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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sharing Holes

fetish agirlsofair 2018-09-26

With his tongue deep in Jessica's pussy, Adam noticed she had her face pressed tightly again the stall wall, allowing the stranger's thick dick to fuck her throat. Adam pressed her against the wall of the stall, holding her head tight, allowing the stranger to fuck her throat hard and fast while he impaled her with his cock. Jessica's pussy tightened in orgasm causing her to scream with pleasure and Adam's cock buried deep into her pussy covering her cunt in cum. As Becky used the cock as a fuck toy, Adam stepped in front of her and forced his cock in her mouth, holding the back of her head to get his dick deep in her throat.

Decades pass ( Sarah's Story)

fetish 10x13 2018-09-26

Being blindfolded, tits bound and nipples clamped, so I removed the clip from her clit and began to suck and nibble on her “little penis.” Sarah went off like a bottle rocket! As I approached I noticed Sarah’s nipples were taught and standing like two soldiers, she took rapid short breaths in anticipation, her sizable clit throbbed and her pussy oozed a mixture of her cunt cream and the lube from the eggplant. The glove hand spread more lubrication over Sarah's clit and labia as I inserted a couple of fingers deeply until I could feel her cervix. Still holding herself open, in my semi-hard state when my stream finally started, it hit her full on in the chest, cascading over her tits and nipples, running down her tummy, over her clit and down into her pussy.

The Dancer ( His wife takes him to an all-male rev

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-09-26

He grabbed her hips and positioned her so she was on her hands and knees with her head towards my lap and her ass facing him. He began thrusting against her as he simulated fucking my pretty wife while her head rested on my now semi erect cock. The dancer took my head in his hands and pulled my face toward his silk covered cock as the women in the room screamed and hollered. They watched in a trance as the dancer held my head in his hands and slowly pumped his hard throbbing meat in and out of my virgin mouth. His knees trembled as his cock started to spit thick creamy cum into my waiting mouth.

Slave week Two

fetish 2018-09-26

That night, we went out for dinner, and soon after, the fun began. could see that his friends kept taking peeks up my mini-skirt, and I let wasn't in the mood to watch a movie so I told my boyfriend that I didn't want secured behind my back.He then told his friends that he was going to have sticking up in the air, brushed my mini-skirt aside, and started spanking me His friends were getting really horny from watching He took of the gag and told me to start. cumming in my pretty little mouth, my boyfriend removed my handcuffs and told boyfriend invited two female friends over, and we did watch the movie, all

Jim Goes to College

fetish JimmyJohnson 2018-09-26

"Yes, that's right Jim," Ashley answered, "Beth and I are both in the second year of the nursing program. "It's funny that you mention the P.E. center, Jim, because Ashley and I will also be there tomorrow," said Beth. "Well, I hear there's usually a big crowd for the physicals, especially for the guys, so you might want to get there early," Ashley said. I assumed that they were part of the group of second year nursing students like Beth and Ashley. "Here you go," I said as I handed the forms to the young lady at the table. She took less than a minute to look though the paperwork, checking to make sure that I completed and signed all of the forms.


fetish 2018-09-26

While rubbing her hands over the red, sore ass and then in between them to caress the now raging hard-on, "OH this color looks good." Not sure if she was talking about the red of the ass or the color of my pink panties until she said, "But I do think we will have to get you a few more pairs." She continued to caress the ass as she spoke, which felt so good. "Sissy boy, how do you think we can see it with you in there?" Elaine says loud enough for everyone in the store to hear,"Come out here so we can get a good look!"

Summer Break Party

fetish Footfetishfan 2018-09-26

Not wanting to miss out, she took out her tube of spermicide from her cupboard and rubbed some unto her wet clit, and plunged my penis into her vagina not long after I had ejaculated from the awesome foot job given by Rene. Rene inserted her toes into my mouth for me to fantasize and suck on it as she knew I loved to do that, at the same time fingered Kayla as well. Not long after, I was controlling my penis not to orgasm so quickly as I wanted to let the girls enjoy watching and pleasuring me as I could tell that from their faces they loved it.

Sex With A Young Professor Ch. 02

fetish Silurian 2018-09-25

I had felt myself getting wet on my way to his, walking in the cold with nothing on but a long coat, knowing that at the end of my walk, I was going to feel his cock inside of me again. He put the beads on the sofa next to me, and with his left hand, spread my ass cheeks open a little bit. I started walking back towards the couch, pulling him along behind me with his cock, and then telling him to get on the sofa, facing the other end. He forces his body to quickly slide a little bit down the sofa, and as I was not prepared for it, the dildo pounded against the back of my anus, making my head roll back in uncontrollable pleasure.

Strap-On Submission

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-09-25

Even though you're on your knees sucking cock like a little whore you'd still rather get to taste my delicious pussy than lick your cum off my beautiful feet slave?" I could drain your balls a few times and freeze your cum until I had enough and then warm it up and load it into the dildo, that would be a mindfuck wouldn't it slave, sucking your Mistress's cock and then getting a mouthful of your own creamy jizz? I think I'm going to let you lick my pussy later, once you've finished sucking my fat cock, once you've licked all your cum off my beautiful feet.

Naughty Girl

fetish Sammysex 2018-09-25

So waiting in the corridor your 18 year old already experienced body tingling with anticipation of what was to come.Suzie the voice shouted come in now please,as you entered the office it was obvious from your already erect nipples pushing against the tight blouse which housed your large heaving pert breasts and your already flushing cheeks that you were ready for what was to come. I then slowly walk round behind you and lift your grey school skirt up as far as it will go exposing your perfectly formed long 18 year old legs, then i slowly slide your red already wet panties down to your ankles leaving your soft round arse exposed to the cool air in the air conditioned office.

Cum in Boots

fetish cumboots 2018-09-25

He then squeezed the top of the boot shaft until it was nearly closed so it looked like a yielding vagina, brought the tip of his cock to the opening, and slowly pushed in. Another pull and the boot was on - his cum was squeezed all over my foot and slowly gaining on the ankle and lower leg. Sliding his hands up my boots and stockinged thighs he reached under the black leather skirt and took a hold of my panties. Simultaneously I felt his cum run down the inside of the boot and as I looked a rivulet escaped and slowly ran down my stockinged thigh.


fetish dorisTVmaid 2018-09-25

He felt a shiver through his body as he felt Mistress Enya flip up the back of his uniform to expose his ruffled panties, then without a word, she placed one hand against his back while the other lightly caressed his knicker covered bottom, slowly worked it’s way down to the tender part of his naked thighs and stocking covered legs. Frau Schmidt suddenly opened her eyes to discover Maid Stephanie standing there with one hand under her frilly skirt. Frau Schmidt went out into the living room as Stephanie followed, she then took Stephanie’s ear and lead her to the corner, pressing her nose against the wall, but before leaving she slipped a penny between the wall and her nose.

Dressed like a girl IV

fetish 1120scott 2018-09-25

We went to the store and her mother told Ann to go to the girls department and look for some under clothes and get fitted for a training brake. Ann asked if I felt like looking around with her.I said sure. The lady asked if she was the one who got him to wear girls clothes, she said yes. Ann said I needed a training bra, and red or white leggings. Ann said to take off the dress bra and leggings and put my clothes back on. We went to her room and she said to hurry up and get my girl clothes on.I asked her why,she said just do it.


fetish 2018-09-25

Nate and Isabelle can see there are already dozens of company families here, and the pool area is filled with the secretaries in bikinis and the guys ogling them, already half d***k. The wimpy looking husband notices several guys checking Isabelle out, smiling her way. He is the manager in my office; even the bosses listen to this guy!" Isabelle grabs Nate's hand and drags him along before he has a chance to get his drink. Meanwhile, Jeff's lips are tightly pressing against Isabelle's and his hands slip up under the little mini-skirt. "Fuck, you're GOOD at it!" He grunts, his hands slipping to Isabelle's hair, holding her and guiding the rhythm of her sucking."Gonna be my cumslut in the office now, Belle?" Jeff's firm stiff meat wedged fully in the blonde's throat.

Torturous Boots Ch. 04

fetish Fetish114 2018-09-25

Pete moaned in pleasure and had his eyes closed as he sucked on the lollypop head attached to Clive's left ear, while doing so he rubbed his booted legs up and down the back of the chair, we was clearly enjoying himself. Pete then moved close to Clive's face and placed his leather gloved hands over his cheeks as if he was going to kiss him but instead he used the lollypop in his mouth as his tongue and pressed the round ball of the lollypop against Clive's chin and with an upward head motion slurped Clive with the lollypop all the way over lips and up-to the tip of his nose!

The Waiting Room Ch. 01

fetish MaryR 2018-09-25

I nodded, not knowing how to respond and gave a sort of excuse "I have been playing hockey." It was such a surreal situation and almost unconsciously I reached across and pressed his trousers tentatively without saying a word. It seemed that the loneliness of the Waiting Room and both false names allowed us to be totally honest as he told me "I like the way your panty gusset is pulling into your crotch Wendy." He smiled, as my comment must have sounded childish but he returned the compliment "I like the way your panties are really pulling in now Wendy. It was my turn to smile now as it was feeling gorgeous and wanted to explain what the line was "They are trying to pull right up me John."

Finally a Woman

fetish sonic0075 2018-09-25

She dressed up so sexy: a white sleeveless sweater for the top, her new white Victoria Secret seamless bra, a suede skirt, a white garter belt, tan thigh highs and finally a pair of 4 inch heels. Dave started to poke his cock in her ass and Lana started moaning loudly. Dave started to grab at her tits and Lana wanted more. He then rammed his cock back in her ass but this time Lana didn’t cry, she moaned with delight. Dave grabbed her hips and started pounding her ass with all his might. Lana started jerking off as Dave rammed his cock deep in her ass and again Lana came all over.

Anna's Flatmate

fetish FutaMonster 2018-09-25

Anna introduced her to her friends - against Kelly's wishes - which instantly got them gossipping. She kept her bedroom door locked at all times and didn't seem to like it when Anna asked to come in. "I'm sorry, Kelly," she said "I won't let it happen again, I promise." She went to her room and got dressed and the two of them never spoke again. He was clearly enraptured, but when he spoke to Anna alone he confessed that Kelly had barely said a word to him. The next time Kelly went to take a shower, Anna quickly hurried to her bedroom and turned on her laptop. Anna took her friend's chin in her left hand, slowly turned her face towards her.

Shrilia’s Slavegirl Outfit

fetish Matt Nelson 2018-09-25

"I want to buy a sexy new outfit!" she said. It was a slut/slave outfit which was made up of a pair of skin-tight leather pants with little chains hanging off of it and a leather halter top with long leather sleeves that were chained to the sides of the pants which would keep her hands at her side. I helped Shrilia try it on; she liked it and I thought she looked hip (for a slave). That night, Shrilia got ready to go clubbing, she saved putting on the outfit to the very last minute because her hands would be chained beside her and she wouldn't be able to do anything else. At first, Shrilia said the outfit was a bit uncomfortable.

Secret Fantasies Ch. 03

fetish TheNaughtyWife 2018-09-25

Between the sound of him sucking her and the sound of her juices squishing out of her pussy as he finger fucked her, Annabeth started bucking up against his face and groaning into the bed, gripping the sides and clinching her toes. It wasn't long before she reached up and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and took over the shower and his dick. Don's long arms reached forward and caressed her face, his dick was still hard in her hands, and he knew this was going to take a bit of time. It was hot just like his cum, she let her other hand come up and run under the steady stream before rubbing her tits and neck.

Kinky Experiments 03

fetish bigothboy 2018-09-25

I could well understand her lust- I have an oral fixation a mile wide for kissing, sucking, licking and swallowing and if you've read my other stories you'll know that Darren's love for having girl's pussies and arses (clean or not) in his face is unsurpassed. At first Darren seemed to think this WAS a bit gross, and just lay back watching, but as soon as Katie's animal moans became louder he joined in- nothing gets him hotter than hearing a girl scream. I could not resist and within seconds I was pounding into her tightness, feeling Darren's cock rub up against mine and his luscious boyshit oozing down from Katie's wrecked hippycunt.

Serving My Ex-Wife Ch. 2

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-25

While I am sucking her balls I am finger fucking her ass-pussy when I see cum starting to form on the end of her prick I stop and suck it up. My ex-wife called me a rookie and shoved that big cock right down her anal opening then she told me to lick her cunt while she let's this guy fuck her asshole. I ask her why they was so much cum tonight and she said; that she told him it really turned me on that I was fucking a cock and couldn't wait for me to bring a sloppy pussy full of cum home. She had me suck her cunt while she watched a film with two big black guys fucking a white women she cum twice real quick.

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells Ch. 02

fetish pdkdpdk 2018-09-25

Too many emotions hit me at once, like: oh no I am busted, and oh man she is gorgeous, and oh my goodness this feels so good, and I cannot believe we are in the hallway waiting for her dad to go to work so I can cheat on my wife, and the utter depravity of it all hit me and I just started to thrust my dick hard in Kendra's mouth as my mouth hung open and I stared at this Japanese woman. Sam started to make her way to the floor now and I wantonly followed her tasting her flesh everywhere until I lay prone on top of her, but just as I was getting settled Kendra rolled me off of her and literally attacked me with her ass breath and kissed my mouth telling me how much she missed it while she drooled her foul tasting spit all over me.

Delightfully Evil, Part Three

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-09-25

I don’t want to lean into his chest, head nooked into his shoulder. Pulling the scarf off of his shoulder, making me watch it, wondering. I close my eyes as I feel the cold silk going against my cheek. He guides it to my collar before gently pulling it up, so I can feel the smoothness on my neck. The scarf pulls my neck back a little more. He stops for a moment and then I feel his hands on me, on my shoulders. I feel off center, like I want to fall over. I crane my head up, knowing I can’t see him, but I want him to see me. His hand is on my elbow and I gently pull it away.