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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Playing Doctor

fetish 2017-10-22

strong bear of a man like Dennis. It turns out Dennis and Nick are 2nd cousins. Last time Nick found out Hammer was way the fuck over in Montana trying to I was all like grabbing Dennis and out on the floor we went. When things started to mellow a little bit it was time for Margaritta number two. It's always good to be with people you know in a place where everyone knows you if you might get a little too shit faced. By the time we got to my place I was sober enough to remember the promise I made to Dennis. By the time we got to my place I was sober enough to remember the promise I made to Dennis.

OR 9

fetish JesaTaylor 2017-10-22

I look around, wiping the corner of my mouth and thank my gods that there is no one else close enough to witness my subconscious lust for this tall man controlling the sleeping, trusting body of his patient. When I reach the call room a long sequence of fucks and hells leave my lips like a rope of pearls as I realize the door is already slightly open. He says to me in a low, soft voice, "I don't give a fuck what you say with that dirty mouth of yours as long as my name comes out of it when you cum." Now I am drenching the unsighlty cotton panties I threw on at 5 am this morning and the lips between my thighs begin to pulsate and ache heavily.

The Dirty Twat Twirlers Club

fetish Subtext 2017-10-22

When Ben's sister, Brenda, started bringing Donna Del Vecchio around to the house again, he felt only disgust. Over the next few weeks Ben watched as Brenda and Donna Del Vecchio paraded a retinue of strange characters through his parent's house. Another day, Susan, a girl he remembered as one of their flag twirler gang, showed up with her boyfriend, and Donna, Brenda and the two of them spent the morning playing around the pool while Ben tried to read his computer programming text from a nearby lounge chair. Yes, Donna Del Vecchio's dirty cunt had that much power he concluded as his nose drew in her potent bouquet once more like the sweet narcotic it was.

Divorce Party

fetish letmepleaseyou2006 2017-10-22

And I could imagine a fantasy with every single one of them, but I knew it was Renee that wanted me as her Divorce Party present. And she just started talking about me, to the women almost I wasn't there, telling them how nice my cock felt and looked and even going on to tell them about one of my fantasies to lick several women's pussies one right after another. I couldn't even think, I just knew I was going to eat some pussy and crawled over to Renee and planted my face between her thighs. These women playing with my ass, had me squirming, then I felt a firm set of hands on both cheeks spreading them and now a tongue licking my ass and poking into my ass hole.

Cuckold Fantasy

fetish colt-dan 2017-10-22

Three weeks after our wedding , a neighbor fucked her in our trailer [cuckman] it started about 3 weeks after our wedding when my neighbor got her down on the sofa in our trailer and fucked her The neighbor began coming by almost every time he knew I was in class or at work. [cuckman] A few days later, I came home from work at the usual 11 pm. Later I learned that they had gone to his trailer and fucked while his wife was away visiting her folks [cuckman] It was around this time that her first cousin, Billy, started dropping by. He came by at lunch one day and wrestled her down on the bed and fucked her.

Magic Cock Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2017-10-22

"Give me your cum, baby, give it to me, let me taste it again" Beth said, popping my cock out of her mouth then back in. I came and felt it shoot upwards from the deepest depths of my cock shaft and with such power, filling Amy's sweet pussy.  "Mmmmm" said Candy as she licked the cum off Amy's chest and then took turns with Beth sucking Amy's nipples into her mouth.  I kept going and came again, filling Amy's pussy with another load of cum, then another, then another.  We all got dressed and Candy and I said goodbye to Beth and Amy. It had been one fantastic night of pleasure, one I sure would not forget. 

Got Milk?

fetish Mickiluv 2017-10-22

Our friends, Dave and Jacki, and Wayne and Annie, had been companions for a long time. I felt real sexy in the dress with my big, full breasts, and kind of uncomfortable at the same time. I went over to the chair that Jackie was sitting in and stood in front of her, removed the sheer top, and then I pushed the straps of my dress down on my arms. I had that wonderful feeling that starts at my breast and moves through my body as the milk flows. Things kind of got messy and I was afraid of getting milk on my dress. He started sucking my left breast and kind of surprised me by sliding his hand in my panties.

e****t fun in Tenerife

fetish 5inchsoffun 2017-10-22

I went in and sat down and was immediately joined by a petite brunette girl who asked if I would like to buy her a drink. She pulled down my boxers and took me in to her hand; I told her straight away to go very slow as I already felt like cumming, she smiled at me and started to stoke it very gently. Before long she got a condom and expertly put it over my stiff cock and when she took me all the way down to her throat, I very nearly came. I once again had to take myself out of her mouth and concentrate solely on the beautiful site of her pussy lips and her tiny little asshole which were right in my face.

Happy Birthday Nic

fetish zeke81 2017-10-22

"It's Nic's birthday...I asked him what he wanted...he looked at me for a minute then he gave me perhaps the most honest answer anyone has ever given me." John said. Your cousin is on his way over here to cum on my feet...that's a big deal John." Kelly said. Kelly was getting more and more nervous the higher Nic got, but she finally realized why John wanted her to wear the short shorts. When both of her feet had been washed and dried Nic moved the tub of water away and pulled out the things he'd need to give Kelly a pedicure. When Nic had finished the pedicure Kelly looked down at her feet...her toes had a deep ruby red polish on them.

Desperate Relief

fetish JohnDo 2017-10-22

She was mentally hitting her on the head for drinking half a gallon of soda an hour before the meeting started and now she had to pee so badly, she feared her bladder might explode. She stood outside the door of the store, hands between her legs, looking around in panic for a way of relief. As she was unfolding the second diaper and getting ready to put it on, she tried to gently release the hold on her bladder, but every time she relaxed her muscles, the pee started squirting out like a waterfall. She kicked the skirt aside and looked at herself wearing nothing but her bra, her pee soaked panties underneat two pee filled diapers and her long black boots.

My Wife's Revenge With My Friends

fetish magas911 2017-10-22

Kat looked over her shoulder at Kevin and asked, "Kevin, you really haven'y ever spanked a girl?" Kevin a little less shy now, quietly answered "yes...never." Kat said this was such a shame and asked me if I would please allow her to let Kevin spank her, "just so he can see what it's like." Of course, I had to agree and then just sit there while Tom helped her make her way to Kevin's lap. Kat teased me about how nice it would feel to have Brad's big cock inside me, and Susan told me how pathetic I was to be jacking off to the idea of my wife screwing another man.


Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 07

fetish Duke567 2017-10-22

"Alexa, I'll let you have first go today because I know you have been waiting for so long," Kate suggested as I sat up. As I slowly started to build a rhythm, Kate took the opportunity to kiss Alexa's neck and fondle her breasts. After 3 weeks of lock down, I didn't last long; I would have had to apologize to Alexa for finishing too fast, but she was just as desperate for a hard cock as I was for a pussy. Kate finally got her chance to 'eat it up'; it being Alexa's pussy. Kate would unlock me most days for passionate love making; usually with Alexa staying over.

Mario Returns to the Club Pt. 02

fetish Ha275 2017-10-22

Kara saw an opportunity and wrapped her legs around Mario but he managed to turn her around and was now had her underneath his body. Mario's full force went through Kara's body but there was only some of it left in his tank. He was still struggling as he tried to push Kara off himself but she reversed her position quickly and arched back as her crotch rubbed against Mario's face. Kara rubbed Mario's face anyway just for the pleasure before unshackling her legs and standing up. Kara moved her foot underneath Mario's face who reluctantly kissed it. Mario caved in to the boos and started kissing her leg like a good slave while he caressed Kara's curvy hips.

Worshipping Mother In Laws Feet While She Was Pass

fetish masterhumil8tor 2017-10-22

The first foot encounters I can remember was when I was about 8 or 9 yrs old my mother worked nights so we always had a babysitter.. Sure enough when I got there I used the key and opened the door and there she was face down legs spread and her feet hanging way off the edge of the bed.. So I got a towel out of the bathroom and knelt down at the edge of the bed and grabbed her ankles and pressed my face and nose all into her soles and arches.. There were other times and places I did this similar thing to her over the years and she had the most amazing soles and high arches you ever want to see.

Her Sweet Pet 5

fetish pornaholic63 2017-10-22

Her body shuddered as she lay there hugging herself, her eyes wide with fear, She stayed like that several moments until she suddenly became aware someone was calling her name. "Ma'am May I come in and ask a few questions?"Blake's gruff voice came through the door. Megeara f***ed her voice to be calm and polite as she described her needs to the assistant on the phone then heaved a sigh of growing agitation as she was f***ed to wait as she was transferred to a car rental phone line. Finding Dustin torn up like her trunk began to seep into her thoughts as she heard the old jazz wait music.

Secret Waters Ch. 01

fetish tholepin 2017-10-22

John's fly was unzipped and eager fingers fumbled over his slippery prick before he had freed the waistband of Ellen's slacks and explored her malodorous cunt. She looked around his kitchen, noticed the small rugs accenting the tile floor and slid one under John's head as he reached up to message her left globe. "What a wonderful day, my love." She held John's pendant cock to her upper hip, cupped the helmet and thrilled to a hot surge that washed over her belly and channeled down the small of her back. Ellen's fingers squeezed lightly up and down his cock, capturing his morning spend in her hand, "Pee on me," she whispered.

Taking Stock Ch. 02

fetish prettypolly 2017-10-22

I kept Chris in the main storeroom deliberately for the first two hours, but got him to move just hosiery and lingerie boxes over to the third door. "Yeah, fine." Chris said, reading label after label on the hosiery boxes. Then start on the bras, basques, corsets and other lingerie." I grinned, my heart was beating hard as I imagined Chris's mind going overtime fantasising about Alison in all this gear. By the time I got the tights up around my waist I noticed Chris was getting hard again. She's a real horny cow is Alison." Chris grinned and pulled out a small purse like object, inside was a small cream coloured dildo, two spare batteries and a tiny tube of KY jelly.

Forbidden Sex on Public Transport

fetish 2017-10-22

As there are many sayings that spring to mind, 'Nothing ventured, Nothing gained', best sums up this guys attempt, to have some sort of sexual encounter, on a moving train, with a young beautiful woman, has to be considered a risk with high odds of success, but as many readers know from married life, men wake up with 'Woodies', and women wake up 'Wet', perhaps our dreams have something to do with it. Of course at that stage he knew I could feel what he was doing, and better still, 'I was up for it', so he moved up a stage and felt my bum, using his fingertips in soft strokes, then his hand, tracing my knickers through my thin cotton dress, ending up running his hand between my bum cheeks and poking my asshole, at that point I moved forward and moved up the carriage and stood at the door.

Our Treatments are Quite Harmless

fetish literoticaB 2017-10-22

I look at your cock and tell you that your penis tip has now been numbed so that you can't achieve an orgasm. I explain that we offer sexual release for our clients, but that we would like you to evaluate the treatment to make sure it is satisfactory. I know it isn't ideal, but that is the only way for a man to have a g-spot orgasm given how men are built. Several of my co-workers walk over and congratulate me and tell me how much they enjoyed watching me bring you pleasure and how great it was to share this experience with another man. "NOTE: Once the man experiences a g-spot orgasm the chemical chastity will become indefinite unless the antidote is applied to the penis.

Bloody Good Fun: War Paint

fetish LittlePet 2017-10-22

Will noticed the uneasy look that I had, and started to run his hand down to my cunt. I could tell he was thinking deeply about something, his green eyes darting over my body, from my tits to my stomach, to the smear of blood that was drying on me, to my pussy and back. I wasn't thinking about it being disgusting, or about the way our bodies were sticking together, or the stain that would be on the comforter when all was said and done; I simply thought about how good he felt inside me, and how the smell and taste of my blood was a turn on beyond belief.

Caught in pantyhose and sucked a cock

fetish 2017-10-22

'Let's see how these new pants fit on these gorgeous legs and fine butt of yours.' He kneeled down and said 'place your hand on my shoulder and left your right foot.' I did as I was told. It was a gorgeous shade of black, and as I rubbed his cock and balls he pulled me closer and placed his hands on each of my nyloned butt checks and began to sqeeze them. I left the store without any new slacks, only the feeling of satisfaction and I look forward to returning in 2 weeks, wearing sheer to waist pantyhose, Lipstick, and taking a pair of highheels to give Terrance my full gurly attention.

Chaste husband, about to fuck his wife. Or is he?

fetish redunder 2017-10-22

Her legs spread wide and her pussy awaiting my big massive cock. My wanted a good hard fucking tonight. Spread my legs apart and drive your big massive cock so deep inside me that I’m begging for mercy. Then she begins to slip her other naked breast from inside her bra. This is the cock I want inside me tonight. You have a long three hours of hard fucking to do tonight. You better fuck me good and hard tonight otherwise I’ll use that cock to fuck your ass. My wife said she was not sexually satisfied so the next three das I will wear a dog collar around the house and she will lead me by a leash.

Cock Worship

fetish 2017-10-22

I love sucking cock. The feel of a man's hardness filling enjoy sucking his cock, but I large semi cock and hanging cums because his body simply slowly running my wet tongue feel his cock stiffen pleasure his balls, I drop mouth and slowly lick all of fully hard cock, shallow and into his eyes as my mouth let his balls drop from my mouth and rest his hard cock on my face as my tongue simply cannot resist tasting cock head resting on my lower mouth as I gently suck it, mouth as I gently suck it, meet his body his cock tenses and I feel him grow slightly cock's head resting on my tongue as the last of his cum

To Dream of Him

fetish Mistress_Donna 2017-10-22

"You had your ass up in the air for me," she heard him saying, his voice floated down to her as she kept her eyes shut, enjoying the touch. "I think you were waiting for me," he said and she felt his hand rubbing the curves of her ass cheeks. She moaned again, arching her back and spreading her legs a bit when one of his hands fell to her stomach and rubbed down to her pussy. And I see I was right." She felt him rubbing his cock inches from her pussy. "Come on give me that ass," Dan's finger rubbed her asshole and she moaned loudly.