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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Manse Ch. 02

fetish myimaginaryfriendme 2017-10-22

I think our dear Miss Nicole wants a snack before bed." She giggled. "Good evening Miss Nicole." I said, managing to give her a better smile than earlier tonight. I'm sure you'd like to watch the service." Then, Heloise took hold of my cock. "Do you see how his cock changes?" Heloise asked Nicole. Here is your midnight snack!" said Heloise with a flourish, handing the plate to Nicole. "Let's leave her to her snack," said Heloise shooing me out the door, though I would have liked to stay and watch. As we left, I could see Nicole using one hand to hungrily fork cake and my cum into her waiting mouth while her other hand was thrust deep between her legs.

Another REAL FIGHT with mom...#2

fetish abigfan 2017-10-22

I just finished what you started and I meant what I said then, that if you wanted another ass-whoopin, I'd gladly be the one to give one to you.” As I spoke to her, I stood up in front of her now and poked my own finger into her shoulder a few times. I got to my knees first and managed to get her on her stomach, pulling her arms back by the robe as I sat on her ass. I pushed her off me and sat on her chest and started to finger her hairless pussy as he lay on the floor, gasping to get air back into her lungs.

Lost Bet Ch. 3

fetish Pippa 2017-10-22

Just as I began to think that my ordeal might be over and that they'd had their fun with me, I felt the cold hard steel of a pair of handcuffs fasten themselves to my right wrist. "Now for a change of position we feel," uttered Master Jerry, as I felt the silky hands of two of the Dominatrix release the cock harness, adjusting it to make my semi hard member protrude from the front. "Move the 'chair' into position would you Lisa," said Mistress Jackie, "it's time for the next stage to begin." I heard something heavy being dragged into position behind me then pushed into place under me, spreading my legs and lifting me off the floor.

Token of Appreciation

fetish LOAnnie2 2017-10-22

Mister Danforth, may I introduce you to Ashleigh Miller, Albright's Student Body President," the headmaster said with a little too much enthusiasm. Ashleigh had to admit the was slightly wet even though she couldn't help it–her body knew what was coming, how she was presenting herself to be fucked, of course it was going to be turned on, but more lube was probably a good idea anyway. Her face turning red and watching the grin on the headmaster's face growing even larger, she reached her hands back and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing herself fully to the man about to take her ass. Danforth released his hand from her ponytail long enough for the headmaster to pull it past her head but promptly grabbed it tightly again while he kept drilling into her ass.

Hubby gives me a business trip surprise

fetish 2017-10-22

Then Tom told me o yeah baby that is a nice pussy and it feels so good, as he continued to rub and squeeze by breast as I was enjoying his touch and cock. At this point I was moaning so hard, and told him “o yeah baby I like it, fuck that little wet pussy baby, fuck it so hard and as deep as you can.” Tom then said “I love that little wet pussy, it feels so fucking good on my cock” as he continued to pound his hard throbbing cock all deep in my pussy as he began to smack my ass.

Sales Training

fetish spice16 2017-10-22

And I would love to be able to tell my partner that your heating system is just right for us!" Gary thought, "What the hell, if she wants me to wear it, I'll wear it!" With that, Gary put on the black sheer peignoir that Elaine offered him. Do you think she can provide the 'personal' services we really need?" "Oh, I am sure she can, John, why don't you see for yourself", cooed Elaine. "Oh yes, Elaine", replied John," She has such a sweet name-Candy- in fact I have a big stick of candy for her to suck on!" John then began rubbing Gary's face with his huge cock, then placed it against Gary's lips.


fetish cindycoxxx 2017-10-22

Susana viu a minha cara e mandou eu ficar de quatro com a bunda voltada para seu lado ela parou o carro e me deu dois tapas que arderam muito e pegou o acendedor de cigarro e marcou as duas nádegas . Susana entrou por baixo de min e enfiou o vibrador no meu rabo ele já latejava e ela segurou meu pinto e disse que era para eu gozar na sua boca . Foi quando Julho veio por traz de mine fez um estrago no meu rabo eu já estava acostuma do com os vibradores mas homem era a primeira vez ele veio e me comeu literalmente eu sofria nos seus braços e ele gozou dentro de min.

James and Fiona's Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 02

fetish Ficfi 2017-10-22

James continued to stand at the foot of the bed for what felt like ages, just looking down at my body spread wide and on display for him. Lifting my shoulders up off the bed, I reached a hand between my splayed legs and used two fingers to pull back a flap of skin and direct the head of his cock right to my vaginal opening. I pinched my nipples, hard, and then put a hand to my throat and let loose with a hell of a scream as I came, my hips bucking up off the bed and convulsing in time with the quakes going through my whole cunt.

Jennifer, the Cumbucket

fetish dpaul 2017-10-22

Jennifer took the hint and opened her mouth wide, closed her eyes and felt first the swollen head then the top of the shaft slide in her mouth. The guy yelled even louder than Nick and when he was done he came around to the front of her and wiped off the excess cum onto her cheek, which was filled with cock. Jennifer, with her mouth, face and pussy filled and covered with cum, began to feel as if she must have been doing something right if all these men were cumming so fast. Quickly Jennifer felt the cum shoot out, hitting the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth.

Cross Dressing to go to Girls' School

fetish daviea9 2017-10-22

I went to a co-educational school and had a great time with the girls I met there, all the way from my first day in “primary one” to the sixth form. We had been drinking and so when someone suggested that I could pass as a girl at the next day’s Morning Assembly at the girls’ school the idea was taken up enthusiastically by all present. I couldn’t have her blouse, skirt or blazer because she would need them and didn’t have a spare and so another girl promised to bring her spare clothes the next day together with a long haired wig for me to wear. I went to the girls’ school early next morning dressed as a boy but with the female undies on.

Natasha & Matt Ch. 1

fetish LeeC 2017-10-22

Natasha if you would help me why don't we go finish dinner and let these boys get a beer.' As Nicole walked away I just had to stare at her ass. She didn't bend her knees, she wanted her dress would to ride up, giving Natasha a good view of her pussy lips and ass. Finally dinner was ready, Nicole walked up to Natasha thanked her for helping and gave her a kiss on the lips. 'Actually I feel fine' Natasha said 'Nicole and I had a nice conversation and got to know each other. Natasha couldn't stand it any more and let loose, she lifted her dress and aimed at Nicole's tits.

Photo Shoot

fetish Zachary 2017-10-22

I had been shooting pictures of Erin full length and now came in closer for shots of her face, (a light sheen of sweat had broken out on her forehead), of her left hand playing with her erect nipples, and of her cunt. The camera recorded all of the visuals, from the sweat on her forehead, to her red-hot and erect nipples, to her tight belly heaving as she her cunt and her ass, being stroked hard and fast by her own fingers, to her taut and muscular legs stretched out to her toes curling in her impending orgasm. Erin stroked her nipples to make them erect and said "right here, come on my tits!" The events of the preceding forty-five minutes had made me extraordinarily horny, and I didn't need any further urging.

The Nasty Slut Ch. 01

fetish theprince 2017-10-22

A spit covered puking slut whose mouth is a dirty wet cunt to fuck. Prince can feel her spit on his ass and then lick it and suck it like a nasty filthy fuck pig. Prince pushed Jenna’s face into Lola’s pissing cunt making it fly and spray all over. He sticks his tongue into Jenna’s cunt and licks her clit making her moan and piss harder into his mouth. He tugs hard at them as her filthy slut cunt spews piss into his mouth and face. He holds her face and drools it into her mouth as her slut ass gets fucked by the bottle. Hold her ass open for me.” Lola sits on Jenna’s piss and puke covered body and holds her legs up.

Soccer Mom and a Bully

fetish afighter29 2017-10-22

Two years since I was humiliated and made to look like a pervert. About 6 months after I got kicked out and moved in with my Dad I knew that I wanted, needed, revenge. In the two years I have lived with my father, Colin and my Mom haven't moved out of my old house and have failed to have a child. "Hello Mom. Colin has something he wants to tell you." Like the time you didn't pick me up and forced me to walk home in the rain so you could fuck him. After what seems like an eternity I look over and notice Colin came in his pants! Colin on the other hand moved out less than a day after I got my revenge.

I watched my young wife fucked hard

fetish theoldfella52 2017-10-22

but she returned not long after and said, “YEP he is sound asl**p, I whispered ARE you awake babe but I didn’t get any reply, he will sl**p right though now, once Jeff goes to sl**p he is hard to wake up” Gee it worked, Mary then flopped back on her back on the bed with her legs facing John, but she kept her legs closed tight together, I thought , ok, that’s a good thing, perhaps she is going to behave herself, but John then used his foot to f***e one of her legs open, as he did I noticed that Mary had removed her knickers and as he spread her legs he had a full view of her cunt lips which were absolutely dripping wet, He said, “mmmm someone has forgot their panties hey” :”what” said Mary, “Damn,,, I knew I forgot something” and she chuckled sheepishly….John lent forward and laying between her legs he started licking her moist little cunt, She moaned … “OHHHH …ooooooo hoooo” John then sat up and pulled off his boxer shorts, his massive stiff cock jumping up like a huge spring, Mary looked straight at it and said, “HOLY FUCK, you’re not going to try and put that in me are you?” :”NOO” said John,”I’m not going to TRY, I’m going to ram it in”…and laughed….

Smallest Dick At The Party Ch. 01

fetish lusciouslips55 2017-10-22

When Gary had seen Frank was drunk and barely conscious of his surroundings at the party, he had dragged Jane off to the bathroom and brazenly pulled his cock out. A couple of weeks ago they had made a plan for this night to humiliate her boyfriend, Jane knew it would turn Gary on so she agreed to it. Last weekend his plan had worked perfectly, Jane had to do some persuading but Frank ended up going out with some friends to the club, where he got drunk and in the end slept with Brenda. "That was really pathetic" Brenda said as she pulled her underwear up sniggering, "I couldn't feel your dick and you looked stupid thrusting away like that all focused, as if you had something worthwhile down there"

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 1

fetish Jayson23 2017-10-22

Last time, when I got up in the morning, I'd *suspected* that no-one else was in the house, but both his mum's and his sister's bedroom doors were shut tight. Up out of bed, walking slowly over to the bathroom, eyes and ears literally pinned back and open, straining to pick up any movement in the house, anything at all. One last double knock, and heart apace in my chest I reached down, turning the handle and pushed open the door. I choose to take a single pair of her white plain knickers, the one that smelt the freshest (ah another deep whiff, god It was like I was faced right in front of that tight pussy..

Coed Ch. 01

fetish zetony5 2017-10-22

"You fell asleep with a finger still fondling your love lips, and your nectar was dribbling down your thighs, like I said sweet thing a really passionate sensual image." Rick said brushing the back of his hand over Pam's breasts. "Rick just recollecting your apartment and our time there has got me really hot and sticky, wet in fact." As Pam was whispering she had extracted her wet finger out of her cunt. "You gentle passionate lover." Pam put her wet sticky finger on Rick's lips and he took it between his lips and sucked it tasting her essence of love. "Oh man that was a great and sexy lunch Rick." Pam whispered as she put a hand on his leg under the table.

His Goddess

fetish peachiekini 2017-10-22

As before, you start thrusting your hips into my face, forcing your tiny, swollen cock through my lips and into my mouth. As your precious, golden fluid streams down my head and runs down my face, I hear you start to cum. In an instant I take in the view: You stand before me, the fingers of one hand moving in a blur over your clit while your hips jut forward so that your piss stream arches just perfectly to land on my closed lips. I remain still as my mouth becomes full and begins to overflow, running down my chin, my chest, my hard cock before eventually pooling on the floor.

A Housewife's Panties

fetish CAP811 2017-10-22

Lora, having agreed to join little Carol in the swimming pool, emerged from the bedroom area wearing a thick white one-piece swimsuit that did nothing to improve my low opinion of her figure. With a backward glance to make sure that no one was looking, I took the panties and held them to my cheeks and indeed felt the warmth of Lora's body still present in the rayon/cotton blend. I wish I could say that Lora then grasped my hands warmly and gazed at me, her eyes filled with lust for my body; or that she leaned over with a whispered promise to come to my bedroom at midnight and there satisfy my every sexual desire.

The Doctor is In Ch. 04

fetish NurseSally 2017-10-22

So now, as my own brother stood in front of me with his panties down around his knees and his throbbing erection swaying no more than a few inches away from my face, I was completely ready to set aside my feelings on incest and act on my desires with his magnificent cock. Ted did as I asked, and once he turned and his tight buns were right in front of me, my desires took over and the next thing I knew, both of my hands were on his ass and I was feeling him. Then, holding my panties loosely in my left hand where I knew my brother would easily see them, I leaned toward to the head of the bed, pulled the big, fluffy pillow out from under the comforter and dropped my panties right on top of the pillow.

My experiences in chastity.

fetish KCUM 2017-10-22

I am probably built awkwardly for these devices as I have a smallish penis of about five and a bit inches erect and a tiny acorn when slack, but I have fairly substantially sized testicles. While I might possibly be able to extricate my penis backwards when soft, there was absolutely no way that my testicles could ever gain release so it would be both pointless and extremely inconvenient if I did so. They say though that the caged male would be foolish to even try to do this though, as then he would have a freed penis at an awkward and painful angle while his trapped testicles took the extra tension.

The Fetish Shoe Shop Ch. 3

fetish fantasyboy 2017-10-22

Jenny said, 'Oh that's wonderful, put your tongue inside my cunt, that's it, oh yes, suck my clit, oh its wonderful, my nipples are so hard, I'm pinching and squeezing them, do you like tasting my cunt juices, oh yes, faster, harder, suck my clit, yes that's its, oh yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Jenny's cumming all over your face, oh its heavenly, no don't stop, I need more, push a finger up my arse, that's its, finger fuck my arse, lick my clit, oh no, I'm cumming again, oh Doug look whats happening to your Jenny.' Eventually Jenny had finished cumming, I sensed she had cum four times but it could have been more.

Becoming a Sissy Part 3

fetish snoozer2000 2017-10-22

Whether it was kneeling between a guys legs, sucking his balls, deep throating his cock or assuming the doggy position opening his smooth ass for daddy, it was a huge turn on. I looked up into Tom's face and he was looking into mine, "I hope this is turning you on, I saw some of your videos and I guess a big cock like mine pissing might get you off?" I zipped up quickly washed my hands and went out. As I stood up, Daddy said "I don't think so sissy, shouldn't you be on your knees?" I smiled, Tom had really done his work, and yes this was going to happen.