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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Farmsworth Estate Ch. 02

fetish humanoid_typhoon 2017-10-22

Ellie knew, of course, what could happen to bad girls but she wasn't one. The terrible trip across the countryside - Ellie had been exhausted and sure that was the worst thing she'd been forced to endure. They ignored her struggling and any pleas she made, until the lord turned back to her, awful gag in hand. Ellie shook her head wildly, trying to twist away but he seemed so used to struggles like hers and simply pinched her jaw in his big hands and tucked the rubber ball between her teeth while she moaned and tried uselessly to fight it off with her tongue. Ellie's eyes widened and she whined, sounding more like a dog than she knew.

Lingerie Dream?

fetish lingerielover 2017-10-21

I noticed a bag on the bed, and I started to walk over there to see what was inside, but she stopped me and told me to take a shower. She then instructed me to lay on my back, at which time she started slowly kissing my body. She then had me roll over on to my back and pull up my gown to around my neck at which time she told me to start stroking myself. I didn't know until she woke up and asked me if I really enjoyed the night before, and then I looked down and noticed the lingerie laying on the floor.

Whip me till I cum...

fetish dandrew1 2017-10-21

It's amazing how hard it is to find a guy to really whip you – to get good welts to show across the back and bum, to whip with real rhythm, - at least 25 to the minute…to let themselves go and make themselves cum doing it…to make it all a delicious sexual pleasure…hot-bl**died and passionate….weird but wonderful. But that's the whole point, - where are those prepared to whip me and love me, to be drawn into my own ecstasy and cum together with me, to hit as hard as I want, - and fuck the insurance company too !! The only leather that's worth anything is in the thongs of the flogger itself…their sweet smell as they're mussed across your face, to give you the flavour of what is to cum.

The Proposition

fetish Jucunditas 2017-10-21

So now I'm going to describe everything I want you to do for me tomorrow night - and how much I'll reward you for each thing you do. That goes for everything else, too - all the things you're going to do, you'll do as many times as I want - until the sun comes up. We're going to want food to keep our energy up during the night. Every time I take my cock out of your cunt or your ass, you will immediately clean it off with your mouth. By the end of the night, and with the help of lots of lube, your ass is going to be relaxed enough to accept my fist. I need to know what it feels like to have my whole hand embedded in your ass.


fetish oggbashan 2017-10-21

The fourth nurse held me in a bear hug while Janet tied my ankle bonds to the seat frame. She tied another pair of tights round my waist and fed the legs through the seat cushions. I was trying to follow where we were going until Janet lifted the burqah and blindfolded me with another scarf. I was pushed back on to it, my legs roughly pulled up and I felt fingers and hands on my trousers. I tried to kick but too many hands held my legs as my socks, shoes, trousers and pants were pulled off. Despite myself the frequent handling by female hands and the contact with nurses' uniform had made me fully erect.

Alexis's Revenge

fetish WantingMore411 2017-10-21

When his parents had Samuel they hired a nursemaid or temporary guardian who had young children to care for him since birth; change him,feed him and care for him medically and of course money was no expense until such time that he starts his educational schooling and enters Queens College which he will be attending until he graduates at the age of 18 years old with both his high school and bachelors degree. My parents signed over temporary legal guardianship to my agent until the age of 18 and other than sending money home for financial support I had not seen my parents or my brother who I missed tremendously for some time but after some quick success in my new career I was at a modeling shoot in Miami Florida when I was first introduced to my future husband which I was to marry two years later.

Panty Klepto

fetish Krazy35 2017-10-21

Her next reaction is almost a look of denial and this is followed by digging through her baskets or bags trying to find the panties that she knows in the back of her mind, are in the guy's hand. The guy is pulling his laundry out and folding it and holds up the panties in surprise the girl sees them and gets pissed and I head to the bathroom to beat off. Oh by the way I just got hired at the Laundromat to clean up and service the machines, but also to do peoples laundry they drop off and pay extra to have washed for them, so Now ant guy who walks in needs to pay attention to his stuff or he may get labeled as a pervert for panties he never stole.

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 01

fetish Paradiggler 2017-10-21

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine carefully what Elaine's individual womanhood might have been like -- a perfect brown pubic triangle wedged between thick, white thighs covering what was a thick-lipped and wrinkled female opening - bright pink and lumpy on the inside, moist with her smelly feminine cream and discharging amply all day long into her tiny and tender white cotton knickers. And just as I imagined spreading Elaine's beautifully round, white buttocks and placing my tongue inside her smelly, wrinkled, brown anus I opened my eyes and immediately saw her discharge-stained undies directly underneath my hugely erect penis and immediately spurted another round of love juice into her toilet bowl.

Summer Sissy

fetish bartleby_prefers 2017-10-21

I felt my cock spurt its load onto the floor as Ms. Vann let her stomach fat down onto me, both her hands now holding me in place as she ground her cunt into me. I closed my eyes and thought of all the perverted things I'd done to myself in the last few years, the times late at night when I had licked up my own cum from my hand, or beat off furiously while doubled over, shooting in my own face. "Yeah, mom, it's just moving, uh, boxes, uhh, and stuff..." I could barely put a sentence together staring into Ms. Vann's eyes while feeling her dick move further into me.

Playing Inside

fetish DarknessRising 2017-10-21

With the edges of your flared lips held between the tips of my fingers I begin slowly stretching you wide open, thereby exposing your rose colored gem to my view and filling the air with the pungent smell of your sex. I capture the thick cream with the tip of my middle finger and use it as lubricant to slowly rub around the exposed entrance of your vagina. Your fingers eagerly work the dripping head, drawing it's sticky ejaculate down the long shaft where it becomes lubrication for your hand. The slimy, concave opening of your cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as you repeatedly try to stretch it over my engorged head.

Like Minded Neighbors Ch. 03

fetish BethB 2017-10-21

"Beth," Shelly said very seriously, "I know we've never discussed it, and I guess there's a chance I could be wrong, but, it seems to me Steve might have a little crush on Jim, and, I think Jim might feel the same way, too." As I listened to Shelly tell her story, I thought about the boys exchanging our panties, and how Jim was so excited about eating me out that night I played my little game – the night I pretended I was going to meet an old boyfriend. As we walked, I asked Shelly, "So, you said Steve has a big panty fetish, huh?"

Ann's Art Project Ch. 06

fetish qexiqex 2017-10-21

A group of people looked at Ann's work with interest, poked into the taut breasts on display and discussed emphatically just how life-like they felt. "So what do you want me to do now?" teased Kendra, "Should I chew off your nipples?" she twisted the little buds hard, "Or maybe bite into those glorious globes?" her fingers sank into the taut balls, "Or maybe just make them blush a bit more?" her flat hand crashed into one of the breasts leaving a white, hand-shaped mark, "Well, I'm sure I can come up with some more interesting ideas..." "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" screamed Sue as she saw the girl slapping Ann's boobs, "Don't you dare to destroy this piece of art!"

Leah's Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 03

fetish ImmortalRomance 2017-10-21

no, not really," said Leah, not wanting to tell the doctor she had been ass-fucked. maybe there is something I do to make it feel better," Dr. Lincoln said, taking his hands off Leah's perfect breasts and going to the end of the exam table. She couldn't wait till the doctor placed that speculum inside, spreading her tight pussy wide open. "Your little clit is so hard, Leah," the doctor said, tracing it with his finger. Leah wiggled her ass a little, feeling the naughty doctor playing with her super-aroused clit. "My pussy DOES feel much better now." Leah then walked out on wobbly legs, thinking of who next she'd like to fuck.

An Aching Need

fetish busty_poet 2017-10-21

When she opened her eyes, she saw Ailee, five months pregnant herself, sprawled on the hay naked, one half of a double-headed dildo protruding from her warm wet pregnant pussy. Celeste gaped, her eyes transfixed on the beauty of Ailee's swollen belly on the hay, her two massive FF breasts rising from atop it. Ailee shuddered, and Celeste continued to swirl her tongue around the hard little nub until she could feel her friend shiver uncontrollably underneath her. Her own swollen belly was resting on Ailee's, and Celeste felt the familar warm rush to her pussy at the sensation. Soft warm swollen bellies rubbing together as she suckled on Ailee's nipples was driving Celeste wild.

best night at a glory hole

fetish guyanon69 2017-10-21

so i went to my glory hole a few days ago, was horny and i needed some cum.i had recently seen something on pornhub, a chick had a stool with her in a glory hole and she got on it right next to the hole, and had some friends help her sit up, and the guy on the other side was able to fuck her. the first guy that up looked through the hole and asked what was up, i told him that he was going to have to do the work, and to fuck my pussy as hard as he wanted, and to cum when he wanted..

Inicjacja cwela

fetish piwpaw 2017-10-21

Czy jest się tylko cipeczką, marzącą o kutasach, czy rasowym kundlem, który nie tylko myśli o opierdalaniu pał, ale podstawą jest zaspokojenie samca wszystkimi możliwymi sposobami. Wcześniej już kilka razy się jebałem po kątach, ale nigdy nie poczułem władzy nad sobą. Wtedy jednak byłem podniecony, że nie mogłem się na niczym skupić. Nie miałem jednak czasu na zaznajomienie się z nim. Krztusiłem się jak głupi, a on jebał mnie. - Dziękuję Panie - i zrobiłem jak kazał, choć nie wiedziałem co planuje. Śmiał się, że cipeczka, że jakby chciał to by mnie tak dojechał, że bym przez najbliższy miesiąc nie usiadł. Prosiłęm, żeby zwolnił, ale on tylko przycisną mój ryj do wersalki i mnie rżnął jak rasową sukę.

79% mnie

New England Romance

fetish malescheherazade 2017-10-21

His recent heartbreaks put him more in his head and, if one observed the young man stroking himself, his figure would appear so caved inward, his spine completely curved over like a mountain peak, that the observer may think him crying or desperately studying his own penis. She turned away from the young man, eyeing the street, the trees, the ice in all directions—then slowly turned her head back toward him. The young scholar felt tempted to study this pattern in his mind, but for now only the sensory quality of it lived in his bones: they walked on the street and the branches snapped off the trees, following their footsteps.

the birth of a bull

fetish pm2400 2017-10-21

you just worry about giving me a nice good fucking" as she unzipped my pants and pulled my swelling cock from my pants and began to stroke and suck it. his wife was laying on her back, breasts out, hair a mess, with her skirt hiked up and her pussy fully exposed, with loads of my hot cum dripping out. she said, see look at what a nice big cock he has, and what a good fucking he gave me and he even put his big load inside me here for you to clean up. she told me to come back over and fuck her mouth, and let her taste her own cum from my cock.

Cat Burglar

fetish mrstask 2017-10-21

Her hips are wide and her curves barely contained, but the suit is perfectly smooth, with no buttons to catch on door handles or extra material rustling, and so dark that she disappears into the shadow of the walls. She is the kind of girl you can imagine in church, kneeling with bowed head, her dark hair lustrous in the dim light. The contrast between the man's body, lying so still and quiet, and his soaring, leaping cock draws an involuntary hiss from her lips. When she reaches the head, she can't resist pinching it a little, feeling the meaty firmness of the wedge-shaped tip. She feels his hands on her hips, urging her down onto the bed.

Piss In The Park Ch. 02

fetish k1kop 2017-10-21

With me being as horny as I was and not having the chance to cum when I was at the park I was ready to cum real soon, I told the girls that I was ready to shoot and shoot I did, the first shot went into Aprils hot mouth, I pulled out and stuffed it in Amanda's mouth and shot the next load, and pulled out and shot the last load on my chest and Jen licked it up and sucked my cock for more. I start peeing it hits Amanda's leg and then she goes down and sucks my cock and drinks my pee, this was totally hot, the other 2 went down to get some and they too got some in their mouths, April spit it back out and didn't like the taste, but Jen swallowed with relish and went back for the rest and continued sucking hoping for more.

Shared Fetish Ch. 02

fetish experimentaltim 2017-10-21

"You think he'll like seeing these wet red lips wrapped around his big, hard, thick cock?" Megan asked me dragging out and pausing between each adjective. You've ruined enough sex by trying to fuck me, I don't want you big mouth messing things up me cumming tonight like your little dick has so many other times." She was pushing new boundaries with her words, but we had a safety word that had been worked out in advance for either of us to use and she'd never used it, and I wasn't using it now. "Now give him a lap dance." The other woman said "Show him how much you want his cock to stretch out your little pussy." Megan smiled at them as the music started again.

My Week with Laurie

fetish robbie3 2017-10-21

"Do you ever have trouble at home getting your little penis hard?" Laurie asked. "You like girls to make fun of your little peenie weenie? "Things like sissy and..." I couldn't believe I was saying this, "...and panty boy." "Do you wear panties all the time or just when you're trying to get your little peenie weenie hard?" She couldn't stop giggling. Can't get your sissy little peenie weenie hard for a pretty girl," Laurie teased. That's a good little boy." She stroked my cheek with one hand and put her other one down on my thigh. She wiped my leg clean, then gently took my soft penis between her thumb and forefinger and wiped off the head, pinching it and wiping the little tip dry.

Molly the Manager, Part Two

fetish Yubadude 2017-10-21

Molly said there was a box of Kleenex in the drawer, so I took this as she wanted the liberal amounts of KY whiped off her butt, it was then, as I did her that little favor that in the glow of the candles I leaned down and kissed the small of her back and ran my tongue down to her anus. I did not have a condom handy, and throughout our talk,Moshe never mentioned having any precautions (remember I do not think either one of us had planned on a cool, crisp .november night was going to end like this) I separated the lips of her awaiting clam, separated all that hair (remember once again 1980's women did not shave down there) found her dripping wet vagina and inserted by finger.

Wardrobes Full of Memories

fetish thething69 2017-10-21

He returned to her face, licking her ear before telling her he was about to go down on her, he said he wouldn't stop even if she asked and he held her wrists tightly has he removed her knickers and forced his tongue inside her. His hands, as if they were suddenly ten pairs, pinched and tickling every part of her body, stopping only when she let loose as huge moan of pleasure as she came. Memories of forgotten sexual encounters echo through her head, the time she was fucked on the bonnet of her first boyfriends car, or she had sucked his cock in his living room, when his parents were playing Gin Rummy in the dining room.