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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

High Heel Club Ch. 2

fetish Dragonia 2017-10-20

"You are not allowed to remove your shoes at any point during your time with us unless expressly ordered to do so," Ling said turning and walking back, "and number three, the most important rule of all, is that you must not mention what has happened here to anyone." Ling stopped again and looked at the three girls, "do you understand?" she asked. She had removed her panties and tops, her breasts were massive, they sagged very little, Jenny thought they looked wonderful, her pussy was shaved bare, Jenny could see that she was turned on her lips were all pink and puffy. Even before she stopped shaking she felt her pussy lips being slowly eased apart; she looked down to see the blonde guys now erect cock slowly being guided between her legs.

Help from IT pt5

fetish silklust 2017-10-20

He was at Danny's place before he knew it, found a spot on the street not far away, grabbed the groceries and headed up to his door. As he walked back into the kitchen Charlie began putting everything away then pouring himself a whiskey and sitting down to check out the tv. Danny stopped and struck a few poses while giggling as he saw the look of amazement on Charlie's face. "The funniest thing happened while I was at the store, the checkout lady thought I was going to have a hot date with a cute girl tonight." Oh hey, that reminds me." Charlie stopped quickly and got up to grab something else from the kitchen, returning with the single rose he had purchased.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 09

fetish escalus 2017-10-20

The sensation in itself is not painful: it is the situation, strapped to the couch with her legs open and her arse in the air, totally at the mercy of Miss Lucy and her probing fingers and bulb, that is agony to Karen. The Clare Davenport who sits in the Waiting Room this week, desperate for some water to try to take the taste of shit from her mouth, wriggling uncomfortably on the hard bench trying to ease the discomfort in her vagina and her anus, is a very different girl to the one who, just a week before, sat on the same bench in a state of post-orgasmic euphoria.

Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 8

fetish 2017-10-20

“Hey, Juan,” Max said loudly, “getting’ some Korean pussy there?” “Yeaa,” he said, in a dirty-old-man voice as he squeezed her tits, “Not like Dominican pussy, but not bad.” He grinned a sly grin. His cock must have stuck Courtney in her butt crack when he reached forward, but she only reacted with a little smile and closed eyes. He stepped forward and gently pressed the head of his hard cock into the soft folds of my pussy. “Look at what you’ve done,” Max smiled, pointing at the face of the rock that had been below my pussy. We fucked like that for a long time, taking turns pushing and pulling each other’s genitals into waves of pleasure.


fetish Pagen 2017-10-20

Now you must understand, I will not wear gloves for this test because I must be able to feel you body with my hands and fingers. I am going to take a closer look." He said as he spread my lips open to peer at my distended clit. Your clit is nice and swollen, begging to be touched." I felt his finger circle around and around my clit, sending shudders of anticipation through my body. "Your friend will want to access this part of your body also." I felt his finger probe around my ass. "It will help if your friend rubs your clit." He said as I felt his other hand begin to dance on my clit.

Nancy's Summer Job

fetish SHAFERLINE 2017-10-20

Monica was dressed in a conservative black business suit with the skirt hemmed to just above the knees, a white silk blouse, black nylons, and not so conservative 5-1/2 inch or higher stiletto heeled black pumps with needle toes! "Absolutely, you are the hands down winner, but let's add another thing to this picture and see what you think," Monica answered as she went to the same cabinet and picked out a pair of red patent opera pumps with stiletto heels. Monica had Nancy set down and remove her four inch heeled pumps and replace them with the new ultra high heel pair that had 6-5/16 inch stiletto heels for her size 6-1/2 shoe!

New Beginnings

fetish LaPatitMort 2017-10-20

Over dessert, Janet began to talk about her daughter, Denise. I'm trying to talk your mom into going on a day-long train ride with me." That was the first Janet had heard of my plan. You run along home, like a good little rude girl. Janet and I talked, picnicked but saw very little of each other for a couple of months. The weekend after my project closed, I invited Janet and Denise for a mid-afternoon bar-b-cue in the back yard. "Surely, Denise, you are not asking a male if he minds looking at gorgeous naked young women." We walked, shopped and flirted all day – up the mountain and in the little town where the train turned around to come back down.

Fair Game Ch. 2

fetish Ludo 2017-10-20

"This girl needs help." I thought, so I called to Martha "Hey Marty, come over here and show her how it's done." Becky backed off my prick, releasing it with a pop of suction. Becky took Marty's cock in her hand and began swirling her tongue around the bulbous head. I walked around to the other side of the bed, and saw that Marty had grabbed Becky's ass and pulled her delectable pussy to her mouth. I would pull my cock almost all the way out, and Marty would stroke the underside with her tongue for a moment before I would ram it home again. I pulled out of Becky's pussy, and began stroking my cock furiously.


fetish klammer 2017-10-20

Arnold had been under his wife Randi's thumb right from the start. In a muted voice he said, "Yes, Randi." She told him, "Then get to it, sure to use feminine body language when you're wearing nice things like Arnold f***ed another smile, glanced at her, and said, "Thank you, Randi. Arnold simply said, "Yes, dear. bedroom and play a game." He said, his voice small and wispy, "Yes, "Yeah," Randi said, after she had entered the number said, "Carl, this is my husband Arnie, but he prefers to be called Annie. say hello to my new friend." In a high breathy voice Arnold said, suggestively, saying, "I don't guess you'd want arms like this, Annie.


fetish SafeSexting 2017-10-20

Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. Christine thought this game would never end, but it finally ended when Brian jumped up, jerking her head up by the neck yelling, "Whoohoo!" She dropped to her knees when he entered, and he strapped her head back into the harness, returning his cock to its rightful place inside her mouth. Christine caught her breath as Brian crawled back up her body, poking her pussy with his cock once again.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 02

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2017-10-20

How do you tell your wife that yes I want some of her friends to watch me get plowed up the ass with a strap on bigger than any thing imaginable. She says how great it was to watch her friends drive that big strap on up my ass and asks me you loved it right? I tell my wife there is a way to get constantly fucked like they were saying. I ask her just me getting fucked up the ass this time, right? My wife says don't worry you are going to get your ass fucked but good. The night is about to finish up and my wife says I have to be fucked by the machine till every one leaves.

My Madchen

fetish UseMeUpLover 2017-10-20

"Now I want you to spit on your hand, Papi and stroke it for me all the while letting me know how much you want to fuck your Mistress." He quivered hearing those words and his cock was instantly hard. I am standing behind you now meine Madchen." As he begins his role-play fantasy with her the discharge from her exquisite pussy intensifies causing hot, wet girl cum to run down her legs. She was unable to speak as her fucked her hard and slow pulling almost all the way out of her causing her pussy lips to grab eagerly onto his shaft not wanting to let go of it.

Ren Ch. 01

fetish Apis_mellifera 2017-10-20

As he felt the fight slipping away from his body, he slowly opened his mouth and kissed her middle toe. He opened his mouth, entranced with this new phenomena, and like a puppy begging for a play toy, followed her foot as she dangled it through the air. The opposing heel pressed into his back as the foot in his face lowered itself to the ground. Like a worm being crushed beneath a beautiful goddess's heel, he was now pinned to the ground by a sharp stiletto heel, sniffing pathetically and wriggling closer to her foot. Now you're here, on the ground, cleaning my shoes like a fucking good little slave."

Market day!

fetish dirtylittleboy 2017-10-20

The overly large woman beside her afforded no extra room at all and Mrs. Brown had to sit with her legs crossed, trying desperately to hug the window. I did a couple more rounds of the stalls, got myself some nice local fruit, spotted and watched a few other young women try dresses on, though they were mostly in their early to mid 20’s and all shaved by what I could see. Mrs. Brown waved her closer, and the young woman crept sideways, inching closer to be no more than a metre away. Oh my God!” I opened my eyes to see both Mrs. Brown and the young girl were covered in cum. The young girl crept back to her sl**ping boyfriend, Mrs. Brown getting changed back into her nice skirt and blouse.

Eleanor Ch. 02

fetish Andromeda7 2017-10-20

She was either asleep or dozing so Dora didn't disturb her as she got up onto the platform and moved around till her breasts were hanging free beneath it. She slowly went through her list of questions while giving the girls hanging breasts an examination. She noted the sharp line between the skin of the girls chest and where the breast started its journey away from the ribs. The Doctor went through the questions and examination while Marie took the notes. Marie had watched the Doctor fill the rubber bags with the formula and fit Eleanor up and she could see that the girl was suffering some distress, but then so was Dora.

Humiliated By Mom Ch. 01

fetish meac 2017-10-20

"Honey," she started, suddenly very earnest, taking my hand in hers, "I want to tell you that I'm going to flirt with your friends tonight. You don't feel the coolest when your smoking hot mom is telling your friends about her daily massages she commands you to give her. "I know, I told you he's a good little boy," Mom looked up at me, squeezing my arm. Honestly." And with that, she bounced off Jack's lap as everyone leaned in for a good look of this hot blonde feeling up my mom. I watched, paralyzed as my crush brought her dainty little hand up to my mom's wonderful tits.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 10

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-20

I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged 'Peeping Tom' in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. I could not express clearly how I felt but suddenly began to appreciate my nose being pushed into the head teachers dribbling orifice. "Sexy things 'Tom' all that naked flesh, all those tall young strutting French girls all wiggling their hips, and bending over and shaking their breasts at you all doing 'sexy things' to you Tom, all those lovely 'sexy things', all night long Tom." said the taunting headmistress kneeling in front of me, her mouth breathing on my purple knob end.

College Medical

fetish MissKateKees 2017-10-20

As the satisfied doctor went about examining his mighty thigh muscles, Elsa looked on at this captive specimen, no longer seeing a need to look away or spare his blushes. The words were perfectly reasonable and without any hint of derision from Elsa but Simon felt it like a body blow. Simon noticed the look of astonishment on Elsa's face as she silently nodded her head to the Doctor's remarks. "Ok Simon," said Elsa, fumbling about with the papers, "Not much to go now, there's some consent forms you need to sign here, all pretty standard stuff." Simon looked to the Doctor and nurse, unsure as to where this authoritative Elsa had come from, but the two professionals indignantly motioned that he should get on with it.


fetish Heel778 2017-10-20

"It looks like your right leg is broken," Paula said. "You don't look well, Paula," Noel said, "Better stay where you are." "You still can't wiggle your toes?" Paula asked and looked at Noel's bent thighs." Paula caressed Noel's cheek, wiped the tear that was about to trickle down, then moaning, sat up and reached down to unbuckle the sling of her left shoe. Paula noticed that Noel's casted legs were elevated even higher than her left one. I think that her life is not at risk anymore," the nurse said hesitantly and looked back at Noel. The doctors are magicians nowadays," the nurse said and rubbed Paula's casted thigh. The nurse sat on Noel's bed and placed her hands on the upper part of the body cast.

he uses my wife

fetish 2017-10-20

Without undressing, Larry took out his cock and got between Helen's legs and my heart stopped and I froze as I watched a strange cock enter my lovely Helen. He started to shove his cock in and out of Helen's pussy and at the same time sucked on her lovely small pink nipples. I was pulled out of the way as one of the strangers, who had stripped naked, mounted my lovely wife and proceeded to fuck her, hard and roughly, and it seemed the harder he went, the more she responded. The blond girl in Larry's advert turned out not to be his wife but his 17 year old daughter, and yes, I have had the pleasure of fucking her.

new cuckold pt III pregnant

fetish 2017-10-20

The next two days were a nightmare, since my wife had told me that Jim had fucked her without a condom and cum inside her over and over. I was in shock not that she was pregnant I was prepared for that, but I hadn't expected my wife to want to have another man's baby and be excited about it. I asked Kay if she didn't want to consider an abortion, she went off on me this was her baby inside of her and in no way would she terminate so I had better get that strait now. The next day I asked Kay if she wanted to have Jim's baby I understand that you are going too.

My Step-s****r - Part One

fetish AlwaysHorny78 2017-10-20

I felt my balls begin to tingle immediately at the thought of cumming in her mouth, and I reached forward with both hands, gently holding the side of her head to keep it in place as I pushed my cock back towards her open mouth. This time, as she took my length in her throat, I clamped my hands more firmly on the sides of her head, stopping her from moving, and slowly pushed my cock forward. When she saw it was safe to open her eyes, she reached forward, with my cum coating most of the bottom of her face, and took my slackening cock in her mouth again, sucking the last of the spunk from it.


fetish nighttimestories 2017-10-20

A string of his cum stretched from her lip to the head of his cock until it finally snapped and she turned in her car seat to the next guy waiting at her open car door. I moved to the front of the car to get a shot through the windshield as she sucked one cock and the other fucked her pussy. I heard a moan from inside the car as the guy getting his cock sucked held her head on his cock and shot his load in her mouth. Another guy crawled into the driver's seat and grabbed her head pulling her toward his hard cock. The guy getting his cock sucked pulled away from her mouth and got behind her.

A Tale of Kink

fetish HotLilSexKitten 2017-10-20

Soon the door opened a just a crack Harry smiled again in that dark way as his hand tightened upon Nadine’s. An entire hand slipped up Nadine’s luscious ass as the stranger fisted her, ramming his knuckles in and out of her tender opening up to his wrist, and then his forearm. One cock in her mouth, one in her wet pussy, a fist up her ass, left 13 men to line up and aim. "Oh god please Harry!" Nadine cried out as the first lash fell upon her back, the multitude of hands returned to abuse her tender nipples. Nadine lifted her head, her eyes glazed as they saw Harry standing before her, his thick hard cock in his hand.