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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 05

fetish Duke567 2017-10-19

As we ate, Kate started "Alexa and I were talking before we came down. Finally Kate grabbed the key from between her brests, and brought it to the lock of my cock cage. Alexa started passionately sucking Kates pussy lips as I grabbed her breast with one hand, and moved my other down to her clit. Alexa, while fighting me to excite Kate's clit, took over the massage of my balls. She took my caged cock and gently rubbed it up and down Kate's pussy. I didn't know if Alexa would actually drive all the way back to Virginia to Jen's place, or just get her spare key from her own house. Kate took the key from Alexa's purse and unlocked the cage.

Pie - I Just Love Them

fetish DiggerDave 2017-10-19

Mand slipped onto the bed next to me and I slipped my arm round her and began to massage the large area of her soft breasts, pulling at the stiff nipples between my finger and thumb. I was not expecting her to become dominant and feed me my own cream pie, in fact my fantasies had been about Mand sleeping with someone else and letting me see and taste the results. 'You like the thought of my cunt stretched by a big cock don't you?' Mand said almost taunting me. As we broke from our kiss Mand giggled and said 'I hope you liked that because if you want to be a cuckold you will have to practise swallowing hot sticky come!'

Brigit Part 01 - I meet the Goddess Brigit

fetish oggbashan 2017-10-19

“You don’t know who Brigit is, do you?” she asked. I pulled in front of my isolated house and opened the car door for Brigit. “Just tell the woman who answers the door that Brigit sent you. Brigit (the goddess that is) walked out of my door half an hour later. Both official women came with bulky folders of paperwork showing how much they had tried to help Brigit. “Thank you, Raymond,” Brigit said as she got in. “You wouldn’t survive it, Raymond,” Brigit whispered in my ear. Brigit turned round to face me and with both hands she lifted the hem of her dress to show her legs to just above the knees. I didn’t even know what Brigit the goddess looked like.

My Week last Week

fetish dani_b 2017-10-19

Im enjoying myself and he grabs the back of my head and starts forcing his dick down my throat, so im like ok, he wants it like that. Well im pretty flexible, so next thing you know it, my legs pinned back by my head and this guy is just burying his bone! That mother fucker then puts on another condom, flips me over onto my stomach and starts just r****g the shit out of me. Im like in orgasm the whole time, and then he grabs my shoulders hard, and thrust deep as he can and just bursts inside me, filling his condom. He says i wanna see you cum, so i give him some lube and tell him to fist fuck me.

A New Nude Experience

fetish duckandbunny79 2017-10-18

Steffi continued, "I think last year I managed to get a rub down from about 10 different men, didn't I hubby." "Although I'm not entirely sure, whether they were all using the lotion we gave them, if you know what I mean!" "Go on honey, have some fun, I know you have always wanted to fuck and older woman and Steffi looked more than game, when I came back from the water." Lis whispered into my ear. "As soon as I saw this big dick when I walked on the beach, I told Hubby that I wanted it in my cunt right then and there." "You've kept me waiting longer than most guys do, so there is no way I am going to waste this opportunity."

Her New Whip

fetish X 2017-10-18

He went over to the bed-head and placed his left hand in the shackle that hung from the right-side post. Each stroke was agony but he watched the action of her arm and admired the beautiful hand that firmly gripped the handle. Once she was sure he was restrained properly she held the base of his erect cock and slapped it's length stiffly with the end of the riding crop until the veins stuck out and it was even harder. She held onto the bed-head with her left hand, holding the whip as well. She dropped the whip onto the bed and began fingering herself, then lowering herself so that her soft wetness touched his red hot cock she pushed so that the tip entered her.

Creampies and More for the Holidays

fetish cpluver 2017-10-18

Linda asked Brooke, "You mean you never let him cum in your mouth? I told him that I couldn't have sex with him to try and put him off but he said all he wanted to do was eat me and make me feel good." If Brooke was going to go along with Linda's idea, I knew that I wouldn't be getting any from her for at least a few days. She was sucking the very life out of me and apparently was finally going to let me cum in her wondrous mouth. "All in good time, now use your tongue on me, I want to cum," she said. "I beg of you, let me eat your pussy and make you cum," I said, feeling humiliated.

Never knew I'd enjoy that...

fetish dirtymindedmale08 2017-10-18

Come on in." I opened the door, and there she was, sitting with her shorts and panties around her ankles, legs spread wide, slid back as far as she could get on the seat, leaving me room to piss between her legs. My head was buried deep in her thighs, but I could hear her moaning, and she started to scream, then came on my face, squirting like no woman I've ever fucked before. You tell me if I want your cum in my twat, honey!" With that, I exploded, ramming my shaft deep inside her, feeling the opening to her womb, grabbing her ass so hard I left bruises.


fetish wastedaway 2017-10-18

Pulling a pillow out from beneath the cheap hotel bedspread he lay back, clasping his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. Using one hand to make sure none of it touched the floor she eased each legs down over his foot and off. Gently, she lowered her head and began running her lips across the soft green fabric. His legs began to press in against her shoulders and she could feel his buttocks tense up under him. She felt, rather than heard, his hand raise into the air and come crashing down on her bare behind. With one hand he pulled her head up off the bed slightly. Each time she felt she was going to give in to the feelings her head would arch back.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 17

fetish Many Feathers 2017-10-18

As I did, I noticed of course that the door to Bella's room was open, wondering as I saw that if she had in fact somehow still managed to go for her early morning run. "Good morning," I told them both, leaning over to kiss mom, kissing me back, and then Bella, as she likewise did before heading over to the counter for that much needed cup. "No way!" I said to myself, and then paused adding..."OK, maybe." I chuckled then, heading upstairs walking past Bella's open bedroom door to the sound of the shower running. "Here, allow me," mom said moments after that as she began rubbing my own brand of sunscreen into Bella's boobs.

After the Party

fetish petercee 2017-10-18

By 12.30 the party was about over I took the keys off a couple who had partied a little too hard and sent them off to the guest room, having stayed before they knew where it was the other one that was probably over the limit was one of the new guys, I put him in the bedroom nearest out suite just in case he got confused where he was in the middle of the night I left our bedroom door slightly ajar so I'd hear him stumbling around, I did however show him where the toilet was.

The Visit Pt. 01: Arrival

fetish shortonreality 2017-10-18

The photo was of a ginger-haired pussy with a huge cock halfway into it, which I enjoyed seeing, but I spent the next 30 minutes aching in pain as my hard on pushed against the short chastity cage, stretching my ball sack in the process. The video was a compilation of men being humiliated by women: as toilet slaves, cleaning up their own cum, helping other men fuck a woman, licking asses, licking pussies, getting pegged, being edged and denied orgasms. Locked inside the small airplane toilet, it took me a long time to get undressed, put on the red thong, which barely fit over my cock cage, fishnet stockings, garter belt and corset.


Out by the pool

fetish 2017-10-18

I was very hot and horny because of my dream and thought about heading into the house to relieve myself with a little personal time, but It was such a nice day and no one was around. That same dream must have started up again because I remember waking up thinking how wonderful it was being this excited and having the fingers of my right hand inside my now very moist pussy. I started to moan and squirm around – how it must have looked, a grown woman naked with her breasts out of the water and body facing the wall of the Jacuzzi moaning and building up to a much needed cum.

Impregnating Alice Ch. 06

fetish eatoure 2017-10-18

Bobili kissed Alice, who surrendered completely to her and let herself be laid down in preparation for penetration, at long last, and hopefully impregnation. Bobili traced the contours of Alice's rounded body with her little hands, coming to rest on her tummy. She gently inserted her middle finger into Alice's hole and curved it upward, where she knew Alice's G-spot was, at the same time pushing down on the girl's belly a little more firmly. Alice moaned again and Bobili noticed that she was so wet that there were dew drops on her nether lips. Gabe, who was undressing, noticed how tuned Bobili was to Alice's body, how she seemed to know Alice sexually as well as he did.

Kinky Girl Games 01

fetish poetposh 2017-10-18

5 - Starting a site that features girls competition in kinky games will drive guys crazy. E - The girl that fills her cup the first, is awarded 1 points for finishing first, plus 1 point for each ounce of pee. She thinks to herself, if I'm going to pee in front of a camera tomorrow, I had better practice first. Having already drank over a gallon of water that day and most of it in the last hour or so, letting her flow of pee go into the cup took little effort. She then opens her mouth and faces the shower taking the water in and rinsing her mouth thinking she really did not want to explain how she got pee breath.

My first FMF

fetish mercander 2017-10-18

I dared Sarah to start flashing and teasing others guys from the college and surprisingly she agreed, so I was verry happy to see their "OMG shes hot" look and after that their HARD-ON, so entertaining. Soon after that..i saw Sarah talking to this girl, Britney, a lovely skinny, long read hair, 5.9 feet tall, 34B breats, green eyes and i could swear that her lips were so tasty...i really hoped that she will join us tonight. After some more pussy pumping, i told them to get in line because i would came soon...I came in Sarahs mouth after 50 hour of hard fucking and after that we all started to kiss eachother and cum`swapping until we fel asl**p.

My brief stab at prostitution

fetish aurora_dream 2017-10-18

I was nervous as his eyes darted about and he said " I want you to fuck my wife and her friend" I was amazed and shocked at first then i looked her over, early 50's plump still kinda pretty, in the back a figure waved at me and smiled. She moaned and responded by burying my face in her sweet ass, i could barely breathe, after what seemed like an eternity, she pulled off of me and the wife lay forward on me and began thrusting on me. "You did a great thing for my friend there, how would you like to fuck her next?" I nodded and grinned as she pulled herself off me, my cock popped out of her pussy.

Welcome to the F.P.A.

fetish Chocolate Lover 2017-10-18

The whistle blew and the drummers played a long roll and the lone cheer boy stood in front of the captain of the cheer squad. Every girl played with themselves to the sight on the gym floor and to the sounds of the drums. The crowd began to calm down and the cheer boys were pushed from under the girls' skirts. The boy was stood up again and led to the captain of the cheer squad. A long, loud drum roll played and the crowd again became equally as excited. After a couple of minutes, the drum major blew her whistle and led her drummer boys out of the gym. The cheer squad started heading back to the locker room and the girls began leaving the gym.

My Aunt's Friend

fetish Croozer 2017-10-18

"Ah, I see a pair of 36Ds catch your eye." By this time, I didn't care about being discreet or "proper", and said, "Yes, Susan, they do." She looked at me and said, "Why don't you give them a feel and see what you think." She said, "Yes, I can see you kind of like the feel of my slip, too, don't you?" I told her I did, and she moved her leg so my erection was rubbing against her thigh. I could feel her body tense up, and my own explosion ready, so I said, "I'm going to cum, Susan." She stiffened in my arms and said, "Yessssss - so am I - shoot your load !!!!" She was loking at my erection, pumping it, and saying, "Oh - oh - oh" with each ribbon of cum I shot into the sink.

The Second Fetish

fetish PantyLisa18 2017-10-18

My husband jokingly said "I bet Lisa would be turned on to see Tina pee her panties." Having never thought about such a thing, I told them it would not be a turn on and that I was quite content seeing her panties wet from water or her pussy. The entire time I was not becoming turned on by the prospect of her peeing in the panties, rather I was viewing the entire situation as more of a comical interaction. And, yes, as I looked at the obviously dark and wet spot grow on her panties it turned me on. What would Mark and Tina think of me if I admitted I was so turned on by her pee soaked panties that I wanted to go over and rub my hands all over her crotch?

How I Became My Neighbor's Diaperboy Ch. 03

fetish dl2424 2017-10-18

Right now I was sitting in front of a gorgeous nearly naked woman in a very wet diaper and I had a huge hard-on and I wasn't really mad about the situation. "You are doing a very good job pleasing me diaperboy." she said "Do you like my pussy juice all over your face?" I was still on my hands and knees and the bed was the perfect height so I merely crawled up to the edge of the bed and licked her butt. "You can Hon," she replied "but this naughty diaperboy hasn't messed his diaper yet but he's very wet just like my pussy and butt. "Well its time to mess that diaper right now diaper boy," said Mrs Moore.

Puppy Play

fetish sirsemega 2017-10-18

It took me a long time to realize that what he was doing when coming up with all these ideas, was not satisfying himself, but trying to find other ways to bring us closer, to share the intimacy, to enjoy each other. It was a shock to realize that the kinky ideas that played around in his head, I had given up trying to get him to think straight and normal, was a way for him to explore us together. He could be serious, but never for long as his shit-eating grin would take over his face once he came up with another idea on turning something in everyday life on its head. "Woof!" I said and then licked his face, just like a little puppy would.

A Night Out, But We End Up In The K

fetish topcattopone 2017-10-18

"Well, having seen your dress, she tells me it will be something very daring." He said in reply. Quite often I like him to cum over me either in my face or down the front of anything I am wearing, but this time I was going to swallow. Bob re-appeared with Celia's drink by which time she had her hand on my thigh under the table. Having said that, I thought that Bob's shirt having the same properties as my blouse, looked quite sexy! "I wonder what my dress will look like when I have it on?" I idly mused, half to myself, but also loud enough for Bob to hear.

Katie's Mess

fetish Aladylover 2017-10-18

After a couple of minutes of kissing / caresses etc I stood up to undress, Katie lay on the bed watching, giggling and telling me what a bad girl She had been. The fantasy was arousing, sucking out a freshly used cunt, dripping, oozing cum being used to clean out a whore's pussy. When I came back for a second taste Katie took control "You've had your taste – now take it all" She instructed, her foot now pressed against my chin and pushed my head back onto the pillow, then pointed her toes and pushed into my mouth. Her foot was almost clean I continued to lick and kiss around it now and began stroking, rubbing, bashing my aching cock.