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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lovesick Husband

fetish magas911 2017-10-23

She sat on the edge of the bed and had me slip stockings up her legs, which got me aroused but upset me at the same time, because I knew that soon Kurt would be admiring them and stroking his hands over their silky, somewhat shiny surfaces. It was so hurtful to me but I knew, as they seperated and my wife’s eyes went directly to my face to see how distressed my expression was, that Gerta liked it that way and would do everything she could to demonstrate how little she cared about my happiness.

Sylvie's Surprise

fetish BonViv 2017-10-23

"Do I have to tie your hands behind you so you won't try to play with your cock while you lick my ass?" Sylvie pulled the blanket over my shoulder and then got in bed in front of me, her ass pushed back against my rigid cock. "That's the way I like to go to sleep," she said, "a hard cock pressed against my ass. The next night Sylvie tied my hands again and had me kneel beside the bed and lick her ass for a few minutes. Every man should get fucked in the ass to know what it's like to be on the receiving end." I tried to relax, and I felt the end of her cock slip into my ass.

Stocking Play

fetish SandieQUK 2017-10-23

I find a pair of sheer nude ones, with a plain top, gathering one up in my fingers before slipping it over my toes, and stand, one foot on the bed, before smoothing the sheer stretchy fabric up my leg, over the knee, and stretching the silicon top round my thigh, making sure they are perfect in the mirror before repeating with my other leg. I let my sheer stocking-clad soles wonder up and down your trembling cock, trailing warm cum that spurts in lil hot white eruptions from its tip, like a mini volcano. But unlike a condom, which would be stretched skin-tight over you, would stay on you, your cock has pushed the stocking deep inside like a cap, and with each slow sensual thrust you give, you pull and push the nylon this way and that around the vividness of my vagina, with unfamiliar feelings and different desires.

Oliver the Slave

fetish Hangdog90 2017-10-23

Julia is good natured and since Oliver is a hard worker and does not complain or skive off, she has only rare occasion to whip him. As she watched him scrub himself down head to toe, Julia couldn’t help thinking that this was the first cock she had seen since her husband's death. Boy, did she like that nigger jizz, she thought as she began to lick that cum up off Oliver's now semi-erect dick. She licked her own breasts clean, getting every last drop of Oliver's man juice that was left. Julia lay on the couch and began to stroke her pussy watching her slave crawl like a dog. Julia moaned as she finger her pink-lipped cunt while Oliver watched.

Lifting the Curse on Halloween

fetish youbadboy 2017-10-23

I can even remember when there were longer stretches of time when he did not touch me or when I would remain in my room, feeling a hunger in my sex for his member. It was his member possessed by satan from my curse that long ago Hallowed Eve. I went to the Bishop and relayed to him my early time with Father Persson, to widening eyes I told him about a curse I had placed on the Father in anger, to widening eyes. I slowly redressed myself filled with sadness at this last parting, never taking my eyes from this man whose curse three years previously I had made, had also lifted once more on this Hallowed Eve. I left the room dressed, flushed, and tired.

Cleats, Clit and Cum

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-10-23

Soon after, the door to the weight room open and in came Morgan, Janelle's best friend and the team's main defender. Morgan and Susie then both removed the socks, revealing Janelle's feet. Susie stopped her toe sucking and went for Janelle's shorts, removing them and revealing her captain's wet panties. Then, Morgan took her right foot and Susie took her left foot and started rubbing Janelle's pussy. The juices ran all over Morgan and Susie's feet, and the two girls giggled at the feeling of the wet cum on their feet. Morgan and Susie both smiled at Janelle, thanking her for her delicious feet and cum.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 22

fetish fursmoke11 2017-10-23

"Man you smell of smoke" said Art Fielding , Mormon elder, to his colleague elder Lee Fossey, his young brow furrowed with disgust. Tears filled his wide eyes as he looked up at the narrowed ones of elder Lee Fossey as he too took a strong drag making the end of his cigarette sizzle near Art's face. "Hold him there Lee..." Jane smiled turning on her heels on the marble floor and flicking the cigarette nonchalantly at her side as Art's cock throbbed again at the sight of her ass wriggling away in the fur. As Lee's pants fell to the floor Jane Matthews mounted the thick purple cock and Art closed his eyes in ecstasy surrendering to the pleasure of what he was witnessing.

Underwear Thief Ch. 03

fetish falselove 2017-10-23

Since Dave was busy concentrating on the film, he was totally oblivious to the fact that I was just staring at his girlfriend, my eyes burnt into her gym gear covered legs and pussy, I could feel my cock going rock hard. "Your ass looks heavenly, It took every ounce of strength not to rip those gym trousers down" I texted her back. I grabbed it off, yanked my trousers and boxers down and sat down on the toilet, pulling my phone out I text - "I'm in here, found the present, haven't got lots of time, text me something filthy" All of sudden I came to, suddenly realising how long id been in the bathroom I jumped up and pulled my trousers up, I tucked my shirt it, feeling all the gloopy cum sticking it my chest.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 03

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-10-23

"From what I heard, the girls came up with a nickname for you since the guys don't like to hear about you." Her eyes opened, and she shuffled back so she could look directly at my cock. "How many girls have you fucked today?!" she moaned, shifting my cock to the side to look into my eyes. I grabbed handfuls of pre and began rubbing my hands over her ass, licking my lips and making a low growling noise in my throat as I gripped and kneaded that pliable flesh. Lana bit her lower lip, whined, and I felt waves roll down her belly as she came again. Putting my hand on Lana's ass, I pulled my cock back, pushing her forward.

Husband is Taken Panty Shopping

fetish nautius 2017-10-23

My wife came over, and, sitting on my lap, cooed "Honey, why don't we check the latest feedback and ratings on our previous stories on Literotica?" She had that naughty look about her, and I could sense that she was upto something. She asked for a netted lace type panty, and as the salesgirl was showing her the various colors, she picked up a green lace one, and looking at me straight in the eye, she asked "You like these, honey?" Picking up a nice dark blue netted panty, my wife grinned "I think these are perfect for you, no?" At this point, the salesgirl clearly understood what was happening, and started grinning at me too.

Transsexual Clinic Ch. 04

fetish niteowl2003 2017-10-23

When Wendy and Tanya walked in, they commanded Johnny to strip naked and to use the big black dildo they had brought back from the clinic to open his anal ring. As Francine felt her orgasm begin she pulled out and shot her load over the erect nipples of Tanya and then ordered Wendy to lick it all up, this sent Wendy over the top as she said "Imagine soon, Johnny or Janie or Jenny will be doing this, licking up both your loads and loving every minute of it" Dr. Francine called the sister over and whispered something to her; she immediately began to undress and revealed to Wendy and Tanya a large 48 EE bust and an equally impressive 14 inch 4 inch thick rapidly hardening cock.


Sleeping Beauty

fetish ANinjaPrincess 2017-10-23

You lean over the bed to kiss me softly on my lips sliding your hand down to my belly and rubbing it across, feeling our baby kick inside me. Of course there's also been times that these crazy pregnancy hormones have made me want you so bad that poor you has been sleeping and I've straddled you and grinded into your crotch or I've really needed to taste you and just wrapped my mouth around your hard cock and licked and sucked until you were hard and throbbing for me. Harder, faster, deeper until I can't take it anymore and I feel my pussy lock around your cock, my muscles tightening and my arms and legs wrapped tightly around you as I scream your name out loud gasping hard.

Fantasy fuck...daycare mom

fetish 2017-10-23

Jamie grabbed my arm, looking at me..I told her that yes she got me hard. When my cock was all set to release its cream....Jamie pulled out, telling me to cum on her tits. I slide my hard cock inside her pussy, grabbed her hips, and stared to fuck her. Jamie said " oh yes, love the feel of your cum, fuck more into me, I want you fuck the juice right out of my plus." the mirror action was fun to fucking her, Jamie saying about our fucking was so worth watching. Her moans got louder as we came, my cock slipped out her filled pussy, and watch as she oozed our my cum...right down her legs.

Kiss Kiss

fetish violettadeltoro 2017-10-23

Already naked before him, Matthew held Iris' right breast gingerly in his hand and ran his thumb over her tightening nipple. The magenta color came away on his fingertips as he toyed with her nipples, leaving bright rubicund streaks over her breasts, her tummy, the print of five fingers on her arm when he held Iris roughly still to sit up and keep her close. Matthew felt her hands on his cheeks, her face close to his, her eyes full of ethereal tenderness, a maternal wisdom somewhere in her smile as she kept her hips going in little circles as the last of his orgasm ebbed away.

Slave 37

fetish nunmoreblack 2017-10-23

As the woman lit the slave‘s cigar the mistress inserted 3 fingers in 25′s time she took a monstrous drag on her cigar, popped a ball of smoke at least 4 hand, reached over and removed one of the half smoked cigarettes from the device The latex woman took the cigar, placed it in her mouth and lit a lighter. lungful of smoke for your Mistress.” Gina placed the cigar in her mouth and drew for the Mistress reomved her lips, closed her eyes for a second, opened them as she sat The new Mistress returned with a fresh cigar in her mouth. Mistress in Red kept her lips sealed against mine, breathing the same smoke

The Love Dolls Chapter 5

fetish lady-jen 2017-10-23

There a striking brunette lay sideways, her head leaning on the armrest with a dreamy expression on her face, letting the club patron fuck her with steady thrusts of his cock deep between her thighs. The kneeling LoveDoll threw her head back in abandon and Darcie caught a good look at her face. She undulated and pranced and postured, using dance moves that had been drilled into her brain by a 100,000 virtual-reality repetitions in the mind-control chair, her body getting hotter by the second, her thoughts now channeled into the one hope that she might excite a club patron enough—it didn’t matter which one—so that he might want to fuck her.

Art School Torture

fetish maggie2002 2017-10-23

She was small only four feet seven but she had a 44dd bust, and the people who bought his torture movies loved big-breasted woman with long nipples that hardened under his administrations. Ronald smiled into the camera and then wetting his thumb started to play with the bitch's clit as he turned the two cocks up to ten. Funny thing they sounded like pleasure and not pain He began moving his hand in rhythm with his cock as he started to fuck the bitch he had just tattooed. When his left hand found her breasts and the audience watched him maul her still swollen, freshly tattooed breast, as he pulled and twisted the nipples as if they were corks he was trying to remove from a wine bottle.

Shave And A Hair Cut...

fetish Ed0613 2017-10-23

I lay back and enjoyed the erotic pleasure of her soft hands, pulling, pushing and prodding my sensitive dick back and forth as she trimmed the hair around it. When I put my finger in her wet box, she looked at me and smiled, opened her legs a little, closed her eyes and enjoyed what I was doing to her for a moment before she dipped her head and took my hard cock into her mouth. When I came out of the bathroom, armed with one of the new vibrating safety razors, a can of shaving cream and a pan full of warm water she still looked uneasy.

Feet Molested, Pink Heels Stolen

fetish philgill11 2017-10-23

My toes were painted hot pink and I wore a pair of pink heels to match which I left at the door when I entered my friend's house. Before long his feet would be just barely touching my hosed toes, then he'd move them, and ever so slightly be pressed up under my pantyhose arches. My little nylon feet were crossed under my chair, my arms crossed over the table, and my head laid on top of them. His hands were on the tops of my toes, loving them and pressing them into his crotch; moving them both around in circles, and gyrating his erect penis against the bottoms of my stocking feet and toes!

Triangular Ch. 04

fetish Agent86 2017-10-23

I had found sucking Sven off highly arousing, and my cock was now standing at full mast, so when Kathy lay back on the bed and said "Somebody please fuck me now," I was on her in a second, my dick buried full length in her sloppy wet vagina, pounding her hard with each stroke. Several small orgasms racked her body, and I could tell there was a huge one on the way, when Sven said "Wait, I want to try something." I craned my head around to see what he was up to, and I saw him positioning his full erect cock between Kathy's legs.

Hotel Rendezvous

fetish EddardStark 2017-10-23

He puts his hands on your shoulders and slides the bra straps down to your elbows, and back up to your neck, holding your face in his hands, and kisses you, gently, as your lips part your tongues meet, and the tingling between your legs grow, but before long he pulled away quickly, leaving your mouth agape and longing. He grasps your ankles again, and moves his hands up leaving only his finger tips touching your skin, and slides them up your lower legs, and to your inner thighs, where he stops just short of your sex, and caresses one finger on each side over your panties, up, and down.

My Secret Desire Ch. 03

fetish archieII 2017-10-23

"Refreshment for my lovely hostess." I said as I handed her a bottle of wine. Linda hoisted herself up on the counter in front of me and asked, "Do you like my new slippers I got today, aren't they cute?" I'm sure he was loving taking my slippers on and off, I know I was!" She said. I reached down with both hands, and started rubbing the bottoms of her feet, (which I know she loves) as I moved in with fixed tongue for mouth to lips combat! Linda turned around, put her arms around my neck, and said, "I'm so lucky I found you lover." As Seth spoke, Robert noted with pencil and paper, everything that he said.

FemDom Doctor Ch. 01

fetish dominantwomenrule 2017-10-23

Not really interested in his answer, she looked him in the eye and explained she would be giving him a complete physical including checking his prostate and thoroughly examining his genitals. Finally she stood up saying I have other patients so we will need to continue with the exam and come back to the genital check. When she was done she came around to his front and facing him while he was still in the exposed and humiliating position explained all looked good. She then told him to stand and lower his underpants so she could see if he was in a condition to be examined. The doctor told her to take this patient to the nurse to finish up the exam.

My Concubines

fetish fidelio1 2017-10-22

Ten minutes later, I returned – but the minute I lowered my butt near her face and started the pussy spanking she arched up and began hungrily licking my anus – against my specific instructions. After I returned half an hour later, I reapplied her chastity belt, untied her, kissed her tear-stained face and told my trembling concubine to continue with her chores. Min Li healed quickly, and after three more days, I told her to get me the spreader bars, crop and cane – her face lit up, she skipped over to give me a deep kiss and, and like a little girl, she ran off to get the implements and hurriedly secured herself.