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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Oh Tammy

fetish Bill Smith 2017-10-24

Opening her eyes and smiling she removes her fingers from her ass and grabs the zucchini, with olive oil coating its' surface the zucchini knocks at her back door and passes through. Then I capture the little man in the boat with my mouth and let my little red serpent dance upon its' head as my Tammy starts to sing a new song of pleasure. To help her with reach the higher notes I place fingers in her pussy and ass, as she reaches her crescendo I capture her little man with my teeth and my tongue drums its' head till she is over the top. I lower my head till it is resting on my Tammy's ass, and then I let my little red serpent snake out to lick at the puckered opening.

My Sexy Girl and Naughty Man!

fetish sensualcouple520 2017-10-24

I could tell how much she loved me letting her be the gurl she so longed to be; how her voice softened and grew light and higher as we talked and teased, kissed and caressed, her passion growing stronger and deeper, her desire to be a sweet yet very naughty gurl as she asked me to touch her pussy, rub it, see how wet she was getting, which in turn was making me wetter. Rob spoke up at that moment, asking if the boi was cumming on his girl's sweet ass; if he licked the feeling; telling him to cum all over his good little slut; his eyes glued on that nubile cock as it spewed forth sweet, hot juices on my creamy skin all while I was still sucking on his rock hard cock.

Roweena's Super Poop!

fetish Bizarre_Consent 2017-10-24

I even got that weird feeling when a fart goes under you and comes out the front, passing between your lady lips on the way. The only problem was the discomfort: my stomach still felt painfully bloated, and the farts and burps only gave me temporary relief. "Emily," I said darkly, "I think I've got bad news..." What I didn't tell Emily was that the pressure inside me - the heavy weight down there - was pushing against a weird erogenous zone. "Roweena," Emily asked quietly, "could you please pull your pants up?" Emily and I spent a few minutes documenting my blue poop on the grass, taking pictures from multiple angles on our phones. My car still reeked like gasoline farts, so we kept the windows open.

Consequence and Compromise

fetish SissyStoryTime 2017-10-24

"Care to explain why you were late getting to bed, young man?" She's only a couple of years older than me, but whenever she uses that tone of voice the gap seems to magically widen until I feel like a naughty little boy getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and that I had better have a good reason for it being there. "Now," she says with a sigh, sliding back on the bed, "I'm already in bed, and waving that heavy bathbrush around for twenty minutes sounds like sweaty work, so we can at least deal with that part tomorrow, but," she raises her hips, her hands sliding her shift up her legs until her lacy red panties come back into view, "If you think you can 'talk' some leniency into me, you've got 45 minutes until lights out."

Quid Pro Quo

fetish here4you 2017-10-24

She was obviously calling from work and covering her mouth as she spoke and said, "Sucking your big, lovely, hard cock, licking your balls, taking them in my..." As I watched and moaned at the sensations and the sights, she licked the cum out of my pubic hair and began to take my balls into her mouth to clean them. I continued to lick her cunt slit and then I fastened my lips around the hole and sucked gently, getting a good mouthful of our cum. I swam up into full or mostly full alertness and looked down at my groin to find Jean kneeling between my extended legs and gently licking my balls while she held my half erect cock in her hand.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 04

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2017-10-24

My wife says to me right after we woke up that she wants to go to the beach and that Breanne was going to come along also. On the way my wife says, Bree wants to ask you something. My wife says with all of that eye candy out there for you to look at I bet you are horny and would like to get naked right here and just pound your cock till you cum. Now I'm totally nude as my wife looks at Bree and says to her, now you're right he is naked. I look at them two sitting across from me and my wife says, come on you know you want it honey.

Sock It To Me

fetish 2017-10-24

She walked by my office on her way out and gave me a smile and a "Have a good night!" "You too" I replied, thinking to myself how much I would like to fuck her. I stopped for a second and stared at them, which got me thinking about her perfect feet and how they were just in those socks and shoes running on the treadmill. I knew if I even touched the sock to my stiff cock I would blow a load all over it and I didn't know how I would explain that the following day. Once again, at this moment I find myself alone in the office, sock in hand, getting ready for another jerk off session imagining her beautiful feet.

Phil's Adventure Continues

fetish Trialbasis 2017-10-24

Phil took the receipt and the package and he and Nancy went over to the display of panties. Nancy finished putting on her panty and took hold of Phil's cock pulling him to the bed. Phil was so turned on by Nancy's agressive tone that he pushed her onto the bed and slipped his hand between her thighs to pull the panty to one side. Nancy turned to face him and began to wash his chest but quickly went for his cock and balls "Do you like my shaved pussy?" she inquired. Phil moved to the rear of the tub and placed his left foot on the tub edge spreading his legs apart to make his cock and balls fully accessible so Nancy could shave off his pubic hair.

Hairy women are Beautiful...

fetish hairyladieslover 2017-10-24

We got into their mini-bus and made our way to their house which was a two minute drive from the store, when we got in the house the women pulled my shorts down my legs and off of me then they took off my tee shirt too, so there I was stark naked in the living room and I told them that this isn't fair me being nude and all of them still dressed and without a word they all undressed too which didn't take too long as I had already seen that they were all dressed the same (just like s****rs do) and were wearing the same type of see-through tops AND NO BRA and the same type of micro mini-skirts AND NO PANTIES, at this point my throbbing prick wasn't sticking out at 45 degree's any more it was standing straight up pointing to the sky and the main reason was the amount of body hair I could now plainly see all around me.

the young refit man

fetish davidkemp246 2017-10-24

one afternoon he plucked up the courage and asked her out for a drink after work as they this was there last day and were going back up north the next day.after some persuasion from her mates she said alright, just for a drink. they met after work and went to the local pub where he bought her a drink and chatted for a while. he then got a bit more daring and asked if he could have a kiss and cuddle. he french kissed her for a while and she felt his hand sliding upwards towards her left breast. he pumped away for a short while and said he was coming, she made him take it out and slowly stroked him until he shot his cum in her hand.

Pointy Patty

fetish wandwiz12 2017-10-24

I was feeling pretty good about myself as I walked out of the campaign office when I bumped into a voluptuous woman in a business suit. As I reached up to put the box on the shelf I felt a warm body pressed against my back. I thought for a moment how could someone so cold have a warm inviting set breast like those. As I stacked the last box I felt Patricia's body against mine. I don't know if it was my heart I felt beating or hers, but it became intensely warm in the already stuffy closet. Patty threw her head and let out a deep sexy moan. I never thought I would get the fuck of my life from the cold, dry campaign manager.

Teacher's Panties

fetish pantyperv 2017-10-24

"I don't know I guess my mind was somewhere else." In the gutter was the term I should have used, but how could I tell her that I was staring at her legs in hope of a panty shot and then when I did I came in my pants? Julie was surely going to tell Ms. Davis about me cumming in her panties. I was embarrassed, but the combination of Ms. Davis talking to me like that and the fact that I had her permission to jack off in a hot chicks panties in front of her was more than enough to get my cock in hand. Cum started flowing out of my dick into Julie's little white panties.

Sexy shemale a fantasy cum true

fetish lustydonna 2017-10-24

She then got on her knees and put her cock in my face. I opened my mouth and sucked it hard deep throating her big dick and licking her shaved balls. She pulled her tongue out and crawled up to lick my nipples. I got a pony!" Soon she was slapping my ass and romping harder. Soon I could feel her slump over my ass and cum in me. She pulled out and slid the cock in so slow. I go under and suck on her big nipples one more time and get on top of her and rub my pussy on her back. But Teanna wasn’t done her fingers then slid inside my pussy.


fetish Dingy_Jo 2017-10-24

The slap of the paddle on her bare ass hurt like hell. The stinging on her ass, the sight of the paddle, his words and the thought of what was to come started a warm glow inside her. It slowly spread until her face flushed, her nipples became hard and she could feel the wetness start between her legs. He embraced her, stroking the satin skin, feeling the ample breasts, the hard button of her nipples, the soft tummy and eventually between her legs where he discovered the moisture he knew would be there. He kissed his way down to her breasts where his hungry mouth was rewarded with a firm but soft nipple.

Vacation in Hotel Room

fetish Kessler 2017-10-24

Lisa stopped jerking my shaft with her fingers and reached up placing both of her hands along the outside of her calves pushing them in tighter squeezing the head of my cock. Lisa began to jiggle her calf muscles against my throbbing head saying, "I can feel his cock twitching." Lisa smiled, "His cock is all shriveled between my calves." I watched as she reached over and rubbed my spent cum into her legs. Lisa scooted in next to me with her back against the headboard and raised her left foot up locking the head of my cock between her same two toes just as Judy had done.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 5

fetish Hudson 2017-10-24

"I'm fine thanks Mike," Julie answered, she quickly buttoned her blouse and pulled up her panties, she explained to Mike she had been excited about her new job and had brought her husband to show him her new office, we both watched the door handle hoping it would not turn, the explanation seemed to satisfy the security guard and he continued on checking the rest of the building.

Her First Stocking Slave

fetish laurenlegs 2017-10-24

I noticed the man in the grey suit staring at me again, and this time gave him a truly filthy look - at which point, to my utter amazement, he excused himself from his colleagues and came over to my table. First, lie on the floor and kiss my feet." He prostrated himself face down, and began to lick and kiss my black leather high-heeled shoes. I stood above him, looking down, wearing my jacket, shirt, stockings, suspenders and heels. Then he looked up at me questioningly, and I nodded permission for him to unhook each suspender clasp and voluptuously roll each black, silky stocking down my cool white legs.

Summer Fantasy

fetish fantasyfemdom 2017-10-24

She excepted my offer, asked if I would consider working everyday for the first week, doing odd things around the house, which had been neglected since her husband of thirty years had left her 4 years prior. She explained that she went through it all, and kept the things that she liked. She said that these boxes contained her favorite videos, magazines, and stories, all which she had watched or read. She asked me to pull my pants down, and said, "would you like to spend the summer helping me to complete my fantasies and telling me yours?", I agreed propmtly, and the contract was made.

I Love Chubby Blondes

fetish chubbylover35 2017-10-24

So I ended up with Minnie, a 100 pound woman who stood 5'11" and I was happy at first because she was thin and I was doing what others found pleasing. It was a woman who stood about 5'6" with curly shoulder length blonde hair and she was shapely. She considered this for a moment and then she said, "I wish my boyfriend found me sexy." "I wish my girlfriend looked like you," I said. She smiled and told me her name was Julia and said maybe for just one little night we could pretend we were boyfriend and girlfriend studying together. "I'll give you ten minutes to stop," Julie said. I rubbed her panty-covered bottom with my right palm and it felt sublime: warm, chubby and soft.

My b*****r Adam: Part Two

fetish nylonshirt 2017-10-24

Andrew took off his trousers and sat on the bed in his underpants and black nylon socks, his legs wide open. Andrew planted himself between Adam's legs and slowly began to suck his cock. His hands moved onto Adam's stomach and he rubbed them up, under his nylon shirt, feeling his smooth young skin, all the time maintaining unblinking eye contact with my little b*****r who watched him nervously. Adam instinctively opened his mouth and Andrew pushed his cock right in. I crawled over so I was between Adam's legs and I started to suck his cock which still had Andrew's spit on it. In the morning, Andrew hauled him up and fucked him again, from behind, doggy style whilst I sucked Adam's cock lying on the bed.

Sandra Impregnates Jeanette Ch. 01

fetish bigpreggoman 2017-10-24

Gradually approaching release, holding her breath and straining her stomach out as far as she could and cradling the small feigned bump with her free hand, she thrust her finger, stabbing, back and forth over her clitoris, feeling her vaginal muscles relax as every other part of her body tensed, driving herself to orgasm, her mound ached in anticipation as she moved closer closer CLOSER! The women's lips touched tenderly as Jeanette moved her hands along the base of Sandra's spine slowly and rhythmically pushing the other woman against her pelvis, feeling through her thin dress the outlined shape of Sandra's increasingly throbbing genitals greedily bumping and grinding against her naked form.

Let's Play a Game Pt. 04

fetish Vassal0 2017-10-24

Most of the evening Jack was peeing hands free, just letting his piss fly where ever his cock was hanging, but at one point alcohol took the better of him and he tried to pee sitting back in the chair while aiming his cock to the side, firing a jet of pee out into the yard which in time waned and dribbled over his thigh. Releasing his grip Jack let Kim do what she wanted with his now slightly engorged penis watching as she aimed it every which way in the bowl, splattering the floor at some points with sloppy aim. Grabbing the rest of the beers, and the bowl, the couple retired to the living room where they started to watch a movie, a Roman period comedy, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum.

Bound For Glory

fetish wastedaway 2017-10-24

"I know this sounds like a cliche, but I brush it 100 strokes every night," she said, starting to run the brush through her hair. "That's better," Janine said as she reached over and began brushing it back and forth across my face. Janine began trailing kisses down my neck and chest, and her hair began covering my face like a blanket. Janine stopped suddenly, flipping her hair backwards so it hung down her back, then pushed the long front strands behind her ears and looked at me. But sometimes, if I'm good, Janine gets out the scarves, and just for old times sake, fastens me to the bed and makes me beg her to let down her hair.

Mike & Irene

fetish ClosetFetishist 2017-10-24

A bubble pops in Mike's face; Irene giggles softly as the scent slowly invades his nostrils; eyes watering from the cabbagy smell but, happily he inhales it for his loving wife. The noxious odor fills the small space housing Mike's face as Irene grips the leash tighter as she feels Mike pulling away just slightly. Irene slowly pulls away from Mike, looking back to watch his desirous, smiling face as he comes out of her butt. She pushes Mike down softly; he hits the floor with a light thud, Irene cringes for a second before standing over his head. A ripper blasts from Irene's ass to Mike's face; she moans softly as the smell hits him.