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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Giving the Boss a Present

fetish Brookell 2018-09-26

He sat down at his desk, planning to get a few things together for a meeting in 20 minutes when he felt the hand on his leg. She kept telling us how she was going to sneak into your office and hide under your desk and then when you sat down, she would wait until someone else had come in and then give you a blow jo He had pretty much dismissed the conversation until he felt a hand on his thigh just as Tom, one of his assistants came in. He nearly fell to the top of his desk as he felt his cock getting stuffed back in and Shannon. As he passed Shannon, she smiled at him and whispered, "Happy New Year, Jay!"

Pretty in Pink Ch. 04

fetish jealouscuck 2018-09-26

As we worked our way through toward the opposite side, Jessica touched me and started dancing solo. "Thank you for dancing with me, Brianna, you are just beautiful and tall in your pretty red heels." Jessica said it would make my hands look more feminine. Jessica said, "No way, I intruded, it is my treat." She pulled some bills out and placed in on the waitress' tray waving her away as saying "Keep the change." I swear by the time they had danced a few numbers, he had felt her soft breasts and great ass. Jessica told me that she had watched me a little at first, and then a tall black guy had asked her to dance.

my wife , a old friend and a new cockhold who is m

fetish 2018-09-26

and with that on my knee's i went face to face with a old hairy cock sucking and slurping tom grunnting your a good little bitch boy as he shot cum in my mouth . ben opened the door and i was so nerve's i just jumed up and ran over got on my knees and had ben's cock in my mouth ben just laughed and said good bitch boy but not here for that just now.ben went on to say it was time for use to make dinner and while they were eating dinner tom wanted us under the table worshiping all there cock and ball's .

Betty Finds My Story

fetish JackorJill 2018-09-26

"Good, now do as you are told." She released my dick, it was a purplish red and I wanted to just jerk off right then and there because I was that close to exploding. "Say it, say you like me to fuck you ass." My dick was hard, my hand started to stroke it, slowly, trying not to cum... "Why stop now, you know you want to jerk off so do it, be my little bitch." With that my shorts were pulled down over my hard dick. Betty took my hands from my dick and let me rub her pussy. I want you to fuck me, how would you like that." She took my hand and rubbed it on her wet pussy.

Bound but not gagged - very true story images and

fetish 2018-09-26

Before I have time to react he retreats his tongue and slams his cock into me, my walls rearing like a startled stallion, tensing my pussy and making myself tighter, the pounding rapidly resulted in his balls swinging up and hitting by my clit, a unique sensation on its own, as his motivation and lust fills he grips my hips and slams them in rhythm, FUCK I think, biting down hard on my lips, and closing my eyes tightly, it’s so deep, I struggle for breath as he sharply increases his thrusts with the addition of speed, his stamina is amazing he pounds and pounds, I grip my hands on whatever my hands can reach the chains bounding me into “ STOP SQUIRMING”, I bite my lip even harder and turn my head into the surface using it to balance my bodies reactions.

The Old Flame

fetish TheHat900 2018-09-26

And once," I paused, "I got a girl to give me the pants she'd just been wearing, and I put them down the front of my pants and rubbed them over my cock." I slowly moved my left hand in a firm circle over the bulge in my crotch, then pushed down, up, down, as I felt where Kyoko's knickers had got to and tried to keep them from scrunching up into a third ball; and looked into her eyes again to reassure her that I hadn't finished, that I knew I was still supposed to be answering a question about playing with my anus.


The Wiener

fetish CanIwatch 2018-09-26

In one fluid motion she reached down, pulled my hand away from her pussy, got out of bed and looked me right in the eyes and protested, "I don't know what your thinking, but the only things that are going in my pussy are your fingers, your tongue and your dick, nothing else! I sucked on her clit, spread her pussy lips apart and stuck my fat tongue in as far as I could, when she asked, "Please use your fingers baby." I do not know if it was because of the four glasses of wine or because she needed to cum so badly, but without missing a beat, she took hold of the wiener and started ramming it harder and faster than I had been, into her pink little pussy.

Early Panty fetish

fetish steeeviej 2018-09-26

I dropped the panties and moved out of the shadow to grab another pair as I was still dripping cum and getting hard again. She lifted her leg onto a chair and patted dry her pussy area and inner thigh, I was again pulling at my cock with her already cum stained black silky panties imagining what it would be like to taste that pussy or feel those beautiful tits. As Wendy started to dry her tits I again shot my load of cum into the black panties. I watched as she first picked off the white pair grabbing them with her left hand around the gusset I had skilfully cum filled earlier.

Dana's Diary: Opening the Back Door

fetish tinatart 2018-09-26

* "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" My hips humped up and my legs spread as wide as I could get them, while my body spasmed under the lash of Christy's tongue on my clit and the thrusting of her finger in my ass. "There's only a little bit left." Christy kissed my neck again and stroked my back while Patti held the nozzle in my ass; I moaned, and it seemed to take forever before there was another click and Patti said, "Hold it now," as she slid the nozzle out of me. Christy moaned as Patti's finger slid up her ass and then withdrew. Patti wiped the finger on a tissue and slowly pressed the nozzle (it was a douche nozzle) into Christi's ass, then opened the plastic valve with a click.

taught to eat cum

fetish pcarter 2018-09-26

She came up to kiss me and asked if I liked licking Rob's cum from her pussy. I found out later that she mentioned it to Rob when he got there and he said he would like to watch me lick her clean. She was sucking on another guy and the first guy came inside her with a grunt and let his cum squirting cock slip out. Sherrie immediately pushed my head down to take his cock in my mouth as he finished Cumming and then lick her clean. Some of the left for a while and came back but by the end of the weekend they were all cummed out and I had either sucked all the cum out of there cocks or licked it out of Sherrie's pussy.

A Visit With Melissa

fetish urluvslave 2018-09-26

Within a few seconds, the place was filled with women dressed as you might expect (short, tight skirts and shorts, platform heels, the works) and my dick began to rise. With a big smile and a bit of a laugh, she said that it was banana flavoured! She was riding my cock and squeezing it with her pussy muscles and it brought me to a great big orgasm in what seemed like just seconds, but I’d like to think that it was a bit longer than that! She pulled herself off of me and after I removed the condom, I put her back up on the table and licked her pussy again, and yes she tasted a bit like banana!

The Wild Ride In The Air

fetish 2018-09-26

Now the only thing that gets me to to drag my ass back to Tucson is f****y, and a crazy ass bitch named Gail Kruger. Just wake my ass up so I can change planes in Denver or DFW or where ever the fuck it is, and before I know it I'll be in Tucson Arizona, dry heat and all. She went on to say how it wasn't long after she started putting hot dogs and shit up her slot. At one point in the dream as her story went on I reached down to try and jack off, but someone had bound my hands to the chair. Then a flying sex toy broke through the wall of cum.

Enemas on the Beach

fetish suppleWriter 2018-09-26

Though Eve had not broached the idea of enemas with Adam, she made sure that she had the bags, some KY jelly, salt, and baking powder. Eve was nervous knowing what she had to discuss, and Adam was also finding it difficult to sleep. "Adam, because we are fasting, do you think we could do enemas as well?" said Eve hurriedly. Even in early morning, the weather was mild, and clothes were really not needed, so after returning, they could proceed straight into enema preparation without getting dressed. A few minutes later, Eve decided to meditate, and sat in lotus pose near Adam. "Eve, I wonder if we could take our enemas outside?" Adam suggested.

Sister Aquinata: A Nasty Bitch Ch. 01

fetish Haunting 2018-09-26

As if in a dream she craned her lovely neck forward and stared with bleary lust at the unbelievable eroticism of a stiffened and swollen glistening blue-veined cock outrageously piercing and stretching an itchy swollen labia into a gasping grasping "o" of weeping feminine flesh...her lover's cock and her pussy. Aquinata swung her long legs over the side of the bed before rising slowly and walking nude around the room deliberately gathering the scattered clothing that a male's delirious passion had torn from her horny submissive body. Sister Aquinata blew a silent kiss to her snoring naked lover and left the room closing the wooden door softly behind her luscious hidden bottom.

Helping Sela Has Surprise Benefits

fetish escriterra 2018-09-26

Would you say that's a pretty good answer for whether the scene turns me on or not?' And then, Alana, for maybe the only time that Sela's eyes focused on my face during the entire time she was telling me this stuff, she looked at me and said, 'I knew that he was asking me to strapon fuck him in the asshole, and that he wanted it bad.'"

I Helped My Husband

fetish 425olds 2018-09-26

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!" Michael moans and says, "Please, Kim, please let me suck your beautiful cock, feed it to me mistress!" That caused my pussy to twitch hearing my husband beg to suck my cock and calling me mistress. Bruce is holding Michael's head and then..."UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he begins cumming in my husband's sucking mouth. The night of gay sex ended for my husband as Bruce pulled out Michael's ass and cum in his mouth again.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 06

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-09-26

"You know you're good as a thong," she'd tease as Brad lay trapped helplessly beneath her, hoping like hell that she didn't break wind. You're just a pair of my panties, you have no rights." "I have basis human rights!" "Why, are you human?" "Well, 'lingerie' rights." "You're not a man." "But I have the mind of a man." "Oh yeah, that was fun..." Emma was the only other person that knew about Brad being shrunk and therefore was the only person Kate could tell about Brad being transformed into lingerie. He'd committed to staying as a pair of panties for the rest of his life and he thought there was no way for him to be turned back even if he wanted. "Oh yeah."

Rapunzel Pt. 02

fetish oggbashan 2018-09-26

The prince Johann had survived three months with Rapunzel and her mother Euryale before they let him go in an anaemic state. Angus knew that Rapunzel wanted to find Johann, and possibly her mother Euryale. Angus asked Rapunzel if she wanted to go to an inn in the capital, or stay with his sister-in-law. Later, when Hilda went off to make the beds for her visitors, Rapunzel asked Angus about the shop. If Hilda is to start the business again, and take on apprentices, she would need Hans and Jutta to take over the domestic activities, at least until they could afford a servant or two. "Rapunzel with the very long hair?" Jutta asked.

Lait Maternal Pt. 02

fetish BaileySparrowtree 2018-09-26

Shaking her hand, "Thank you, Bee." Penny followed the girl down a long corridor with the usual amount of décor. Without even being summoned, Bee opened the door to the office and motioned Penny to follow her to leave. Not feeling the need to dress in the comfort of her own home, she took another shot of tequila and filled out the evaluation form, putting checks in the appropriate boxes, and wrote in comments where it noted. Penny had yet to cum, and the thought of doing so made her ache so she made the decision to try this product out using her 'invisible lover', still attached to her bedroom mirror.

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 21

fetish regularguy13 2018-09-26

Abby said, "Brenda, I want to make a good impression with Tom's parents, but I have nothing to wear! "And of course these are the twins, Abby and Beth," Ingrid said in a friendly way. "It looks like the hall bathroom is occupied." Ingrid grabbed Beth's hand and said, "I'll take you to the master bath. As the women were dressing and preparing to return to the party, Ingrid put on a gold bracelet and gave one to Beth. ^^^^ While Ingrid and Beth were getting to know each other, Leif spoke to Brenda and Tyler. Ingrid held up her gold bracelet and said to Abby,

The Reward in the Lust of Death....

fetish AnEnglishKlismaphile 2018-09-26

I savoured the warmth my breath against the pillow, which flowed back into my lungs. The warmth passed into my body, flowing through my limp limbs and into the wooden handle of the bell I held in my right hand. "Now, I found something very interesting when we went out today." She pushed harder on the pillows with her hands, climbing on top of me. I thought you loved me." She pushed harder, my body spasming as my limbs truly became limp. With renewed a****listic and predatory lust, she sucked on my penis like a sausage and pushed harder on the pillows as my body was in its death throngs.

Grocery Store Creampie Ch. 01

fetish lovestosuck2007 2018-09-26

When she asked if there was anything I wanted from the store I walked up behind her and started kissing her on the neck and told her, "Just a hot fresh cream pie," as I slid my hand down and started rubbing her through her jeans. I pulled her back against my now hard cock and replied, "Your right I would, but only because I wouldn't be able to decide if I wanted to eat you or fuck you first." Ty asked me if he should wear protection and I told him, "No, I want you bare back so I can feel you dump your seed inside my married cunt."

Tammy & I Together Again

fetish PLJ 2018-09-26

Mark was very inventive and walked out of the bedroom with what appeared to be a jelly looking dildo in his hand, he brought it over for me to see, and then to Tammy. Mark helped me lay on Tammy just as a guy would; he spread my legs and then spread my vaginal lips and inserted the other end of the dildo into me. I pushed harder and harder and Tammy started to whimper in my ear that she was very close to cumming, I whispered back that she could cum in my arms whenever she wanted to. Her boy friend pulled her hair back from her face and put one hand on the inside of one of her legs, she very slowly started to pee, and he began kissing her.

A Girl for a day

fetish lennynylon 2018-09-26

She stood behind me and said “Now my girl brace yourself”, I felt her gloved fingers moving up and down my exposed arse, then she inserted her middle finger, not a bad sensation, as I watched in the mirror it slowly went deeper until it was all the way in, I could feel her moving inside me and my cock getting hard. She asked if she could try three fingers, my cock was rock hard and I felt really excited so I said yes, surprisingly it did not hurt this time and soon she was finger fucking my arse rapidly twisting and massaging as she went, then wow I had a massive cum all over the settee.