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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 2

fetish Jayson23 2017-10-28

In the journey, I had managed to ask Tom his living situation - it turns out he lived in a shared house (those magic words) with three other girls, and what is more all three of them were away this weekend.. Its amazing how the panty thief’s mind works - on my first sweep I spotted a big white fold-up hamper sitting in the corner. I crept up the next flight, just as carefully as the first, reaching the top to peer around the corner and see a few more steps, then the final bedroom- what looked like a loft conversion. I turned back to the hamper - and I remember now, in fact there were a pair of white satin panties hung over the edge of it..

Questions, Questions.

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-28

She can detect, but not really feel, his hands circling her waist and pressing onto the corset. She cannot move; she can hardly breathe; her rectum and vagina are bulging with her internal parts pressing on their sphincters; her back is arched away from the bed by the shaped rigid steels and bones of this terrifying and amazing corset. She feels nothing through the skin of her fingers but she can tell by the positions of her arms and elbows that her waist is tiny. She feels again the movement of his hands either side of her waist and then becomes aware that the corset is getting even tighter.

The Not So Gentle Way Sho Dan

fetish grgy56 2017-10-28

She grabbed my inner right thigh with her left hand, but there was no lift, counter balance or pull. With my left hand, I shot it between her legs and lifted her straight up before I pulled with my right and flipped her on her ass again. As I pulled her over, Donna flexibility managed to get me between her legs in a guard position which is not a strong position in Judo. With me concentrating on my balls and trying not to cum, it gave Donna a chance to kick my left leg back and push me over on my back. I opened my mouth in protest but before I could say anything, Donna pushed her hips forward and mashed my face between her thighs.

81% judo

Booty Call

fetish 425olds 2017-10-28

She spun me around and f***ed me to the wall, alternately spanking and finger fucking my ass, massaging and pulling the cock back through my spread legs, slapping the balls. When this was done to her satisfaction, I was rewarded with a sharp slap to the cheek which caused my mouth to gape open as she quickly thrust her rubber cock in and began to fuck my face. While she worked herself towards another triumphant orgasm on my face, she went about the task of replacing the chastity device on my cock, and inserting the large buttplug back into my ass.

Misadventures of Mishi Ch. 01

fetish scatwoman 2017-10-28

Mishi had always let me watch if the other woman was okay with it, but when she hooked up with this "Lynne", my observations took on a new meaning. "Now your turn, you little pervert!" Before I could resist, she had my mouth held open, and Mishi was holding the bowl. Lynne looked at Mishi and told her to pour the piss into my mouth because I was such a dirty little pervert. Lynne placed a gag in my mouth that kept it open, then turned around and squatted over my face. As Lynne ass-fucked me harder and harder, Mishi's shit just kept on coming. As Mishi watched me swallow every last foul morsel, she finally came like a madwoman, shoving her ass against my face an spreading the shit all over my chin.

Third Encounter

fetish zetony5 2017-10-28

"You were scared of your own feelings I think." Peter said as he caressed her hand as he added. Like a naughty feeling you shouldn't have." Gwen said as she rubbed Peters hand that was on her thigh, and she added. You take care of yourself for sure." Rita said softly as she softly caressed Gwen's leg just above the knee. You feel nice and warm." Rita said as her hand caressed the inside of Gwen's thigh. I feel like a prisoner who gets an occasional day pass for being good or something." Gwen said as she leaned against Peter and kissed him. "Come here sweet thing let me dry your love lips." Peter said as he knelt in front of Gwen.

Becoming a BBW

fetish arachnophile52 2017-10-27

I didn't say, "In something as glamorous as filmmaking, no one is going to hire a fat girl with no specific skills who isn't a friend of the director or producer." Eric said maybe he could help if I were interested. I swallowed hard and asked if he'd like to come in for "coffee." I was surprised and relieved and scared all at the same time when he said, "Yes." I put my head down but Eric, seeming to sense exactly what I was feeling, held me close to him and said, "Look at me: I think you're hot and I'm going fuck you like you've never been fucked."

Home Sweet Home

fetish WhisperingIce 2017-10-27

Every morning (Best if before I wake) she is expected to shower with a cold rinse, procure a warm cup of coffee and crawl back into the bed from the bottom, taking care not to rustle the silk sheets. As she moves up to my body, she is expected to wake me by gently kissing my member with her soft, moist lips, teasing it playfully with her tongue until I surface from the depths of a dream, at which point she often pushes herself up against me in bed as we drink our coffee. She knows my body best - She washes it every morning, taking care to remove bodily hair (As I expect her to be shorn, all over, so do I reciprocate) and placing my clothing for the coming day out on the mussed up bed.

My First Ride

fetish BootPunk 2017-10-27

I loved the sound of the engine, the high frequency cry of a racing bike, those entirely different vibrations moving through my body, while I lay on the bike, riding it through the countryside of rural New South Wales, feeling the bike through the white leather of my suit. At one point, without having noticed it before, I realized that I had a massive hard-on, and I enjoyed it, knowing perfectly well that the idea of the tight leather suit on exactly this bike had turned me on, that the vibrations and the sound and just riding had kicked my body into mating mode.

Michelle's Big, Sexy Pussy Ch. 02

fetish vid_35 2017-10-27

Michelle told me she had never come more than once and I explained that I was not done worshiping her big pussy yet. I could see her big hole opening up with each wave as she squirted pussy cum all over my face and chest. I told her I wasn't done quite yet as I pulled out my cock and shot a huge load of cum all over her big pussy after just a few stokes. I'll never forget the sight of her laying there with a big smile on her face, her hair soaked thru with sweat, her legs spread wide apart, showing off her huge, cum soaked pussy.

wide tells s****r

fetish smallguy2014 2017-10-27

During the next three months, Linda often used her older s****r's new liberated lifestyle in her wicked monologues as we fucked - hinting that "If one s****r can do it, then why not the other s****r?" She also once came out with this little gem: "Maybe I should ask Stacey to find me a hot guy, huh? I could overhear little snatches of quiet conversation between them, and Stacey was apparently discussing her latest lover (who was apparently very well endowed), and Linda ventured a giggle, and said rather loudly: "It must be so nice to find a guy with a decent-sized cock." maybe I'll ask Stacey if she knows if Stephen's friend likes nylons, hmm?" I took a deep breath as the implication sunk in, and Linda giggled, and kissed me quickly before snapping her suitcase shut.

Sonya Sissy Panties c2c

fetish Sonya_CD 2017-10-27

His permission is my need, my hand starts to move faster on my cock, my breathing is laboured with a mouth full of panty. Thankfully I peel the tape off my face using my clean hand, doing it hurts and stings, then I pull the soiled panties out and enjoy a deep draught of fresh air before I lift my cum filled hand to my lips and tilt it so the cum flows into my mouth while I use my tongue to clean as much off as I can. Finally his hips thrust towards me and I see white streaks of cum fly off his cock and hear a series of exclamations “Aahh, aaah, oooh” as the pleasure chemicals are released in his brain.

clate meets her asian fuck buddy's mate

fetish 2017-10-27

She has been having sex recently with an asian guy and had a arranged a mmf for sun night with his friend. Right on cue as I type this I start to hear her but not for long thanks to a car pulling away next door.  It doesnt matter to me I'm still stroking my cock knowing she has a cock in her pussy and hoping it will be some time before she comes down if she does at all then I hear her again and it sounds like shes reaching orgasm once again a rhythm hits the bed like a drum and vibrates through the floorboards. Her other asian guy would have been fucking her again by now but who knows he might be there for the long haul.

Truth or Dare with Sisters

fetish sissyboy_stacey 2017-10-27

Finally, Katie told me, "Since you are too much of a pussy to say it, go RIGHT NOW and get your 'outfit' and Gina's panties that you have been stealing from her!" Without hesitation, Katie walked right up to Gina, ran her fingers through her hair, and started kissing her more intimately and passionately than I had ever seen her kiss before. Chris withdrew his finger, told Gina to turn around and sit down, and put his finger back in Katie's mouth to suck clean. As I went to give my next idea, Chris interrupted me, "Gina, when Sean is dressed like this, your sister calls him Stacey. Finally, Chris said he was taking Katie to their bedroom and that this was my opportunity to have some alone time with Gina.

A Letter Back Home

fetish arkwrights06 2017-10-27

But before I make such a case, I feel it's only right and proper, that I give you a chance to explain the behavior of both your staff, and the other inmates in your charge to the following charges- I woke up the following morning in a new cell with new inmates and a glimmer of hope this would be different. By day I spent with the inmates being abused, by night with the guards. Although I am disappointed to hear of your distress, that you feel you have suffered at the hands of my guards and inmates of this facility. In the first inst; I have checked our records extensively, and could find no records of any complaints made by you against either the guards or any of the other inmates during your stay here.

Anne's Lesson to Her Cousin

fetish Kessler 2017-10-27

I could hear the excitement in Anne's voice as she broke the good news to Jan. After a couple of minutes I could tell they were both laughing and squeaking like teenagers. After several minutes had passed, Anne ran into the living room with the cordless phone in hand plopping herself on the couch next to me with a big smile on her face saying, "Here, Jan wants to talk to you." While Jan continued her dirty talk into my ear Anne was working up a good rhythm with her mouth concentrating her tongue and lips on the head of my cock. Before I handed the phone over to Anne Jan said, "Good night and get some rest your going to need it for tomorrow.

Romeo Hotel

fetish Sanichi 2017-10-27

Her breath came in short muffled grunts as she pulled the panties over her face, the slick shiny fabric smothering her, ball gag hard in her mouth, straps tight around her head, steel rings digging into her cheeks, and the dirty panty crotch bulging over her nose as she strained her head side-to-side and sniffed greedily. Eyes tight shut, sweat glistening, limbs thrashing, the tight binding corset rasping against ruffled sheets; arms folded under, now rubbing, fondling, squeezing a nipple, mashing a breast, running over the corset ribs to her stomach, fingers fumbling, touching, pressing, and still that rigid metal stud thrusting, thrusting, thrusting as she froze suddenly and clasped her thighs tight.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 04

fetish jPhoenix 2017-10-27

"Well, not that," she said, nodding at my crotch, "but fuck yeah, you've got something I want." Marie had been relaxing back with a foot up on the chair next to her, but she dropped it and leaned she gave me her trademark flirting face. I certainly wouldn't have minded sharing my toys, as Marie so eloquently put it, but there was a big difference between subduing Susan in the way that she liked and forcing her into something that she didn't. I still wasn't going to let Susan cum and there was no way anything would happen between Marie and I even if I wanted it to, which I didn't.

Juliet's Hideaway

fetish jacketjack 2017-10-27

"Let's go find out," said Juliet, grabbing Jack and pulling him to a back room as Carla and Vanessa followed, cheering Juliet on with giggling ridicule. Carla turned around and Jack heard her moan, "oh, god, yes." She knelt down and pulled the model's cock into her mouth, barely containing both his member and her glee. "Oh god yes," said Vanessa as the model pulled his still-rigid cock out of Carla, "I need that now myself." The model flipped Vanessa over the wedge and drove himself into her, fingering her clit as he pounded her ferociously. "Holy shit," said Vanessa, "that man can fuck." Carla could hardly speak, but managed to mumble, "let's go." Juliet handed her the bowl.

The Colleague

fetish rollie7 2017-10-27

When I returned from the bath to fetch the tub of Vaseline, I found Andrea looking puzzled at the nozzle as she turned it in her hand. While I reamed her ass with the nozzle with one hand and finger fucking her pussy with the other, she finally released the tension of her orgasm and screamed uncontrollable. While Andrea relieved herself, I refilled the bag with another soapy solution, attached my colon tube, 32 French and 30 inches long, and hung it back on the IV stand. This may feel a little wired at first.” I started inserting the tip of the colon tube slowly, twisting it going forward. This is truly wired.” So I started the flow and slowly twisting the tube forward.

Navy School Story

fetish p1tt5burgh 2017-10-27

I remember calling her one night asking if she wanted to come chill, and watch a movie and she said yes, I told her I was going to get a shower and she could come on up. One night we started kissing and she started stroking my hard cock, and I slid my hand to her panties, slipped it underneath the waistband and lower, feeling her pubic hair, and finally her slit, she was already very wet and I ran a finger up and down her crack and slipped 1 then 2 fingers inside her. She said “cum baby, cum in my ass, I want to feel it” I thrust 1 more time, deep inside her and came, I stayed in her until I softened up.

Kinky Public Sling Fuck

fetish asiandream 2017-10-27

I didn’t really have time to say anything before I felt his dick pushing against my anus – I was squeezing tight to hold my pee – it was making my ass hurt. But only made it worse - my dick was going a bit softer making it harder to stop my stream – so each time he pounded my ass I couldn’t stop myself spurting. I was getting embarrassed hearing the splashing sound of my piss on the floor – but could see at least some of the guys watching had dropped their towels and were masturbating fast.

Meeting His New Mommy

fetish morningchica 2017-10-27

To her surprise Rick was not put off, he in fact asked if she needed help carrying her groceries out and did not make an issue of the fact her breasts were seeping milk. Her nipples were apparent now through the thin fabric and the top and bra, and as April poured the coffee she asked if he cared for any milk. Rick was so stimulated by the simple comment a bit of pre-cum leaked, and as April turned back around with the diaper she only smiled and kissed the tip of his penis to remove it. She redressed in a dry nursing bra and casual sweats, and as he lay drowsily in her arms as she rocked him to sleep, Rick pulled at her shirt as he rubbed the front of his diaper.

On the Beach

fetish tazsis1 2017-10-27

I was thinking of Mel and her big-cocked, lover back in London and got one of my little stony erections - all three inches of it, tented in my tight swimming shorts. Can a woman tell from looking at a man's face that he's still a little boy where it really matters? She looked down at herself and ran her palms slowly back and forth over her little mounds, then pinched her nipples and pulled them away from her chest into cones. Lucy ran the tip of a finger very slowly and lightly from the very centre of my arsehole, along my perineum, over my balls and along my now rigid penis.