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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2017-10-18


My Offer to diana !

fetish Pacemen 2017-10-18

It has now been just on 9 months since diana accepted my offer to join in with alice & myself & take my training collar. I know what size ring diana is as she has tried on alice’s Ring that I gave her when I offered her a Collar of Consideration, so that was very easy to order. diana had a confused look on her face, but complied, then I said “diana you have been part of our life now for close to 9 months, I need you to know that I love you, I respect you, I want to own you & therefore I want to formally offer you a Collar of consideration”.

Cold Water

fetish RumbleyStomach 2017-10-18

Ms. June was the only one in my history of sexual partners who understood the process behind my cold water fetish. Ms. June sat nearly naked on the couch; she wore a thin white tube top that had one lazy strap and black lacey panties. With careful hands Ms. June dog-eared her page and laid it on the night stand. She opened the fridge and removed a tall pitcher of ice cold water and approached me on my carpet island. Ms. June showed her bright white teeth with a wide smile, "Wow, you really like this water, don't you Mr. Shine?" The teasing was perfect.


fetish SubmissivePet 2017-10-18

Fuck knows you shouldn't be allowed to feel any kind of pleasure now, but I need you. "It's selfish but I want you to suck my cock." He said. Unexpectedly, he pushes his face into my pussy and starts probing my clit with his tongue. My orgasm comes quickly this time as he continues to drive his cock deep inside me. He is watching me as I continue to fuck his hard cock with my mouth. I felt like I was going to black out when suddenly he erupted deep inside me. I still want to fuck that beautiful ass of your, but I am afraid that will have to wait till tomorrow night." He gently whispered.

Different Male Milking Techniques

fetish 425olds 2017-10-17

I have written this guide from personal experience to give keyholders, an insight into how it’s possible to vary the pleasure levels from a shakingly earth-shattering orgasm which will probably be the most intense he will experience, to a hugely frustrating anti-climax without any orgasmic contractions and almost no pleasure at all for the male in question. When I’m being milked, the ‘hollow pleasure’ of prostate stimulation is almost psychologically like a promise of a lot more pleasure to come (if you’ll pardon the pun!), it is utterly delicious in an orgasm denial scenario to be denied any pleasure but to have my prostate drained anyway, thus preventing any chance or orgasm in the next while (probably about 6 hours minimum for me).

The Rules of the Ruler

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-10-17

My blouse bulged as my massive bosom fought both gravity and confinement to be cradled in that stud’s big hands. Of course my eyes lingered at the only treasure I really cared about; nestled in the slacks of the tall, blonde man, was a readily apparent bulge, the baseball sized lump held in place by something underneath. Your tremendous horse-cock is the only thing on this earth big enough to make me cum like a horny slut who only wants more. You make every other man I’ve seemed look like a little boy by comparison. His fourth shot streamed for what felt like ten seconds, liberally hosing down my cleavage with man-bleach.

The Practical Joker

fetish Urgh01 2017-10-17

Mark took his cock out and rubbed it up and down Vickie's still tight pussy, further soaking the bed with its wetness and making a splashing sound she'd never heard before. It felt like a vice grip and, after about a minute of hard, fast thrusting Mark pulled out and spurted a massive hot load all over Vickie's back and hair, even getting some on Fred and Vickie's head board. This was another new experience for Vickie, she thought to herself, "Fred has gotten stronger," as Mark lifted her ass up and down on his long cock. Mark began to spread Vickie's pussy lips with his cock in a way Fred could never hope to.

Eva naked in the city - 3

fetish mia-michael 2017-10-17

I have the impression that my pussy is twice bigger now and I sometimes look at the beginning of my big lips that protrude obscenely at the top of my slit. An elderly man gives me a big tip and says: Chris is dressed in leather, she holds a whip and I put my lips on her boot whispering that I don’t mean to show my pussy. It is because it is too similar to some of my addictions, but it's obvious that being f***ed to clean the toilets by Chris feels weird. I suck her clitoris delicately, and she soon comes with my face pushed hard against her pussy. I immediately get in position and Leon comes behind me, his big cock pointing to my wet pussy.


fetish carvohi 2017-10-17

John explained that she would be hired to do the cleaning and cooking as well as providing Allyson with a little companionship until she became acquainted with the people around the town. Allyson, since she secretly wanted to dress more like her maid anyway, was delighted by Hannah's suggestion, she loved the pretty skirts, blouses, and dresses Hannah wore. The big day came, and together the two women jumped into Allyson little red car and headed into town. Allyson had been to town a few times, usually with John on errands, so her notoriety was no better than Hannah's. Hannah wanted to get some material that would enable her to make Allyson some nice flirtatious little outfits that she could wear around the house while pretending to clean.

Draguette Ch. 04

fetish stacey_lynne 2017-10-17

Along all the walls of the hall, huge high-definition screens showed how Draguette and Liam were modeling. As Draguette walked up and down, the feudal Chinese village painted on her naked body would come to life. Offering an unobstructed view of Draguette's femininity, the crowd cheered as they saw the length of Draguette's lily white legs culminating in her labia, spread wide apart, almost pinkish. On and off again, Draguette and Liam would suddenly be caught totally off-guard by the surprise actuation of their respective silver dove eggs deep inside, much to their respective crowds' joy. Screaming and yelling, to the beat of the insanely loud music, they urged Draguette and Liam to model their tattoos.

The Bowler Hat Brigade

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-10-17

After I had emptied my black, Civil Servant's briefcase, of all of my completed weekend assignments, which were of various types of socks; ankle socks, gym socks, jogging socks, sports socks, bed socks, etc, etc, etc, to hand wash and to press, to a high standard, and, of a considerable number of pairs of hose, tights, and stockings to very carefully hand wash, that had been allocated to me by my Superiors, who were the various Parliamentary Secretaries of my Section, and, after my completed weekend assignments had undergone all of their careful and critical inspections, and had earned the metaphorical stamps of their approval and satisfaction, I went to the kitchen, to make tea, for Miss Suzanne Forsythe, the 18 year old Parliamentary Secretary at Section Desk Number 2, and for the Section Head, as she had ordered me to.

Sissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 03

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-10-17

Sue boasted to Lynda that Amy would be wearing her daughters baby clothes. Amy Beynon, let Auntie Helen pick you out of your pram. "That's right Amy, Look who is sitting with me, Sexy Nurse Lynda Christopher. love her, Mummy Belinda is wiping your nose, You are a sweetie Amy Beynon." "Hi Amy, You look so pretty in Katy George's baby clothes. Lynda laughed, as I licked her snot into my mouth, smacking my lips eating it.Mummy Belinda forced the bottle of Kim's snotty, breast milk into my mouth. "Lovely idea Belinda, James can fuck me all night.Have you a baby sitter for Amy? As I continued to fuck Lynda, my finger picked my sexy, nurses, snotty nose.



fetish ButtHoleBoy 2017-10-17

She had a red pvc purse that he knew was full of toys and her cigarettes. When he got to the tip of the heel she pushed it into his mouth, his cock twitched at what he knew she was expecting. A part of him was disappointed, he loved seeing that first drag and exhale and the little mynx knew it. He did as he was told, he longed to grab himself and start stroking, but he knew his punishment would be far worse if he jumped the gun. She blew the smoke out in his mouth and kissed him long and hard. Now I know you want nothing more than to stroke your cock and cum all over my lovely boots, but it's not going to be that easy.

Hot For Bellybutton Play

fetish Navel-Lady 2017-10-17

For as long as she can remember, Navel-Babe would see a person's bellybutton and start to feel all sorts of emotions; from happiness; to sadness, to full arousal. From our fantasy stories, you know exactly how to bring me to an erotic peak, just with navel play and sensuously touching my chest and belly. With each kiss, my warm breath on your tummy excites you more - perhaps in anticipation of my tongue and fingers pressing deeply, lovingly into your navel. Just as I had done before, you regain control by touching and holding my hand -- prolonging the beautiful feelings that await us both at the next erotic, navel-induced arousal.

Police Brutality

fetish bloodlovers92 2017-10-17

Officer Thomson twisted Emma's arm behind her back and shoved her against the front of the car. Officer Thomson brought up a hand and pushed Emma's head down on the cold metal of the car hood. Officer Thomson ducked down to watch bemused as her victim struggled to place herself in an upright position, another smile creeping onto her face as she replied, "Evading an officer, wreckless driving, whatever I want really," she paused for a moment, looking thoughtful, "come to think of it, I think I smell alcohol on your breath." "Now I want you to start calling me Mistress Scarlet, understand?" As she spoke, she grinded Emma's face deeper between her cheeks. Emma could feel her nose pressed flat against the woman's hole, and the officer playfully squeezed and relaxed her anus muscles in turn.

Scarlett and Mike - Both sides of the story

fetish MissFIR 2017-10-17

There was a deadly silence then I felt something hard in the entrance of my tight wet hole, he pushed it deeper inside, It felt like a cock only It’s feeling was foreign then I realised it must be a toy of some kind, he kept on pushing it inside until it was as far as it could go, he asked me if that felt good, mmm yes I said, he began slowly thrusting it inside my slowly and twisting it every time he pulled it half out, then he pushed it in and took it all the way out, doing this repeatedly, this was making my cunt throb quite badly, he pulled it out on the 10th time and I squirted as it left my pussy.

The Insurance Salesman Ch. 03

fetish stickyapple1 2017-10-17

Also like you said she is your new girlfriend and we wouldn't want to mess that up, right?" Brittany barked back with a wicked little sneer on her pretty young face. On the ride back Brittany started to ask me again about how I seduced Jessica, my new girlfriend. "I think that one you are holding looks good, and it is a bit warm today and you don't want to be overheated." I retorted quickly with as little visible emotion as possible. Brittany stood up and began to work her new pantyhose up her firm toned thighs pulling her skirt up a bit as she did.

the most viewed videos of all time

fetish wolfbuddah 2017-10-17

we want to grab all those tits, feel every ass, taste every wet pussy. sucking dicks, riding cocks, getting fucked hard. we are so turned on, looking into her eyes, listening to her voice, staring at her big fake tits, forgetting it's our hand holding our cock. her hair is pulled back in a messy pony tail and she is rubbing an ice cube up and down her long fat neck and big tits. i want to stuff my face between those warm tits and drink all that melted ice water that's running all the way down to her big belly. he is sucking on her tits with his hand down her panties fingering her hairy pussy.


The Bay

fetish needteachin 2017-10-17

My hands were instinctively drawn to my nipples and as you leaned against the walls of the berth to position yourself for fucking me, I massaged them deeply, pulling and twisting them, pinching the hard little nubs. It felt strange and was difficult at first, but when I let go and the streams of hot liquid flowed down your groin and covered your balls, I heard you groan with sincere and unbridled passion, causing me to pull you even closer to me, my legs wrapped around you. I'd never before felt such complete ecstasy and at the same time pain, but the pain quickly subsided and I knew I was in for the fucking of my life!

Pool Pictures Turn Exciting

fetish Spikedflb 2017-10-17

I started stripping and by the time I got to my underwear my dick was rock hard and could clearly be seen by Ang. She got really close and told me to slowly pull off my underwear. I was told to get out of the pool and lay down on a lounge chair and start stroking my dick like I did last time. I licked my finger and started fucking my ass as Ang and Lisa took all kinds of pictures of me stroking my dick and fucking my own ass with my fingers. Ang kept fisting my ass harder and faster and stroking my dick while Lisa took pictures of the entire event.

Couples Counseling Camp

fetish Chastebob 2017-10-17

Today Sarah told me we were going to have sex and I got so excited that I thought I would cum in my chastity cage. I knew it was all the effect of the drugs I had been given before we arrived, even so, I thought that one day Nature will "castrate" me for real and how Sarah will still love me and be patient and accepting of whatever physical affection I might still be capable of giving her. I struggled with the one sided basis of the arrangement, and the counselor only reminded me that things had been pretty much one sided before, and when they were going how I thought I wanted (freedom to masturbate whenever I felt like it) the marriage had fallen into a stale and dull rut.

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 07

fetish Longjohnsilver30 2017-10-17

"oh baby, you really are a little sexy wife dressed like this", she started to kiss my neck and rub my nipples. "sorry sweety, that bad man is no longer allowed to fuck your gorgeous queen and I really want to have sex with my attentive husband but I'm afraid after he's stretched me out I wouldn't be able to feel your little penis inside me anymore." She lay down on my chest and even though I didn't get myself off I had the widest smile on my face as I felt like a man again even if it was a little aided by the fact I had a penis extension attached.

She Got Man'd Up

fetish clipperdreams 2017-10-17

Jesse takes a comb and scissors and starts cutting off long lengths of my hair. With enough off the back, Jesse moves to the back of me to hold my head and Frank clips me from the front, taking the top of my hair off. Jesse holds my head and Frank puts the clippers to my neck. Jesse places me front side down on the chair and secures my arms while Frank secures my legs. I turn to look at Frank and Jesse and they are just as surprised at the mistake. He adds, with a wink, that he hopes that Chris enjoys the outcome, then turns, smiles at me, and walks away.

Kathy's Smelly Stains Ch. 02

fetish Paradiggler 2017-10-17

My senses peaked as I indulged the feeling of her private pink internal female organ on my tongue -- all the lumps and ripples as well as the moisture and flavour -- so gamey and fishy it was, having moistened and discharged inside her cotton underpants all day long and now was being spread wide open before me, releasing all the delicious feminine odour that had been building up inside it. Not knowing whether Kathy was practising birth control or not, I chose to withdraw, even though I wanted totally to deposit deep within her vagina and her anus was not really an option so I automatically grabbed my wet member out of her and jerked a number of steaming, plentiful bursts of semen all over her buttocks whilst continuing to look down at the crotch of her stained knickers and simultaneously thumbing her sweet rectum.