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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Swallowtail Ch. 06

fetish ktmccoll 2017-10-23

Dex has come over to my house directly from work and is taking an obscenely long shower that I wouldn't have minded being invited to. I think about other things too, of course—Dex's smooth, toned legs on my lap, the fact that I need an oil change soon, the fact that I have to send out Christmas cards (I'm already late)—but it is Dex's relationship model that I always come back to. As long as there's something in it for me, I can let Dex lead the way and I will follow. Finally, she says, "You're letting me lead because you think you know where we're going. In the past I've called the shots and as interesting and new as my times with Dex have been, I can't help feeling somewhat diminished.

Hotel: Chocolate

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-10-23

Her left hand holds my cheek and moves my head as she continues to explore my mouth. My fingertip pushes against a roll in the side of the breast then I let my lips peck the same place as the fingers push the fabric away. I pull at her hips until she lies on her back then I nibble the entire breast letting my hand guide it against my lips. Oh god-d," she roars, her hands holding my head in place, grinding forcefully as the hips hover over the bed. The head vanishes and I feel the tongue wash it, lick it, and then the mouth lets it go. She sucks my mouth letting her tongue play with my lips.


Origin of a Pissmop

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-10-23

She looked from one set of eyes to the next, each holding the desire to watch this beautiful young brunette drink piss before them and she just wanted to please them so she held up the glass and downed the yellow shot in one as the guys whooped and hollered and cheered her on. Watching Jessica drink that shot had been such a turn on to him that he did as Charlie had done, got his cock out and took a long piss into the pint glass and placed it on the table before Jessica. Jessica could not think about anything else than what she had done for the next few days, the very thought of how disgusting and demeaning it was to actually drink piss was such an unusual turn on for her and having had a taste for it she wanted more.


fetish 2017-10-23

"You look great with cock in your mouth, my pet. "But if they like your mouth, they will probably like your ass too, so I guess it's time to turn you into an anal slut!" She leaned over, licked her lips, with an evil glint in her eye, and then opened her mouth and spit a huge pool of saliva into my mouth, and then jammed the phallus back in. It was crazy, but I was turned on by my mistress' cock in my virgin ass. And, gradually, the pain in my ass turned to a strange kind of pleasure, and my cock continued to stand, rock hard and throbbing, even though she wasn't touching it. She took the panty off the head of my cock and jammed it into my mouth.


fetish heminway 2017-10-23

I'll take a thicker and shorter cock over a longer, skinnier one every time. I speculated whether he might be wearing something under the spandex designed to thrust a man's cock up and out; like a posing strap. He wasn't hard, yet, and his flaccid penis was average length or less. So, I can't give you precise number of inches here, but I'd say his erect cock was a little shorter than six. It must have been at least six inches long and thicker than gym man's when flaccid. The first time I saw him naked – on our third or fourth date – I thought his flaccid cock was of average length and thickness; nice looking, but nothing special.

Mother Nature

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-10-23

Having hiked at least 4 miles from her Jeep, she was faced with two choices: One – to put her shorts back on and head back, hoping to return before the telltale spot turned into a bloody mess...or Two - take everything off now, get to the nearby pool in the stream, clean her underwear and then head back unclothed, with generally clean clothes for the ride home. When she reached the stream, she removed the rest of her clothing and stood, ankle deep in the cool water. She parted her legs and looked down, waiting for the drops of blood to fall from her, into the clear water.

Xhamster profile of 'Love2bused' Chap

fetish rollhigh 2017-10-23

Looking into his eyes I could tell these big cock studs were not used to having some whore take their cock deep into her throat and then be able to lick their balls as well. Whenever our studs slam their cocks deep inside the throat of our winner their metal plates and her head band will make contact and complete a circuit that will send an electrical current into the tits and pussies and then out the asses of our four whores who are being punished for losing tonight contest.

150 Ways to Humiliate Your Husband

fetish 2017-10-23

Make your husband watch as you prepare for a night out on the town with your married and/or single friends which includes dancing, drinking but mainly picking up other men to have fun with. Tell f****y or friends you fuck other men and how your husband likes it. Tell your husband you had sex in your car with one of your lovers and for him to go clean the cum stains off the back seat. Take photos and video of your husband sucking dicks and getting ass fucked by lots of other men, then store them securely and threaten to use them in court if you ever need them or threaten to show to his f****y and friends.

A Journey To The Dark Side

fetish nikkinic 2017-10-23

I sat there, sipping my coffee while enjoying long leisurely pulls on my Max menthol, letting the silky smoke lazily drift from my body after each. I heard a couple moans from some of the fetishers that had gathered around us as I slipped my hand up her thigh just a bit, our tongues still sharing a cigarette kiss. “I have to drive for a little over an hour to find them,” I replied, letting my hand brush against her crotch as she took a long pull on her sexy 120. Pull into the market on the right up there so I can pick up a few things for us.” As Michelle steered into the parking lot I rested my hand on her again, holding the Max she had given me between her thighs.

Safari of Depravity Ch. 01

fetish scatwoman 2017-10-23

Hannah came out of the shower and sighed loudly and contently "Ahhhh, I needed that." Dylan turned and admired her perfect body as she dropped her towel and sauntered over to the bed, oblivious of his gaze. Hannah had simply leaned over the rail watching the people below while Dylan slipped his head under her short white pleated skirt and proceeded to tongue-fuck her cute pink rosebud right between the beautiful, smooth, rounded buttocks of her perfect, tight little white ass with gusto, stroking his 3 inch cock feverishly, his brown-stained drool running down his chin and her long, toned legs.

The Journey of Sexuality Ch. 03

fetish JosephGibbs 2017-10-23

Nice to meet you, Jason, it will be interesting to see how much of what she says is true." Julia said as she began giggling. She let go and walked toward the entrance and said, "Well, I hope that you had a good time on your trip, Jay." And then, to add insult to injury, Sarah is now going to be in the room right next door to where Amy and I sleep. "Now it's my turn to have fun!" Julia said, as she aimed her monster cock right at my lips again. Amy sat down on the ground, while Julia and I pointed our dicks right toward her pussy and asshole, while Sarah sat above her head, with her pussy right above Amy's mouth.

Gold from Bronze Ch. 02

fetish Afetishlova 2017-10-23

Marissa felt a little uncomfortable but mostly she was enjoying the naughty feeling of being naked underneath her t-shirt outside of her apartment. After two hours of waiting the power was still out and now poor Marissa had pee. Bouncing and working she groaned and then came loudly "Aaaaah!" her screams echoing through the stair well and her juices running out almost like more piss soaking that part of the shirt. He come home to find the power out then after a few hours of waiting he decided to take the stairs. Then finally he reached his floor, he slipped in another piss puddle almost breaking his neck and wetting his favorite shirt.

An Upset Mother

fetish Bob_6 2017-10-23

Susan still tapping her foot on the wooden floor, she looked quizzical as she thought to herself, then she said, "So you've been fucking Carol for two weeks, she must like you, usually they never last more than a couple of days with her." Susan lifted her head up to look at me, she was still clutching the headboard behind her, her hips still thrusting in anger, and she said to me, "Get me through one more sonny, please, one more." I was rotating my fist, and I felt her G-spot, I looked up at Susan, who immediately looked at me and nodded her head, as she said, "Sonny this is going to be a good one, aahhh, fuck!"

Fantasy 2

fetish msmith1504 2017-10-23

My lips touch yours very gently and you lift your head to meet me but I pull away again...just out of reach. I can see your head turning toward me trying to sense where my lips are going to touch you next. You feel my lips leave your now very hard and wet nipples and move down your body, brushing every inch of your skin as I go. I reach your thighs and you lift your pelvis off the bed trying to move your pussy toward my mouth. After what seems like an age of me not touching you anywhere, you feel my lips again, this time on the soft mound of hair just above your pussy.

The Business Trip Ch. 2

fetish Scotsdude 2017-10-23

Jason told me to fuck his arse while Sarah went to get Kelly changed. Sarah told Kelly to put her strap-on on, she wanted to watch her fuck my arse. Sarah got her video camera and sat with Jason filming us as Kelly fucked my now very open hole. I'm going to ask Jason and Sarah if they don't want a full time slave." In the shops we received some strange looks, but according to Kelly that was because we were dressed like tarts and not because I was a transvestite. Jason pulled almost all the way out of her arse, allowing Sarah to put her own dildo at Kelly's pussy.

Another lesson learned

fetish redunder 2017-10-23

Not only did she help me pick out some toys but she gifted me with a chastity cage that I was instructed to lock and secure on my manhood and then to hand the key over to the clerk for safe keeping. Standing before this female while I wear only ladies undergarments and my face has gallons of makeup making me look like a tramp or a slut. After my cock and balls were fried, the wires and clips were removed from my crotch and my Mistress had me kneel at the feet of the store clerk and verbally thank her as I kissed the store clerks feet. I’m kissing the feet of the store clerk and now she is going to display these pictures in her store so everyone who walks in can see me in this predictive.

Sandra: My Pissing Girlfriend

fetish leekeyone 2017-10-23

I placed one hand over my erect member stroking it gently whilst Sandra's pee stream pattered over my flesh. Suddenly a new warm flow of piss suddenly arrived over my exposed flesh as Sandra opened up her pee hole to treat the bottom of my hair and the back of my neck to a warm spray of her dying piss stream. Some of her friends had pretty hot bodies as well as my new girlfriend and the thought of each of them parting her legs before squirting a shower of piss over the pub carpet whilst there were people all around, was just so intense.

Unknowingly Used By A Stranger

fetish heatmiser973 2017-10-23

I stayed in the corner, hearing Mel's moans, with me pulling my cock watching my wife being used by this stranger just makes me want to cum. A beer bottle in her ass, with his shit covered cock, plumbs deep in her fertile pussy, with MEL, MY WIFE screaming out OH YOU FUCKING STUD, TAKE ME ANYWAY YOU WANT. Without warning Rob thrust his hard love stick back into Mel. Mel pushed back hard on his bare cock, she knew he was ready to cum, Rob stiffened and grunted, I didn't know if he was in Mel's ass or pussy, all I could see was Robs face as he plunged in one last time and held it there, deep inside her, shuddering as he came inside my beautiful whore wife.

A Stronger Love Ch. 03

fetish KatieTay 2017-10-23

I parted the strands of hair from my face - my hair was all matted with sweat, I must have looked terrible with all the makeup running down my face, but Ashley didn't seem to care, as she took my right arm and raised it in victory, while giving Donna a meaningful look. Donna's lips twisted, and then she looked away as Ashley plastered herself to me and laid a long, deep kiss on my mouth. Several times my legs gave way, and I went down on one knee, and Donna practically screamed at me to give up already. But each time, I looked to the side at Ashley who kept flexing, symbolically sharing my strain and taking on my fatigue, and I managed to push myself up off the floor.

Midnight Piss

fetish BurgerQueen 2017-10-23

I imagined pulling my lips back and pissing in a long arch, my golden shower pattering softly down on the rug, the white material absorbing my hot, wet piss. I slowly reached down to my sopping wet pussy, slipping my fingers over my clit over and over until a shiver weaved through my naked body, and my hot piss surged through my urethra, eventually coming out in a timid tinkle over my biggest teddy bear's face. I felt tingling pleasure fall through my like a slow orgasm as I pissed into the seat. My tight pussy was slippery wet with my piss and my female juices of arousal as I fingered myself desperately, moaning as I began to reach my thundering orgasm.

Happy Birthday Cassandra

fetish 2017-10-23

the two either side of them on the bed knelt facing them as they groped at her body as she reached down and began to wank their rock hard cocks before without warning the one with the largest cock of them all rose up and as he stood up he put his feet either side of the lover below her he stood right in front of her as one of his hands held her face still his other hand worked vigoursly on his big cock and she knew she wasn't going to get to feel it in her as within a few seconds the tip of his cock was pushed to her open mouth , the first blast missing her mouth all together and as she closed her eyes she felt a combination of squirts into and around her mouth as he groaned out loudly as she felt the last small squirts of cum leave him she again took the tip into her mouth and she stared into his eyes as she sucked him clean before he leant down and kissed her cheek and stepped of the bed only to be greeted by the guy below her reach up and using his fingers he helped guide the excess sperm on her face into her mouth as she sucked on his fingers .

A Night Out...

fetish smokelover 2017-10-23

As she exhaled her smoke and placed her hand holding the cigarette up to Hanna's mouth. Susan took a long drag on her cigarette and said,"Oh, nothing much, Hanna and I figured we would just share a cigarette and make out, while you drive us home". When they stopped, Susan took a drag off of the cigarette and exhaled inches from Hanna's mouth, allowing her to take in the second hand smoke. Hanna rolled over onto her knees and began to lick her way towards Susan's pussy. Just then the blow job stopped, Susan placed her cigarette in her mouth and wrapped both hands around Hanna's head. Susan took a drag off of the cigarette, exhaled the smoke onto my dick and began to suck it.

Lovesick Husband

fetish magas911 2017-10-23

She sat on the edge of the bed and had me slip stockings up her legs, which got me aroused but upset me at the same time, because I knew that soon Kurt would be admiring them and stroking his hands over their silky, somewhat shiny surfaces. It was so hurtful to me but I knew, as they seperated and my wife’s eyes went directly to my face to see how distressed my expression was, that Gerta liked it that way and would do everything she could to demonstrate how little she cared about my happiness.

Sylvie's Surprise

fetish BonViv 2017-10-23

"Do I have to tie your hands behind you so you won't try to play with your cock while you lick my ass?" Sylvie pulled the blanket over my shoulder and then got in bed in front of me, her ass pushed back against my rigid cock. "That's the way I like to go to sleep," she said, "a hard cock pressed against my ass. The next night Sylvie tied my hands again and had me kneel beside the bed and lick her ass for a few minutes. Every man should get fucked in the ass to know what it's like to be on the receiving end." I tried to relax, and I felt the end of her cock slip into my ass.