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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish sexuser22 2017-10-20

Then she said, "I love male whores like you." "All those women, now it's my turn." She kissed the tip of my dick several times. After working her asshole on my cock, she leaned forward, one arm supporting her & the other holding those big beautiful tits right in my face. Saying, "I love your big hard cock baby." "Fuck my tits, fuck my tits good, before you fuck my face." She knew I loved nasty talk, and that I wouldn't be able to keep from cumming if she continued to talk nasty. In a lusty voice She said, " I love hot sticky cum." "It tastes so good..." Teresa looked so beautiful glistening like that.

Mark's Mistake

fetish kirakakash02 2017-10-20

Dark liquid entered the tube and began moving its way to Mark's awaiting mouth. If you do not follow instructions again you will receive a longer sentence." Allen turned and walked out leaving Mark to begin his sentence. Someone will check on your progress everyday to make sure there is not too much gas build-up." Allen made his way over to Mark and began to probe his stomach. If the gas fails to be released your body will not be able to handle all of that pressure and it will end badly for you." Allen left the room. Allen closed the valve and Mark felt the belch stopping painfully. The attendant bend down and Mark felt the vacuum tube release his dick.

Linda's Punishment Golden Night Two

fetish drew1207 2017-10-20

“Eat it,” she heard Eric whisper, her mouth slowly opened up letting the strawberry inside biting off a big piece. “Mmm, Caroline, this is the best dessert I’ve ever had,” Eric stammered out with a chuckle as his hand pulled Linda’s head tight against his now throbbing hot cock. Linda felt her throat convulse as she tried to get air, the shaft buried deep inside of her mouth, the hand on the back of her head pushing her pony tail down on top of it. “It would be an honor sir,” Linda heard her father answer, as she felt his big toe slowly pressing inside of her moist lips. Linda finally felt Eric’s hand slowly relax it’s pressure as his cock squirted the last couple of times in her mouth.

He Fucks Her Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2017-10-19

The first gentle lick she tenses up a bit and soon thereafter starts to relax while spreading her legs and moving my left hand up to her nipple.  I start to pinch the nipple while continuing to spread her lips, expose her swollen clit and lick like it is the last pussy I will ever taste. Seconds later I feel two hands on the back of my head and she holds me into her now pulsing pussy with every moan there is a clamping on my two fingers with her juicy channel. Pulling her on top of me she starts to ride me while I hold the two large treasures on her chest and play with her nipples; sucking one and pinching the other and repeating with the opposite breast.

Internet Meeting Ch. 02

fetish Stillherer 2017-10-19

I took several quick breaths to steady my nerves as Charles slowly slide his foot between my thighs until his shin was wedged snugly against the cleft of my panty covered sissy clit. Grunting, his body jerking with orgasmic spasms Charles rested his hot cock on my cum slick lips and pumped out the dregs of his goo into my waiting mouth. Breathing heavily Charles held my cum covered face beneath his cock while it slowly deflated. "Oh yeah bitch," he howled pushing me away so hard that I crashed into the toilet before collapsing to the floor gasping desperately for breath, "damn that was great." Leaning down he gripped me roughly by the hair again to pull my face around to his.

Lacey Learns

fetish Cupcakee 2017-10-19

"Why I wanted you not to use the restroom and to drink more?" he offered, and I nodded, embarrassed a little. I haven't done that since I was a kid." As he looked at me, his face blank, I felt like a kid who had wet her pants in front of the entire class: Humiliated beyond belief. And still, you failed to control yourself and wet yourself like a small child." He stepped toward me, tipped my chin up and forced me to look into his eyes. Even as a small part of my mind told me it was James's fault I had had an accident to start with, that he had probably intended it from the start, a new and bigger part of me yearned for Papa's approval and his care.

Bustin' Out

fetish YDB95 2017-10-19

Never a day had gone by since the first time her mother had barged into her bedroom with her first breast-binder that Laurie hadn't wondered, if men in days gone by had been prone to abusing and harassing women in the workplace, why was it now up to women to suppress their natural shapes in uncomfortable, constricting underthings and keep their hair bound in kerchiefs all day long (the latter wasn't so bad on a chilly day like today, Laurie conceded, but it could be miserable in the summer)? The reminder of the occasion brought another wave of intense discomfort and resentment from Laurie: nothing intensified the ache in her chest all day long like seeing other women with their breasts free and properly supported, and Halloween was one of the few times where the Flirts from the licensed clubs were to be seen that way out in public.

Cuckold - The Wive's Tale

fetish Aladylover 2017-10-19

"Oh that's good" I exclaim (and it is) "Eat my filthy cunt, come on make me cum on your face -- FASTER!" I am getting so carried away, I'm so close to cumming that I'm riding his face like a woman possessed. "Eat it, clean it, you'd better get all that nasty cum out of my cunt -- every last fucking drop." I couldn't believe the words that were flowing out of my mouth, or how fucking hot it was making me - I was starting to cum. "Now don't you fucking cum, my cunt's not empty yet!" I instructed as I let my bladder release a little of its bitter fluid.

A one night stand

fetish 2017-10-19

It was a little higher than most and I took his hand to get in to the seat but needed an extra push, I was greeted by two hands right on my ass pushing me upwards into the truck. By the time we arrived at his place my pussy was soaking wet and his fingers were stroking my clit. Dan leaned across the couch and lifted my skirt and proceeded to finger my pussy. Then I leaned over and pulled his cock free and started sucking with all I had. He started to stroke his cock in and out of my ass. His cock slips out of my ass and a flood of warm creamy cum spills out of me and onto his comforter.

Triangular Ch. 03

fetish Agent86 2017-10-19

Our shower session ended with Kathy on her knees with Sven's cock between her soapy tits, her tongue darting out to lick the head each time it appeared, while I knelt behind her with my cock nestled in the soapy wet valley of her arse cheeks, which she obliging clenched forcefully as I slid up and down, with my hand reached around to diddle her clit. Finally the other end of the strap-on inside her, and the harness rubbing on her clit combined with the mental pleasure she was getting from arse-fucking her husband made Kathy come, a filthy stream of language bellowing forth from her mouth as if she had actually become a man during the act.

New Life: Chapter Three

fetish sissycinnamon 2017-10-19

I knew she was watching me as my eyes darted across the screen, looking at every detail of this site that was now advertising a sissy who was begging to be exposed and humiliated by anyone who happened by. “I want you to look right into the camera, bitch. And if ya don’t want to do what you’re told, I’ve got about a dozen pictures of you ready to hit Facebook and Instagram and all the places you and your friends and f****y hang out online! Make ‘em hurt so you cry like a good little faggot for me!” He was awful, and I knew this was going to last for a long time.

Master Calls

fetish Vixen6873 2017-10-19

hook" "Yes sir" placing the phone on the table you rush into your room. You feel a wrist cuff placed on your right arm. "Slut, its nice to see you have followed my orders." You feel good "Slut, raise your arms up" The sound of chain With master pulling your nipple you feel something rubbery go around it, twang "Arhhh" "Nice isn't it slut" "Yes I pull your butt open and place my cock between your, now swollen, beautiful sight, slut hanging there in pain & a little pleasure it would "Good slut, now come to my voice" I moved whenever you got close. "doesn't slut want to make master happy" You say yes sir "So why don't


fetish thorbet 2017-10-19

I then made an action as if I was opening something and holding it in front of my cock and made the same wanking movement at which her eyes partially closed and her face registered a look of sheer lust as her hand went to her crotch and pressed it. Once there and with the door partially closed so we could hear my wife, she asked me softly if everything was alright at the same time indicating upstairs with a nod of her head. Debbie was still chatting into the phone as I poured the drinks and sat down and it was a few minutes before I heard the quiet sound of the flush and the bathroom door open.

Teach Me Professor Ch. 02

fetish janey16 2017-10-19

"I would like to know how many of you have naked pictures of college students on your phones?" she queried the shocked audience. I hesitantly began to scroll through the photos on my phone making sure not to give the pretty young blonde sitting across the room a free show. It was a photo of me on my knees, eyes blindfolded and face completely smeared in white, hot cum and pussy juices! As I scrolled to the next picture, a familiar warm feeling began to return to my pussy and I felt my face become flushed. "Here's a little video I think you'll like, but first, you said you'd show some photos to me, remember?" I asked with a wink in my eye.

Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 01

fetish M_Sirk 2017-10-19

As I kissed and sucked on Vanessa's tits, I slid one hand beneath her skirt and felt her pussy - through her panties - for the first time. Standing up on the bed, leaning against the wall behind Vanessa with one hand, I continued to pump my cock with the other, holding it close to her face, until with a groan I ejaculated, my sperm landing on her forehead and dripping down her cheek. I thought I had discovered just about all there was to know about Vanessa's sexual experiences, but then I happened to ask her, while we were sitting in a beach-side café one morning and a particularly hot girl had walked past us, whether she had ever been attracted to a woman.

Pierced Ch. 02

fetish JenPB 2017-10-19

For those of you who haven't read the first chapter yet, I got my left nipple pierced a few months back and well, lets just say it caused me to become extremely horny. It was the right decision to have my nipples pierced one at a time so I can at least play with one while the other heals. Rachel then turned back around to her table and readied the rest of her piercing equipment while I just remained laid back in the chair with two exposed and really hard nipples sticking straight up at the ceiling. "Calm down now," Rachel said and as she spoke these words, she applied the piercing clamp to my right nipple.

Serena Wears Her Heels for Photos

fetish fantasyboy 2017-10-19

But Mark's frenzied fucking of his gorgeous wife soon had him there and Serena loved it as she felt spurt after spurt of her husband's hot cum splatter the inside of her cunt which suddenly triggered her second enormous orgasm, and just as she started to come down she felt Roger's cum splatter over her tits. Serena was more than happy for this and as Mark held his wife's legs wide apart Roger started fucking her slutty pussy with the heel. Mark moved round and started sucking his wife's erect nipples and soon Serena's third orgasm was approaching, and Roger bought her to a mind shuddering cum.

Backyard BBQ

fetish jester4747 2017-10-19

My good little girl knows how much I love her beautiful, sexy body, and how much joy I get from seeing it." My hands begin a slow, longing caress from your shoulders, "I want to gaze upon the wonderful gift you continue to give to me. "Thank you Menuda, you are a good girl for remembering." From my knees, I move close enough for you to feel the warmth of my breath on your freshly shaved skin. Is my good girl ready?" My fingers are pushing deeper and faster as your body braces for the pending climax. I pull your head backwards and press my hand over your mouth, as I see the headlights turn into the driveway next door.

Verna the Ponygirl

fetish meenymo 2017-10-19

With shut eyes I rested while listening to the sounds of the day beginning, other ponies in their stalls awakening and whickering to Luke as they heard him and of course the opening of stall doors and movement in and out as he cleaned stalls and filled water for everybody. He asked me to walk, trot, canter and change directions and I watched his body language and tried to follow his instructions best so I could see that smile and hear the pleased tone in his voice when he said, "Good mare, that's the one," to me when I achieved something.

Hot Pregnancy Ch. 3

fetish pregnantlover2001 2017-10-19

With every moan Alex started to fuck Amy faster and harder just like she said. Alex got onto the bed and grabbed the guy that was fucking his pregnant wife and turned his head and started kissing him. "Jennifer, this is Amy, the girl you saw me fucking on the beach." he said. He continued to work her cunt as Jennifer slammed her head onto the bed and closed her eyes and then grabbed his head and started to push and pull him to make him go faster. "When ever I see a pregnant girl, my cock gets rock hard and I want to fuck them right there and then" he said.

Thursday Night

fetish EgoGaia 2017-10-19

The text message seemed innocent enough: "Please pick up a hand of fresh ginger on the way home from work." I knew better though. I wondered if the produce clerks kept an eye on the ginger display so as to catch the figgers? I am looking for a nice hand of ginger for figging." You want a snug fit for maximum intensity." He would pick one out of the bin and hand it to me. I quickly selected a large ginger hand. I am so proud of you." And with that, as if she could predict, the burning began to hesitate and just as quickly the curve of possibilities collapsed and the root gave up.

Slips a New Sensation

fetish spattjack 2017-10-19

We moved to and fro as we watched ourselves in the mirror; her caressing her breasts; and me fingering her panty clad pussy. The feel of her slip running over the head of my swollen member was so intense and unexpected that I soon came in gushes of hot steamy cream, soaking the back of her silky slip and the back of her silky panties as well. I kept fingering her until she came with great gasps and shudders, and soaked the crotch of her silk panties through and through. I got on my knees and pushed the black silk slip up and pulled her cum soaked panties down and off. With the other hand I caressed her tits pulling hard and twisting her nipples through her silky slip and bra.

Secretary Morgan's Period Ch. 02

fetish headtyper 2017-10-19

"What the hell are you talking about?" Morgan asked looking at me and then saw what I was looking down at, took her fingers, spread her legs a little bit further apart and felt her crotch. "I think I'm going to let my maxi pad in my panties a hell of a lot long than I usually do and really make it a bloody mess," Morgan said thinking up a good scheme. "Before we set up the tent I better change into those old shorts I was telling you about," Morgan said. "Do you want to try making the inside of the tent as hot as this fire?" Morgan laughed. "You really love the odor of my bloody, stinky pussy?" Morgan asked half laughing.

Michelle's Story - Part 2

fetish 2017-10-19

While they kissed he put her hand on his raging erection and said “this is what you’ve been doing to me for close to 10 years now” By now Michelle was getting wet, knowing that this man was turned on by her. “Holy shit!” Frank thought as he saw this woman who had fantasized before and through all his years of puberty into his teens was on the floor on his knees sucking his cock like a slut. “Fuck…fuck….fuck!” he moaned and then his cock felt like it exploded cum into Michelle’s mouth. It wasn’t long before she came again but Frank didn’t let up, he kept fucking her hard.