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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Life With s*s: Pt 8

fetish 2017-10-16

I just sat on the edge of her bed and gently stroked her cheek with my fingers, first thing I get is a little frown, then a smile and she tells me she's awake and tells me to start the coffee and she'll meet me in the bathroom. I sit on the floor of the shower as she straddles me, squats down a little bit and lets loose of a hot torrent of pee, it splashes on my cock and balls and feels so good, I wish it didn't end as fast as it did. As soon as she has it there she starts to pee on me, I'd been holding it for about 30 minutes and let go too, I'm hitting her pussy as she hits my cock and I can feel it running down my balls and legs.

the club

fetish 2017-10-16

I place my hands BARELY upon your body. begin to pass my hands over your face, one finger along each eyelid then each Big circular motion of the hand brushes over your skin as the lather builds reach down to your sides and pull upward to your underarms as your soft skin continue to pull on your breasts and work the hard nipples into the palms on try to control the tremble in my hands as I continue to work on you. comfortable place to rest when sitting with legs folded. Noting my Mistress' selection of oral satisfaction I carefully positioned basket in sway and I covered each fold of this flower with my lips as they


fetish BEACHCRAWLER 2017-10-16

My husband knows I am naked under the skimpy dress and is making sexual overtures as to all the rude things he is going to do to me later However i make sure he can easily see my naked cunt as my legs are apart and my dress falls open. He looked shocked and excited as i put my hand on his crotch and could feel a large semi erect cock through his trousers When we got to the room i fell on the bed with my legs open and start to finger my cunt Within a flash Bruno had his cock out and began to jack it off looking at my cunt I was in a rush to have cock inside me and screameid ''Fuck me now Bruno''

nmdwji's balls never get time to recover.....

fetish Lateshay 2017-10-16

I can see the beads of sweat forming on the twin globes of your huge ass as you ride my cock. Your ass is moving up and down my fuck stick like the pistons of a car as you moan with pleasure. You've been fucking me for 15 minutes now, but I'm unable to cum because you've tied off my balls tightly and also put a tight cock ring behind the head of my cock. "Lift your head and lick the sweat off my ass worm", you demand. "Lick every last drop of your cum from my pussy. I begin to lick my own cum from your pussy and swallow it.

lust for her abs - female martial artist

fetish nahor88 2017-10-16

Although she lost interest in me shortly thereafter (started dating some bodybuilder dude to my understanding), my fetish for a fit, muscular women with rock hard abs hadn't died. Jerking off to that amazing night, or visiting female muscle sites simply wasn't enough anymore, I wanted another night, just like that one. I began sucking on her abs, then reaching down to feel her pussy... I pulled down her panties and began finger-fucking her pussy and continuing to suck on her abs. "No wait" she interjected, "you've earned this." She kissed down my abs, then wrapped her mouth around my cock. We both moaned in pleasure; I pushed my abs into her rock hard 8 pack, and felt myself about to cum.

A Spanking Good Time Ch. 03

fetish Quin 2017-10-16

Now I had all three holes filled someone found a use for my spare hand – it was made to close round a hot cock and eagerly I pulled on it wanting to feel its sticky liquid when it erupted. The sexual arousal now that my cunt was filled with cock instead of my arse or mouth made me buck furiously in an attempt to reach my own orgasm. Without words I submissively let each in turn lift my dress and standing against the kitchen worktop I watched with an intense sexual pleasure their cocks slip in and out of me as they subjected me to two very slow but powerful fucks.

High School Scat Loves Ch. 03

fetish JLitM 2017-10-16

Jimmy and his girlfriend Stephanie were walking home from school, when they were approached by Sarah. Jimmy and Stephanie just looked at each other in a strange way, and went to find Sarah's house. Sarah undid her jeans, and much to the surprise of Jimmy and Stephanie, a diaper full of piss and shit was on the grown woman! Jessica began to lube up both Jimmy and Stephanie, and then she slowly inserted both ends of the dildo into their asses. Jimmy got behind Sarah and began to fuck her ass. "I also have to empty my bowels," Stephanie stated, so she positioned her ass over Jimmy and began to shit there.

Dressing for Grandma

fetish goodsonformom 2017-10-16

I looked at myself in her mirror and thought with my smooth hairless body I looked like the little girl my parents always wanted, dressed in sexy lingerie.....I must admit I was so incredibly aroused.... When it was dinner time she gave me a sort robe to wear, actually too short, I think she loved the cooked dinner and ate, she was telling me about my uncle and how she helped him with his fetish of wanting to dress as a woman......then she said, "if your going to want to do this all weekend, then I must bathe in a bubble bath and let her shave what little hair I had and let me trim my toe nails." She said I had put a run in her stockings and she hated wasting them as they were expensive.

Bedroom Research

fetish wylite 2017-10-16

I just expected to see some girlie things and to have a nose round but I soon came across a small bundle of dirty washing in the corner of the room. Stealthily I crept into Mandy's bedroom; quickly I lit up the corner with my torch but oh no there were no dirty clothes, no panties. I lay down and placed my head on the pile and just drank in the scent of Mandy; then gently and slowly using my teeth and lips I moved away the pieces one by one till joy of joy I struck gold; panties, pink panties. One pair of panties were still covering my face and I remember thinking to myself, what the heck let's savour the smell and taste for a little while longer.

The Lingerie Shop

fetish MonetAA 2017-10-15

There, I kept a number of "open-pussy" panties, panties with cute little bows tying things together (temporarily), wonderfully sexy garter belts, panties with built on garter straps, tiny things of all kinds of textures, colors, and fabrics, and a small collection of new, unopened items. My next lover picked out a tiny black and purple satiny garter belt, matching purple sheer open crotch panties with satin trim and tiny bows, a black satin push up bra, and grabbed my outrageous, totally unusable-for-walking 6 inch heeled stilettos pumps in black patent leather with, of course, little ankle straps.

Afternoon Fun

fetish kinkysensualcouple 2017-10-15

"Fuck babe, you look hot." he said, stroking his cock with one hand and reaching out for her. It's a little tight for my liking." With those words, her hand reached down to his ass hole and began playing with the tight opening, slowly sliding more and more into the stretching hole. Her slippery hands rubbing all over his cock felt like heaven to him as did his ass muscles clamping around the big black butt plug that now filled his hole. She smiled at him as she slowly slid the cock ring off his cock and slid the butt plug out of his now open hole, causing another squirt of cum to erupt all over his legs.

The Gold Digger Ch. 08

fetish carvohi 2017-10-15

Carol had dressed today in a way she knew would especially please Bob. She had on a smart looking little matching blouse and skirt outfit. Ignoring Carol Bob walked Dora to the kitchen and explained to her his meal habits and where to find the necessary accouterments for food preparation. Carol, Bob, and Annie spent most of the rest of the evening at the sofa watching television. Bob called upstairs and, much to Carol's chagrin, told Dora she could come back down. Bob spent most of the rest of the time using his right hand to tickle Carol's breasts and rubbing her face. Bob told Dora to give Annie one of the doggie treats, and to give Carol a grape from the refrigerator.

Milking Her

fetish CharlieWandering 2017-10-15

The heavier her tits get the hornier she gets so I knew she would be absolutely desperate by the time she got home. I walked her to the door and as I started to kiss her goodbye she started rubbing those big tits against me and grabbed my cock. I love dressing her to show off her tits. She locked her fingers behind her head and pushed her chest forward and smiled as she presented her milk-laden tits to me. She has beautiful calves and thighs, a nice round ass, and oh those tits. Her with her hands behind her head, tits jutted forward, and me with a throbbing cock that was about to start peeking out of the elastic waistband of my shorts.

One of the Craziest Nights of my Life.

fetish jonesingforcum 2017-10-15

This kiss lasted for quite some time, and took us to a few places. She had taken her shirt off and her hair was a beautiful mess by the time she took me to her bedroom where I got the surprise of my life. We start passionately kissing again right over her pet's body, and his cock starts to get harder and harder. It felt like I was getting her close when she suddenly went rigid, fell onto her slave, and started moaning like she was being fucked again. I wanted to do something sexier than swallow it, and she nodded down below her to her slave pet. Throughout the night, more crazy sex happened, she even let her slave free to fuck me, while i fucked her.

Nigel's Pet Ch. 01

fetish SDcowboy 2017-10-15

Nigel dropped Ali on her hands and knees on the bed and with him still standing on the floor....he placed the tip of his cock on her wet slit and slowly but forcefully buried his cock balls deep into the tightness pussy he had ever had the pleasure of fucking.He pulled out half way and gave her short soft strokes .....making her moan and push her hips back trying to get more of his cock back into her pussy....He had his hand on her hips....he was in control of how much cock this little cunt was going to get.....He waited until he could feel the cum building up in his balls to finally fuck her deep and hard.....

Sally's Ch. 07

fetish seat542 2017-10-15

Sitting upright and moving to the edge of her throne, the Priestess began to a soft, deep caress of her breasts. Moving the pillows next to her, we knelt and took her breast and nipple into our mouths and began to suckle. The Priestess handed the filled chalice to Olivia. Opening the passenger's door, Olivia got in---but not before I gave her a tender, loving kiss. Olivia explained the ritual, the followers, the Priestess and all which occurred. The Priestess approached her; telling Olivia our relationship was true and the core of our love was strong. Continuing, Olivia said our play this evening answered all the leaders' questions and they moved quickly to prepare our ceremony.

Pakistani Daughter

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-10-15

She watched the woman running both hands up her mother's body, looking professional, yet Ayesha knew it was all unnecessary. Ayesha looked at her mother, and was relieved to see the woman couldn't bring herself to admit who she really was. 'Don't worry, I'll see you Monday morning and let you know how things stand with the welfare department, and the school,' Elizabeth said, then turned to the mother, 'Until then young lady, you must be a good girl and do as you are told. It must have been like this for her mother, when Ayesha first went to school. Ayesha went to collect her mother from school, knowing the woman would want her to be there.


my first story

fetish 2017-10-15

I cannot remember the last time we kissed so deeply or so passionately, our tongues interlocking as new lovers once more. The smoking had become a turn-on, and as we kissed my hips moved involuntarily towards his, longing for the union between souls. We kissed again as deeply as before, but this time our hands were otherwise occupied. We made love for an hour, switching back and forth between positions, pausing at times to kiss under the water, until the walls were saturated with condensation and I could no longer stand on tiptoe for him. We staggered out of the shower, sore, tired, and beaming like two lovers who had just fucked for the first time.

My Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker

fetish latexcd69 2017-10-15

My wife Sara had expressed her interests in watching me suck another man for the last couple years. Baby, I told you, I want to see your lips around a big fat dick. "Okay, Jamal, let me see that cock of yours baby." This is a real man's dick and tonight you are going to suck it good. Sara's hand pressed my head forward, forcing me to take a lot of dick into my mouth. I felt like I was performing and I didn't want to let my wife down so I tried my hardest to re-enact porn movies. Sara smiled as she gripped the lower part of Jamal's cock with her latex hands. "Good job baby, you sucked very well for your first time."

Creampie Wife Story

fetish rick_oh 2017-10-15

When we dated, I taught him how to eat pussy and lick me to orgasm, and I also gave him intense ejaculations by hand, or by having him pump his member between my legs. On the second night, before we got into bed, I told him I wanted intercourse to last longer before his ejaculation, and suggested that he pull out and cool down when he felt he was close to spurting. I told him that, henceforth, he was to give me a total of one hour of intercourse and I would allow him an ejaculation inside me, and as a reward, he would have unhampered access to my pussy for the rest of the night.

The Book of Division Ch. 04

fetish cauchemar80 2017-10-15

Throwing her clothes off, she picked up her left breast and her pillow and sat down on the bed. Molly braced the pillow with one arm and slid a finger inside herself, never moving far from her breasts. Leaning over, she pushed the pillow against her chest and grabbed her breasts on the other side, tweaking her sensitive nipples. "Fuck it," she muttered, pulling one of her breasts off the pillow and jamming it against her mouth. She fell back on the bed, still humping the pillow, still fucking herself, but jamming her breast into her mouth. "This," she said, grabbing a towel and heading for the bathroom, a breast in each hand, "is going to be a fun shower."

Pharmacy Keys Ch. 3-4

fetish Wyn 2017-10-15

"Are you going to be a good baby girl and not fight me as I take you down the hall for a walk?" Gwen nodded and sighed softly, feeling quite tired and too weak to fight back. As she walked along side the pretty nurse, she wondered what the hose was for and, as if being able to read her mind, Imogen chimed in, "Ever had a douche, darling?" Gwen nodded her head, thinking, Of course I have! Gwen, most of her pride pushed aside and looking for some comfort, whispered through her tears and over the paci, "But, I don't want to go in a diaper." Imogen smiled at her and said in a soothing voice, "But, darling...

Nanny's Panties Ch. 01

fetish RedRooster2004 2017-10-15

My cock was about to burst, I quickly pulled out and began to stroke myself while holding her panties to my nose and in only a few short seconds, I came hard – real hard. Like the previous night, she walked away but this time she walked back to her room through the connecting bathroom leaving the door ajar and the lights off. When I felt her about to cum, I let go of my cock and wrapped both hands around her ass and began to eat her pussy with a lustful hunger. As she leaned in to kiss me, I felt her wrap her panties around my cock and slide them from the base all the way to the tip.


fetish Bakeboss 2017-10-15

I'd be lying if I didn't admit the main reason my secretary got her job was that she interviewed wearing five-inch heels with open toes including the red nails I love and a toe ring on each foot. The whole weekend all I did was think of Miss Mona Lansbury and the sexy foot I held in my hand. At quitting time, when Miss Lansbury came in to say good-bye she mentioned she didn't have a ride home and wanted to know if I knew the bus route by the office. We never discussed the so-called 'elephant in the room' that was our night of frenzied foot worship and massage but that didn't mean that it wasn't on my mine every time I saw her in her open toed heels.