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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Administrative Discipline

fetish Chimney Sweep 2017-10-27

His long brown fingers had been tapping slowly on the desk for what seemed like hours as he regarded the woman across from him. I took you under my wing and gave you the best assignments, and still you continued to fail!" Anger was rising in his voice and he let it cut through the young woman. You've learned to relax and obey." He pulled his fingers away from her and stepped back, placing is hands on his hips. She let it swing there in front of her face for a moment, hesitating just long enough for him to raise his hand. Tom replaced his hand on his hip and watched the pretty young Latina face split around his growing erection.

Contacted Through Feedback

fetish JackTheRimmer 2017-10-27

I need to lift my head off the bed to really get in her ass at first from this position, but then she sits back on my face and plants her anus on my mouth while I run my hands smoothly up and down her body, moving across her tits, legs and butt. Here I am with a hot Swedish-American blonde arching her back, thrusting her butt back towards my face, and spreading her own ass cheeks lewdly with both hands to give me a good look at her hot little butthole - I look at her balloon knot for a few seconds before I can't take it and finally dart my tongue back up her asshole.

A paladin visiting the cathedral receives a '

fetish XXXNoBounds 2017-10-27

Spread those legs, Cat." Without waiting for a response, the woman shoved his cock into the human's sex, pressing the shaft all the way inside while stroking his balls and the underside. "Lick me, you dirty...little lying slut." Her other hand also went to the woman's hair and she pressed her face between her legs wrapping thighs around the redhead. "mm....yesss...yessss...deeper....just a little...more.." Seriva rocked her hips, the veins of her small hand standing out as she pressed it against the back of the human woman's head. Cat had pulled away after the first twitches, leaving his cock being licked on by Seriva while he shot strands of semen over her face, droplets hitting the horned priestess's tendrils and cheek.

Sniffing Steph's Bum

fetish panteeluvr 2017-10-27

Steph came by Friday night and dropped off her laundry and asked if she could do it in the morning, which I said was fine, not even thinking about her dirty panties and clothes at the time. The crotch of the yoga pants were FILTHY with sweat, cunt juice, ass juice and urine, the smell making my head swim with nasty thoughts of Steph's stinky teen crotch being against the material probably less then 12 hours before. As I lay there afterwards, I knew I had to sniff her ass somemore, and once I recuperated, sniffed the other panties in the pile until I fell asl**p with Steph's dirty clothes all around me, most full of cum and my own sweat.

My first visit while he was gone.

fetish crsnfb 2017-10-27

If you have read any of my other stories, you know how this got started. She said she does enjoy it, but she likes to have her pussy eaten. I positioned myself between her legs with my face right in her pussy and started licking up and down the lips, making sure to lick the clit every now and then. I slipped my finger inside her warm, wet, smooth pussy and started to rub her g spot as I assaulted her clit with my tongue. Laying back on the bed, she then grabbed my dick with her freezing cold hand.... My rock hard dick had no problems sliding in her tight wet pussy. Feeling the heat of her wet little pussy on my cock was great.

Horny Safeway Co-workers & Customers MILF &

fetish starbucks169 2017-10-27

The yellow porch light came on and as the door handle started to turn, I could feel my cock had sprung back out from where I had pushed it down and was likely now creating a serious bulge that would for sure be seen. I could see her as I was facing the back door while the GILF continued to hold me and grind against my 24 year old body. The MILF smiled, closed the sliding glass door behind her and walked towards me as I stood next to the GILF. I could sense someone looking at me...I turned my head and there was GILF standing in the doorway, naked, except for the heels and her hand was buried into her 60 year old pussy.

Be Careful In The Park

fetish bi_hengst 2017-10-27

Now my head was being clenched more tightly, one lad was standing each side of me holding my now laddered, stocking clad legs back in position and the weapon was rubbing against my panties that had slid back and now covered the entrance to my arse. I must have been a quite a sight, my skirt rucked up, sheer nylons laddered, legs held spread, panties pushed to one side of my open arse that was impaled by a huge black cock. That seemed to be a general signal for the other lads and I felt other hands moving over my body, rubbing cocks on my stocking legs, wanking over my face, and then my opera gloved hands were held and wrapped around two more throbbing penises.

Here Kitty Kitty

fetish sfcitydom 2017-10-27

Coming home from a long day, I find my kitty-cat curled up on the couch waiting for me. On my return downstairs, as I near the couch, kitty-cat pops her head up to see me. One of the reactions of cats I have always found interesting is how their hindquarters raise up as you stroke them from their head to their tail. I reach out and stroke her head and she pulls her body under my hand and stops as my touch reaches her tail and I give it a good petting. Forcing her face into the bed with one hand, I rub the base of her tail, which causes her to raise it even higher and she then turns her ass towards me.

Dear Dirty Diary - part 11

fetish AdorableLaura 2017-10-27

Louise had just finished installing wardrobe mirrors on the head and both sidewalls of my private little workout domain as well as behind the hot tub. Except for one plump little dear who wandered into my workout bike room, the other women were all dancing the “Hustle.” Once inside, Jeanine lifted her skirts and was pedaling merrily to the music. Some squeezed Doug’s contribution to my exercise routine, some slapped it back and forth, one bent down and sniffed it, but on a whole, the most of Louise’s friends just raised their eyebrows a little then smiled knowingly to each other then filed back upstairs.

Dirty Panties/Posh Event

fetish Kellylifestory 2017-10-27

"Your going to have to pull them out if you want them" I gave her a wink and took her by the hand and led her into the front room I pushed her forcefully onto the couch and lifted her legs up and wide. In the back of my car was my ball dress that I was going to wear that night stretched along the back seat. but the hilarity of him thinking of this amazing sexy moment to have happened and then for him to pull out the nearly 3 week old, piss, shit and cum stained panties would literally ruin this moment for him!.

Eleanor's Lustful Spell Ch. 02

fetish TentaclesFTW 2017-10-27

Eleanor started to pick up her pace and fuck Bekka's thighs more quickly, as she knew that her sexual stamina was very high and this wouldn't be a problem. Eleanor had to stop worshiping Bekka's feet as she couldn't fuck her as hard and as fast as she could properly in the position she was in, to receive maximum pleasure. Bekka listened to Eleanor's moans get louder, so she started to finger Eleanor's pussy and stroke her cock, while sucking at the same time. Bekka stroked the last droplets of cum into her mouth and then looked up at Eleanor, with a satisfied smile on her face.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 05

fetish sunniedaies 2017-10-27

Amadeus turned back once again but this time to see Brody stroking his huge cock that was steadily growing hard in his hand. May we speak for a short time, My Princess?" Amadeus slid his eyes from the naked slave to the lady maid. As soon as they left, Nico reached a petite hand for Amadeus's big strong hand and she drew him onto the bed to sit facing her. Not wanting to disappoint his Princess, Amadeus placed the pot of jelly on the bed and then shed every last stitch of his clothing. Amadeus pushed two thick fingers up into Nico's hot cunt as he lifted himself to lick the milk from her stomach.

Keep On Truckin'

fetish VeryDirtyMind 2017-10-27

"Gonna make it tough for a dirty old man like me to stay on the road with you looking like that," Red noted, but when Rainbeaux started to return to her former position he stopped her. "Damn," Red said as his eyes darted back from the road to the girl's crotch as Rainbeaux showed the trucker that the hair not only peeked out the sides but some grew on the insides of her things as well. "What do you think?" Red asked and got a smile in return before Rainbeaux turned on the seat so that her butt was facing him, and as Red pulled the rig into a rest stop the girl pulled her panties down.

Sarah's Teen Lover

fetish 2017-10-27

My sexy little bride has been to bed with men of all young of a guy she had in mind, did she want to fuck the I told Sarah and Seth that I had a few things that I Sarah told her young stud that she didn't want to waste My bride had her teen lover convinced that his cock was Seth was ready and I think he wanted to take my bride oversized cock like Seth's and her pussy was enjoying I think the first time that Sarah started really getting Seth fucked my wife for over an hour before day and not knowing how much time my wife would want to Seth has introduced my wife to a couple of his young

Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 05

fetish lingerielover 2017-10-27

"OK that is enough, I know you want to wear one of your gowns, so go pick it out and put it on and then come sit here on the bed next to me." Kay said. Kay was moaning and moving around so either I was doing a good job or she wanted to make me think it either way I didn't care as long as it appeared she was enjoying it. Again I sucked and nibbled on her clit and I didn't stop until she had another orgasm, at which point I stuck my fingers deep inside of her and started fucking her pussy and her ass at the same time.

A Day in the Life

fetish OneWhoAdores 2017-10-27

After blinking rapidly several times to drive away any last vestiges of sleep I quickly rolled off the thin mattress on the floor of the small bare bones room in which I slept and stood up before that first minute had passed. After one final glance around to assure myself that everything was in place to be quickly ready for her when she arrived, I hurried up the stairs to her closed bedroom door, getting there just before the directed time. She then rose up and I quickly sponged off any remaining soap or suds, and as she stepped out of the tub I helped her into her terrycloth robe and handed her a towel which she wrapped around her wet hair, and with another towel, once again dropping to my knees, I patted dry her lower legs and feet.

A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster Pt.4

fetish shmoe13 2017-10-27

As we heard my little s****r rummaging around downstairs, Mommy called to her through the white bubbles she kept burping up from all the semen in her tummy, telling her to come up when she was ready. I pulled Mommy away roughly, throwing her to the ground before taking her place and pushing on my s****r’s stomach, forcing her to regurgitate most of what she had swallowed into my own mouth. We watched Mommy still slurping away for a few moments (she was making good time) before I told her to reach back and make sure I hit the right hole. I kept pushing a bit harder each time, telling her to spread her lower lips before I finally, after at least a minute of trying, got the head to move in most of the way.

The Harem Slave Ch. 02

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-10-27

She felt like she needed to take an urgent shit, a sensation she quickly attributed to the plug she remembered was still lodged in her ass, stimulating her anus. Sophie couldn't imagine what the old woman meant, but she followed her anxiously out of the room, eager for answers. Sophie reached up with one hand and began groping her fleshy tits, stroking her nipples. Sophie rolled over and got on her hands and knees, her still-plugged ass thrust high in the air. This felt so good that Sophie's pussy juices began to dribble down onto the blankets between her thighs. "There's a good girl," the Master murmured, stroking her hair.

Evolution Ch. 02

fetish jamieengland1 2017-10-27

While I sucked, swirling my tongue, growing feverish again for the hardness, thirsty again for the taste of come running deep into me, He unbuttoned my shirt and began to caress my breasts, tweaking my nipples, then squeezing them between His rough fingers, pulling them out and away from my chest. And I came at the same time, overwhelmed by His nasty talk, the heat , the excitement of the cock in my mouth, and the electric feel of his rough fingers teasing and torturing my nipples and chest, puling and twisting and squeezing the nipples relentlessly. I opened them, and licked the come from His finger, and then, compelled by need, began to suck on His finger, looking up into His blue eyes, adoring, overwhelmed with lust, gratitude, obedience, and submission.

Summer School

fetish SomeWhereNew 2017-10-27

Running her hands down his chest, she grabbed his penis and gave it a little squeeze before sliding off him to the floor, pulling him with. He rolled onto his stomach and when he looked up, he wasn't sure which part of his body was going to burst, his eyes from seeing Ms. Elliot holding her vagina open with both hands so he could see all the way to the back of it or his penis from the build up of cum and the cold floor. Grabbing his shirt, she spread it on the floor behind her and laid down, spreading her legs and pulling her knees against her breasts. He watched with rapt attention as his hands and slowly his lower arms disappeared into Ms. Elliot's pussy.

Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 02

fetish tazsis1 2017-10-27

Last night I came, explosively, just as she suggested that I should suck Jack's big cock, that I would scream "like a little bitch" if he fucked me. By taking him breakfast out by the pool, I was telling him Jack that he, with his big cock, was my superior, that I would serve him in my home and that he was welcome to have my beautiful wife. Uncle Jack took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly and firmly, five or six times. Anna opened her arms to me and went to her, burying my face in he breasts and pressing my erect penis into her thigh, hugging her hard.

2nd date

fetish tat2sf 2017-10-27

Still working it slowly in and out of my mouth and taking it as far down my throat as I could she started to pump her hips, the whole time telling me how good it felt, I teased her as long as I could but i wanted her honey so bad, so I started sucking faster and using my tongue in crazy rythyms, stopping to tongue her slit. Then I wrapped my hand around her rock hard slick cock and started pumping it while i sucked, she said she was going to cum, so i pulled it out of my mouth and while looking at her in the eyes I said feed me, then deep throating it, she exploded in my throat, I pulled her cock out partially because i wanted it all over my tongue so i could savor the taste.

Our Fetish, Our Pleasure

fetish hiddenurge 2017-10-27

I don't know if you've ever seen a woman do a good belly dance while fondling her erect nipples, but it's a total thumbs up. She absolutely loves flaunting her outie belly button and making it move all around with belly rolls. That all changed after I confessed to having a navel fetish, and wanting to kiss, lick, fondle and worship her deliciously provocative outie belly button. The head of my penis tentatively nuzzles her outie and automatically pulsates upward with excitement and then slowly descends back until it touches her belly button again and immediately bobs back up. As our excitement mounts I give her a big wet belly button kiss, lolling my tongue over every single crack and crevice.

In Heat

fetish katnip_21f 2017-10-27

"Poor puppy," I say softly, "you're just so horny, and there's no one to help you but Daddy." I lick her a good long time, listening to her horny little grunts and moans, bringing her ever closer to that elusive orgasm. I grasp her shoulder hard and slide my hard cock deep into that sweet wet puppy pussy. Who knew Daddy's puppy-girl was such a cock-slut?" She'll let me use and abuse her, let me control her climax, and let me degrade her as I choose. Want to mate with Daddy and feel my cum all in that puppy pussy?" And although I hadn't intended to breed her myself, her unabashed display of pleasure takes me over the edge.