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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Uncle Mike

fetish spankingjenny 2017-10-26

The look on everyone’s face when I strutted into the room was priceless and I made the most of it, rubbing up against all Mikes friends and bending over in front of them to show all my charms. The room got real quiet as all the guys focused on my behind getting whacked and Mike forgot about his friends who were watching. The heat in my bottom grew quickly, the sting became unbearable but I had been needing a real spanking for a long time and the tears mixed with my smiling face was creating quite an erotic scene for Mikes friends. Looking down into Mike’s eyes I was pleading for him to stop and make love to me but he just kept smacking away saying just a few more and you will be ready.

Another true story with a sexy FWB from a few year

fetish 2017-10-26

When she got up the waitress came over and said “No offence but is she flirting with me?”. The waitress replied that she thought she was sexy too and that we should all go out for drinks sometime. I stood behind her and began to grope her breasts pulling her ass into my growing hard on. I walked over to the bed and took one of the ropes and tied her wrists together in front of her. I began pushing my cock deeper in her mouth as I slid the dildo deeper and deeper insider her. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved my body behind her.

The Girl With The Pink Flowered Panties Ch. 02

fetish mrsterygor 2017-10-26

"Wow, where did you get these?" Jessica asked, as she held up the pink flowered panties. I grabbed the light blue panties, picked Jessica up, and carried her to the bedroom. I grabbed the blue and white panties and tied Jessica's hands to the bed frame. Then I took the pink panties, rolled them up, and stuck them in Jessica's mouth, gagging her. I removed the pink flowered panties from Jessica's mouth and pressed my right hand against her lips. I lifted Jessica's right leg up, pushed my cock into her pussy, and began to fuck her. But nothing was better than having sex with her when she was surrounded by the thing that turned me on the most: those sexy pink flowered panties.

How I discovered CFNM

fetish 2017-10-26

We were all sitting around eating junk food and listening to music when the topic turned to "have you ever seen your dad's "thing"?" All of us had, mostly by accident and we giggled and told each other what they looked like. That got us all asking lots of questions and she described what it looked like but said she wasn't allowed to touch it. Our friend said she would ask her dad, and she left the room, she was gone maybe five minutes but it seemed like it was a lot longer; the anticipation and excitement were building. She came back with a great big grin and said he would do it, but it was a secret, we couldn't tell our parents (to this day, I never told dad).

Brownmailed Ch. 02

fetish Rimcrim 2017-10-26

As you will be giving her all of your possessions, we have figured out a way for you to pay her what she deserves over a long period of time," Gloria stated, licking her finger and turning to the next page. Gloria pulled her tight khaki's down, exposing her thick, wide, light brown rear end, protruding in James' face and taking up all of his field of vision. "We want only rave review from our clients, sweetie," Juanita said as James felt the huge turd widen his mouth. Juanita pet James' head as he ate, whispering to him about what she and Gloria ate for lunch, stuffing themselves with bean and cheese burritos for breakfast.

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 2: Katie's Anal Exp

fetish Erocus 2017-10-26

"It was either the videos or I was thinking about how it made you feel when I was sucking you," as Katie began to rub my chest. Katie opened her legs as I began to run her inner thighs and slowly moved to my fingers to caress her slit. Katie went back to bobbing her head around my cock while I slowly started to lick her swollen sex hole. I began to fuck her mouth by bucking my hips towards her as I started to penetrate her ass with my finger. "Ooooooh," Katie yelled as she began to back into my hips, “MMMMmmm do it again baby, tub my ass!”

Vanessa’s Legs

fetish PappyHallaway 2017-10-26

Looking at a photo of his longtime crush Vanessa, Dave can sense a stir in his heart, a bit like the stir in his dick; faint at first and then commanding. These he's been crushing, one by one, dream by dream, beneath the feet of each imaginary femme fatale, who leaves him with nothing but the bare-assed fact of his embarrassing existence. Wondering which men make Vanessa wet against her will, for instance, Dave can't imagine he's among them. The seed was planted that night at the diner, in the ladies' room he thought was the men's. The fact that Vanessa's now a waitress at the diner is an awkward pill for Dave to swallow.


fetish 2017-10-26

Extremely attractive blond mother to be Shannon is desperate for some money, so she answers an ad in the personals column looking for pregnant babes. It turns out that today she's going to take not one but two big cocks, belonging to studs John Janeiro and Alex. She dresses up in an extremely slutty outfit for the guys, including ripped, sheer stockings - it turns out that this babe is a real whore! She sucks one man to begin with, giving him an expert blow job and making him cum right in her mouth. The other man requires more extensive treatment; he gets the same blow job to begin with, but then he bangs Shannon's wet pregnant pussy.

Taken by a Real Man

fetish gbr2004 2017-10-26

'I can't see you as a dominant type of guy Steve, sorry, not being insulting, just an observation, besides this place can always use cute submissive boys, cute boys like you Stevie.' The bartender smiles to himself as he realizes Mike has found another boy like he always looking for. 'Feel it Stevie, feel a real man's cock.' I try to pull my hand away but he holds it there. 'Stevie, what do you think would happen if the pictures my friend took of us kissing at the bar, you feeling my cock, were to get back to that sweet little lady or your boss. If I thought I looked gay before, now I know I look like one of those boys I saw in the pictures.

Femdom Strapon

fetish 2017-10-26

As I hadn't had a good filling in many weeks, my lustful thoughts of Mistress Alexandra began to creep in - all five foot eleven inches of her dominating Ms. Gere. Ms. Gere easily placed the large red candle firmly into my ass while Mistress Alexandra struck a match and lit the wic. Without permission, Ms. Gere removed her mouth from Mistress Alexandra's cock, and begged: From my awkward vantage point, I could only see Mistress Alexandra's ass furiously pumping Ms. Gere full of cock, and I could only hear Ms. Gere begging. Mistress Alexandra removed Maximus from Ms. Gere's sopping wet pussy, and then slid it slowly into her ass. Mistress Alexandra slid the head of her cock inside Ms. Gere's ass.

Ass Cleaning

fetish howthegodschill 2017-10-26

It's dark and I abide by every rule, but I couldn't resist, I wanted to cum so badly, she grabs my hair and turns me around and thrusts the dildo deep into my mouth, I gag on it, apologising, she doesn't let up, she says "Now you know how it feels," and continues to thrust, dominating me in every single way, after fucking me up the ass more she commands me to get on the floor, pinning me down between her legs, her pussy once again over my mouth, she grabs my head and makes me fuck her with my tongue, asshole, pussy as hole, making sure I cleaned everything I missed before.

True story 2

fetish kinkykellyandkappa 2017-10-26

He wanted he said some light massage/lunch/company.... he opened the shower door and grabbed the body wash putting some on his hand he proceeded to start washing my back He pushed me to the wall, still behind me and soaped between my legs...fingering me and then went to my bum...put loads of soap on his hands and then started to really push his fingers into me. I reached round to grab his cock, but he just pushed it away and kept fingering my bum. He got up got dressed offered me another shower which i said yes to but he didn't join me this time lol. I looked at him and said, i don't know lol.

30 seconds to Cum

fetish addrenaline 2017-10-26

In about a minute of being inside of her, I will reach the point of no return, and fill her with my cum. Nicole still found the time for a quick. We were running late now, but Nicole needed to lay down for a few minutes, needed to cuddle with her boyfriend. It got me so horny, and pre-cum began to leak out of my head. I cum quick whenever a girl is riding me. Nicole grabs her phone, and starts the stopwatch. Nicole slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Nicole let out another laugh. After a few seconds, and 3, maybe 4 thrusts, I clenched her hips, moaned fuck, and began depositing a huge load inside of her.

A Submissive's Memoirs

fetish holliday1960 2017-10-26

You slid your hand across the red mark on my ass cheek and said clearly, "You should have pulled your panties down for me." Your hand was warm and soothing and I closed my eyes for a moment in relief while you rubbed gently away at the welt. I held my position with my ass still pointed to the ceiling while I watched you from the corner of my eye as you peeled off your clothes at last and settled on the edge of the bed. I was given a sharp reminder, when you gave me an insistent push and said, "Sit back, and slow down." My ass now rested against my heels, pressing the anal device a bit deeper and the slowed pace promised that it would be a while before I could expect any relief.

Wedding Bondage Ch. 02

fetish oggbashan 2017-10-26

Last night my wife Jane had tied me up before riding me while wearing her voluminous wedding dress. She lifted the veil off the bed and tried to attach its band to my head. I could feel the seductive grasp of the silk stockings, the flow of the soft petticoats over my legs, the heavy silk against the skin of my shoulders and arms and even the high collar caressing my neck. Jane raised the veil, peeled away the damp sleep mask and kissed my eyes. I scarcely felt her prise the ball gag from my mouth and lift the veil and wig from my head. She let her arm fall away from my head and pulled her breast out of my mouth gently as she continued:


fetish 2017-10-26


Delight in Store

fetish Misschievous1 2017-10-26

As I walked away I couldn't help but glance back at the ruggedly good looking man fondling the red material, not quite believing that he was going to ask to try them on I wandered around the section hoping to witness him enter the changing area. By the time I had been issued with a four item security tag I had pulled the curtain across and slipped off my uniform, now delving into my panties I heard the dressing room attendant speak "That's quite alright Sir, we don't mind at all," I quickly realized although couldn't believe that he was being allowed into the women's changing rooms that the voices I could hear outside were the ruggedly good looking man I spoke with earlier.

How my pantyhose fetish started

fetish pantyhose_guy 2017-10-26

As a matter of fact, these stories I'm going to write aren’t' that sensational, like Penthouse forum stories, so you probably WON'T have a hard time believing their validity. The outfit of the days was nude pantyhose and those shoes called Candies, so the girls didn't wear reinf***ed toes, nor did the teachers; the good looking ones anyways. I don't know if it was because they were luxury items back in the war day or what, but literally every woman's closet I had a chance to pillage in my youth had a plastic bag, shoe box, old purse or something of all their pantyhose and stockings that only had a snag or a single run or whatever.

The Adventures of Lykshaa

fetish TheAmazonQueen 2017-10-26

She was Lykshaa, the Amazon queen, and he was Kazul, the chieftain of the all-male jungle tribe whose territory ran alongside her own. She sat on his shoulders for a few seconds, letting him struggle as her thighs chewed on his face, before twisting and sending him flying off. Her pussy pushed up into his stubbly mouth, his muffled cries exciting her even as he flailed, meaty fists pounding into her thick thighs. She squeezed, the bark cracking, the jungle mans cries louder from the depths of her muscular legs. She grabbed him roughly, pulling him by the hair and lying next to him, catching his face between her ass cheeks, his neck between her thighs.

The Wild Bikini Girls

fetish Subtext 2017-10-26

All the girls started screaming and laughing as the victim stood up and pulled at her bottoms with disgust. It was a degrading experience when they brought me back to their house and I was forced to walk past the sister and her friends wearing those shitty bikini bottoms, but it got worse when the mother thought it was her duty to wash me in the outdoor tub like a head of livestock as all these girls looked on. Seeing them waddling around with their big bellies gave me a certain satisfaction, but I never forgot the desperation and helplessness I felt dangling from that tree limb by that girl's soiled bikini bottoms and then having my rear end washed outside in front of everyone.

David's French Tutor Ch. 09

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-26

"The bridge approaches are still flooded sir, but Isaac Teller has managed to get Miss Marie and Cook across the river by boat," said the boy who was roughly my age and height. Miss Marie asked me to carry her valise up to her room, which I did, and stood at her door while she opened it and walked in. Miss Marie no longer looked like my French tutor; she now had a predatory sexual appearance as if she had been starved of physical love for many long weeks. "Do not be afraid," said Miss Marie who now stood in the centre of the room wearing just her white starched petticoats, chemise and black silk stockings.

At First Light

fetish stateofdenial 2017-10-26

Her hands touched him everywhere but his swollen cock or balls, he in turn explored her body as if for the first time, but was not allowed to touch her pussy. If you want to cum you better get started." He was now more desperate than embarrassed and he started stroking his cock. Just like your little porno sessions; you got to watch a hot chick fuck her brains out to get you horny; now you get to jack off to cum." "Good, I want you to arch your back up and point your cock right at your face. Yes. He still wanted to cum, but not like that and although his head screamed no, but his libido spoke for him. "Yes, please." he croaked out as his hand began to tease his hard shaft.

Meagan's Feeldoe Ch. 02

fetish jansen_jan 2017-10-26

Meagan discovers her man in the bedroom cupboard, because he got an orgasm witnessing her putting in a Feeldoe strap on and getting herself off. Meagan sighs, looking down at me, her eyes burning still with lust. I sigh in relief, Meagan feels so angry that for a moment I was afraid she would plunge the Feeldoe, as it is called apparently, in my rectum without any lube. Meagan says nothing, puts her hands on my butt cheeks and positions herself more above my ass. Meagan takes hold of my dick, slides her hand down to the tip and spread fluid around. caught in a vortex of senses, its peak on my dick where Meagan's hand is in control

My Gift to Micaela

fetish MattChancellor 2017-10-26

Big, wide, tan feet. I picked up a sandal and held it to my face, sniffing deeply right where Micaela's sole would be when she wore it. Pressing her big, sweaty feet into me as I tugged away. I sat cross-legged on the floor inches away from her big fucking feet. Exactly what you'd expect a college girl's feet to smell like after a party. Picked up again, both big toes now, running my tongue across every inch and burning the contours of her feet into my brain. I rose and stood over Micaela, pumping hard on my cock. I've been with plenty of women since that night, but I've never been able to get Micaela's big feet out of my head.