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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I'm Just Gettin' Started

fetish clarissaj1982 2017-10-21

Letty leaned against Ruben's bare back and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him close, pressing her naked breasts tight against him. Ruben moaned again and tried to turn and face her, but she resisted and kept drawing circles with her index finger. Ruben roared, shook, twisted and spasmed six or seven more times and when he was done she pulled her hands from his pants and rubbed his cum on his chest before she released him and spun him around. Letty's pussy was already damp but as she rocked she got wetter and wetter, and Ruben's cock grew, as she knew it would.


Emily the Demon Barber

fetish davidwatts 2017-10-21

"Well, we know that we wanted to go out to dinner one night at a really nice place" Emily reminded me, holding up the slinky black dress that I had bought her when we first started seeing each other. My hand reached down and stroked the little wisp of hair in the center of the gentle hollow of Emily's right armpit, and tried to figure out if there was a way I could make this last more than one brief stroke. "I'm glad you got this for me" Emily said, rubbing her hands over the front of the dress. "Do you like it when other men look at me, David?" Emily asked as she reached back and unzipped, then allowed the dress to fall off her.

Mistress Viagra Pt. 01

fetish Njstraponlover 2017-10-21

It was making me so horny I began grinding and thrusting into the girl, she used her hands to hold me by the head and guided her lips to mine, we kisses as I used her pussy to try to relieve my frustration, and after about an hour of heavy pumping and grinding I finally succeeded in achieving an earth shattering orgasm as she did the same, I pushed as deep as I could into her tensing up my body to the point that I could hear the motor on the fucking machine begin to stress, and it relentlessly pounded my ass and I basked in the feeling of my cock filling this girl with cum.

Late Night at the Library, A Bondage Tale

fetish 2017-10-21

They looked at me standing there in a pair of old, tight black leggings, a t-shirt, I’d had since I was 16 & no make-up (let’s face it, I wasn’t expecting to meet a hunk art this time if night) the one on the ladder said: I don’t think I remember the point at which my body language had changed but instead of my initial efforts to struggle free I was aware that I was moaning rhythmically, my breast heaving against the belts, my body slowly & rhythmically gyrating in my seat from my shoulders to my toes in a regular snake-like “Fuck off you little tease, we might look stupid to you with your fucking books & shit but we’re old enough to know when a girls getting a wet pussy”!

Fixing Granny's Pool

fetish captjim51 2017-10-21

Well I just couldn’t turn Dawn down; I followed her to her casita and as soon as we entered the room, off came her silk blouse, and slacks which revealed her slim body, lovely legs, and fine small ass that I had the pleasure of fucking only a few weeks ago. Then it happened just like our last night in Vegas, Dawn let out a soft moan as her hips thrust forward to meet my skillful tongue as she had her first orgasm. My cock got harder and harder and Dawn said “I really want your cock in me honey, fuck me now!!!” She lay back on the bed and I applied a liberal dose of lube to her and spread her legs and mounted this little minx.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Ch. 03

fetish trevorm 2017-10-21

Have I done something wrong?" Vivian looked at the simple set of white underwear laid out on the bed, and then glanced at the red gingham pinafore type dress that was hanging on the wardrobe door. "Look away, and close your eyes, she said." Vivian did so, his fingers whitening the soft flesh behind his knees with the fervour of his grip. The belt was lightweight and not a vicious weapon and the contact had been suitably administered to ensure nothing worse than a residue hot tingling sensation and a dull ache in the groin for an hour or so after - time enough for Vivian to reflect on his treatment and form the necessary association --in his mind - with the correction - his mother's belt...

Taught to Eat Cum by My Ex-Wife

fetish Anal Slave 2017-10-21

She came up to kiss me and asked if I liked licking Dave's cum from her pussy. She told me to sit down and wait because she wanted to make sure I was able to clean her pussy out right after he cum. I found out later that she mentioned it to Dave when he got there and he said he would like to watch me lick her cum filled pussy clean. Some of the men left for a while and came back but by the end of the weekend they were all cummed out and I had either sucked all the cum out of there cocks or licked it out of Linda's cunt.

Going Down Under

fetish drab_man 2017-10-21

As John placed his bag in the boot he could feel Sam's hand rubbing his hard cock. John's hands each grabbed a tit and started thumbing Sam's hard nipples as his mouth sucked on her honey pot through the material of her underwear. With two fingers buried deep in her sopping cunt and his mouth locked onto her clit he managed to tug her butt plug as Sam screamed through another orgasm that almost made her faint. He could feel his smooth balls resting on her butt as he lifted Sam's legs over his shoulders, burying his cock deeper and then pulling out so he could slam his meat back in again, hard.

Britney Bought Me a Thong

fetish twiddershins 2017-10-21

I really wanted her to like me, so I always spent extra effort while talking to her to look at her eyes (green, before you ask) instead of her cleavage. Again this is before I knew that this sort of thing actually turned me on, so when all the dudes bragged about having a gigantic shlong, I would just laugh nervously or nod, hoping to change the subject-- or I would just say I was normal, if pressured to answer. And there it was, my small erection poking out of the thong, nuts straining and bulging against their confinement, on display for all to see and labeled "Little Inch Worm." I didn't know what reaction to expect, but I remember the collective gasp and the split second of absolute silence after, before the dressing room erupted into laughter.

The Doc is in...

fetish AlexaWriter 2017-10-21

The doctor looks at his jacket and back at Mike for a moment with a slight eye roll before making some notes on the chart. Mike complies and tries not to gasp as he feels a gloved hand start to massage the base of his dick. Becky approaches the side of the table and after putting on gloves of her own grasps Mike firming penis and starts massaging it. The doctor moves down the table and spreading Mike's legs further apart again grasps his ball sac, rolling them through her fingers. "Yes doctor." Becky pauses a moment while she applies lubricant to her gloved hand, then returns to massaging Mike's penis paying attention to the sensitive spot at the frenulum.

The Celebration

fetish CFNMtickledguy 2017-10-21

After your chat is finished, you bid each slave to stand and come close to you, you place your hand on the slave's shaft or cup his balls in your hand and say "I look forward to having you worship with me", which means you want to tie him down and tickle his cock and balls while he licks the soles of your feet, until you finally stroke him to orgasm so that The Goddess will hear his prayers. Each priestess knows that your mother enjoys ball tickling of the slaves, and each priestess places her slave on the X-frame with the hope of currying your mother's favor by having her slave's cock and balls amuse the Empress during their conversation, hoping to have your Mother the High Priestess agree to visit a local temple or shrine (which will greatly increase its revenue and status).

Library is full of adventures....

fetish Tasterandteaser 2017-10-21

She strokes it hard, like how a woman when she is so lost in her own feelings, she’s gripped me slightly too hard but I myself am lost in her enjoyment….she isn’t going to make me come as my mind is entirely on her. She gasps for breathe as she whispers just like that …do it harder…and I feel her entire body tense almost like before a dam bursts so I hold her tight as she begins to come and she pulses on my fingers and bucks hard with her whole body as I hold her firmly.

Beware of strangers

fetish rogue-1966 2017-10-21

Still holding her by the hair I tell her, "open your mouth bitch", where I slid the head in and she wraps her lips around the head and starts bobbing her head sucking my cock. She goes from one to the other but quickly jerking her head, I tell her, "now suck my cock again and get ready to deep throat it, you dirty whore". Pumping a few times, I grab a hand full of hair, pulling her head back, I lean in close and tell her. Grabbing a hand full of her hair, I pull her head back as I slowly slide my cock out till I feel her ass gripping the head, where I slam my cock back in as hard as I can.

Debbies Cuckold

fetish cuckytoher 2017-10-21

One of the first times Ian came to the US, he said he'd like to get together with my wife Debbie and I for dinner at our house. Debbies pussy was warm and wet as I crawled between her legs and licked her clean and then began to work on Ian's magnificent cock. Debbie gets all the cock she needs and has become Ian's little plaything, I get to serve and know that a real man is servicing my wife and providing her with something I never can, and Ian gets to have the best of both worlds; a devoted employee and servant and a great lady to fuck.

Cum Therapy

fetish eliasrotica3 2017-10-21

In ways, telling someone, anyone, about the vivid dreams she was having felt like drinking water to quench her thirst but that her thirst didn't diminish. She jerked back to awareness when she felt her hand pulling her nipples through her blouse and bra. Do you like being cummed on?" pressed Masha, his voice low and gravelly. Masha's eyes were half-closed as he moved his cock inches from her face. Tina sucked and licked desperately until Masha was starting to thrust into her mouth, fucking her. When she started to recover herself after the waves of pleasure, she felt his cock gently wiping all over her face and then slipping in her mouth to be cleaned.

Cheating for the first time...

fetish Mr_Innocent 2017-10-21

Lily: I'm going to take this dick and your gonna fucking like it Lily: I WANT YOU TO BLOW THIS FUCKING HOT LOAD IN MY PUSSY RIGHT NOW. Lily walked over to me and sat down next to me and started Kissing me all over and Rubbing my dick right infront of her... Karen went in the bathroom crying and Lily just sat in my lap so i couldn't go comfort her... Lily: You know it feels so fucking hot.. Karen came out and heard Lily screaming at the top of her lungs telling me to tell her how fucking good it feels and to scream for mommy... Lily: Ohhhhh fuckkk your dick feels so fucking good...

The Cat That Came to Call

fetish SamScribble 2017-10-20

I took another sip of my drink and, for a moment or two, pondered how, on an apparently normal Thursday afternoon in late summer, I had come to be sitting sipping Scotch with a strange woman who moved like a cat, smiled like a cat, and had persuaded the hotel receptionist that she was the wife that I didn't have. To augment her now-minimalist wardrobe, she had adopted a pair of furry cat's ears - soft silvery-grey with lilac tips - and a matching cat's tail which appeared to emerge from between her elegant, toned buttocks. 'Mrs Smith', however, along with her lilac-tipped cat's ears, and her fluffy, silvery-grey tail, had, by then, disappeared into the night.

Chloroformed Encounter

fetish Sodomite 2017-10-20

"Well you know I don't drink and I don't use any drugs, so how are you going to get me unconscious?" As she asked this, Mara looked a little nervous. As I looked at her body lying there waiting for me to use anyway I wanted to, a dildo hanging out of her cunt, I started to feel my orgasm build. I grabbed another toy, this time a thick realistic black latex cock, and started to fuck her cunt with it until it was nice and deep. Mara looking a little groggy says, "I have a bit of a headache and I feel like I got the shit fucked out of me, but other than that I'm fine."

Saying Goodbye Ch. 03

fetish twynn2257 2017-10-20

"Tell me where you want it." Instead of responding, I wrap my mouth tight around her pussy this time, making it impossible for her to pull me away. Charlotte spreads her legs out of the water and places a foot on each side of the tub as I guide my cock against her open pussy. "But I am going to cum all over you." I plunge my cock back into her pussy, wanting to feel the warmth and wetness of it again before I completely lose control. Just as I begin reliving the entire night in my head for the twentieth time, Charlotte opens the bathroom door and says, "Ready for bed?" The tone in her voice is so chipper I hardly know what to say.

That's a Good Kitty

fetish StayClassyHentaiGuy 2017-10-20

She rocked her head back and forth, slowly at first, letting out cute little moans, still keeping eye contact. I circled her clit faster and sucked harder, inserting another finger and pressing as hard as I could on her g spot as I pushed and pulled, her pussy sucking back on my fingers, wanting more. Hanji began to shake and let out a labored moan as her back arched and her toes curled, her legs nearly straight out to the sides. "Meow...ahh.." Hanji moaned, her eyes closed, moving her hips uncontrollably as I carried her into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. Hanji began to scream in pure pleasure, her back arching as high as it was able, and the walls of her pussy squeezing me so tightly it hurt.

Exciting Auntie

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-20

I recalled a plain cream cotton skirt that came well above her knees and gripped her hips and thighs, with smooth legs inside tights (I supposed), mountainously high heels on cream shoes, a short jacket fastened to show off a nice cleavage, and her hair cut into a bob. With one quick look into my eyes, she pulled my face to hers and began a full open-mouth kiss, with her tongue just brushing my lips to start. I took hold and started to lift, all the time our eyes looking into each other's, until the sweater got in the way and I lifted it clear of her arms and her head. I reached down and took hold of the waist band of her panties and lifted it away from her girdle.

Victoria's Surprise for Sylvia

fetish writerbyheart 2017-10-20

I had not touched myself at all this whole time and just wondering whether I was going to be brutishly spanked or get a rough fucking from a strap-on, or both, had caused my pussy to ache with delight until finally Victoria opened my front door and spoke with the tone of a highly-experienced mistress. Victoria got on the bed as well, I was completely unaware of her intentions until she sat on my face, the cotton fabric of her panties was the only thing I could feel, and the still-lingering odor of the shit I just had finished licking off was the only thing I could smell, until she eased up just enough so I could hear her.

Sperm eater

fetish 2017-10-20

I was amazed that it also made me horny when she told me that another man was touching her and as we were lying on the bed in each others arms she asked me if I would be mad if she ever fucked this guy. She got up from my dick and lied down with her legs spread wide open and she started to finger fuck herself and told me that it was my turn to tell the truth. “I have a pussy full of come for you…do you want it right here or in the bedroom.” We went to the bedroom and she kissed me first and took of her clothes and lied down on the bed with her legs spread wide open.

Labor Day

fetish RejectReality 2017-10-20

Once at the house, Zach took Marie's keys and the basket, unlocking the door in advance so she wouldn't have to stand out in the heat. The last thing he wanted to do was have to think of an excuse if she happened to hear him or otherwise notice that he was standing outside the bathroom door. A minute or so later, she sent a message back informing him that she would be staying with Marie tonight — a task the family took turns at — and that she would sneak him a six-pack of beer when she came to relieve him, as long as he handed over his keys first and walked home later.