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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

After the Coffee Morning

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-10-26

The purpose of the coffee morning had been to raise funds for new loos for the community hall in Wendy's village. Typically Anne's reaction had been to deny that was the case whilst firmly declining to use a toilet when in Wendy's company unless it was absolutely unavoidable. However it hadn't developed into a desperate need and she imagined she would alright so long as she went for a good pee as soon as she got home. Biting her lip whilst attempting to look pleased at seeing Claire, Anne realised that she wasn't going to get away in a hurry. Resigned to her fate, and trying hard to conceal her increasingly desperate need for the loo, Anne listened patiently and kept her own words as brief as possible.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 03

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-10-26

Rose settled into trying to be a good girl called Janice, and obey her teachers. Rose noticed the woman glance at Brian, then quickly turn away, looking embarrassed. Teaching this class left Miss Derby feeling she was being punished, as well as them. I really am going to be a good girl from now on, honest, Miss Derby,' Rose humbly spoke. Feeling the teacher lift her skirt, she realised it was a big mistake facing away from the class. 'Keep quiet, be brave, and try to be a good girl,' Miss Derby told her. The class breathed a sigh of relief with her, on seeing Miss Derby put away the cane.

Pink Leather Bag

fetish dirtymind13 2017-10-26

Soon I gasp through my tape as I feel her mouth wrap around my cock. Her feather continues to tease me as she bob her head up and down on my cock, causing me to moan and buck my hips against her mouth. Her hand moves up and down the length of my shaft, causing me to moan loudly through the tape covering my mouth. My cock twitches in her hand and I feel myself reaching the point of no return. When my cock head touches her pussy lips I moan loudly, causing her to laugh. I feel her lean forward, my cock slipping out of her and allowing my cum to drain from her pussy onto my body.

Rebecca Pt. 04

fetish thepeopleschamp 2017-10-25

Rebecca giggled softly and removed her other shoe, then began to drag the toe of her other foot in a circle around my cock and balls. My begging ended in a groan when Rebecca lowered herself a little, and then without warning fell to slam her plump ass down on my cock and balls, causing the latter even more pain with the pressure she was putting on them. Using her hands as support, Rebecca began gyrating her hips; squishing my balls with her ass cheeks separated only by the thin dress and panties...but at the same time I could feel her soft flesh and fabric rubbing against my cock, hardening it.

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 03

fetish xinycep 2017-10-25

As Amber finished washing her hands and began to open the door, Zoe quickly kicked all of her wet sheets and clothes under the bed and stood up. Alexa came to an abrupt stop when she saw Jason and Eric picking their way gingerly along a narrow rock ledge overlooking a steep, rocky drop to the ground below. "Alexa," Jason called out, as Zoe and Amber rounded the bend too, "it looks like this part of the trail got washed out. But Zoe and Jason still stood facing the rock wall, unable to turn fully around and pull Alexa up due to the bulk of their backpacks sticking out behind them.

Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 02

fetish curl4ever 2017-10-25

The person on the leg press sled was obviously female, was wearing a cheerleader's little workout top, and was using a stack of plates far heavier than any of the other girls on the squad - It must be Liz, but evidently she didn't hear him over the music. Liz sat on the bench facing away from him, stretched upward to reach the bar, and began to do a set. Josh looked up toward Liz's face, but as his gaze crossed her full, rounded breasts, it just made him more furious to think of how he'd been fooled by a set of spectacular implants. As Josh's tortured arm was beginning to shake, Liz's pants became grunts and she started uncontrollably grinding her crotch into his bicep.

The Last Enema-Aunt Story

fetish suppleWriter 2017-10-25

When the parents are away, the aunt might be entrusted with the total care of the children, and we all know what that means! Just to set the story straight, I'm not going to say to her "Jeez, aunt Susan, what is an enema?", because she is 33. I know what you are thinking - she looked at my browser history, and saw my list of enema stories, but I'm prepared for that. "Now Steve, we have a three-quart plain water enema - this is the main cleanout. For the final quart, I want you on your right side, to encourage the flow into the cecum." "Steve, I know you really want to expel by yourself, but this is the time for deep connection. 'The Last Enema-Aunt Story

My First Cuckold Experience

fetish sletterig 2017-10-25

After a few big thrust, Paul gets his cock out of my wife's cunt and he gets on his knees on the bed towards the edge. And how hard his dick has grown" He comes back over the bed to me and says: " Clean my cock, sissyboy!" I think he will doesn’t mean lick it clean? "This is what he does quite often, and I 'm still not fucked thoroughly." "I take care of that," says Paul, "let him first clean up his own mess." My wife doesn’t hesitate a second and moves her hot cunt on my mouth where my warm load slowly runs down.

The Unexpected Surprise

fetish flashvoyeur 2017-10-25

I thought Ill give her a little peek so i turned so she could see me clear but I couldn't see her except in the mirror.I got nude an hard and waited.I then herd some movement from her room and her door open so I started stroking my dick. I saw her zip into the bathroom then herd the toilet flush and the bathroom door open.I continued to stroke my cock and she came out walking slowly past my door so i glanced into the mirror. She went into my s****rs room then i herd them giggling not 2 minutes later my s****rs came out of her room and walked slowly past glancing in.

Watching Mom and Her Lover

fetish JustLikeEwe 2017-10-25

I heard a muffled response as Maggie dropped her crotch onto Mom's face, but I was leaning backward because as she had her hands on the headboard and started to ride Mom's face like it was a saddle, this had put the bus driver's head so close to the vent that I got scared. The Amazon, slick with oil, sweat and pussy, was wild-eyed as she held onto Mom's hips while driving that 8" dong deeper than Dad's ever could and making her cum like he could only dream doing, and then as Mom cried out that she couldn't take any more, the bus driver's eyes came back to the grate.

CFNM / finger fucked by five girls

fetish StarScreamUSA 2017-10-25

(We're in our 40's) Turns out, in addition to the usual stuff you hear about sex and blowjobs out in public, breasts being exposed, etc., the news crew down there reported on this girl who stood on a box/milk crate, wearing a skimpy skirt, which she lifted, and spread her butt cheeks apart and let anyone who wanted to stick their fingers in her anus and pussy and take pictures! The women who I was watching TV with didn't share my interest in this story and thought it was disgusting and perverted and asked "OMG, who would do that?" to which I said, "I don't know, probably a lot of girls would fantasize about it, but few would actually do it!" to which they said, "you're crazy.

Finally Wearing His Panties Again

fetish jennycnnn 2017-10-25

He was rock hard as he lifted each foot and I slid the thong up his legs until the fabric slid up his ass and I ran my hand over his now panty covered cock. I want you to lick my pussy but I don't want your tongue to go under my panties." Steve buried his face between my parted thighs began to run his tongue over my panty covered slit. I looked down between my legs and could see his head buried between my thighs and his bright orange covered panty ass sticking up in the air. "THIS one." I pulled only the fabric that was covering my ass and my pussy was encased in the sheer pink panties.

Breaking Babysitter Rules: Aftermath

fetish blu3rthanu 2017-10-25

I'll give you fifteen minutes to memorize those words, when I come back, I'll ask you to spell them for me and for every word you get right, I'll take off a piece of my clothes" She then flashed me her bare body under her large shirt just before she left. Wearing a tight button up shirt, under neath it was a red handkerchief that served as a bra, she also wore leggings, her panties lacing pops out a bit, knee high socks, and a neck tie. My cock was dripping pre-cum already and it’s tip was kissing the lips of her pussy. I pushed my tongue in and she said “Ah-oh!” then she reached down to her clit and started rubbing herself.

Boy Brides Ch. 4

fetish yano 2017-10-25

Both girls looked lovely, broad smiles on their faces as David and I held up our gowns and petticoats for the very last time as we knelt before them. As the girls dropped to their knees to be veiled, Claire took my cock into her mouth and I watched her suck me for a minute or so. As Bill slipped his shaft from Emma David licked it, greedily cleaning him before he was hit with a flood of hot spunk as it gushed from the open cunt above him. Madame had me open my legs wide and, in one of the many mirrors I watched Emma drop to the floor spreading her gown all around as she placed he tongue on my testicles."

My wife gets even for cheating

fetish nickfun69 2017-10-25

Meanwhile Carol straddled my face as I was f***ed to eat her pussy as my wife worked on my ass with that dildo. What really got me was my wife and Carol left me on the bed all tied up as they headed to a gay bar. Debbie yelled, “eat that pussy you two-timing asshole” you better be good because Carol gave us permission to whip you ass again if we want to. After our months of lovemaking Jennifer knew what I liked so she began slowly sucking my cock so I could savor the emerging orgasm rising from my balls. Then I heard Jenny said “ hey Debbie, give this asshole the whole thing, ram it in his ass!!!

A Tight Encounter Ch. 02

fetish TightsManUK 2017-10-25

As her orgasm subsided, I moved up and knelt in front of Angie's face so she could take my nylon cock into her mouth, as she sucked me deep through my tights Sam moved up in between her legs. He knelt in between her and slid his large cock deep inside her soaking pussy and began to work it in and out getting harder and harder as Angie continued sucking me deeper and deeper. I told Sam to lay on his back and Angie continued sucking his hardening cock until he was fully erect then she moved up his body kissing him all the way up until as she kissed him passionately, pushing her tongue deep into his throat, she lowered her moist pussy over his eager cock.

Diapered Gals

fetish LadyDaisy 2017-10-25

I was going to look back when I noticed the car on the left was attempting to get into my lane. The nurse still wasn't in, so I asked Jenny to change me, though I pretty much knew what the answer would be. As a nurse was changing me the next morning, Jenny walked into the room. She kept a pretty nice house, I thought as I went into her room. Her other hand quickly went on her own as she felt me filling the diaper up. No inch was left untouched, and yes, some juices went in the diaper as well! My whole hand went into her diaper as I repaid the favor.

Nice Time of the Month

fetish 130260 2017-10-25

She had also loved the feel of her silky-smooth skin against the stretchy white cotton and lycra pants she wore under her ballet tights the first time she had danced with her pussy shaved. "You're so beautiful," he breathed in reply as he slipped his hands into the wonderfully warm space between her bottom and her skirt and thrilled to the glorious feel of her beautifully rounded bottom cheeks through her white satin pants as he pulled her to him. Steve had very little body hair apart from under his arms and under his pants and to Lorna his smooth and lightly tanned skin looked gorgeous against his little black briefs and his shiny black leather ballet slippers.

Annie's Panties

fetish longhornmike 2017-10-25

Mike had not stolen a pair of panties in over 7 years on the day he went to Marie and Annie's parent's house. Over the next 2 years, Mike wanted desperately to find an opportunity to go through Annie's current panty drawer. In the meantime, Mike was satisfied to try to find reasons to go upstairs at Marie's parents, quickly and quietly sneaking into Annie's room to admire her fine panties. Mike would have rather gone back home and watched the game, but seeing as how he was going to spend 20 minutes on the road there and back, he thought he'd just stay here for a bit, and hope the battery took enough charge soon to get started.

Tavern Scenes

fetish RabeaUmbra 2017-10-25

The tavern went quiet for a moment, every good and normal creature looking to them, listening for the metal faced man's reply. The bar keep nodded and grabbed the bottle of wine, and poured the angel a drink. The keep simply handed her a full bottle of blood wine, and she took it with them as they where lead to a room. "Somebody is enjoying herself.." He smirked behind his metal mask, and hit her sensitive clit with his erection, causing her to twitch from the sudden little smack, "On your back, wench." He commanded. The back winged angel moaned louder and louder until suddenly the man pulled out, and then into her back door. I'm going to cum!" The black winged angel moaned out, and the man groaned as he pushed into her.

Sex Toys and Websites

fetish Equinella 2017-10-25

I started searching for new material, looking for something a little more shocking than a slutty woman to get my erection to return more quickly, and stumbled upon an image of a very sexy woman with a large cock dangling between her legs. It was intensely vivid, especially any time a cock entered my mouth or ass, and it left me feeling conflicted in the morning as I'd always been strictly hetero. My own cock erupted and I quickly moved my hand out of the way to receive the thick torrents of seed straight on my hard nipples and the oddly soft flesh beneath them. An ache grew inside my body, the desire to be filled by her cock becoming greater every time her hardness brushed against my leg.

Something New

fetish drsalt 2017-10-25

She was grinning through the frown by the time I rolled her panties over her hips and knelt to lift each foot out of them, one at a time. "I think we need to find some new way to live," I told her as she leaned back on my arm. I poured handfuls of water over her long dark hair until it was saturated. Maybe we need to...I don't something new or different." I scratched and rubbed her long back before I went where we both knew I was headed in the first place. I used the loofah to scrub her butt cheeks before I let it drop into the water. I pulled her by her hair to me and kissed her hard, biting her lips and being bitten in return.

Juicy Lucy Hosts a Party

fetish The Needler 2017-10-25

Henri's eyes bulged and she clapped her hands: "Oh, Lucy, you could lock me in there and do what you want with this stuff. "Yes." Lucy's eyes closed for a moment and her face became dream like. A pair of chubby legs in black pants appeared, then two huge floppy breasts, swaying back and forth, nipples fully erect, and the smiling face of Henri, her long white streaked hair flowing behind her. Smack those monster titties." He was blank for a moment, then a look of anger flashed on his face and he gave his mother an open handed smack that made her gasp and left a large red handprint on her right breast.


Thul Pa Ch. 02

fetish Smother 2017-10-25

"Your cum can turn the amulet into that same mass of hungry fur." Seeing the desperate longing in my eyes she kissed me and for a brief moment the white curls totally encased us, and then receded completely into the form of her bolero. She would wait a moment or two, watching the uncomplicated bliss fill my eyes as my cock stiffened and the fur started doing what it knew how to do so well, then she would smile and leave the room as silently as she came in, the only noises heard were the rustling of the curly white hairs and my groans and gasps.