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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

She Dreams of Cum Ch. 02

fetish k80s 2017-10-25

Brooke and Sara both rose up out of the bath like goddesses, streams of creamy cum flowing down every inch of their perfect bodies as they reached to help me in. All three of our gooey, cum-soaked bodies slid together like oil on glass as the girls fucked the fat cocks in and out of my creamy holes. Strands of wet, cum-soaked hair stuck to my sweaty face and neck, my eyes clenched shut with pleasure, my mouth open, gasping every time the long, thick shafts plunged inside my tight body. I felt like such a perfect, nasty little cum slut, creaming on the cock in my pussy while Brooke fucked my ass and my stomach filled again with the warm, delicious cream I craved.

The Insurance Salesman Ch. 02

fetish stickyapple1 2017-10-25

Finally pulling my cock from behind the pantyhose, she greedily put her mouth down on it and started to suck it the way she used to. Tiffany began writhing and bucking in ecstasy, moaning with passion, and grabbing my hair so tightly I thought she would pull it out of my head. She tried to squeeze my head with her thighs, but I just pulled her closer and pushed her legs apart with my hands. I pushed her back a bit and knelt up beside her head pulling my cock out from behind my pantyhose at the same time. As I steadily stroked in and out of her asshole I reached my hand down to her dripping cunt and scooped some juice to rub onto my cock.

My Slutwife on the Phone

fetish dsoul 2017-10-25

Upon hearing Hailey's whimpers and groans, I dropped the phone and hurried over and locked my office door before rushing back to my chair and picking it up again; a good thing my wife's voice was still hollering down it. Hailey howled as I heard what sounded like Tibbs smacking her butt. Tibbs kept smacking her and telling her to shut the fuck up. The call went on for a long while, and the whole time I sat glued to my chair stroking my wiener as I listened to the delicious music of fucking coming from my phone. Hailey just loves tormenting me like this, calling me during working hours to let me know what naughty stuff she is up to.

A Special Easter Surprise

fetish Chaton 2017-10-25

The feel of his fluffy costume rubbing up against my bare twat made me wet. I sucked his lounge as I rubbed my hands, my feet, and my wet little snatch all over him in his fluffy bunny suit. I opened the zipper, and reached into his costume, and grabbed his cock. I slid my face down his deliciously fluffy costume, and licked the tip of his cock as I stroked his sack. His fluffy costume rubbing up against my bald twat made me even wetter. As he fucked me, he nibbled my legs, rubbing his costume against me as he did. My twat felt so good being fucked hard by his hard cock, and I was getting close to cumming again.


Bed, Board & Boots

fetish McBoots 2017-10-25

My hand rested mid-calf, and I slid my fingers slowly down wiping her pussy juices on her shiny black leather, before feeling my way around the stiletto heel and the pointed toe, finally resting with a grip around her ankle. I watched her round arse cheeks swaying in her tight red skirt which had ridden up around her thighs and gazed at her long black boots...the stiletto heels, the long shiny leather on her leg, and the boot tops where they met the back of her knees. I gripped her ankles and lifted her legs up, bringing the soles of her boots right against my face so I could smell the heady scent of polished leather and sweat as I fucked Pam's sopping pussy harder and harder.

My Wife's Aunt

fetish Southwestcd 2017-10-25

Finally she took the shaft of my cock in her hand and stroked my foreskin gently up and down over my swollen glans, working the lubrication over the end. I licked the final drops from Jude's cunt, savouring the mix of pee and pussy juice. I could fell her pussy contracting on my mouth and her arse squeezing my finger hard as the waves of orgasm rushed through her body. My cock was soft now and it fell onto my belly with a soft plop as Jude let it slip from her mouth. She fell forward and I grabbed her breast and sucked hard on a nipple, biting down and squeezing another little come from my lovely partner.

Daddy Play

fetish sirsemega 2017-10-25

Sometimes he told me that "Daddy loved his good little girl". He was Daddy, I was his little girl, sometimes good, sometimes naughty. "You be sure to behave in school tonight, little girl, because if you don't, I have given the principal permission to punish you until I come get you!" "Daddy has been working hard all day long and he doesn't need his little princess to make trouble in class." "Daddy works hard all day and then has to take time out of his day to drive his precious little girl to school. That feels good!" I said in a little girls voice. "Say Daddy like a spoiled sixteen year old rich girl." He offered.

Dominant Ass Eating

fetish JackTheRimmer 2017-10-25

At some point, after a particularly deep thrust of my tongue inside her anal canal, I remember holding my tongue deep up her asshole, nose breathing in deep in the crack of her ass, and opening my eyes wide to look up past her butt cheeks and tattoos on her back and seeing her head tilted up, catching a glimpse of a smile, and thinking "Fucking unbelievable. "Not bad, but I'm going to help you this time." Of course I couldn't help myself, I pressed my tongue lightly against her slightly gaping hole to get a good feel, then I slide my tongue hard up her butt, deep, she moans, then deeper as I feel her anal muscles relaxing a little bit around the thrust of my tongue.

Gyno Fetish Fulfilled

fetish kinkidusti 2017-10-25

"In here you will find a questionnaire, the list of procedures for you to look over and consent to, a general consent form, a sexual health form, and a simple form asking for some general information including who to make our checks out to and things of that matter." Krista nodded. "Curt is going to hand you an exam gown and you will go behind the screen and undress, then the exam will begin." Krista nodded again, her heart starting to beat faster. "All right, Sarah," Curt said, "now I'm going to ask you to sit up." Krista sat up, she felt a twinge of pain in her middle.

Mistress Chronicles Ch. 04

fetish MistressMtoyou 2017-10-25

The seventh rule is that a good submissive will think about serving his Mistress even when she is not present. This morning I kneeled next to my bed, head bowed and silently thanked my mistress for taking the time to teach me how to serve her and for allowing me to serve her and to become a better person. "If you are carefully following my instructions you should be dressed in a selection of sissy attire and kneeling in front of a mirror looking at yourself and just how submissive and pathetic you look. Thank you Mistress my task is complete (subject returns to a deep bow with hands on top of his head awaiting Mistresses' further instruction which comes about one minute later).

Harmony's Milk Vol. 02

fetish StrongMaster7 2017-10-25

The flow of milk from Harmony's tits was slowing as I felt Kit's mouth on my cock. I guess that between the feeling of having a hungry mouth emptying her huge tits of their built-up milk supply and seeing her friend performing expert advanced fellatio on her "stud", Harmony was getting hot and bothered. Kit still had one hand squeezing and stroking my cock, but had, unbeknownst to me, moved up to where she could hold and suck Harmony's huge tits as she enjoyed her volcanic climax. I noticed that Harmony had moved toward her and had been sucking Kit's tits as I ate her pussy. i said, "I love watching Harmony's big fucking tits bounce with every pump of my cock in her cunt.

Millions in Cash...

fetish uchihamax 2017-10-25

Paul hadn't stopped struggling since the moment she sat on him and while enjoying the gentle swinging motion and being lost in his thoughts he had quite forgotten that the leather costume was too airtight for him to breathe even a little bit of air in. After 4 seconds exactly I'm going to sit right back down, and this is going to continue till the half hour is up." Paul calculated with his asphyxiated brain that this gave him 15 tries to tell her a 5 digit combination. But whatever was the case, the time was up as soon as the minute was up and it wasn't looking good for Paul unless he found some way to tell her the combination while she was remaining seated on his face.

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 02

fetish Suzanne James 2017-10-25

We stayed in bed for two hours; after I had been fully milked and had come twice in the process, Jack positioned me on my side, and penetrated me from behind, holding me tight against him as he pushed into my pussy. In fact, I was pretty sure that I had gotten bigger since Jack had weighed and measured me the previous Sunday afternoon; my breasts felt heavier, and my nursing bras (44DDD) were definitely a bit tighter than they'd been even a week ago. He inherited an old dairy farm 10 years ago, and has turned the old barn into a really comfortable lodge--spacious, and he's installed all the modern luxuries, including some very cool special stuff," Jack grinned again.


fetish DavidSingularity 2017-10-25

Her sweater's ribs pulled tightly over her breasts, slowly spreading as her mams filled and stretched the material outward. But very quickly my urge to "help" narrowed, guided by my swelling cock, the ache in my balls -- guided by the itch at my palms that had me wanting to grasp her massive tits. My eyes were fixed on her chest, where her breasts hung in massive elephantine glory, swollen to corpulent sacs around which her skin stretched tightly as a drum head. Grasping my cock's base, she squeezed tightly and gripped me as she moved her hand from base to tip, pulling my skin into layered wrinkles. The moment my cock's head pressed her pussy, her gash spat a cupful of hot clear liquid over my shaft, coating it completely.

Linda gets Lypo &Tweaked good!

fetish KinkyPhil 2017-10-25

Two weeks later we went back for the second tank volume test so the doctor can confirm the difference normal and swollen period boobs, he smiled and said the 74 cc’s should be a great start for her body size. Linda relaxed and closed her eyes and then was wheeled into the room for final preparation as the nurse injected half the anesthetic in the spots where the cannulas would be inserted, then the nurse said the procedure would begin and that the patient was ready so the doctor picked up a long number sixteen cannula and inserted it at the first spot of three then passing the suction tube inside.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 06

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-10-25

"This is Brod, the jizz-factory manwhore that Yara told us about," answered Valeska, her strong hands settling on my shoulders. Yara told us all about how she uses her own pheromones on you." I tried to talk, but she mashed her pussy into my mouth, putting more and more weight on my face. The girls talked softly to each other I could feel their hot breath against my skin, just as I felt Thalita's against my tip as she lapped at the precum leaking out. My fluid coated her fingers and hands and I could hear the lewd schlick-schlick-schlick over the sound of Thalita's thighs rubbing against my ears. "Why don't you old-fashioned-milk me yourself?" I asked, looking from Thalita to Valeska.

Panty Raid

fetish georgeofthejungle 2017-10-25

Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Mike (a freshman) had a huge panty fetish and the thought of going into the sorority house and swiping a few pairs of panties was about more than he could handle. Then Kay (leader of the group) took one of the pairs of white panties he’d stolen and began pulling them up his body. About 30 minutes went by and the girls had taken a lot of pics of Mike wearing several different panties. After the last girl got off of Mike, his cock was huge and he was dying to cum. As she stroked him, the other girls rubbed the panties on him...he could feel the cum moving up from his balls and knew he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Adventures of a Cumaholic

fetish cum-girl 2017-10-25

asking your man to cum in your mouth the next time you have sex. Karen was getting delight in egging the guys on to cum in the When the glass held six loads of cum Karen held the receptacle At that moment Karen poured the remainder of the cum from the glass remaining six guys fuck her pussy and cum inside her cunt taking care Karen told the next guy in line that she didn’t want felt his loins begin to explode Karen held the lips of her pussy wide Karen sucked four more cocks and added four more thick wads of semen to horny guys at one time to feed me that much cum.

A Night At The Club

fetish wastedaway 2017-10-25

Soft hands reach out to steady the person they belong to, one grasping my hip, the other pressed against my chest, touching a nipple and the attached ring between two fingers. One of your hands grips the balcony railing tightly, while the other squeezes my buttock tightly and encourages me to grind my hot, throbbing cock into the reciprocating ass. My fingers slide inside you in one easy movement as the palm of my hand presses hard against your lips and clit. With your lips parted your hands milk my throbbing cock expertly, and I pump what feels like gallons of spunk over your tits, on your face and into your eagerly awaiting mouth.

Hair Slave Training Ch. 04

fetish Raool 2017-10-25

He placed her face down with her head barely past the tip of the bed, and grabbed a handful of hair from the back of her head and wrapped it around his hard cock. "There you go, that should be enough" He smiled and walked out, She lifted her hand to her head and began to lather. He turned back around and stood by the side of the chair, placed a wide toothed comb near her ear and lifted her hair up. The hum grew louder as the clippers came closer, they bit into the hair right in front of her ear. She felt the cool air on her neck, could feel her head getting lighter with each pass of the clippers.

My Life as a Slave

fetish KCUM 2017-10-25

The next day I went to the University for the first time and although some of my new friends seemed keen to get together and stay on in the student union, I left and returned to Mrs Jackson and this set the pattern for the week with me washing up and preparing her tea. That is until Friday night when Mrs Jackson told me that there was no need to study as I had the whole weekend in front of me. "Yes Mistress Rachel, I understand." I could barely get the words out my mouth was like cotton wool. "This is your true Mistress, slave, my pussy." she told me, "Study me carefully and listen to what you are taught."

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 01

fetish Kissytina 2017-10-24

I needed to be tied up I knew the pain, sensations of having a cock inside me will be sexually overwhelming, the thought of him letting loose, balls slapping my blood drenched pussy I had this instinct to clamp my legs together. After each of my orgasms he called me his perfect slut, by now I had lost count of how many orgasms I'd thought, I had orgasmed out, He had other ideas and turn it up even further in intensity, Built up an orgasm to the point where though might just blow my head off, he still wasn't going to let off, I was screaming for him to cum, when he finally blew his load inside me, He reached over and started to untie the restraints that held me in his will, my period was over normal service resumed.

My foot fetish experience

fetish augaman2011 2017-10-24

so I asked her why she didnt have a boyfreind yet and she said i cant find the right one so i explained to her about the crush i had on her and she kind of laughed and said aww thats so sweet and i told her she had the cuttest feet I had ever seen (she had a size 6.5 by the way)and she said thank you and she told me that she felt the same way about me she just didnt want to admitt it I laughed and i kissed her foot and told her that i also had a foot fetish, and so she said enough talking and asked me if i had a condom i said yes she said FUCK ME (keep in mind that she was half d***k).

Panties, Panties, Panties

fetish chuckp7860 2017-10-24

She had several silk or satin blouses that of course were tight enough to pull at the buttons and at times when she bent over, not sure if she really thought her son's friends would take peeks, but you would get this gorgeous view of mostly lacy, very pretty colored bras that were those soft cup styles and she would show enough of her tits out the side of her bra that showed a great shape and size. I looked back out the window as I felt the soft cups rubbed against my extremely hard cock as she turned around and slipped her fingers inside the side of her bottom of her bikini and straightened it out to smooth it over her ass.