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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Day Off

fetish tarred 2017-10-27

I had been chatting with someone who had piqued my interests, I was big into more extreme WAM and longed to be tarred and feathered or something similar, I had confided that I also enjoyed rubber and the idea of messing up a wetsuit was something that tickled me. Thank you for our lovely chat, it was nice to find out what your fetishes are, I never imagined that you were into glue and tar and in particular rubber. I realised now that the seat of my wetsuit had been coated with one part of the glue with the catalyst on the office chair. Eventually she switched off the pump even though I could not see the tar I could smell its sickly sweet aroma and feel it starting to solidify within the rubber.

Peanut Butter

fetish Coltrane 2017-10-27

She smiled and moaned as my artisan finger drew a peanut butter line between her breasts downward to her navel. I sucked each nipple taking away the peanut butter but leaving an oily, slick feel there on her skin. My finger dipped into the peanut butter jar again without needing me to leave her breasts. The peanut butter laden finger found its own way between her legs and began to spread its smooth scoop over her pussy and clit. I sucked harder on the nipple in my mouth as the finger between her legs moved lower and found the pucker of her ass. Licking the peanut butter from her clit and pussy was something I had told her I'd do someday, but she had only laughed.

Mature Ann & Me

fetish rapidpulse18 2017-10-27

I remember thinking, “If you need a hand to pull them panties from your crack Ann, I’ll be only to pleased to do it with my teeth.” My cock was getting hard at the thought of it, if only I had the nerve to walk up behind her and rub that lovely arse, but of course I didn’t. “I bet my text message gave you a hard on, I know what you youngsters are like.” She said collecting our empty coffee cups, and making her way to the kitchen sink. Would you do that for me?” I said nothing, I just pulled my cock out and moved back slightly, while Ann turned and got in the doggy position.

Kinky Foods Catering

fetish Microwave0ven 2017-10-27

"openminded fit young man wanted for serving food on April 3rd dinner party call Ms Daniela to inquire 555-555-8053" Finding that Danny was the new hire with Ms. Daniela's catering group, he led the way to the dining room. Helene marched over, handing Danny a white cloth and pointing at the mahogany dining table. The door opened and closed again, this time only briefly before a crowd of people entered the room. "I want to see how quiet you can be when you cum." She pulled the blindfold off and for the first time, Danny laid eyes on her. Danny barely felt the bite as Christine's contractions around him made him cum so hard, sunbursts flared behind his closed eyes.


The Happening

fetish rrspence2002 2017-10-27

They had been able to combine both Fern's fantasy of being "taken" in strange places with Don's love for boots, or more correctly, a boot on a single long sexy leg! Fern was very excited about feeling Don inside her and in moments alone, she wondered what it would feel like as he slide into her with a 7" stump of a thigh spread out to the side leaving the path wide open to her aroused womanhood. "And I can hardly wait to see what it will be like to be so aroused that you will be able to slip your manhood into my love while I have only one leg to spread for you." Fern replied.

Bloody Good Fun: Waking Up

fetish LittlePet 2017-10-27

For a while I laid there, my head on his chest, off in my own world; when I felt a slight gush between my legs, I smiled, and gently started to run my fingertips up and down his body. Will stirred a bit, and then opened his eyes and smiled, kissing my forehead and rolling to face me. He started kissing my cheek, running his hands over my stomach, working his way down until he felt my pussy. I could feel my hips grind against his face, my hands stroking through his dark hair, and when I looked down and saw those ice green eyes staring back at me intensely, I exploded.

College Freshmen

fetish BethDu 2017-10-27

I hadn't got my hair wet good when someone else came in the shower room, it was Deena, she smiled at me, as she removed her towel. She moaned and kissed my breast, ran her tongue around my nipple, then slid her head down to my juicy hot cunt and sucked my clit until I came on her chin. I screamed pulled her up to my face kissing her hard, threw her down on a bench and buried my face deep in her snatch I sucked up all her steaming love juices, I dove my tongue deep into her tight little fuck hole. Kayla saw Charlie, and she was a lost cause, Deena and I were playing grab ass the drunker we were, the more our hands roamed as we kissed.

Every white guys secret guilty fantasy

fetish cuckwanabe1983 2017-10-27

Donna said, "No, Kenny, I don't think you do have all you need."

And with that, she opened her robe exposing her self to him and then dropped the robe to the floor.

He took in the sight before him, the supple breasts, the dark thatch of pubic hair with the dew forming on the hairy lips and then threw back the covers to his bed revealing that he too was naked.

On his side, his massive black cock lay long, fat and smooth on the bed.

From Bad to Worse

fetish fembox357 2017-10-27

“We don’t have too, it’ll be less painful for you if you just walk out of here now, and leave us alone, because he’s all mine whether or not I have to wreck that pretty face of yours,” Kira said as she grabbed Beth’s chin like a little c***d. Both women, already slick and dripping with sweat from the heat and humidity, came to the center of the ring and stood close, with their gloves touching while their arms were at right angles, their breasts and erect nipples pressed into each other. Kira would knock down Beth, Jim would haul his battered wife to her feet, give her a brisk slap in the face, and the fight would continue.

The gentle session

fetish penetratingpixil 2017-10-27

He let his hands wander across her legs as she was working on his shirt and when she pulled it off of him he reached up and caressed her breasts, removing the lace bra that blocked his path he then took great care to rub her nipples with his thumbs, her head tilted back and with her eyes closed he heard the low moan that escaped her lips, smiling at her reaction he bent his mouth down and traced her nipple with his tongue, enjoying the sight of her hardened nipple he began to suck eagerly upon it.

Next door neighbor

fetish 2017-10-27

My girlfriend Shelly, of 4 years, and I went over to Ron and Cindy's, who live next door for a BBQ. Ron got up and made us more drinks and said her was going to bed. I was finishing up my drink when Cindy got up, backed her ass up to me and started peeing on my lap. Cindy told me that once Rons out he out. about three days later, Cindi texted me and said she had some pictures to show me. I broke up with Shelly and after a few phones to Rons boss he got fired and had to move! I put my hand on her belly, smiled at Ron and said Ronny JR? A couple days later Shelly came by my house to talk and explain.

Calahan's Campaign Ch. 02

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2017-10-27

Liz eagerly proved that she wasn't kidding, as she got on her knees on the floor and let Bruce pee down her throat. Thinking that they were done with sex for a while and ready for breakfast, Governor Calahan started to get dressed. I'm a horny bitch, all right," Liz winked at him. All I care about right now is taking a hard cock in some rough, animal sex!" she grinned hungrily. Taking some lube from the bathroom medicine cabinet, Bruce put it on his cock and straddled Liz. Grabbing her legs and keeping them above his shoulders, he rammed her pussy with his dick. Speaking of eggs, they were both starving by that time, so Bruce reminded Liz, "Okay, I'm famished.

Jenny's Punishment

fetish Authorman1969 2017-10-27

I continued to kiss and lick her neck and started fondling her breasts and lowering my hands down below to rub her and she responded by moaning pushing back against my now rock nard cock which was pressed between her ass cheeks. God how I wanted to just lay her down on the bed undress her and kiss and lick every part of her body until she would scream cumming in pleasure before I would fuck her brains out. I pushed my finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit from underneath and she moaned with pleasure pushing herself into my hand. I lowered my licking to that space between her pussy and her ass hole and she started to buck and moan in pleasure.


fetish PALady757 2017-10-27

I put both hands on my breasts, pushing them together, making my erect nipples touch. Not yet Sweetie, be patient...he said with a grin as he pulled his hand from beneath my skirt and licked his finger... Yes Sean, I want you to fuck me hard...I replied in an almost gutteral voice...please fuck me harder. His hands held my ass as he pulled me against him, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper. I want to make it wet for you...he said as he pushed a little, relax. Do you like my cock in your ass slut?...he wanted to know...if you do, tell me. Oh baby, yesssssssss...Sean said as he pulled me against his rigid cock one last time.

Miss Justice, my sexy BBW

fetish 2017-10-27

My answer out loud was no I’m okay just feeling a little sick, on the inside I was saying that I wanted to find a sexy black big beautiful woman to make love to. I got a mouthful of her 42ddd tit, and feed her my black dick deep and hard; my sexy goddess was bucking back and using her pussy muscles to milk the good dick inside of her warm pussy. I could tell that Justice was about to cum all over my big dick I tried to pull out again but she wouldn’t let me up, her pussy had my dick trapped deep inside of her, she was grinding hard and moaning like a little kitten while she had a full body orgasm, she told he to fuck her hard as hell.

Cuckold lifestyle adventures

fetish Ass_worship 2017-10-27

At first the guys seemed like they were going to turn in a different direction than the one we were walking in, but then they started to follow us once they saw Sue smile at them and they even walked a bit faster to get closer till they were only about 7 or 8 feet behind us. All the guys kept coming up with excuses to make her get up like where can I find this or that, and Sue gave them what they wanted each time and got up walking slowly across the living room swinging her hips seductively.

Sandra: My Pissing Girlfriend Ch. 02

fetish leekeyone 2017-10-27

Instantly my flowing urine stream starting to wash over the bare skin of her bosom, covering her tits with a running yellow sheen as I pissed for all I was worth. Sandra laughed with her delight as she continued to hold her dress away from her breasts, allowing me to piss inside the material like a urinal. I was about half way spent by now, my shooting golden shower still flowing strongly out of the end of my dick and crossing through the air to descend on Sandra's dress and flesh. Barely seconds after my pee hole closed at the end of my erect dick it was opening again to shoot out my hot white cum which Sandra had no problem excepting in her open mouth.


fetish WFEATHER 2017-10-27

If not for the pink panties she wore, the heavy silver chain would certainly split her feminine folds in a most uncomfortable manner; still, they split the young woman's nether lips tightly enough for her secretions to prominently stain the thin garment. From each male sex, a stream of white spewed forth, frozen forever in mid-air, arcing on a trajectory to ultimately land upon the young submissive; following the trajectories, it appeared that three streams of white would land directly upon her small breasts, while the other three would splatter her face - including one which should land directly between her soft parted lips. Not surprisingly, the soft, black, shaggy rug bore white markings - some which had trickled down from the bound beauty's body, and some indicating that a few men had previously missed the exotic woman.

My wee girl and her hairy 'pits...

fetish hairyladieslover 2017-10-27

After checking the cut and repairing the damage, the Doctor told her that she would be ok but he also suggested that she does not shave for quite a while to allow the cut to heal, but fortunately all was well and she did in fact make a full and complete recovery but from that day she has NEVER shaved her armpits, or in fact any hair from anywhere else either for 24 years, by the way she is now 35.

David's Girls' Academy Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-27

I remained on the bed, my head beneath Norika's exquisite petticoat and pleated tartan skirt, for the rest of the morning. The young Japanese girl appeared quite comfortable with having my upturned face between her legs. Norika swung her stockinged knee over my head as her skirt and petticoat hems slid across my face exposing me to sunlight. Katie lifted her knee-length pleated tartan skirt and petticoat, reached under and pulled down her white frilly knickers. My world became a flurry of young legs and shoes, a blur of skirts, petticoats, black seamed stockings and suspenders. Norika seemed very comfortable to have me between her legs; clearly sitting in one position for a long time must be a Japanese 'thing'

Subman and Condiment Girl Ch. 02

fetish love_neverfails 2017-10-27

Your mouth moved faster over my body as you nibbled and kissed your way from my neck to my chest. The added sensation must have been driving you crazy because the next thing I knew, you threw me on my back, held my arms above my head and kissed me like you'd never see me again. You stopped biting my neck and began to lick and nibble your way down my body to where my legs met; teasing me to a state of arousal I'd never been before. With my hands above my head, I was helpless to the sensation of your mouth on my body. As I felt myself falling over the edge, I wrapped my legs around your waist, holding you inside me so you could feel it, too.


fetish Master_Mike 2017-10-26

Reaching over she grabs her favorite toy, defiling herself forcing a huge dildo down her throat, fucking it while fisting her cunt. He slowly slips in quietly as she is mauling her tits, eyes squeezed tight, forcing the thick dildo deep in her throat gagging herself with it. Grabbing her tits squeezing hard jets of milk shoot out,another tit orgasm racks her body as she shoves her hand deep back inside of her cunt. His cock now nestled between her bound tits looking like two balloons ready to burst, squeezes them together hard, milk seeping out lubricating them he starts to fuck them hard. Putting his plum to her asshole, he slowly starts for force his milk covered cock inside of her dark hole.

Finishing Where Tim Left Off

fetish RaoulDukesAlterEgo 2017-10-26

It was definitely a mutual thing: she tilted her head and moved towards me as I did the same, and when our lips met it wasn't a timid, first-time kiss; it was urgent and open-mouthed, savage and carnal. The feel of her soft lips on mine was amazing; and her enthusiasm for pushing her tongue around my mouth was a great turn-on. A perverse thrill passed through me as I realized Traci knew this and she wanted me to eat her. I could barely sleep that night, alternately filled with guilt, lying next to Melissa, and filled with lust, imaging the feel of Traci's skin under my fingers and her tongue in my mouth.

September Sunday Morning

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-10-26

Anne's bottom felt full and it wasn't surprising since she'd not done a poo since Thursday lunchtime, a memorable event in itself as she'd nearly clogged the staff toilet at school. One such accident had happened a year or so earlier at school, luckily only half an hour before the end of afternoon lessons, but the headmaster hadn't been pleased and he'd made it quite plain to her that if she needed to go for a shit she was to use the staff toilets, preferably at break or lunchtime, not fill her knickers. Nothing felt better than holding a good poo in when she needed to go really badly and the feeling which had actually been bewing for some time was now getting intense.