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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Tying Up An Angel

fetish xxkissmytoesxx 2017-10-17

I could see his cock hard in his jeans as I sucked his finger. With his left hand, he firmly grabbed the back of my neck, pinning my head to the floor. His soft kisses turned into small hard bites. The sight of him with his hard cock in his hand sent a thrill down my body, and I clenched my teeth and moaned. When I was close to coming, he knew, and quickly grabbed my discarded panties, shoved them in my mouth and clamped his hand over my lips. I came hard and long, and when my pussy was throbbing with the orgasm, I felt his cock release his come and fill me up.

Bunny Love

fetish PaladinInBlack 2017-10-17

Her pretty pink pussy winked at me as I stroked her taut buttocks and slid my hand to her fluffy tail and scritched right where it joined her back, making Babs shudder and moan into the sheets. The big bunny teeth were a quick and easy veto- cute but got in the way of good oral care and oral sex (although she did retain a cute little habit of tucking her lip under her front teeth in a kind of rabbity way when she was thinking.) Whiskers, paws, and other more animalistic elements also got edited out. Barb and I only had sex like once a quarter or so in the last couple years, but she LOVED getting foot rubs, and I was pretty good at them if I may say so myself.

A Pee-watcher's Diary

fetish Slowly_deeper 2017-10-17

She turned away from me, her hands moved to her waist and I saw the quick deft movement as her fingers undid her fly button and zip. In the back of my mind I maybe thought that if Tina were caught short she might have to pee in the hedge- and an opportunity for me to watch unseen in the way I had spied on her boss some weeks before. I couldn't actually see her pussy, since she was leaning forward slightly but after a few moments I heard the delightful sound as she began to pee. At that moment, I heard the lock on the toilet door being released, and Tina emerged- suddenly looking confused.

Steph's Descent Ch. 08

fetish 62_goo 2017-10-17

Phil had no idea what was in store for him when Steph took him, fully sissified, to Fitz's tattoo parlour. Steph and Amanda took Phil home. Later that day Steph called Fitz and Steve to come over. Steph's life now consisted of visiting Fitz at the tattoo parlour each day to get her dragon coloured in, followed by steamy sex with one or all of her new big cocked boyfriends. Fitz then suggested a suspender belt tattoo as well so he did a beautiful black garter belt around Phil's waist. Amanda then shaved the left side of Steph's head. He took great delight playing with Phil, telling him he looked really pretty with his tattooed lingerie and make up.

Exposing Amy

fetish fannyrat 2017-10-17

She explained how to be in that position was sheer terror for her but for a strange man to seat himself between her legs, and not only see her intimate place, but to touch, manipulate and finally insert something inside her, left her in a state of shock. He palpated my outer labia searching for any lumps and took each of my pink inner lips in turn between his fingers and felt them also, looking intently at them for any sign of abnormality. As before I don't want to describe a full gyno exam to you, but the dreadful low points I had to endure included Doctor Clark inserting two fingers into my vagina, explaining what he was doing.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 03

fetish qexiqex 2017-10-17

Sue's eyebrows rose as she saw the white, corset-like thing that encased Ann's upper body. With renewed hope, Ann waddled towards Sue and let her cut the rubber bands and rip the saran wrap away. And before Ann could even answer, Sue pulled at one tit and wrapped its base with some kind of elastic bandage. Somehow, Sue's actions increased the sensitivity of her tits, and Ann definitely liked those sensations caused by the stretchy material. Ann thought Sue was done already, when she saw her kneeling down in front of her and poking her with some kind of Q-Tip. Well, actually she wasn't poking her but slid around her boobs, like she was drawing a fancy pattern into the resin.

The Boy's Story (Chapter 11)

fetish gazzy43 2017-10-17

"It is easier" he said and stood up with his semi hard cock in his hand guiding the head to my hole. "You are my Good Boy and with your soft arsehole I am going to 'fist' you!" I was surprised but knowing how my Master liked playing with my arse I knew this would please him. I could hear him sniffing popper too then his fingers were back inside my arse and I could feel his knuckles forcing their way past my arse opening as he pushed his hand deeper into me. I lay very still feeling his fingers moving around inside my arse and he started slowly moving his hand back and forward hand fucking my love tube.

Asian Team Nurse

fetish movieye 2017-10-17

Maybe it was the hot towels, or her soft hands, or Paul watching, but this was so cringe-worthy, I closed my eyes and started to count. "You definitely need to wash today." She grabbed a wet towel and started wiping my dick head. With her 2 gloved hands, she started jacking Paul in upward circular strokes while she continued to lavish her lips on his dick head. I looked over and smiled at Paul's wide eyes as he watched Anna swallow me, rolling the foreskin up and down with her gloved hand, while raking my abs with her other. It seemed like forever as she suckled us both, licking our dicks clean of cum, before she let Paul pull out of our wet sticky union.

Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 04

fetish Gofore 2017-10-17

"Come on Fe. You haven't kissed in over two months and are thrown into a lip biting tongue sucking body hugging passionate romantic kiss and you expect me to believe he didn't get hard?" I let another pat on the ass sting a little sense into her. I looked into her eyes and said, "First all my promises I ask you to keep are only pending on you kissing him again, so it is not my forcing you to do something you don't really want to do. I had this figured out in my minds eye for a long time only never knew how to get to it, "If and when you two kiss again I want you to turn your back to him like this, and put your arms like this." I turned her so she was standing before me with her back to me.

Creampie Condo

fetish cpluver 2017-10-17

Since this was my second year spraying this building, I knew where all the really good looking women lived. On one particular occasion, I was going to start spraying early on the 15th floor. She informed me she would be going down to the beach after she "took care of a few things" and to just use my master key. Now I knew what she meant when she said she was going to "take care of a few things". I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't resist looking inside. Your mouth feels wonderful on my sore little pussy. Of course, he didn't know that the guy he passed in the hall knew the reason for his happiness.

Jamie's Little Red Rooster

fetish smellathon 2017-10-17

As I discovered on our later adventures with women, Jamie's penis could just about reach five inches when erect. Moving slowly up and down on me, she reached forward and popped Jamie's member deep into her mouth. Carol now began to take Jamie deeper into her throat, coughing up the slimy saliva produced by her gag reflex and coating his length with it. Something made me look up towards the ceiling - two faces were observing us over the partition between cubicles, flushed pink faces indicating their appreciation of our show, probably stimulating each other as they balanced on a shared toilet seat. Jamie and I withdrew from Carol's depths, unsatisfied and furious with the lesbian voyeurs.

Disney is Where Dreams Come True

fetish nymphononymous 2017-10-17

She grabbed the shaft in both hands and took his jewels in her mouth, scrotum and all. His arousal dripped from the tip of his cock, into her hands and onto her forehead as she alternately rolled his balls in her mouth, sucked on them with much gusto and nibbled playfully on the skin. His head cocked to the side as she reached down, blushing furiously and breathing heavily, and parted the lips of her pussy wide for him to see. She screamed in ecstasy, her hands involuntarily grabbing his wrists for support as he pushed his cock into her hot depths. And she only loved it more, as she felt his hot semen coating the walls of her happy little pussy, and probably squirting deep inside her womb.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 05

fetish leaky_one 2017-10-17

Laura had gasped with exhilaration as Annabel had ripped open the front of her dress to allow her large tits to bounce out and within seconds the red welts surrounding her extremely hard nipples were being caressed by a warm flicking tongue which sought to explore every inch of her exposed breasts. Annabel had tasted Laura's piss as her tongue flicked through the mass of dark brown, curly pubic hairs that formed the tightly shaven triangle that lined the woman's vagina. Listening to the soft hiss of her pee stream squirting out of her pussy in the darkness was an exquisite sensation and Laura enjoyed several long seconds of wonderful pissing.

Milk in the Times of Drought Ch. 01

fetish GusBus77 2017-10-17

Robert's eyes went all around her body within a milli-second and stuck out his hand to greet her, leaned in for a cheek peck, and said "Rafaella good to see you again, you look great" Robert was feeling like he was on cloud nine, sucking on the breasts he had been fantasizing about for so long, and as an even bigger bonus, fulfilling his fantasy of drinking milk from a pair of beautiful breasts, but he also couldn't deny that the grazing and the friction of his member on Rafaella's cervix was maddening.

Naughty neighbours Part 1

fetish 2017-10-17

we parted and looked into each others eyes.As we did so i quickly unfastened my belt and buttons pushing down my jeans to expose my rigid throbbing cock. I pushed her head down on my cock forcing her to take me deeper in her mouth.she coughed and gagged a little. I had my right hand on the back of her neck pinning her down, as I probed into her cunt with the fingers of my left hand feeling her squirm and hearing her gasp.I then started to rub the tip of my cock around the hot wet welcoming entrance of her pussy. I then thrust deep inside and felt the heat and wetbness of the walls of her pussy.She began pushing back into me as i sank my cock deeper inside.

The e****t

fetish 2017-10-17

the sight of two woman in the sixty nine position he has seen in porn films a hundred times but to actually be stood next to them and watch them for real is almost too much for him, he starts to rub his cock up and down he cannot fully see his wife's tongue between the e****ts pussy lips so he kneels beside the bed and spends about ten minutes watching his wife licking the e****ts clitoris and probing her hole with her tongue, not wishing to loose a load over his hand, he gets up and kneels on the bed next to the e****ts head, she feels the pressure on the bed and takes her face from his wife's pussy looks to her side and sees the husbands erection, she opens her mouth and gestures with the lips and tongue that she wants his manhood between her lips, he cannot miss this wonderful opportunity and leans forward and feeds his cock into her mouth.

Massage at Noon

fetish mdp_2004 2017-10-17

Her small sexy butt in white jeans stops and Raney turns to look at me while opening the door and inviting me inside our room. I look up again and Raney is quietly exiting our room, reminding me to lay face down on the bed. While I lay in the room, my eyes are closed and images of the day rush past in my mind as I feel like I'm finally able to relax. I feel my cock grow hard as I realize I want to kiss her big toe first, on the nail and again just below the edge and then to taste the underside of her toes as she moves her whole foot into my mouth.

Dahska's Trial Ch. 02

fetish the giant peach 2017-10-17

The piss stopped flowing and the huge cock in her ass thrust forward to the balls in one push. "Gods yes fuck my shit." The pressure in her ass mixed with the massive amount of piss had worked her shit free and the monster cock was now mashing it into paste. She would had said more but her mouth was filled with the soft ground and as her taste buds told her the soft ground was shit covered in cum and piss she felt the cock grow longer and thicker. A flood of cum fills her ass and the huge cock pulls out leaving the gaping hole with scum bubbling out of it.

Xmas Gift From My Mother-In-law

fetish 2017-10-17

She was a good looking woman about 45 at the time, nice realized that I had a perfect view of her bedroom door To which she replied "Good, I could use your help." I stepped into the room to find her only in her bra and She asked me if I could help her hook her bra. With gifts bought we headed out to my car in the remove her panties because as she got into the car she clear view of her clean shaven pussy. margaritas each we headed out to my car. As I dropped her off I noticed her husband's car was in I walked her up to the door she kissed me

The Dirtiest Cunt I Ate

fetish rajivalan 2017-10-17

“Its kind of embarrassing really” she said taking her hand out from between her legs “Its so scratchy doctor I don’t know what to do and that’s not all – for some time now doctor I’ve been having problems – I am noticing some heavy vaginal discharge and its very smelly – slightly grayish in colour and how much ever I douche it – it still doesn’t go away – when I take my panties off It really smells – as it is I’m single now but with this problem I’m too embarrassed to be with a man – I haven’t been with anyone for a long time now doctor and this problem is making things worse – the one time I was with someone he took one look at it and ran out – it was very embarassing” – She started to get teary at this point and was almost crying.

Mary Gets to Meet Sandy Pt. 02

fetish sevpeq 2017-10-17

She kicked the paper box as she passed it, toppled a heap of green and blue shirts from the bed onto the floor, and heavily plunked down on the mattress to watch Mary work. "Yes, it's all ready to play." Mary had intended the other bedroom to be her roommate's, but instead they had turned it into Sandy's playroom. This was all so fantastic, and clearly wrong, but right now, eating Sandy's mess from the floor, it felt right, a relief from a life that hadn't made sense. "Yes." And since that didn't seem to satisfy Sandy, Mary continued: "Yes, please, let me eat some more of your lasagna from your shoe." Her voice stumbled as she said it, her mouth drying up as she heard her own words.

Teasing Goddess Ch. 01

fetish erekose686 2017-10-17

Waiting until she knew I was watching, she cautiously began to unbutton her jeans, as if she wasn't sure of her actions. She faced away from me as she bent and slid her satin panties down over her thighs, pausing and turning to make sure she had my attention. She ran her fingers through her hair and exclaimed, "if you please me, I may untie you yet." I needed no additional incentive, I wanted to be released, if for no other reason than to run my hands along her amazing body as she topped me. She faced forward again, and then reached to untie my left hand. Occasionally I would lean forward and give her clit a ginger licking, causing her entire body to shudder, and bring a moan from her lips.

wifes panties full

fetish iwicbvwp 2017-10-17

I'm sure I caught a glimpse if Ians wifes pussy ,so I went to the bathroom for a piss and a quick play with my very hard cock ,I remembered my wife had changed her panties before we had gone out ,I had already seen them and thought about having a wee bit of fun with them to pass time away .As I said I was so horny and couldn't wait till they all left for a nice fuck at the wife ,hopefully.

Lotion and Lucy

fetish Church33 2017-10-17

I've always been happy with my average length, slightly bent and thickish cock, but I knew Lucy was so stretched out it would feel like fucking a wet grocery bag. Her short thick little legs were spread wide, and I took my lotioned hand and rubbed up and down her pussy. I raised one leg and put my foot on the bed beside her hip and took my hand from her butt hole and used it to help glide my greased dick into her pussy. I feel so full right now." I responded with letting her head flop back down to the bed and grabbing her by the hips and fucking her like I was trying to kill her.