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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Gain from Loss

fetish Galadreyil 2017-10-17

I started fondling my sack with the other hand in maybe a minute I felt an orgasm build and this time it wasn't going away. The pleasure was so much more intense than when I had my penis I fingered my hole harder and instead of squirting out the cum across my chest like I thought would happed it merely seeped from my hole in little spurts soaking my hand. Soon I started loving having had a penectomy as in a matter of maybe 5 minutes I had another orgasm and this one I just let my cum seep all over my fingers as I continued fingering my stump inside making my orgasm more intense.

Her Magnificent Toes & Mouth

fetish Kessler 2017-10-17

I leaned forward across the table and touched her hand, "You look wonderful tonight." I wanted to tell her that every guy in here right now has a raging hard-on for her including myself, but decided against telling her that. Linds leaned forward resting her elbows on the table with her chin propped in her hands smiling widely, "Mmmmmm, now doesn't that feel nice." I groaned softly and ran my hands along her strong ankles and up her smooth calves feeling the muscles tighten and relax as her feet worked on my shaft. Lind's coooed, "Oh that feels so nice, your so hard now." She gripped her toes tightly and ever so slowly pulled them from the base of my shaft up to the head then back down again.

Call Me Marie

fetish Risktaker48 2017-10-17

"Shame, I think he would be good between t'sheets an experienced older man!" said Amy laughing her Yorkshire accent coming to the fore; adding, "I reckon he fancies you t'way he always calls to ask if you want a coffee on his way into the office. "The hotel room will be fine, I'll sort out the shirt as I also need some underwear," he replied with a grin, "I can't ask a pretty young girl to rifle through the men's underwear section of Marks and Sparks!" "I don't mind rifling through men's underwear from time to time," giggled Amy, "Are you large or extra large?"

No Regrets Ch. 02

fetish NurseSally 2017-10-17

I didn't have to wait very long, and as soon as he came in, his hand went right between my legs and he pressed his fingers into the crease of my sopping wet panties, just exactly as I knew he would do. Believe me, I knew he wouldn't be able to resist a pair of fragrant panties, but finding me sopping wet, and hearing me say things like "I need your cock" pushed his buttons even further that I expected. I surely didn't want him to stop, pick up the phone and ask Deb and Dale to run right over to hear my confession, or, witness my punishment - especially before Deb had a chance to start working on Dale about the four-way Deb and I were secretly trying to set up.

Milk Sow Ch. 03

fetish InYourDreams 2017-10-17

While Ginny's tongue darted about inside him, Ben was unable to close his mouth upon the fruit, to escape the discomfort of having his jaw stretched open. Ginny felt a wave of nausea rise up and grip her by the throat as she was ushered in through the open door by Ben. Sam turned towards Ginny again as Ben read, "You know almost all the people who experience the sow break come back again. Are you happy for us to proceed?" Ginny felt a lurch in her stomach at the word 'sow' and watched Ben silently give a slight nod of his head.


David's French Tutor Ch. 10

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-17

"Now if you would care to remove your clothing Mister Shaw and lie on the bed it will be my pleasure to sit on your face and help you masturbate," she said in a casual, and almost unbelievable, off hand manner. "Do not be embarrassed Mister Shaw; other house guests have often asked to be face sat by me, and indeed by Charlotte too," she said taking off her house boots to reveal black cotton stockings. Her body heat appeared intense and I could sense that she felt excited at having a 'young gentleman', possibly thirty years her junior, lying naked under her, and under her vast skirt. "You go ahead young gentleman," said the large cook her legs splayed over my face.

First big anal experience

fetish 2017-10-17

I have started getting into anal sex with a few of my female fuck buddies. It involved some rimming and fingers. A few months ago I got myself a small anal toy. The sensation was amazing and I couldn't believe how much I could cum and how powerful it was. Today I was at home bored and wanted to further my experience, so I got my girlfriends rabbit - well exgirlfiend but I'm waiting for her to move out. I lubed it up and after some gentle pursuasion I was able to take the whole thing in my arse! I can't wait to do it again, I am now on the hunt for a girl with a strap on!

The Alpha Ch. 02

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2017-10-16

Fortunately for Alex, he was standing behind Regina and her erection was not in his line of vision, but he still felt powerless as he watched his friend mesmerized by the futanari. As she allowed the young girl to lead her to the bedroom, Regina looked over her shoulder and said to Alex, "Come, slave." "Oh, yes," Regina said, pulling her wilting dick out of Patty's beleaguered pussy. His dick still sore, he was only able to watch as his tall, beautiful futanari mistress stood up on the bed over the supine Patty. Once inside, Alex removed the wig, took off his stockings - which were yellowed with Regina's cum - and the two of them entered the shower.

Caught On Camera

fetish stryker53 2017-10-16

Often while in her bedroom Bob, as he liked to be called, noticed her vast shoe collection. As he sucked her sweat from the toe end of her sock, Bob felt he was doing as she commanded her foot slave to do. The start of the movie was Bob. The theme of the movie was him masturbating to her shoes and socks in her bedroom. He simply reached out and softly grabbed her ankle and pulled the tip of her shoe to his face, and kissed it. "Remove my shoe with your teeth foot boy." Carefully as not to scrape the fine leather his mouth kissed around her shoe. Off came the shoe, exposing a face full of foot stench.

A Sissy Shopping Trip Ch. 02

fetish cwsissy 2017-10-16

In fact," she said, leering at the lump in the form-fitting jeans, "I suspect that she doth protest too much." As I turned bright red, she continued sternly, "Now how about if you just admit that you are a sissy and that you get off on being treated like a sexy little lady. Finally, after what seemed like ages, she broke in with, "I tell you what, why don't we just try a bunch of them and you can see what you like best." As she nodded at Jill to carry on, she grabbed a couple of bras from a nearby rack and, with the forms in hand, led me across the store to the mens changing rooms, pointing out as she went that men weren't allowed in the womens' and they would be fired immediately if they allowed it.

Sph Birthday Surprise

fetish wrinkled2000 2017-10-16

"Looks like the birthday boy's awake!" she said playfully, walking over to the bedside, "how does it feel to be old?" You think we have tight, little pussies?" Mei knows me like the back of her hand. "You got me," she admitted "now, open your mouth and use one of your body parts that's not worthless to make up for that small dick of yours." With that she shrugged off her kimono and pushed her pelvis forward so that her clit was pressing against my upper lip. Oh" she moaned, "you little guys sure can eat pussy." Mei had not come yet, but I could tell she was getting closer because she was beginning to press her clit harder against my lips. "Let's head out," said Mei once she got back down, "I want you to run a couple of errands with me."

First Thirst Ch. 06

fetish NastyPierre 2017-10-16

The first thing my eyes jumped on was Colleen's bed and 'oh' the stories I'm sure it could tell. Colleen made me pull from my balls to reach what I wanted and the pain caused me to flap my arms up and down, but I didn't care. Like this I could reach and was allowed to kiss Colleen's shoulder and upper arm. Colleen reached her free arm behind her and caught a metal eye in the backboard with an index finger. I was soon lost to happiness and wallowing around on Colleen's arm like the wanton madman she wished me to be. I had almost caught my breath when Colleen looked at me and I was forced to rip my eyes from worship and meet with hers.

Confessions (Lupe)

fetish robertjones 2017-10-16

We are never too young or too old to enjoy a lot of hot, steamy sex. A hot-blooded Latina like me needs sex and I've always enjoyed many simultaneous relationships with men. Sexually, everything was fine until I turned fifty and started going through menopause. All were naked and hard, jerking their cocks. He directed them to me and they took turns either fucking me or jerking off on my body. I lost count of my orgasms, but was feeling really good about being coated in semen. After cleaning up, I returned to Dr. J's office where he gave me the address of a place in the country where I could go for sexual treatments. Lately, I have begun having sex parties with thirty and forty year old men.

The Slave Ch. 01

fetish Zoeeee 2017-10-16

Brenda reached down and took one of his balls into her hand and began squeezing it at the same time Sara grabbed the other one matching Brenda’s rough treatment, I was still slapping his cock and we all watched him grow hard. Brenda still had a firm grip on his stretched ball and we all watched his body twitch as Sara squeezed and released his cock shaft over and over again. Brenda tightened her grip on that ball as Sara was releasing hers from the cock shaft, she suddenly gripped it one more time forcing the stretched foreskin downward exposing the swollen head and in that second both balls let go.

The Resort Pt. 01

fetish gomorrah 2017-10-16

I lowered my rock hard cock towards her welcoming pussy, and as the tip brushed her slippery, wet love hole, it exploded, one, two and then three quick short spurts of jizz, all over her lips and long pubic hairs. But the sight of her laying on her back, her auburn locks tussled around her pretty face, her perfect tits encased in green satin, the same satin of her suspender belt tight across her firm tummy, the green stockings against her white flesh of her spread-open legs, and her auburn public hair above her now sodden, open and waiting pussy was again too much.

Mother in Law's Strap-on Love

fetish foff44 2017-10-16

She walked up to me and putting her arms around my neck she kissed me deeply, her tongue working its way into my mouth, it was a weird sensation, feeling my 1/2 naked mother in law against my body, she worked her tongue into my mouth and I felt her right hand work its way down to my cock where she slowly started to stroke it, I reached up and rolled one of her nipples thru the bra between my fingers, I felt her shudder as I gently squeezed and played with the bud.

Megan's Milk and More Ch. 02

fetish GusBus77 2017-10-16

In no time, Tim sunk down into her lap and proceeded to move his cheeks across her right breast to firmly latch her nipple into his mouth. Megan's clitoris tingled with every tongue brush he was giving her nipple and her breathing was struggling between the relaxed rush of her let-down and the increasing adrenaline from her sex. Megan's breathing continued to rise a little as she held him close with breast in his mouth. "MMMMmmmm..." was all that was audible from Tim as he swallowed a mouthful of milk and felt waves of sensation from the contact of her hand to his crotch. He let go of her nipple with another wet 'plop' and a final swallowing of milk to see that she took her body and set herself on top of him.

Old friends meet...

fetish Funkyyorkie 2017-10-16

I sent my next message straightaway, “I would grab two handfuls of hair and pull you onto me, I have never been so hard, I am going to cum if you carry on much longer, come back up and kiss me, it is my turn to taste you now…” With my free hand I began to explore her body, stroking her face, neck and downwards, cupping her breasts, squeezing, feeling for her hard nipples. With a handful of shower gel, I began to soap her body, ensuring that I paid special attention to her perky tits and nipples, gradually circling lower, washing our juices from her, finally soaping her pussy, parting her lips as she leant her head back against me.

Becoming an Animal

fetish Mnevins5659 2017-10-16

Ben moans as his knees begin to shudder, and he quickly cums into heathers mouth, heather, who slowly is becoming an expert with blowing people swallows his seaman whole, and then licks his lips. Rachel slowly begins to massage her vagina with her right hand, while rubbing her D- Cup breasts. Ben penis begins to change, although he feels nothing but Heathers tight pussy. Ben's penis begins to lengthen, and change shape, to move suit his knew Idiotic ways. Heather opens her mouth to moan, but what comes out its a quiet bray, and her teeth begin to lengthen, and round out, making it easier to bite things She begins to push in and out and Rachel moans, begging for more.

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2017-10-16

As she continued her toilet into her bedroom bin I could clearly see the contents of paper and tissues inside beginning to yellow and turn sodden as they absorbed my friend's golden piss shower. My honey coloured shower squirted out of my muff and formed a short golden arch in the air before impacting against the plastic wall of Suzy's parent's bin. My mind had been filled with the image of her naked legs spread apart whilst seeing her yellow torrent of hot piss squirting out of her pussy lips. A soft hissing sound announced the start of my pee from between my parted legs as my urine stream squirted out of my pussy hole.

The best groping experience I ever had

fetish mariners3 2017-10-16

Not too mention when she lifted her legs up I could clearly see her right ass cheek since her shorts were so short, once the train got from underground an the sun hit us I saw how not only were her legs truly a sight too be hold but the sun shining on them made them give off this super shiny an tan look too them. Once the train came too her stop which was a pretty long ride she got up with my hands still glued too her cute tiny little ass cheek an got off the train. once I got too work I felt so satisfied an excited that a hot ass girl just let me feel all over her sexy slim creamy tan legs an caress her perfect an I mean perfect tiny little bare ass, that my dick was practically hard all day.

Gold from Bronze

fetish Afetishlova 2017-10-16

Marissa shifted so she was right over them pulled up her robe slightly so it wouldn't get pissed on. Bracing herself on the window and spreading her legs Marissa revealed her dark reddish hair covered pussy to the flowers below. Marissa tucked the loose fabric of her robe by her thigh and tummy so she wouldn't have to hold it and then reached down to rub her clit as she continued peeing. Marissa squatted in Alice's chair and pulled the sweater sleeve to her pussy. "I've helped her." Marissa decided then using her last few minutes she picked up her clothes and bounced to the bathroom so she could take a huge shit and make room for the lunch Alice had promised to bring back.

Megan's Bitch

fetish magicrub 2017-10-16

"You sure you want to be a little cock whore slut?" asked Megan. "Yes master," replied the slut as he complied, licking Gina's cum off the cock. "Lick that cock you little slut,'' exclaimed Megan as she forced the dildo into the sissy's mouth. "Stroke that little dick for the little sissy slut." Megan faced his feet and squatted down to where her ass was an inch from his mouth. You'd like to become my little she-male cock craving cum whore." He screamed "Fuck No!" into Gina's ass. "Are you sure my little cock hungry bitch?" asked Yani as she squatted closer and started to stroke her large cock inches away from the sissy's face.

Folding Newspapers

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-10-16

"Nice to have a man still wanting to look at me like that." She grinned. "Does that mean you wouldn't want to kiss me?" Glenda grinned. She kept telling me how good it felt, and encouraging me to continue as long I wanted. "What would you like to do?" Glenda grinned, kissed me hard on the mouth as the door closed behind us. I could not get my mind off the way Glenda Drake looked, especially with that missing leg. "Did you hear Harold fucks his mother?" Connie said, pointing at one of the guys my age. Try your mother and let me know if she isn't the best you've ever had.