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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

College CFNM Society

fetish MissKateKees 2017-10-20

And yet Leo could not help himself, he tried to picture the scene; that beautiful tall blonde boy, stripped of his clothes, toned muscles on display for all, his penis...all those girls surrounding him, commanding him, robbing him of his clothes and modesty; a smiling Katrina Nyberg came into his mind's eye. Her mocking words and subsequent laughter awoke a once dormant desire in the shame-faced Leo. He wanted to see what female rule looked like, he just had to see the ever-entitled Katrina and her girlfriends in charge of naked men. Leo noticed another young man wearing one of these infernal metal devices around his penis, another had some sort of ring around his balls to which a leash was attached and being led by a very serious looking girl.

My Friday Night: Switch

fetish honey28 2017-10-20

When my hand touches his slip, pulling the silky material back and forth against his skin, the simple fact is that it feels really nice beneath my fingertips, and I know he enjoys the way it feels on his stomach. "Yes, I want you to." As I spoke, I could hear in the way that he was breathing, and soft sounds that he was making, that he was touching himself, and I was getting turned on. "I'm going to put you over my lap and lube you up, but you need to calm down a little first so that you don't cum too fast." I let go of his cock, pull his panties back over it, and sit up.

She Loves My big Black dick

fetish 2017-10-20

Shay said “King in high school I had a big crush on you, Grabbed my dick, Shay said “damn it’s huge and hard like a rock”. She was super tight; this freak took the pain and got all of it inside of her. Me. Shay said “King you dick feels so good inside of me, I’m about to Dick back inside of her sloppy wet pussy. She held on tighter I bust a huge load deep inside of her pussy. And let out a scream, at the same time I noticed that my dick was covered with her Shay said “I want to taste that load Each time I bust a load inside of her tight pussy.

Girls Ride On Boys

fetish cowboy109 2017-10-20

"Wow, your ride is like a giant long board," exclaimed Amy. Amy walked to the shoulders and placed her toes over the edge, "Woohoo, I am hanging ten!" Then she stood with her knees bent low sideways and stretched her arms out like a surfer taking on a monster swell. With Daniela on the rice cooker, Amy got ready to straddle the 11 inch cock of the Colonel. Amy had placed her feet near her butt on the sides of the Colonel's belly. "Hey, don't break the Colonel!" demanded Daniela, "If you are going to have fun with my ride, I'll take your crotch rocket for a spin." Just like the women, the men was standing up, moving arms, legs, and turning the head.

Heather and James

fetish cuckytoher 2017-10-20

Most nights when it comes time for them to make love they go to my bedroom where the three of us play and they make love, leaving the sheet and pillows covered in Heather and James' cum for me to sleep in while they retire to their master bedroom and sleep on clean fresh sheets. Many nights after the two of them had fucked themselves silly and covered my sheets with cum, and after I had cleaned both of them, Heather would say in her most sadistic voice, "does Tinkerbelle want to cum?" Of course she knew the answer and she was would proclaim, "James watch this pathetic show!" James would turn on his side and watch as Heather lay on her back in her old ways and put her hand out.

Tiffany: Reveal The Truth

fetish latexcd69 2017-10-20

Tiffany inhaled deeply on the cigarette, gripping it between her slick latex fingers. Allen is going to come in here and suck your cock. He took a deep breath and wrapped his hand around the bottom of my shaft. Mm yes you both are dirty cock whores." A cigarette dangled from her lips as she fingered herself with 3 fingers. Between seeing her masturbating, seeing him jerk off, and the feeling of his soft lips around my shaft, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Allen took my balls into his mouth, shoving his tongue into them and licking around. "Put your mouth around that fucking cock! Tiffany walked over to me and untied my hands, pushing me to the floor.

Red Leather Chair

fetish Rain_Lover 2017-10-20

After watching the clip for the ninth time, I need to be touched so bad that I slip off my jeans and knickers and watch people fucking with my wet pussy pushed as hard on the new red leather as I can manage. I plant my shoulders on the seat, throw my legs up over the back of the chair (maximum contact skin on leather) and watch the firelight gleam on my silver vibrator as I stroke it in and out of my pussy. A pussy hole, a slit over my ass, cutaway breast areas with leather straps. My pale skin looks good against the dark red leather. The leather straps over the cut-away breast panels take a long time.

Sexy Fairytale part 6

fetish drew1207 2017-10-20

Her nipple immediately puckered beneath the wax in pain, and the candle stick dripped more onto it. So when the candle started dripping wax all over her right breast, and then made a steady line over to her left and that nipple, the most sound that Kristen let out was an agonized hiss. Wiggling, Kristen gasped and moaned as the candlestick began working its candles in and out of her holes, moving them deeper and deeper with each twin thrust. her breasts and nipples were encased in wax, and now two waxy candles were shoving in and out of her pussy and ass at a bruising pace, while her most tender area had hot wax slowly dripping on it.


fetish hickmouse 2017-10-20

I had a mental storehouse of images of her; eyes opening wide in surprise as I began to ejaculate into her mouth, her pretty face spattered with the biggest loads of sperm I had ever produced, and even other wonderful mental images of her, slowly pushing back onto me as I slid my cock up her ass for the first time. On her knees, looking up at me, she made a performance of worshipping my cock, licking me, sucking me, teasing my shaved balls with her fingernails, and whispering the filthiest things until I was right at the edge. "Is this what you would like pictures of?" she asked coyly, "Your great, big, thick cock on my pretty little face?

What a Day

fetish trixie_leigh 2017-10-20

I slowly slid into the slip and, as the satin touched my cleanly shaven body, the heavenly sensation brought my semi-hard cock to full strength. I slipped in and out of attention (there's only so many times I want to see a mammoth cocks pumping in and out of a clean-shaven pussy) but always stayed focused for the opening and closing scenes ... I started to tell Minnie how wonderful the movie, the slip, the stockings, the blowjob, the kiss, the whole evening, the whole everything had been. Minnie took a couple more experimental thrusts until she found the right angle at which she could get good pressure on her clit and then she started to grind that angle home.

The Clinic

fetish PolAmour 2017-10-20

You are fascinated and a little nervous that the Doctor and Nurse will find out some of your most intimate fantasies, but stop worrying when you feel cold lubricant and a gloved hand upon your rapidly moistening pussy. You just have time to realise that it is a close up of your own spread sex as the Nurse leans in, mouth open to catch the first jet or your squirting cum in her cherry lipped mouth before your orgasm over powers you and overpowers her strong fingers clamping down on most of her hand. It feels like he is fucking you with two cocks as he presses the butt plug home, the clit vibrator on maximum and your mouth pressed up against a beautiful woman's gushing cunt.


fetish core_ete 2017-10-20

This study gave Aquilianto know, the meat merchant woman called "Leno" most important of the ancient empire.And was being discovered by our hero!. From the darkness, came a young woman with long hair wavy susrro Lena's ear while both looking at him with a mischievous look. I picked up the young woman's hand and gently led him down the hall, the walls of the tent fabric, made ​​of soft and sinuous wall. could not she walked a few steps more but lasted only three could not stand more to choose from, I was very excited, and rolled up his robe before entering the accompanying those buttocks smeared with ointment for asearle something, was fresh and rich smell ...

First Strap-On

fetish hardnose 2017-10-20

I knelt over his face, and settled back until I felt his tongue fucking me. I felt the need to be fucked coming hard, and I fairly lept off his face and onto his cock. "Don't you DARE let my cock drop out of your mouth, slut!" I commanded after he returned and got on his hands and knees. What a sexy feeling to be stroking my cock, looking at a very willing slut wanting it soooo bad; the whole thing just thrilled me. I watched as his asshole gripped the cock, and wondered if my own pussy did that when he fucked me. I gripped the dildo and began to fuck him again, while setting my mouth over his cock.

At Suki's Ch. 02

fetish So drained 2017-10-20

And I felt like a mere animal; all I could think about was my wet cunt, and fucking, while I licked like crazy at Suki's pussy, licking until I knew she was coming, wishing I was coming too. I reached back underneath the skirt and played with myself, all the time watching myself in the mirror, dreaming Suki was behind me, taking me doggy-style with her strap-on cock. "Look at my big American whore," she said, lifting my skirt to stare at my gleaming, glistening wet cunt.

Reversals Ch. 07

fetish RachelClark 2017-10-20

He became increasingly distressed as he pondered his future in Julia's female lead marriage, staring at her sexy panties like they were indictments, each one proclaiming the demise of his masculinity. Getting a job would help for certain, it might be part of the answer but it didn't seem likely that Julia would surrender their female lead marriage that easily. To tell any of the guys he knew that his wife had literally taken control over everything, had turned him into a homemaker and was now making him hand wash her soiled panties was beyond humiliating. Eric closed his eyes and shook his head slowly, his sister's words adding to his pain, confirming his failures.

Model & Madame Melissa Ch. 01

fetish subsilky 2017-10-20

Sitting in the large soft chair and enjoying the scents of the boutique and the very fine dresses Jen was trying on and being photographed in, made me think back to the morning escapade and the road almost not taken. Today, Jen had agreed to come up and spend the day modeling for a collection Melissa was going to be advertising on the web. While Jen was posing and shots were snapped, Melissa was pressing against the back of my head and shoulder with her very generous cleavage and running her hands over my shirt giving me a commentary on where the lingerie came from and the designer's background.

Claire Gets Punished

fetish secretsubmissive22 2017-10-20

Claire stomped in the house, up the stairs and sat on the bed, no way was she going to the corner. Mark waited for her to go in the house then opened his trunk to retrieve a bag of items he bought at a baby store, Claire was in for a punishment this long weekend. He pulled her panties the rest of the way down and put her legs up in the diaper position and began spanking her with his hand. "Fine, you punished me because I tried to run out the door when I was supposed to lay down on the bed to get put in a diaper," she said angrily.

Bablee Ch. 01

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-10-20

It's been great meeting you, Bablee,' the woman gushed, and was quickly on her way. Bablee didn't have a high school graduation diploma, so she couldn't work for the corporation. Josie figured a clever way of keeping the woman out of the way, would be to send her to high school. Mr Kahn couldn't look after his niece while in hospital, so sending her to a boarding school solved a problem. Worrying over going to high school kept Bablee quiet. This was a bad start, as at home boys and girls were kept apart. Bablee got the feeling she was being treated like a young girl, rather than an adult. The end of the school day approached and Bablee wondered how she would get home.

Cyber Sissy Ch. 04

fetish missvicky53 2017-10-20

By this time my body had accepted the butt plug and there was no longer any discomfort, only a constant reminder of my submission to Megan. She untied the ropes from the cuffs and allowed me to visit the bathroom instructing me, "I want you to remove the plug and wash it thoroughly. Megan reached down and slipped the sheath over my cock before fastening the strap around the base of my genitals. The combination of the harness on my maleness and the constant pressure of the inflated butt plug coupled with thoughts of what Megan was going to do that evening and the effects of the video, made me as aroused as I had ever been in my life.

Theatre Part 1 - Messy BJ

fetish 2017-10-20

On the screen was a hot teen girl sucking on a nice size dick. I was quickly rock hard, looking at the porn on the screen and wondering who would sit next to me. Then he asked if I wanted my dick sucked. About a minute later, a nice looking married guy sat next to me and whipped out his cock. Another guy came and sat 2 seats down from us; he looked at me sucking and started jerking off. Our voyeur was stroking faster as well and finally I felt the dick in my mouth get really big. As I could feel the flush of embarrassment as a number of very turned on guys looking at me as I walked.

Mistress Monique

fetish bleedndkn 2017-10-20

A couple weeks later, during one of our lovemaking sessions, which is what I called what we did together (She called it fucking), I had fallen to my knees on the bed and brought her to an orgasm through worshipping her pussy, then began to move up to fuck her as I usually did, when she placed her hands on my shoulders, holding me from entering her and said, "you don't have to cum every time we fuck, you know. Men who will have me every way you're giving up." "And you know what?" She asked, a truly scary look lighting up her face, "If they'd like your mouth or ass to use as fuck holes, I expect you to oblige with enthusiasm."

Her Wild Oats

fetish Darkinside 2017-10-20

Occasionally she would stop and hang her head back like a baby bird on the cue of one of the guys, who would launch another blast of cum across her face and open mouth, coating her extended tongue. So, like I said, I was in for the whole ride, and I watched my wife and the other two girls work their way through every guy there as many times as they could get back up. Both were exciting, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but sitting on the couch, watching my wife finishing up sucking off a bunch of guys she just met, her face streaked with cum and her body dripping piss, I had to wonder what other surprises she had in store for me.

Brenda and Eddie Ch. 01

fetish pervinplainpackage 2017-10-20

I thought Brenda probably hadn't noticed my little tent in my pants, because she took the stack of papers she was reaching for and sat down with them on the chair opposite mine. As I looked down to take her foot in my hands and restart the massage I noticed that my pants had drawn tightly around my crotch and my hard-on was clearly outlined in the fabric. I moved my hands up the same leg I had just been working on, pushed my chair a little closer to her and lifted her leg slightly to give me better access to her shapely calf.

Size Does Matter

fetish alanscorp 2017-10-20

He had found the perfect girl for his ultimate "experiment." He still saw her lying there with both hands thrust between her lovely splattered legs - her back arched, rivulets running down her displayed breasts, her head tilted back, mouth open in pure ecstasy as she writhed and shuddered, slippery with sperm. Jan noticed that in the center of the circle of all the couches and settees was a large circular bed like a dias, and the naked woman in its center was by far the most beautiful of them all. Hank watched Jan's efforts with keen interest, his over-large hands caressing her breasts through the vinyl fabric making her nipples protrude visibly.