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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Things happen. For a reason.

fetish redunder 2017-10-18

And this time, my wife had my entire cock in her mouth. While I’m not in chastity I want to feel what it is like o be a very sadistic Dom. I don’t like the thought of slapping my wife around but she asked for it. I mention on the phone, making sure my wife can hear, that I want her breasts to feel the pain. Keep them there she told my wife and the head of the massive cock slowly entered my wife’s pussy. The lady who gagged me removed her panties and rubbed the cock, that was hanging from my mouth, against her pussy.

Meet with Jan part 3

fetish HonorAnneDObey2 2017-10-18

'You look much better in the flesh, H. Love that mac! I'll go and get mine now, cos I was too hot before.' She returned shortly, dressed in a really shiny, very soft, black PVC mac, rustling down to her ankles. She swished around, giving me a twirl. 'I want one like your PVC catsuit. Leopard print PVC is soooo tarty, I love it!' She came over and rubbed my big balloon tits, asking mischievously 'Are they false?' 'I'm 100% false, Jan, except for my cock, ha ha!' 'I can see that!' she said, dropping her gloved hand to my groin. 'Cigarette?' she asked.


fetish coedwrestle 2017-10-18

As Kent followed her, Jenna remarked, “You don’t look like the type of guy who’d be interested in muddin’ to me. He took off his clothes meticulously as Jenna watched him intensely, splashing around in the mud like a little k**. Jenna pushed Kent on his back, scooped up a handful of mud and smeared it all over his crotch and up and down his cock, jacking him off as she coated his dick in mud. Jenna thrust her body up and down, thrashing and splashing mud everywhere, further covering Kent in the muck. Kent spanked her big round butt as his dick slid in and out of Jenna. “So this is what you like to do in the mud, huh?” Kent asked in short breaths.

The Enforcer Ch. 18

fetish OmegaZone 2017-10-18

When they reached me, Guido politely said: “Vinny, Sean would like to talk with you for a few minutes, can you spare the time right now?” When we had put a good hundred feet between us and the closest structure Sean started to speak: “Vinny, I have looked into your past, as I am certain Guido has told you.” I nodded and so he continued: “My research has permitted me to find out a few interesting things about you.” He paused and looked at me for a reaction, seeing none he continued: “Well, I am impressed by your father’s service record, but the thing that really caught my eye was that, according to all records, you were never born.

Powerfully Sadistic

fetish deviant6 2017-10-18

Once after pissing her off she completely layed into him, watching her put him in his place , i grabbed her sucked her tits and fucked her and gave her multiple loads of cum. " she asked him as she rolled her eyes and glanced at her watch.Pushing him off, she grabbed my throbbing shaft and told him "This is what a real cock is." She began licking my erect cock up and down, then sucking it deeply , slurping my pre cum. She grinned and grabbed his head , rubbing her cock soaked rings on his face. "You are so fucking evil , I love it" ,I told her as I grabbed her huge foot and sucked her toes.

Lesbian Lactation

fetish StrongMaster7 2017-10-18

"I really can't wait that long," Leslie looked down and her exposed breast had leaked a big wet spot through her sweatshirt. Sally moved closer and Leslie lifted the sweatshirt to expose her big, white nursing bra. Sally cupped and caressed the giant orb and, parting her lips, darted her tongue out to collect the milk drop hanging from that big, stiff nipple. Leslie took in the smooth, toned body of the younger woman and moved to kiss her smaller breasts, the small, pink nipples at full attention. Leslie eventually moved around to face Sally and they kissed deeply, each tasting her pussy's wetness of the lips of the other.

Latex Lover

fetish alanc 2017-10-18

She began to suck on me noisily and I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down onto me forcing more of myself inside her mouth each time till she was nearly taking all of me down her throat. She opened my legs again as I lay there and pushed the little gold vibrator inside me then turned it on. The vibrations coursed through the whole of my body and quickly the feelings of ecstasy began to rise in me as she continued to blow me and work the thing in and out of my backside. Pushing my head back down onto the bed she said "Not yet, just lay there." Her gloved hands crept to her crotch and she parted her pussy lips to expose her luscious pink insides to my gaze.

Difficult Boy part 01

fetish Bountyhunter310 2017-10-18

"Lady!?!" Gretchen blurted, incongruously offended even as Brad-Chad turned back to Tommy obliviously. Suddenly aware of her naked state, Gretchen tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands even as she glanced down in time to see Tommy quickly avert his eyes. When she turned back, Tommy was retreating from Brad-Chad's mocking laughter, looking back with equal parts of hatred and humiliation written on his face. "I am TOO!" He gave a hard yank that ripped the backpack from her hand, but as he turned to leave she caught his collar and jerked him back to the sound of ripping fabric and popping buttons. That's why you've got a hard-on RIGHT NOW!" Suddenly her hand was no longer clutching his balls but was wrapped around his hard cock instead.

Night Nurse Ch. 03

fetish thelimeyfromhell 2017-10-18

This time no charge seeing as I like you so much." Helen climbed on to the bed and pulled the skirt of her dress up so it was around her waist and I could play with her puss with my free hand. "Did I say you could talk or take his cock out of your mouth Helen?" said Mary. With the combination of the show from Mary, and what Helen was doing and the scent of her panties, it was not long before I could feel my balls start to tighten. As I was running my tongue backward and forward over Helen's lips I felt Mary's hand start to play with Helen pussy.

Smoking Hot BBW

fetish Bigguy88 2017-10-18

Charlie could taste the cigarette Amber had just smoked and the bulge in his jeans began to swell. Amber went back to her business, between hits she sucked hard on his cock. She took a huge drag and slowly blew it in Charlie's face. The smell of cigarette smoke filled his nostrils, making his cock throb so hard he was in pain. Slowly Amber began to gently bounce up and down on the meat, getting used to the feel of his cock in her. She took a drag from her cigarette and blew the smoke in Charlie's face again. She took one last drag and blew it into Charlie's face. Amber lit up another smoke as she undid Charlie's handcuffs, gag, and blindfold.

My Next Trip Pt. 01

fetish iamlistening 2017-10-18

I had forgotten to take the shoulder strap off of the garment bag and it snagged as I struggled with fitting my shoes between the laptop now placed in a cart and the bag and quickly leaned over the table to remove the strap somewhat embarrassed. I jumped up on edge now removed the belt as quickly as I could and heard an abruptly audible gasp behind and paused for a moment, realizing as I had extended to move things around on the table my shirt had lifted at the back and in removing my belt while lifting my jacket slightly the ladies behind me were given clear line of sight to the top of my now visible purple panties.

Orc Hailene pounding night elf Noin

fetish noin007 2017-10-18

Hailene: * reaches behind me on the bench and rummage through my bag, pulling out a very large, very two headed dildo, and rubbing it against your ass slowly as i strap it around my hips, the strap rubbing my clit slowly * mmhmm ... Hailene: * grips one head in my hand as i hold your shoulders pinned down roughly, slowly forcing it against your tight ass, pushign its head in slowly as it slicks along my juices that were covering your hole ... Hailene: *grips your pony tail tightly in one hand forcing your face down against the crate as my other hand grips onto your shoulder tightly, as i pump my hips up into you harder, the dildos heads rubbing against each other inside you, stretchign both your tight holes *

Surrogate Pisser

fetish Corpse_rider 2017-10-18

Arousal had replaced sleepiness, and Kirsty felt Fiona take her hand, guide it upwards, then warm wetness as Fiona placed Kirsty's fingers in her mouth, sucking and licking. Kirsty acquiesced, and slid two fingers into the depth of her lover, feeling warm wet lips of Fiona soaking labia against her knuckles. Kirsty released another jet from her urethra, and lowered herself to pee directly into Fiona's mouth, allowing Fiona to relax her head on the pillow. True love, Kirsty thought, and even as she could hear the sound of Fiona's feet as she padded back to bed, Kirsty's eyes closed as the pull of sleep took her in its warm embrace.

Company Concubine

fetish Deecee29 2017-10-18

And just as I told you then, if you truly love her, it’s time you stop whining and do what’s required to be a good husband, no matter that it’ll mean you’ll be a cuckold husband and a cunt sucking, cum eating, pussy whipped, pantywaist wimp. Dr. Judy also drove home the point that I should not only be proud that my wife attracts and gets frequently fucked by well-endowed handsome, brawny men, but that I should feel boastful that I have the good fortune to be her husband and suck such a highly sought after snatch.

A Bloody Mile High Club

fetish dmagiknumero 2017-10-18

He kept going down, mouth and hands reached her pussy simultaneously and as the hands parted her outer lips, his tongue went between the inner lips and found the tampon string. He took the string in his hands, and pulled the tampon out halfway, then pushed it in again, and repeated this a few more times, her cunt becoming redder and wetter. She tightened the string, licked the bulging cock's head and painted the thick body red, rubbing hard with the tampon between her hand and his dick. She was being fucked by a penis, a tampon, and finger; while her mouth was ravished by his bloody tongue and her matted puss hair was pulled this way and that.

The Next Step

fetish dirrylittleboy 2017-10-18

I am not sure how long I was out for, but when I was able to open my eyes again Jodi was sitting up in bed drinking more wine and slowly stroking her pussy. As her orgasm began to subside, she gave me one last hard squeeze and pull on my nuts to let me know that I should now stop tonguing her pussy, she gets very sensitive immediately after cumming. A couple of weeks later, I found my self laying naked to my wife, again with the kids at grandma's when Jodi sat up in bed, looking me in the eyes with her pretty little smile and said.

79% cbt


fetish adamuneven 2017-10-18

But Jake didn't laugh and when Mark cautiously turned his gaze to Kelly he began to understand that it wasn't a joke at all. Mark looked up into the shadows beneath her skirt as Kelly stood poised above him and facing his outstretched legs. Mark frantically jabbed with his tongue and tried to push his face harder between her legs and Kelly momentarily paused above him then began to inch herself slowly forward. It plunged briefly into her pussy, she moved again, and he put his tongue out again and as Kelly's weight settled above him Mark realised he'd found her ass hole.

So Completely His Ch. 01

fetish SmartequalsSexy 2017-10-18

Michael took the camera from Alison's hand, and said, "Put the candy and rope by that chair, then strip down to your bra and underwear." He watched and idly snapped a few photos as she put down her bag, unbuttoned her dark green blouse, stepped out of her shoes, and wiggled her hips as she tried to pull her black pants past her wide hips and bubble butt. I love knowing that most guys who used to practically line up for a date with you won't look twice at you once they see the belly and double chin that you're going to grow for me." He stuffed another candy bar in her mouth.

Being Humiliated & Loving It

fetish Anal Slave 2017-10-18

After we had a couple drinks we went into the bedroom and Carla took off her dress and she had a big beautiful cock she looked over at me and said; will you fuck my hot ass, while your woman sucks my cock dry. I said I had rather you let me suck your cock while Cindy fucks your ass with a strap-on dildo, see I have never sucked a cock before and I am dyeing to rap my lips around your big hard cock and suck the she-male cum out of you. So I was pumping her cock and licking the head of it when I felt her balls tighten up I rammed two fingers in her ass-pussy and she shot off a big stream of cum all over my face.

Foot Slave to Three Women

fetish footslut2u 2017-10-18

Once we were back inside the house Miss Celeste always delighted in having me kneel before her naked with my hands at my sides while she dominated me by running her silky nylon foot down my naked shaved penis, being sure to run her nylon foot seam on the sensitive head and making it snap back to attention after she held my bare penis down for an eternity. Miss Sara enjoyed walking around barefoot and even bragged that she wore no shoes to work at the law firm where she was a legal secretary because her boss was a "foot-wimp." I was to fetch the large bottle of skin lotion whenever Miss Sara snapped her fingers and kneel at Miss Sara's feet to massage them.

Diary of a neighbourhood peep 2

fetish champions54 2017-10-18

She drove off and I followed close behind her all the way to the multi storie car park near her work. He yelps loudly, she growls and kisses him hard as she pulls his cock relentlessly in her hands. I watch as he pulls her hair, forcing her head up and down on his cock, her hand busily feeding her silk slit, both moaning loudly. Her tits swing wildly as he pumps his meat in and out of her as hard as he can manage, hands on her hips pulling her in to take it ever deeper. He pulls out of her, drags her to the front of the car and slams her face down on the bonnet, his hand roughly pulling hair.

Noriko's Bang

fetish mcfreeman 2017-10-18

For the next ten minutes,Dion and the bellboy kept alternating back and forth like a tag team of pro wrestlers fucking Noriko's tight ass as she moaned for more and sucked cock climaxing inside her orgy of a rape gang bang. When the bell boy heard her exclaim how much she loved a hot load of cum in her ass, he took his almost ready to bust cock to the other side of the bed and without a warning shot his load onto Noriko's face as she moaned with eyes closed and her mouth open. "Noriko, you slut, you're now going to start to clean this mess up," Chad warned as he slid his cock into her pussy, seating it deep inside, and then withdrawing it slowly, only to jam it in hot ass.

My New Neighbor

fetish eaplummer 2017-10-18

I would offer to pay you for it, but I don't have any money so I guess we'll have to come up with some other form of payment." she said batting her eyes. I grabbed the ashtray and matches to go with the pack of cigarettes I was already holding and said, "Ok, I'll take the hand job as payment. Holding the cigarette in her mouth she squirted a liberal amount on my cock, put it back on the nightstand, and continued smoking. she asked as she reached down with her right hand and started stroking me. She kept stroking with her right hand and smoking with her left.

Leg Show

fetish gentlyfirm 2017-10-18

So I pump my prick and admire her adorable ass while I conjure up another fantasy of what I would do to her. Initially she would tighten, of course, but as I progressively work the lotion a bit more firmly and deeply she would relax and open up to my finger. When she's done flaunting her lovely body for me she puts away the lotion and comes to me with a sumptuous kiss. While that ending would be very romantic, I still have a very hard dick and she's still wearing nothing but very hot heels. Sometimes this can go slowly and sensuously as she teases the head of my cock languidly with her sumptuous tongue.