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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Life as a Bitch

fetish Nate_Walis 2017-10-16

That night in particular was no exception, the eyes of the man in question darting away in an attempt to disguise his interest for what seemed like the hundredth time since he had sat a little way down the carriage from her seat. "I suppose you think you're pretty clever," Ellie recognised the voice from the subway station despite the anonymous features of the mask, the harsh edge of a Brooklyn accent shaping the words. He wasted no time in dressing her with the new garment, legs first so that her feet emerged from the bottom of the suit and their length was soon covered by a layer of rubber so tight that she began to lose the feeling that the drugs had left to her.

At the club

fetish Penelope22 2017-10-16

He bunched them in his fist and placed his hand around his cock and started stoking himself with my panties. 'Tell me you want me to fuck you, you dirty cock sucking bitch' 'Youre such a fucking whore' he reached out his hand and pushed the panties gently but a little roughly into my face. I felt him enter me, his cock pushing my lips apart, I loved feeling his cock pumping deep into me, I loved feeling him push his body hard against me, 'Youre a filthy fucking bitch, sucking all these strangers cocks, 'open your mouth whore' 'this is why youre here isnt it, fucking drink me you dirty dirty girl'

My John Has a Foot Fetish

fetish andtheend 2017-10-16

If it wasn't for me satisfying his foot fetish urges and giving him what he wants and what he needs, free albeit paid for access to my feet, he would not be able to control his urges for women's feet and women's shoes. Between the massages, the pedicures, the free shoes, and the money he pays for my services, I wish all my clients were as easy and as enjoyable as Al. I dare say, if that is all a woman had to do, model shoes while a man doted on her feet and then gave her the shoes to keep, along with some money and without ever having to remove her clothes and have sex with him, more women would become prostitutes.

My First Night of Submission

fetish pupwild 2017-10-16

She looked me right in the eyes as she leaned over; placing her hands on either leg and without looking away she kissed the head of my cock and left an outline with her lipstick. As I laid there with my hard cock, aching nipples and mouth stuffed with silk, I watched as the soft gentle woman I married four years ago opened a bottle of lubricant and starting dripping the clear liquid on my clone cock. She turned her eyes to her hand rubbing the long shaft of the clone cock. As my wife took me all the way down her throat she pushed the cock in deep and hit a spot that sent fireworks off in my head.

From A Quiet Housewife To A Slut Ch. 02

fetish lustyem 2017-10-16

Dr Levin came in and asked how I was, how was I feeling, ‘ I told him in all my life I have never felt so aroused for so long” He said that’s exactly how you should feel explaining how the drugs in me worked. We continued my examination taking more measurements, the nurse saying how big my clitoris was becoming, the Dr asked if it was more sensitive “oh god yes you have no idea “ oh good he said. The suction on my clitoris had started and it felt like it was being pulled from my body, I just lay there my eyes closed feeling everything as I began to feel that familiar wave building inside me.

Lisa's G-Spot Is Found

fetish PLJ 2017-10-16

She stood in the middle of living room, and looked into Marks eyes, she started to blush a little, and then the unmistakable sound of her pee’ing into the diaper. Mark took Tammy in his arms and his hand made its way down the front of Tammy’s jeans and then inside her diaper. Mark lifted Tammy a little off the couch and pulled the diaper from under her. Mark pulled her away just a little, looked into her eyes, and said “Yes Tammy, cum for me now.” Marks hand moved to the top of Tammy’s diaper and then down between her legs again inside the diaper.

Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 01

fetish revol 2017-10-16

Ted thrust his nose in her right armpit and sniffed and tasted it long and hard with kissing & licking sounds, nibbling the armpit hair & flesh, eating her underarm flesh. As he was thoroughly enjoying her both armpits, shoulders and the sexy folds of her waist, Jane came and embraced him from behind, and they started mutual armpit sucking, tasting, kissing, licking and armpit biting and underarm hair munching sessions amongst the three of them. After exchanging some intense embracing and kissing, with lot of body squeezing and tongue sucking, Stacey lifted both her arms above her head and enticed him, and offered each of her armpits to his nose.

My Wonderful Experience In California

fetish 2017-10-16

She came to buy milk and some beer we just said hi n hello, new work this n that….But it was time to close the store so I was in hurry….she left but she gave Me a naughty smile, I looked @ her and I didn’t think anything about it. Now she usually comes to store at closing time, we started playing with each other, in store while there was nobody in d store, kissing, touching, hand job were normal things to do away from cameras guys believe me it was fun.

Tara's Search

fetish nunya_damnbidnezzz 2017-10-16

Tara loved my feet but they don't look like hers. I knew she wasn't happy and wouldn't be until she found another pair of feet like hers. Tara's feet were long and elegant. I have been looking for another set of sexy feet that match hers and guess what! You know, trying to find a pair that made my feet look sexy with out killing my feet. From the feet I thought it was Tara. When I looked up I saw it wasn't Tara! Plus she had thin elegant looking feet just like Tara's! I had Sara sit on the couch and place her feet on Tara's chest. She had squealed in delight and without any hesitation she started touching Sara's feet.


fetish 2017-10-16

Wanting to take things slow till we both feel ready for more. I go to the garage to help you fix the car ,wearing a dress and bringing a small hamper of snacks (short bread biscuits,strawberries ,whipped cream and chocolate sauce )for later ... I look into your eyes & smile at you then drop my gaze & giggle nervously as I begin to remove my dress in front of you , stand in my panties & bra feeling naked in your presence... You squirt whipped cream on me, top with strawberries and drizzle with chocolate sauce then stand back admiring before saying " Mmm Good enough to eat " as you bend down and kiss, lick and nibble the food off me ...

Great Rite - We need rain.

fetish oggbashan 2017-10-16

The Chief Priestess of the Goddess wants me to invoke the Great Rite to bring rain, crops and prosperity to our people. “Slave,” Edith said, “these are the rules set by the Chief Priestess for us to perform the Great Rite...” “And Helena, the priestesses, and all your handmaidens know that you were the right choice, Alfred...” Edith said. “What I really want,” Edith said above my head, “is to make love to Alfred as we did for the Goddess.” “No need,” Ingrid said coming through the open door at the back of the Royal Hall and walking to join the four Queens.

I Like It

fetish Denny 2017-10-16

Only when Tony put both his legs up on the couch did I notice that he didn't have sweat pants on anymore, he had a pair of black tights on. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, after I had changed, I'll have to admit I was excited by the way I looked wearing the tights and leotards. When I sat down the leotard pulled tight on my crotch and I felt like I was going to have an orgasm, so I couldn't move until that intense feeling left. We both must have looked like fools, that night, sitting there on the couch dressed in black leotards and tights.

Doctor Makes it All Better

fetish sexy_kitten24 2017-10-16

She walked me back to the examination room and took all the normal vitals that doctor's offices usually do and then handed me a paper gown and said, "Please remove all your clothes and put this on, the doctor will be with you shortly." With that she left me in the room alone. He walked up to the table, "Just relax, this is going to hurt a little but I promise to be gentle." The nurse hands him a condom and more jelly, which he puts on quickly. I hope your first trip to the doctor wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be." With that he pulled a paper gown over him and hurried out of the room to get dressed.


fetish 2017-10-16

I'll make you suck my juices off my fingers before slipping your aching cock into my pussy and riding you hard until you fill me with load after load of cum. The laptop screen lurched and was suddenly filled with a picture of my beautiful bride, kneeling between a pair of muscular legs, looking directly into the camera, eyes glinting excitedly, lips stretched wide with a big, fat cock in her mouth. I'd almost forgot about the laptop until the screen jumped, only this time there was a slightly blurred picture of Nicki on her knees, straddling him, cock ready at the entrance, her fingers on her clit.

I'll Call Ya

fetish Cherona 2017-10-16

I finished the cooler and pulled the skirt up over my hips and briefs. I thought to myself as I finished the coolers from that pack that I would drink her beer since she was late. She slipped her hand to the top of my panties and down them rubbing the top of my cock, circling it, stroking the head with her thumb. As my mind started to grasp what she ultimately wanted, she pushed her finger into my ass. soul," she plunged her fingers into my ass with each word and pulled out with each pause, running her thumb up my cock alternately. I watched her looking intently at me as she shoved her way in regardless to what my tight little ass had in mind.

A Hot Pregnant Summer's Night

fetish AlexPal 2017-10-16

Her body took over now, putting her needs for a massive orgasm ahead of everything else, and without thought to what her extra weight might be doing to Alex, she moved up and down on him vigorously, feeling his cock thrusting in and out of her as she did so. This time Kelly made sure he came as hard as she had, inserting a finger into his anus as she licked and sucked his hard cock, then wanking him into her mouth with her other hand and opening her mouth just wide enough to be able to tell him again what she wanted: "Fill my mouth Alex, I'm ready for your spunk, give it all to me now baby, now, now, yes, yes!" as her final words coincided with the first spurts of his orgasm.

Three Men In The (H)air

fetish belab 2017-10-16

I still had Carlos's hard meat in my mouth as I sucked on the huge prick Jeff took out his prick from between my breasts and tried putting his cock in my pussy even while Pete was pushing his dick into my anus. Jeff came first "aaaahhhhhhhh" he screamed "I want to splash my cum in your hairy armpits" he screamed as he let out huge globs of cum only just before Pete who roared "Baby I am going to flood your bushy armpits with my white cum so that the jet-black hair in your bushy armpits turns white" He came soon but his cum disappeared into the matted air in my dense forests and though he shot ads of cum the thick jet-black hair in my bushy armpits proudly glistened as it mingled in my armpit forest still looking like "the black forest".

The Lingerie Party Guest of Honor

fetish slipfreak46 2017-10-16

She also enjoyed occasionally "working him over" with a gown or slip, then not finishing him and letting him take matters into his own hands, until recently. The camera was apparently being held by the recipient of the tongue lashing, and as the woman looked up at him (the camera), Jean could see blue eyes smiling in delight as she slid the large circumcised cock out of her mouth saying, "Cum for me. Looking back to the screen, she saw the woman bringing all the cum to her mouth, licking the last drop from the head of the spent cock before her. He smiled at the thought of wearing those silky slips again, and of the things he imagined in store for him this night.

My first gay experience - leather bar

fetish bad4u102 2017-10-16

So I met up with a few guys that I met online but never felt comfortable doing anything with them, never got turned on enough to try so I generally didn't bother. I felt him reach behind my ass with his tongue still deep in my mouth and pull the zipper down to reveal my ass. Eventually once I was used to him rubbing my asshole he began dipping his finger in and out slowly until finally I could feel him go knuckles deep and begin playing with my prostate. Finally he saw my raging erection and placed his mouth down on my cock and began sucking me like a madman while fingering my ass now with 3 fingers.

Make Me Cum!

fetish mrbaseballs09 2017-10-16

I was in the living room with my laptop, looking at new cars online, while flipping back and forth between college football games. Paige still turns my head after 11 years of marriage, and I was having a very hard time concentrating on the games with her parading through the room in her cut-off shorts. She grinned and said, "How about we make a bet...the first person who refuses to make the other cum when asked to, has to drive their old car for another year." I was intrigued, and immediately started thinking that this was a sure bet for me, as there are a lot more times when she is not in the mood, so I agreed, and we went upstairs and worked up quite a sweat in the bed.

Sandra Impregnates Jeanette Ch. 03

fetish bigpreggoman 2017-10-16

The doctor lifter her left leg up toward her chest and fitted her swollen ankle into the stirrup, then he walked to the other side of the maternity bed and manouvred her right leg with a shove into its stirrup so that she sat only slightly reclined from the upright position, her pregnant belly protruding to touch the insides of her thick, muscular thighs, and her moist pink vagina exposed and open between her splayed legs. Over the difficult last couple of months it had been gradually, painfully, deformed by the sheer weight of her impregnated womb and the babies growing inside of her, pushing it outward and opening her legs so that she now walked with a permanent rocking gait; her upper legs jutting out frog-like beneath her, and causing her to squat awkwardly when she stood still.

All the Colours of Love

fetish beesol 2017-10-16

We both work in London's West End. Amy suggested at one time that I come and work for her - she said she liked the idea of bossing me around. "Oh, John just called up and suggested meeting for dinner first," Amy said coolly, continuing to apply her makeup. I was anxious and irritated but I found my cock was pressing hard against my trousers at the thought of her going out with another man, even though it was only for dinner and dance. I became aware of footsteps on the stairs and hurried out of the sitting room to see Amy standing in a mid-length white sleeveless dress, bare legs and her white high heels. Amy came into the sitting room followed by a tall young man who I assumed was John.

She Took His Cherry....Twice

fetish slave4owner 2017-10-16

However, it didn't take long for david's new strapon desire to become irritating to Mistress Malice. Use lots of lubrication, start gently, take your time, use a small dildo at first, make sure he's in a comfortable position, etc... Pegging had always taken place on her bed before, but Mistress Malice decided that this time it would happen on a spanking bench with his ass high in the air so that her full weight could come down upon him with each thrust. Twenty hard strokes fell on david's ass, and upon completion welts began to rise. He ass was already sensitive from the previous caning, but Mistress Malice knew that additional strokes were needed to insure a lasting memory.

Holidays with Peggy, my wifes s****r....part2

fetish blsbls123 2017-10-16

They then pushed me back onto the bed and Peggy got my cock in her mouth again, my wife sliding up onto the bed next to me and whispering in my ear..."are u having fun? I kinda nodded yes like a retard, since Peggy had my entire cock in her mouth and was poking my balls with her nose. So I fucked my wife in her ass for a few minutes and then shoved my cock back into Peggys mouth. The the two s****rs got into a 69 and I fucked Peggys ass while my balls bounced off my wifes forehead. Rolled them over and fucked my wifes ass, and bounced my balls off Peggys forehead.