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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dairy Queen of the Breeders Ch. 02

fetish Tivanosa 2017-10-19

Hunter rushed in haste from the breeding room, slamming the door shut and leaving behind his girls, still recoiling from their state of shock. Hunter was now keen to see his aged grandmother, and so it was that he made his way to her bedroom. He came to the heavy, oak door, knocked three times and then observed as a delicate, young woman opened it. With a nod from the Grandmother, the maidservant knelt down before Hunter and unbuckled his belt, pulling slowly on his pants. Thinking about Valeria, Hunter held the young girl's head deep against his crotch, imaging she was his newfound interest. As she was wily, playful, intelligent and manipulative, she could very well prove so.

A ''Skirted'' Man with Two Assholes

fetish thechangedone 2017-10-19

"Yes, Paul?" the man kept touching my hair, as if trying to encourage me to utter the words. "Just look at your tassels and those white feathers, gently touching the middle of your thighs, Paul," he grinned. "At first, you thought it was just another chapter of the BDSM game, Paul," the Cajun affirmed. Paul, remember that your girlie derriere still belongs to me. Do not forget about that beautiful rose I have shoved up your lovely rear while girlie music kept playing in the background! I received many notes throughout my time inside The Prophet's compound. I knew that The Prophet was a mercurial soul and I could not risk coming back to this place.

Swallowtail Ch. 05

fetish ktmccoll 2017-10-19

I might be looking at a report or a proposal and the page will fade from awareness, replaced by the image of Dex's swallowtail tattoo, her myriad piercings, her calm raccoon gaze that challenges and invites at the same time. Equality is an illusion and I've never been subservient to any woman, with the possible exception of the few times I've been with Dex. Any relationship I've had with a woman who professed equality or strove for it was short and, in the end, bitter. "Part of the appeal of piercing is owning it," says Dex. Dex grasps the base of my cock, which has risen obediently like a puppy intent on a possible treat.

Dinner with the Salingers

fetish Pippac 2017-10-19

As much as Mrs. Salinger and I aren't particularly sociable, save for the odd pleasantries now and then over a borrowed cup of sugar, her husband, Tom and my Robert get along famously. When we got back home that I night, I gushed some more about how incredibly lovely Mrs. Salinger looked and Robert couldn't help but agree- although I suspected for entirely different reasons. Robert's animated comments floated right past my ears as I watched Mrs. Salinger plunge into her husband's ass over and over with deep and deliberate precision. My face was red and hot the first time I took Robert's cock in my mouth in a public audience but when he slid into my wet pussy, the thought of the Salingers eyes all over us made me wild with desire.

Three Diapers Ch. 02

fetish wizard_of_oz 2017-10-19

I took your advice and didn't go to the toilet before bed and this morning my diaper was so wet it was starting to leak! DAP:Not very wet but the diaper was totally soaked! DAP: I blew so hard into her diapers I nearly passed out. DAP: Well a couple nights ago she came to kiss me goodnight and I saw the top of her diaper and plastic pants out the top of her Pyjamas. DAP: Because I don't want her to know I wear her diapers or even that I wear my own! I'm supposed to meet this woman who wears diapers FOR REAL, just like I do for fun, and probably have sex while wearing Melissa's wet diapers!

Stress Therapy

fetish redhot191 2017-10-19

But taking a deep breath, my friend calmly talked of how handing control over to someone else, of how feelings of vulnerability and humility, and the careful use of controlled pain can help people who are use to being in control all the time, can allow these same people to drop all defenses and the stress can be released much more quickly than any other method he has come across. Using her hands, she guides me into the position she wants and when she seems satisfied that I will not fall or slide off, I feel the smooth flesh of her thighs wrap around my cock as she closes her legs.

Mica, Misty, Max & Mona Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2017-10-19

Mona asked how she was doing and Mica said very good, she could go back to work if she wanted in the morning. Mona use her finger nail to get one started and then said this might pull and took it all the way off. Mica immediately brought her hand up and took hold of Mona's face and turned it to hers and kissed her using her tongue to get her teeth open. They spent several minutes French kissing and Mica dropped her hand to Mona's breast pulling on her nipples. Misty told her how sexy she looked, she must have started her period and Mica said yes, big time.

Lost Bet Ch. 4

fetish Pippa 2017-10-19

Exiting the bathroom, I saw all four of my superiors waiting for me, Master Jerry let out a slow whistle and, my lovely wife complemented me on how well I had succeeded in my task. "Before we go, I think we need a little keepsake of how pretty you look." Said Mistress Lisa as she pulled out her camera and snapped off a couple of pictures of my female persona. So, I've had a word with my friends in the band and they've agreed to let you be a little stage decoration for them." I couldn't believe my ears but sure enough, I was being lead backstage and up the stairs.

Pregnancy Fantasy Ch. 1

fetish Story_Guy00 2017-10-19

Taking it between her lips, gently sucking on it, feeling the warm fluid flowing out, onto her tongue, squeeze it with her fingers, making milk spray forth from the swollen breast. As soon as she started sucking again on the nipple, tasting herself, and then rubbing her clit, she lost control and screamed out loud as she came with great force. She covered up quickly and went to answer the door, all set to send whoever it was away, so that she could finish pumping before Todd got there. She looked into his eyes and told him that she wanted to have a chance to suck some if HIS milk, and started to bend forward to his crotch.

Mom's Orders

fetish shoeslayer 2017-10-19

I don't know how to describe how good; sexy; and erotic it is, the bedside lamps glow on Moms silver ovals part down her nose with the beaded glass chain dangling and moving in time to Moms awsum hand job, her sexy half-glasses sitting on the heel Mom has me fucking and yes, the light of the lamp bouncing off that sexy heel, the heel she referred to as looking like a woman's pussy, the heel so smooth on the inside as Mom smeared it with her love juice, so velvety smooth and tight, and considering how horny I am, my mind or what's left of it has a great time knowing Mom is helping me symbolicly fuck her.

Truck Slut

fetish Lady_Fiona 2017-10-19

Jessica moaned deeply and her hand went up to pinch her already erect nipples hard, through the sheer fabric of her top before moving to undo the buttons and letting the top fall open. Jessica gagged and Al moaned in satisfaction as he watched Jessica's bulk heave, pulling back, he let her draw breath before pushing deeply back into her, his strokes deepening as he skull fucked her hard. As Al looked at her his cock twitched and he kissed her roughly, his hands leaving her head to pull on her breasts, pinching her nipples hard, making her flinch. Al looked up and they stood, both stroking, Al's hand sliding up and down his cock, rhythmically and Jessica's finger rubbing the tip of her clit as they watched the arousal on each others' faces.

My Public Sex Addiction 5

fetish bioralpleaser 2017-10-19

Taking the direct approach, I go right up to him behind the tree and grab his cock and grab him around his cute waist and start jacking his cock and nuzzling him and kissing his face and just wanting to fucking HAVE this guy, and he acts like, what were you waiting for, dumbshit? He's got these slim hips and the top of his cutoffs is open and he pulls out of my throat and jacks his fantastic meat kinda slow while his head rolls back against the tree and big, copious watery ropes of absolutely white cum come pouring out of that amazing cock.

working midnight shift

fetish 2017-10-19

little later she is on her knees sucking my cock. From the start she got my pants off and sucked me hard and from there pulled up her skirt. while I had her diverted I pulled her legs inside the chair arsm and pushed al lthe cock I had in her. For that night I worked with about 6 inches of cock and the plump head in and out of her drive her nuts. I looked at something on the floor when I noticed cum runnign down her leg. She told me of cum running inside her shoe and down her legs, she worried someone would see. She knew how ot work her ass and knew I would get little rough at the end.

Beer Baron's Daughter

fetish Beau_Jack_Walker 2017-10-19

I sported a growing hard-on as Barbara hung her enema bag in the bathroom. She made me kneel on the bed and proceeded giving an enema with large pink penis shaped nozzle. As the warm water filled my sigmoid Barbara began thrusting the nozzle in and out giving my prostrate little nudges. She removed two quart bottles beer from back seat and pink enema bag . She hooked the pink enema bag to wire and reached for a quart of beer. I filled the enema bag with warm and lubed the nozzle with cold cream. It's time for your beer enema Jimmy. By the time I had finished next beer enema I was feeling a little drunk.

Self bondage

fetish stig1963 2017-10-19

Knowing it was too late to back out now; she carefully slipped the ring gag into place behind her teeth and pulled the straps over her head, securing them in back with small silver buckles before adding even more tiny padlocks. Britney was completely nude, arms bound behind her back, breasts thrust out invitingly to anyone lucky enough to find her, gagged in a head harness with absolutely no way to spit out the ring gag - and indeed unable to prevent anyone from inserting a body extremity of their choice down her throat, and hobbled so that she could not even run effectively should she attempt to flee from anyone she sought to evade.

Magic Potion: Lana

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-10-19

"Nah-h," he groans, looking at the picture of a lovely woman with long brown hair sitting in a white bikini, the right leg slightly pulled up against her with her chin resting on the knee, the hands loosely gripping the ankle, the left leg ending in a short and nicely formed stump. "Good plan." Jean looks around then whispers, "I'd do a leg like that." He pictures her with one leg, maybe the left, ending not far past the hip, and her walking on bright red forearm crutches to match the toenail polish on the remaining five toes. "Great cock," she mumbles with just the head in her mouth then resumes for a long moment, her hand stroking the shaft gently, not wanting him to come for a while longer.

The Girl Who Changed It All

fetish jackandhisways 2017-10-19

So we started kissing romantically and I said (only God knows why), I need your milk baby, while holding her tits. I pulled here hair and said, I am not fucking your pussy, it's your ass, and started pumping here ass hole. Later that day we talked about what happened and how I surprised her with my dick in her ass. she screamed heavily while getting her ass fucked and talked even dirtier than usual. And here these females had issues with: sucking cock, the taste/touch of cum, being called a bitch or slut while fucking, or some rough action. She took it happily, served me like I was God. Every time I fucked her ass, she told me she couldn't walk properly for two days.

Confessions (Michele)

fetish robertjones 2017-10-19

Every day for a week, this same woman came to light her candle, pray, and walk away. Once seated, Jim made it clear that he would be paying for lunch, but the woman declined, saying that her husband was very wealthy and that she had plenty of money at her disposal. Instead of going to the church, I set up a confessional in my apartment where I confessed my "sins" to Jim who sat in as the priest. My husband thinks I am spending a lot of time in church, but I am having the time of my life with Jim. So far, we have been together for five years and it seems to be working.

A Favor For A Friend

fetish Talespin 2017-10-19

After another long pause, Eileen said, "You probably wouldn't have your strength back by the time we meet next week!" Imagining what Barbara would look like, I began to rub my hand over my jeans. With her left hand, she pulled Barbara's flowing brown hair away from the side of Barbara's face and began kissing her ear and neck. I continued to watch as the two women writhed together, then as Eileen began removing the shirt, exposing Barbara's breasts, nipples hard and erect. As my words came out and Barbara recognized that it was not her lack of sexual attractiveness that had caused me to cool slightly, the embers of lust began to again glow in her eyes.

Barefoot Day

fetish Deadwood 2017-10-19

The morning rush had already been hectic, and squeezing through a throng of people equally hell bent on making the same train, to the same station, at the same time; Amy Lynn Steele felt glad to just have a seat as she plunked herself down on the hard plastic and watched the outskirts of Boston zip past. Deep down inside Amy knew her high heels were not bothering her any more than normal, but as she got off the train and walked the two blocks to her office building, kicking off her shoes and going barefoot for the day began to sound appealing. After looking around the lobby one more time, Amy felt secure enough to slip her hand up under her skirt, find the hemline of her pantyhose and pulled them quickly down her legs.

Labor Day Panties

fetish Bad Mischa Bad 2017-10-19

"How was your day, Daddy?" she murmured, her small hands running along my hips, thighs, ass. Only Daddy buys your bras and panties, right?" My voice remained calm as I spoke, my fingers dipping under the material to grip and rub her red cheeks. I took a moment to see the mesh covering her puffy lips before I kissed her all over, sliding my tongue along her opening, sucking the juices that came through the material. I love the way it feels, the way you grip me when I fuck you." I was to the point of incoherence as I felt my cock begin to spasm, felt the long ropes of cum shoot deep inside her. "The best little girl Daddy could ask for," I replied, kissing her neck, her shoulder, anything I could reach.

Growing Romance

fetish sugarspice01 2017-10-19

Then you leaned in to kiss me and the rest of the night was a blur of kissing, and licking and sucking, culminating in the moment when you fucked me on my back with the strap on, your belly crushed against me body, one of my hands gripping the tiny roll of soft fat on your back and the other where my fingers dug into your thickening hip. Just last night I flipped you over onto your back and tasted my way down the side of your round cheek, nibbled on your double chin and paused at your full breasts, teasingly brushing a lick at the pert nipples before moving down to bury my face in your plump belly, my hands just enjoying the feel of soft, supple fat.

Sex,lies and retribution

fetish 2017-10-19

She had been the one to delete her old account even though I did most of the messaging for her as “it's too much like hard work and I don't want to do this any more.” I grabbed my laptop and logged into my account on the same site and tried a search for her profile. Bareback is the best as I only want to feel cock not a piece of rubber also I don't like wasting cum as I love to be left dripping from a guy who's just filled my pussy up.  Unfortunately we were disturbed by the phone before I could finish and we never were able to arrange a meet for that night but fingers crossed she's going to be very busy this weekend as the guy who's local is coming over tonight and I've been allowed to join in.

Heloise and Bella Ch. 01

fetish clem59285 2017-10-19

Bella had her hands deep between her thighs, moaning of desperation, looking at Helena in a pleading way, while doing a pee dance across the room. Helena had turned the vibrator to full intensity for a second, just enough to make Bella stop talking, now trying to regain control with a not so discreet pee dance. Having a hard time getting dressed, Bella felt the first effects of the bladder strengthening drink, just when Helena put the vibrator back to a reasonable vibration. Her moans were nearly enough to make Helena delay Bella relief a little while, but she quickly realized her friend was in a losing fight against her bladder and it was her duty to help her.