so I'm going to do an extensive manual exam of the urological structures, to check and make sure everything is good to go. He looked down at the top her head, soft brown hair, at the expert hands about their exploratory business and, for the first time ever in a doctor's office, felt his breath heavy as the blood flow in his lower body began to change.

Daddy gave me a vibrator, then his cock everyornin

fetish 2017-10-28

I nuzzled daddy's neck as I slid forward on his thighs and felt him go deep inside, having daddy's cock brush my cervix gave me the right mood to work on it, I knew daddy size, from playfully measuring him, ten inches of solid cock was every schoolgirls fantasy, and my supply lay at home, I had finally supplanted my mother as the main benefactor of daddy's pleasure source, yes in the eyes of society it was an amoral bonding, but as a girl with a huge need for sex, daddy loved me and this act proved it.

Tied up and Abused by Miss Wannabe r****t

fetish 2017-10-28

As she stood back to admire her latest captive prize, she declared, “Mmm, you look pretty hot all tied up like that with that big monster cock of yours standing almost straight up.” As she sat on the bed & clenched her hand around me she continued with, “I’m going to suck the chrome off this big thing, but I want you to do something for me first.” She stood up before me & slipped off her panties, displaying her wonderful love nest adored by a generous bush of thick, dark curls.

My worst student part 1

fetish Jerry04 2017-10-28

She walked in winking at some of the boys and smiling at some of the girls her friends of course who, thought her actions were funny.She made her way to her desk in the front of the class and sat down, chomping her gum like a cow and acting totally innocent as she looked up at me. "Amy I asked," trying hard not to yell,"why is it that everyone else can get to class on time and you can't seem to? First of all your blouse is too tight you look like you are going to pop out of it any second, also your skrt is to be be no more than two inches above your knee.

Strip Poker Blacken Cuckold Pregnant

fetish 425olds 2017-10-28

John got up to get a refill for his drink, and Jill and I both saw the hard on pressing against his shorts, and I think we both knew that he must have a really big cock. John laid down on the bed, and said, "OK, this is better, you were making my knees weak." Jill climbed onto the bed between his legs, and started licking his balls while stroking his huge cock. my beautiful white wife, kneeling between a black mans legs, her scantily clad ass and pussy pointing in the air dampening the fabric of her bathing suit with pussy juice, while she sucked on a massive black cock, her head bobbing up and down, her long dark hair spilling over his stomach.

Lauras Pantyhose

fetish tightshose 2017-10-28

My cock was doing weird things inside my pants, partly from the sensation of rubbing a woman's warm, shapely leg covered by white pantyhose and partly because I knew that this whole incident was going to end up in a very pleasurable way-- if I could just keep from coming long enough. I massaged both of her thighs, using both hands so I was rubbing both front and back, and apparently she began to lose control too, because in a sudden swift movement she pulled her skirt all the way up over belly, exposing the bottom half of her body and pushing her pussy out towards me.

The Panty Job

fetish RayneDor 2017-10-28

Finally, she slipped one hand down around to cup he scrotum entirely and, when involuntarily raised his hips right away from the table top, she reached all the way beneath and allowed two fingers to grip the turgid base of his shaft. Suddenly, Kaylee slid her hands inside the panties and worked two fingers down around Paul's glans and up into the hot depths of her pussy. She went slowly at first, in short little strokes, and then increased the tempo and length of her slide until, finally, she moved so far forward that his cock suddenly slipped out of the wet prison of her panties.

Tables Turned Ch. 01

fetish mw0212 2017-10-28

Mandy, who was Jacks 19 year old step cousin, wore some black cowboy boots all day long – he was sure she had caught him staring at her, more than once (did she?). After saying goodnight to the family, Jack found his way up to Mandy's room & started getting ready for bed when there was a knock at the door. Instantly he turned & stood, positioning himself so his knees balanced him against the bed as he shot a load of hot white cum all over the shaft of Mandy's cowboy boot. Whether it was the feelings just experienced or not, Jack hadn't noticed but he was standing tall relatively comfortably in Mandy's 4 inch heeled boots.

Storia di un mio amico e sua zia

fetish chif2010 2017-10-28

Giusto quando i miei genitori stavano varcando la soglia del piccolo albergo, all' ennesima strusciata di cazzo su quelle gambe e calze da sogno, esplosi in una sborrata inverosimile sulle sue calze, e mentre lei si stava girando esclamai estasiato: "Omsa, che gambe!!!" A quel punto credevo che mi avrebbe cazziato e cacciato di lì in men che non si dica, invece, mentre la sborra le colava sulle calze, mi disse, stupita: "Anche tu la fotocopia di tuo zio, che sta sempre ad armeggiare sulle mie gambe e le mie calze, ma allora è un vizio di famiglia!!!" Poi mi disse, mentre si asciugava la sborra sulle calze, che sorvolava su quello che era successo in quanto aveva fatto piacere anche a lei, ma mi fece giurare che mai nessuno ne doveva venire a conoscenza, cosa che prontamente feci, contento fino al settimo cielo.


Making of My Sissy (part one)

fetish sissymishel 2017-10-28

ago, today, when I came home from food shopping, to find my husband in the garage with our neighbor, on his knees, wearing only a panty, and sucking a pretty good size black cock. I opened the door and in the middle of the garage there was my husband enjoying a hard cock. Then I let out a yell "what the fuck is going on here?" At that moment my husband was trying to break his mouth away from that cock but our neighbor was just then starting to cum. He was a little hesitant at first saying "it was just something I wanted to try, I am not into wearing woman's close." I asked him to do it for me that it would make the sex more enjoyable.

Apartment 3A Ch. 03

fetish GingerM 2017-10-28

I groaned wildly, my lovers' cocks deep inside me - one in my ass, one in my pussy - while 'Niqa and Ally fucked me relentlessly. I paused for half a second, my purple glans against his lips, and said softly, "Don't even think of biting - if you do, I'll just ass-fuck you, dry." - then my fingers found the pressure point on the hinge of his jaw and I pushed, forcing his mouth open as I fed him my she-cock! It was the work of seconds to wrap two or three turns of the tape to keep the gag in place, and then I was pulling out, my cock making a slick, sucking sound as it emerged, and I stood.

Slick Pick Up

fetish spikingtheworld 2017-10-28

She swung her legs in and all my senses heightened- the squeaking of her vinyl-clad ass against the smooth calfskin leather of the seats made my already hardened cock that much more hard and straining inside my pants. I could taste my cock and cum on her breath as her tongue met mine, but she pulled away, slicking the vinyl fabric with her hands- the shine made visible by the moon and street lights as they passed by the windows. Here's my own private cock-whore, dressed in tight slippery, shiny, and squeaky black vinyl, with me holding onto, and feeling her body, while my cock was buried deep in her slick, wet, oven-like pussy.

How I Came To Breed A Coworker

fetish 2017-10-28

And that is all that I wanted to do was talk, though I have admit I couldnt keep my eyes off her tits since her face wasnt much to look at. She said that she went off the pill years ago and the few times her husband did fuck her it just didnt happen. Licking and sucking her clit while finger fucking her wet pussy made her cum really hard. My cock was inside her pussy and I could tell it had been awhile since she got fucked, she was nice and tight. As the months went on she started showing and I must admit knowing that she was having my baby made her look more sexy to me.

The Strange Tale of Dr. LePage

fetish Dogboyjohn 2017-10-28

The girl quickly managed more food, knowing that LePage was going to punish her. His huge hands moved down to her firm belly, then with deliberate slowness, LePage looked into her eyes and slid one hand down into her jeans. LePage curled his finger inside her and pulled hard to the front vaginal wall. Opening her eyes, she once more looked at LePage. LePage clapped his hands, and the men moved her again. The girl gasped loudly, as the man under her penetrated her ass with his small cock. LePage looked on as the girl, facing him took two cocks in her ass. Her body moving from the men inside her, she let LePage fuck her mouth hard.

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 03

fetish gmikeisbad 2017-10-28

I cannot open my left hand with the zip tie holding down my fingers around the fairy wand and I am fiddling with it as heat builds in my red face. I start singing and feel my arms get heavy holding the pole and the shopping bad in one hand and waving my fairy wand above my head in the other. I could not open my left hand, it was still stuck tight around the fairy wand so I was trying to hold the coins and pick up more with the same hand. Genie asked me to move my puffy fairy sleeve out of the way as it was blocking the Skype camera on the phone.

Her Fresh Cream Pie

fetish Art 2017-10-28

Ricquie came home a little later than usual that night, and proceeded to get ready for bed. And to think that after being with a customer who was a lousy lay as most of them are, I could have come home horny and had a good fucking. I started immediately getting hard again as I cleaned her up, licking up every last drop that come out of her sex hole, and then licking the sexy pussy lips, getting them all nice and clean too. She told me that she was really happy to know that she could fuck a customer to get him to sign a contract, then come right home and get a proper fucking with a real lover.

KatieLynn & Tucker

fetish KattieLynn 2017-10-28

I was wiggling around on his lap, not really trying to get free anymore, enjoying the feeling of his hand on my ass, the pressure of his well muscled thighs against my abdomen, the spanks getting softer and more playful, the stroking getting longer and longer. Through my half opened eyes, I watched our reflection in the TV screen -- him standing behind me, thrusting his cock in and out of my very willing body, my ass cheeks bouncing in time to his thrusts, my hips rocking back to meet each forward plunge. I was reaching a height I had never experienced, completely at his mercy, my hips rocking to meet his dual thrusts -- those in my ass by his finger, those in my pussy by his cock and my climax rolled over me yet again!

Life's Changes Ch. 11

fetish Scribler 2017-10-28

"I don't care what she has to say about last night I want to know what she going to do when she finds out that Mary and Jeff are lost to her." When Glenda and Ginny came in we told them what Jeff and Mary told us. And I knew you would because you had to tell me the truth." I told them then I stood and said "Now I have to go tell Mary the women she loved is leaving her life forever." I left the den feeling emotionally drained; the spell took a lot out of me. "We'll see, lets give it a couple of weeks then we'll talk about it." I stood and said to her "We're going to the mansion today if you would like to come your welcome or you could stay here and sleep."