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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The house slave 1 - fucked and used

fetish naughty_liz 2017-10-26

The faithful servant Alex brought Mistress Elisabeth her morning coffee into the living room where she waited comfortably on the couch and carefully set the cup on the little glass table. After a few sips, she spread her legs and ordered: "Spoil me with your slave mouth." Still a little exhausted, the sex-dude squatted on all fours and licked her pussy lips. As the cunt creamed more and more, Liz pulled his head with both hands and pressed her cunt as tightly as possible to his mouth. The mistress recovered a little and stroked the head of his cock to make sure that the it remained hard.

Creampie Chrissy Ch. 02

fetish rick_oh 2017-10-26

Chrissy locked the door and told Hank to kneel on the floor. Chrissy left Hank's office and signaled Gilda and Karen to join her in the ladies' room. At noon the following day, Chrissy and Gilda brought a burger and a salad from the fast-food place into Hank's office and locked the door. "Her boyfriend just had to have her a little while ago," Chrissy whispered in Hank's ear. Speaking up, she said, "Go ahead and eat, Hank - we've already had lunch, and we'll talk about our projects now so we can get back to work." Chrissy, Gilda, and Karen brought some fast food and coffee, went into Hank's office and locked the door.

Beverly Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2017-10-26

Major Frank asked if he could pull the chair over to the bed and Bev said sure. He asked Bev if she knew why he was doing this and she said yes, thought for a few seconds then told him the truth; Sandy could not face having a wife with no legs. Ruth looked at her and asked if she needed some relief and Bev said if you have time, yes. Ruth said she tries and covered Bev and got up to wash her hands. When Dr. Jenkins came in later in the day Bev showed him how good she could sit up and he said it was time to start going down to physical therapy.


fetish klammer 2017-10-26

“OK, we have a lot to do,” she said, “put your clothes back on, everything except your shorts of course,” she smiled that evil little smile again, “you’re never going to wear those again.” I put my shirt on then pulled my pants back up. We’re going shopping in Milwaukee today and I want to get an early start.” Bridget walked to the computer and I went down stairs and stepped into the shower. “Sure, that would be great,” Bridget turned in my direction and looked straight down at my engorged shaft, “it looks like slave here thinks it’s a good idea also.” The two girls laughed out loud and others in the store looked over to see what was so funny.

My cousin's shoes

fetish revmeup 2017-10-26

She gave it a few minutes to rest and I said, "Please don't rev it up. Please." I might well have said, "Rev the dog shit out of it, I have no problem spending the rest of the night in cum filled shorts!" When she tried it again, the thunder was ear splitting. I shimmeyed out of my shorts exposing my dick, and the friend said as she was exiting the vehicle, "HOLY SHIT! As I lay my head back before I came, Judy changed her style of revving from long, slow jabs to short, quick jabs. My Aunt asked what took so long when we got back, Judy said, "Don't ask!"


fetish 2017-10-26

She told me she dated a black man one time but she said they didn't have sex. Now I told Jennifer I want her to be honest with me and if and when she is able to get fucked by a long thick black cock I want her to tell me how good it is and tell me while she is being taken. I told her I realize that its possible to be more sexually satisfying especially since we were looking for long thick dicked guys for her. One night while on the phone and I was out of town working she told me she was chatting online and one conversation was with a black guy she'd told me a few things about and she said she was getting bored and was about to go to bed.

Our meeting

fetish scifo84 2017-10-26

As always numerous people IMed her but from the way she described that morning to me she said it was a click After talking to Emilylove22 I found out her real name was Emily Ashton who was 21 years old and lived a few miles away from my home in Austin, Texas. "I know master won't you please fuck me with that big cock of yours!" She begs. "Fuck you got a tight ass Emily" I say. "Master please fuck my ass like the slut I am and take what is yours!" she begs. With a swift movement I ram my entire cock and begin fucking her ass. "You like that slut?" I ask feel my cock swell with cum and I pull out.

what a surprise

fetish pcarter 2017-10-26

"On the bonnet my little slut, I want to watch you play with that big hard cock of yours" she barks at me whilst sucking a finger seductively and giving me that wicked smile again. I grasp my hard cock between my eager fingers and slowly start to stroke myself whilst looking deep into her eyes. I feel my ring yield to her and I moan loudly as I feel each and every inch of her hard throbbing dick slowly enter me until finally her body's pressed against mine and her cock's throbbing deep inside me. She reaches around and grabs my cock between her fingers wanking me furiously as she fucks me with deep hard strokes.

detained in dention : 1st period

fetish bluerhyno85 2017-10-26

" what do u think your doing?" A small whimper escaped her throat "but I just thought.." "lets be clear Emma your done thinking and acting on ur own , your training begins now " like lightning his hand darted forward clutching her hair as he pulled her to her feet "STAY" by the time he made eye Contact she replied "yes sir " her voice weaker then ever "Mmm good girl you're learning " a small fearful smiled flickered on her face before she returned her eyes to the floor (maybe there's potential in this one after all the last one he tried to train had cried before he even got this far) "now strip...and leave the panties for now " she didnt reply but she did undress slowly cautiously making sure each movement was approved by him she dropped her shirt on his desk and undid her bra she let her skirt fall to the floor.He slowly took in what he had to work with perky small breast fun and but kinda hard to abuse properly when they're that perky he knew he liked her slender neck and she was the perfect weight for throwing around very curvy for being so petite but could she handle him?

Cum Tasting and Getting Caught!

fetish cpluver 2017-10-26

Between from fucking her pussy and sucking on her toes, I was almost ready to cum now. So I immediately slid my finger into her pussy and began to suck her clit at the same time. I hadn't given up on the idea of sucking myself off while she was away and after only two days of Yoga, I began to notice how good it was making me feel. I began to suck myself and wondered how Gina can fit me into her tiny, little mouth. How often does a beautiful, young woman practically beg a married guy to let her suck his cock and then promise to keep it a secret?

Income Producing Wife - VI

fetish 2017-10-26

She gave me a big wet kiss and said: "I have never experienced anything like this...he shot all his load into my cervix...I bet he can get nearly 100% of his women with c***d....what do you think about that?" I said: "You want me to clean you up?" She said: "Enjoy it!" Later, she said: "He wanted you to come over and watch the action, but I told him you had to take care of the k**s. I asked: "When is he coming back?" She said: "It would be at least a month, but he asked if he could send a friend in the interim. She reached over and found that I was hard...she kissed my nips and said: "I love you!"

The Dream Jar

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2017-10-26

He remembered those times with wistful melancholy as he watched her pull an unruly wad of cash from her purse, humming merrily to herself, and flip through it with practiced fingers, flipping bills face up as she ordered, and counted, and then recounted it before stuffing it into the overfull jar. Ordinarily, a really fat cock would be the high point of the night, you know?" she asked, and he nodded unconsciously, watching her fingers slip inside her swollen, sticky lips.

Taxi Ride

fetish picturepainter1 2017-10-26

“Oh great!” She smiled as she stood and I first noticed her in all her glory, her long toned legs leading up to her perfect shaped bum and then the glorious big round breasts hanging down aching to be licked and sucked, well in my mind anyway!” “Can you give me a hand, do you think?” She said and I immediately grabbed her bag. “Do you want to fuck my tits?” Sam said softly and I stopped licking and kissing her to look up into her green eyes nodding my agreement.Without hesitation, I stood and straddled her big chest laying my hard cock right inside the soft valley and she squeezed her soft breasts around my pulsating cock shaft.

Being Persuaded to Be Circumcised

fetish DS299 2017-10-26

I would be 100% more likely to fuck a cut guy than an uncut guy, no offense." "You have to understand, for the girl, it's a really big turn on to see the guy's penis head when he's walking around naked." "Don't you want to be clean?" They were upbeat, persistent and relentless, and in a foolish drunken moment I eventually announced "fine, I'll do it! While the doctor talked about some of the benefits to circumcision – aesthetics, some lower HIV transmission, hygiene – none of which still made much sense to me, she had me take off my pants and underwear, and examined my foreskin, and then rolled it back with her two fingers and examined the head of my penis.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 08

fetish Anal Slave 2017-10-26

My cock started getting hard, my wife let them in and introduced them to me, she said the tall blonde's name was Paula and the brunette's name was Shanna. Paula was sucking my cock, balls and ass so good and letting me finger fuck her asshole. Paula was sucking my cock down her throat when some how my balls came untied and cum started shooting thick rope after rope of rich cum (it was some good baby making cum). After Paula fucked me I got up behind my wife and started fucking her doggie style I felt a prick sliding up behind me and it was Shanna she inserted her male cock in my ass while I was fucking my wife.

I Did Bukkake Again

fetish 2017-10-26

Lisa, like last time was to sit on a chair holding a bowl, the idea was for the men to cum on her face and she'd catch whatever dripped off. I told him it was real easy to have all that cum, I knelt between his legs and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking, then I stopped and said, "that's all there is to it, and then they cum." I got up with him having a hard as steel cock and headed for the bathroom, telling him I needed a shower.

a weekend with Jen Part 3

fetish lauren003 2017-10-26

I heard Jen and my daughter were on there way back when I got off my hubby and he moved to deeper water as he now had a hard on, he needed to hide. He soon started moving up my body, placing soft kisses on my tummy moving up to my boobs and stopping to suck on my hard nipples, while his hand made its way to between my legs. I sat up and started riding back and forth on his cock as hard as I could  and soon he started shooting his cum deep into my tight ass. After cumming I continued to ride my husbands cock and he soon started moaning as he shot his load into my pussy.

How Jetta Gets Her Kicks!

fetish Subtext 2017-10-26

But the challenge was made in front of all their friends and the trash talk soon reached a level where Jim was saying he could beat her blindfolded and she was saying she could kick his ass naked. Brenda moved in for a close-up of Jim's face that now had the look of a beaten prizefighter with one eye that was quickly swelling shut from Jetta's wild elbow. The following week Jetta thought about no one but Jim. She looked for him and asked about him. Jim looked at Jetta and then Brenda and then his friend. "Actually, I think Jim is too much of a gentleman to waste his time fighting a woman." Jetta cut in.

The Friendly Neighbour Dominates

fetish bobby888 2017-10-26

The weekend encounter of my wife Kay and our neighbour Todd was fresh in our minds. Kay was guilty of suddenly turning on her wild side, something she had not shown since her university days. I woke earlier and sat there looking at Kay. Visions of her and Todd kept flashing in my mind. Todd turned his head towards my window and stared for a long time as her held her head with both hands and tried to gag her again and again. It took a long time of prodding for his cock to sink into Kay's ass. Todd lay down on the couch as lifted Kay into a smooth turn to face the roof.

Cat Burglar Part II - The Next Morning...

fetish mrstask 2017-10-26

He bucks and thrusts himself into her mouth, she can feel him tensing, ready to explode, and she redoubles her efforts, tugging and milking his shaft, pummelling the head with her urgent tongue, willing the cream to rise and burst. Memories flood through him the instant he opens his eyes: the sleekness of her oiled black thighs, the flash of her white breasts as she straddled him, the lightning heat of her tongue invading the tip of his cock. A slight clicking noise makes him turn his head; the door of his room is opening. "Oh, you can open your mouth as wide as you like, but that won't help you this time, my girl.

Tale of a Bored Housewife

fetish Maria24 2017-10-26

With jizz dripping off her chin her knees gave up when she reached her climax whilst the nameless cock was still going hard and deep inside sending spasms of pleasure across her body after each long thrust. With a few strokes of her hand—and gently sucking the head—the stranger let out a prolonged moan of pleasure and his cock pulsated violently and fired several shots of fresh cum on her face and breasts. Holding her coat under her arm and walking unsteadily, she exited the restroom; she stepped into the store and handed the keys to the clerk, who simply gave her a wide, knowledgeable smile and didn't appear at all surprised from seeing cum drying up on her face and chest.

My Best Friend.

fetish pup1234 2017-10-26

We got to talking about how I started dressing up and how good it made me feel when I jerked off or on the rare occasion fucked my wife whilst wearing a bra, stockings/pantyhose and high heels. Ross then asked if he could see what I was wearing now, I was a bit apprehensive but without thinking too much about it I thought “why the fuck not”, I took off the T shirt, undid my jeans pulling them down as I kicked off my sneakers and there I was standing in front of my best friend wearing just black hose and black garter belt, my cock semi hard from all the talk about sex and dressing up.

Horny, Pregnant and Dripping Ch. 02

fetish xxistential 2017-10-26

I don't know if it's just because she's pregnant, because she hadn't had sex in five months or if she's always like that, but she was hot and wild." Dave's smile disappeared as he suddenly realized he had said too much. "Oh fuck Dave," said Mae rolling her eyes, "haven't you figured out by now that I'm a freak? "That's what I mean," said Mae, "I've never had a guy touch my ass in a way that really felt good. "Wait a minute," said Mae, her eyes dancing, "you mean to tell me that for the last five months you've been sitting at home jerking off, thinking about me?"

No chance of escape

fetish klammer 2017-10-26

Ijah pace is slowly increasing and now the boy has tears streaming down his face and he is moaning almost non stop, my own hand is on my cock I am rubbing it furiously in tune with the fucking that Jamaal is receiving, I feel my own sexual intensity building, I know that soon I am going to cum, so I deliberately slow down wanting to prolong the moment until the two boys on the bed have climaxed.