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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Really Great Day

fetish drizzt6292 2018-09-25

Cindy stopped sucking my balls long enough to tell Maria how it all started with me listening to her pee. Cindy had resumed sucking my cock as I tongued my sister's juicy cunt. "Oh big brother what have I been missing all these years?" I smiled at her and said, "Let's move this out of the tub and you will see what you have been missing." Her and Cindy stepped out and got me a towel. To my surprise, Maria kneeled right between my legs and began to suck Cindy's cunt as she impaled herself on me. This, coupled with my sister's tongue lashing of her cunt, Cindy came hard and long.

Confessions from All Fours

fetish FlatDownMan 2018-09-25

The questions and self-doubt, the denial, the arousal, the insecurity, the confusion, it's all still there like it just happened five minutes ago. It was strange, my lack of self-confidence wouldn't let me think her flirtation was real, but at the same time her backhanded attention just kind of sucked me in. I felt so awkward and so uncomfortable standing there, completely naked, with her eyes focused on me and my aroused cock straining toward the ceiling. As I looked up at her and took her cock into my mouth for the first time, I saw the desire and glee in her eyes, and I knew that I didn't want to do anything to disappoint her.

Searching for Mummy Pt. 02

fetish vajrapani 2018-09-25

Admittedly, I had the difficulty I have already mentioned about how she didn't seem to remember anything about the last time whenever I visited, so I had to ask to be treated like a little boy and call her Mummy every time (maybe it was part of the humiliation, but I couldn't be certain) but once she started by having me attend her while she took a bath and made me soap all the parts of her that needed soaping, which led to her coming before I had even so much as kissed her nipples, which disconcerted me a bit, but after that and after I had dried her thoroughly we had a very satisfying nursing session, and only then did she find an excuse to spank me.

The start of things to come

fetish xxROOxx 2018-09-25

She is too young I thought but my god she looked so sexy in them her dress rose even higher and then she opened her legs to reveal the crotch of her panties, like a pink colour but sort of sheer looking... It probably had something to,do with my s****rs dressing me up in girls school uniform, in every detail including the short pleated skirt, pale blue cotton panties and knee length socks, at that age I could not understand why my little cock got hard, why I liked the feelings soooo much and why my older s****rs were laughing at me and my little cock getting so hard and poking out the top of my panties.

Internet hook up in Muskegon,Mi

fetish rikkoeric 2018-09-25

Wrap your arms around my neck and we start dancing i slide my hands around your waist and pull you in closer. And start licking and sucking on your wet pussy lips then move up to your clit. Grab the back of your neck and you start sucking my dick some more. Put both hands on your ass cheeks and spread them apart so i can lick that wet pussy some more. Have you sit on my face so i can eat that pussy while you are sucking my dick and just before i cum. Spread your legs wide apart and start sicking and sucking and fingering your pussy til you wake up and put your hand on the back of my head.

Caught By My Mother-In-law

fetish mingeeter 2018-09-25

Telling me that I was a sick dirty boy for wanting to taste and smell the slick juices of a 73 year old suppressed slut, the very thought of my nose being stuck in crusty panties made her old pussy slick with her arousal. I did as I was told Heather stood up and walked over to me abusing me calling me a dirty filthy pervert for sniffing and licking Barbara's dirty smelly panties whilst masturbating.

Teacher's Pet

fetish midnightwerenight 2018-09-25

While I was lecturing during one of the classes, I happened to glance over at my front-row student. I wanted to watch her every move, watch her hand explore her wet pussy, watch her eyes lose focus as she neared her climax, watch soft her hair tease her nipples. As her fingers began to move faster and faster, she let her head tilt back and her body slide down ever so slightly in her chair. As the other students bustled out of the lecture hall, the girl in the front row remained seated, her hand still working her dripping cunt. Before turning and walking out of the lecture hall, she looked me straight in the eye and thanked me for such an engaging class.

Misato - The Evening Service

fetish BoxesAndBlades 2018-09-25

"One penetration will be that dildo sliding between these firm cheeks," Misato's right buttock is slapped hard, "and thru your tight, slippery asshole, Misato, as we discussed." "The second penetration will also slide into you," the second blade is pushed into Misato, "and it will slide right thru you." The second blade sits next to the first, both filling the metal frame and being visible all round Misato's waist. "Something other than that purple dildo," the front and rear halves of the white trolley separate, "will penetrate something other than your willing asshole..." The rear half of the trolley with Misato's prepared ass is wheeled round so that it is facing Misato's dildo-gagged face.

Beneath the waves eyes stare back (For shark Week)

fetish thicknhard80 2018-09-25

Sindin runs and strikes the two in coming but Caim hears a roar from below and yells to Clara to move out of the way but she can't hear him over the fire and people screaming in pain. She yells out to the back of the cave in her own language and more sharks of all kinds, such as great white and tiger sharks but as Caim lays there in pain he sees a crown on her head. He sits there thinking how to get out when arms wrap around him and he sees the queen smile at him with razor sharp teeth Caim looks a small blue in the face scared if she is going to eat him.

Stocking Tops Pt. 05

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-09-25

Grinning at Sheila, really getting into the swing of sex by stretching a nipple in her teeth by pushing her breast away a little, he undressed quickly, gave his erection a couple of good pulls, noting Sheila was all eyes, and then lifted her left leg up and sucked the smaller toes while rubbing his erection with his free hand up and down her stocking. That evening the American guest speaker took a keen interest in Lee. James had been telling Hal Evans that their small agency's success had been partly due to remaining small -- current staffing was thirty-two -- and being driven by creative rather than management.

The Kinkiest Thing

fetish Heironymous 2018-09-25

I started to kiss and lick her breasts while she made out with Max. Max reached down and put his hand under her bikini bottom and I could tell from the way she was moving that he was fingering her. My cock was feeling like it was going to burst and when she started coming again, I let go and had a fucking cataclysmic orgasm that seemed to last forever. We got our clothes off and she immediately went down on me and started licking and sucking my cock, taking it into her mouth and occasionally opening her throat so I could get my short and curlies up against her nose.

Learning More After University

fetish Flexibility 2018-09-25

One morning, as I walked across to go down the stairs, the bathroom door was wide open with Rob standing dressed for work at the wash basin while Liz, I could not avoid seeing, was sat on the toilet apparently urinating. I reached the top of the stairs - and there opposite me was what I had begun to want to see: Liz again sat on the toilet, the silky robe pulled up above her lap only this time with the front noticeably open revealing a glimpse of her small but very pretty breasts. And I had another distracted day when all I seemed to think about was Liz's lovely slim legs on full bare display, the glimpse of her small and now very desirable breasts, her half-smiling stare - and the sound of her stream of piss.

rainy day thoughts

fetish Novocaine1 2018-09-25

It all started out so innocently when the idea of sitting on his face and squirting cum into his mouth came to me as I was in the middle of an important but very boring meeting. Mashed mango smeared into my pussy and being sucked and licked from me would quite turn me on I think! And as the scene in my head evolved into one of me grinding my cunt on his face and cumming in his mouth the idea of mango fandango appealed to me even more. Seeing his face all covered in sticky juice and licking it from his cheeks while he filled my cunt with his throbbing hard cock was enough to send me to the loo to check the state of my knickers!!.

my panty fetish

fetish sw201164 2018-09-25

In one add i put how i'd luv to go through a panty draw and pick a pair to stroke my cock on. A girl (Amy) answered but said she would only meet me in public and give me her panties. i told her how great her panties felt on my cock and how many times i came on them. While chatting i told her how i would luv to stroke my cock with a gilrs panties as she watched and Amy found it interesting but wasnt ready to go that far yet. By the way this is the first time i ever wrote a story about my panty fetish so dont be too hard on me.

Slip Seductions

fetish kent011 2018-09-25

I then looked straight at here legs and slip and ran my tong over my lips telling her that I would eat her pussy. She was looking at some towels in the bath section and I kept moving closed to her to see if you would run away or stay and let me talk. She sucked my balls and moved back to my cock. I slowly move up her nylon encased legs, taking a long time to reach the hem of her skirt. I reached the place where her skirt started and kissed her right between her thighs. I reach her slip and moved my cock to it. I was hard again and I moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy.

Brandy the Cross Country Runner

fetish MisterNatural 2018-09-25

"Well I think I was getting ready to suck your dick!" Brandy said as they walked around the puddle so the girl could kneel on dry ground, and after the lanky lady got into her position in front of the senior her long slender fingers grabbed the shaft of Edgar's cock. "Like Mom always tells me at the dinner table - girl stop yapping and start eating," Brandy chirped, and with that she opened her mouth wide and pushed her lips down the dusky tool, past the head and down to where her hand was, and as her lips moved up and down Edgar smiled down on the blonde.


fetish Sissyhookersexposed 2018-09-25

The mystical dimension helps to articulate and channel the spiritual meaning which is central to androgynous orientation; this may be subconscious rather than conscious and may not be easily integrated with formal religion. How our culture might provide appropriate outlets for the expression and articulation of celibate sexual intimacy is a further consideration that need not detain us now. Once we get the underlying vision clear, informed by a larger sense of culture, history and especially sexuality itself, then it will be easier to initiate the dialogue that will need to take place, delineate necessary boundaries, discern moral guidelines, and generate the good-will to provide the necessary support structures.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 01

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-09-25

You might be saying, "How can you not notice your cock growing by several inches, Brod?" Well, the answer is two things. I grabbed one half of my open pants, stepped away from the spreading, musky puddle, and hefted one of my gigantic nuts in. "I didn't know people could stretch that way!" she panted, licking her lips. When Aleta saw it, she said, "Jesus, Brod, I didn't know banking excited you so much." They're like volleyballs!" Then, with both hands, she grabbed the swinging slab of meat between my nuts and grunted as she hefted it. "Yeah, I bet I get stared at as much as you do," she said, hefting her tits, her hands almost disappearing into them as she jiggled them at me.


fetish Bullstud108 2018-09-25

He heard a little chuckle, almost like a girly giggle, and felt a long fingernail draw a circle around his stiff, right nipple. She began to slowly stroke the cock, making the handsome man moan and the throbbing dick tremble. Soon enough his dick was completely coated in its own slime and the man was constantly moaning and praising the woman for the awesome handjob she was giving him. The man gave a particularly loud groan and thrust his hips forward as far as he could, as his thick load began the long trip up the vein webbed shaft and out the wide cum cavern. The woman realized she had a major success in her hands, literally, when she took this stud.

The Japanese Pee Slut Ch. 2

fetish NorthwestRain 2018-09-25

I snapped one pair of hands lifting her shirt to show off a lacy pink bra, and another of Shobu's pussy squeezed into her white panties from behind as her skirt rode up while she kissed Jinko. With her eyes blurry with lust, Shobu took the hands of the other two and pulled them over to the white sheets, letting them slide their scented young bodies onto the mattress. We closed in on Shobu, pulling her panties gently down until her little pink anus came into view, followed by her parted vagina, shiny with excitement. Jinko looked up and gasped at the sight of my erection, then pulled away from Shobu and held it in her cool hand.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 11

fetish escalus 2018-09-25

The image of that fat girl struggling to scratch at her fanny brings a tight-lipped smile to Miss Lucy's face. She had been looking forward to telling Miss Lucy exactly what she had done, and how Clare Davenport had suffered in consequence. Miss Lucy remains civil to her, even handing her her knickers; and Kelly leaves the Consulting Room in a happier frame of mind than when she had entered. "Clear these cups and plates away," Miss Bulstrode orders the girls sitting at the end of the table. Kelly is still protesting, but she has become incoherent, wriggling around and making stupid noises, and in the end Miss Bulstrode takes a grip on her skirt and knickers and yanks them down from behind.

Friend's Wife Catches Me

fetish ferrarisnowday 2018-09-25

As soon as I close the door in the bathroom and turn on the lights I see a pile of Julie's dirty clothes on the floor: Pants, thongs, spaghetti strap shirts, and best of all socks! So I start to lightly stroke my cock with Julie's dirty sock smashed up against my nose when BAM all of sudden the bathroom door opens and Julie is standing there. She laughs so loud "HAHAHAHAH What a fucking loser, you came on your leg!" She scoops up a little bit with her finger and then removes the sock from my face and shoves the cum in my mouth.

Snowy eek-end

fetish Justine_Virtue 2018-09-25

He began by smelling my slightly damp armpits, put his finger in each of my ear and licked., Pinched my nipples through my dress, slipped his hand on my spine, lifted my dress a little up, pulled panties of my corset to and hang on to my buttock. Sitting comfortably in front, she did not feel more embarrassed than that in the sight of my uncomfortable position and my little moans iof pain as my master was amused to violent wheel turns . My master suddenly noticed my blinks to the Slavic beauties, He gave me a black eye and further increased the volume of the headset when a poor girl screaming horribly tortured in my headphones.

Wet Dreams to Crossdressing

fetish 2018-09-25

On the front cover of “Club”, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen: reddish blond shoulder length wavy hair, bright green eyes, innocent smile, arms crossed over her smallish breasts as if to hide them, and wearing a pair of sheer, white, lace paneled nylon bikini panties! She later became the wife of tennis player, Jimmy Connors, but I loved her panty-clad photos (white, lace, side bows, sheer), and masturbated over her many times. I went back to the Fraternity house that night, and took the yellow panties into the bathroom with the “Club” magazine, and jerked off in them. I loved looking at myself dressed in colorful panties, fantasizing about being a woman, and watching as my hand pumped loads of warm sperm out of my manhood!