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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Pickup

fetish EndorphinResearch 2017-10-15

I’ll let you have a free hand to rub your clit with and I’ll get a big toy and work you over. I released her right hand and Candy immediately starting strumming her clit furiously. Amy loved the big toys, loved being stretched down there “Almost but not quite up to here” I circled my right hand with my left, behind the knuckles but just barely. I stroked my hand out, tucked in my thumb and pushed back into her incredibly hot and wet pussy. Her cunt was so tight around my wrist that I thought for a minute that I’d lost feeling in my fingers. As I closed my hand and started to stroke in and out of her very slowly, Candy’s orgasm was upon her.

Creampie Eating For Fun

fetish fun4all6969 2017-10-15

Then Susie proceeds to tell them how she made me lick her after filling her with cum and Lauren says "you made him eat his own creampie" and they laugh. Susie said "Marty, come with me and make another creampie." We went back to a bedroom at her friend's house and I came in about 2 minutes. They said they wanted to see me eat my own cum and Susie volunteered to let them watch but no one wanted to actually see me eat it out their friend. In the morning she said she enjoyed humiliating me the night before and making me eat Grant's cum. Later Susie told me that Lauren really enjoyed having a guy lick her clean after being fucked.

Big Belly

fetish standingstones 2017-10-15

Katie was getting pretty worked up by this time. "God, fuck me Tommy, I need your cock!" I got the impression Katie wasn't getting much sex from her hubby. Hot jets of cum shot into Katie's belly. Katie was bouncing up and down on my cock as I held her asscheeks and pulled them apart as we screwed on her bed. Katie said she loved the feeling of a man cumming inside her. It got to the point where Katie and I were fucking so much my cock was getting raw. I would fuck Katie on her bed and give her all my seed. My last day home, I entered Katie every way possible. I think Katie needs sex all the time now.

The Omnipotent Woman

fetish lickerwell 2017-10-15

Second, they call it creeping for a reason, because women will think that's what you are." I could almost feel myself shrinking out of embarrassment right there in my seat, "You actually have to say hello and if you do, you might just meet someone special," she said as she placed her hand on my crotch, "oh, I think you've lost a little pride." Krissy laughed out loud, "Why don't you get me a long island iced tea and get yourself back under control," and gave my cock a little squeeze.

Professional Assistance Preferred

fetish anonymous3 2017-10-15

Employees made the establishment managers and operators aware of all client requests; clients were required to visit the Open Mind office and detail their needs if they were interested in an extended session--anything more than one day--and also as a way for the business to get a handle on clients to keep service providers out of danger. The site of our session would be Jennifer's house; all ladies were single and more than one had equipped space within their homes to service clients, especially in cases where discreetness and privacy were among a client's priorities. All said and done, I was welcomed aboard, thanked for my cooperation and candor, and told that Jennifer would meet me at the bookstore Saturday morning by 10 a.m. for the ride to her house.

Golden Shower Pt. 02

fetish wetguy42 2017-10-15

As she was finishing up her smoke she said to me, I haven't pissed all day. My hands were all over her body, rubbing her breasts, her back, her ass and finally I started to massage her pussy through her pants. She slowly let out a few drops of her golden nectar, stopped the flow and had me sucking it out of her panties. It was obvious as she started to really flow that she had told me the truth about not going all day. At that moment, all the piss I had held inside for hours started to shoot out. She told me my training was just getting started and if I thought this was great just wait until we really introduced ourselves to each others bodies.

The Mirror Ch. 01

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-10-15

divided attentions, Debbie raised her right leg, and gently placed the ball of her bare foot upon James's left cheek, firmly pressing her toe pads against the side of his forehead. At hearing the dry white wine part of James's drinks order, Jennifer and Sharon half-spun around on their bar stools to see who the glass of wine was for, and they saw Debbie, sitting with her back to them, and engrossed in reading something in the left-behind local newspaper. "You know it's Mum's birthday in two weeks' time, James," said Debbie, obliging James to tear his eyes away from the super-sexy antics of the two stunning blondes' beautiful bare soles.

Public Transport

fetish MsWriter26 2017-10-15

Camelia scarcely behaved this way, but fucking a sexy loser on a public bus after a disastrous day could well brighten up her day. As if reading her thoughts, Mr. Chatty grabbed Camelia and walked her to the back of the bus, where he bent her over, removed her pink lace La Perla thong and massaged her crevice using two fingers. Spoiled rich girls like you just want a real man to take charge and fuck ‘em senseless. Camelia wanted to tell him that she was neither rich nor spoiled, but his fingers probing into her swollen sex had made her speechless with shock and ecstatic with desire.

Anne's First of Many Gyn Exams

fetish scute2 2017-10-15

He said he saw this was the first time I was going to Health Services and asked whether I had had a pelvic exam before. As I said my nipples are exquisitely sensitive and I am also thinking of how wet I must be getting, how wet the gown and the paper table covering must be getting, and how I am really going to be on display in a few brief minutes. When he finally does his little two handed pinch I can't stop myself from squirming on the table, from squeezing my legs together, trying to push my feet against something.

Jenny's Fetish

fetish MistressMerry 2017-10-15

"That," replied her client before she could question him "is to allow me to exam you thoroughly, fuck you as I wish and to make you cum as many times as I see fit. "I want you to touch me and fuck me," said Jenny. "No. Remember, you get extra enema and extra time to hold it," he said and then she felt more liquid being pushed into her and then his hands rubbed over her abdomen deliberately pushing and squeezing. I want you to think about all that liquid in your bowels now while I fuck your cunt." and he shoved the head of his cock inside. Jenny gasped when she felt the thick head of his cock enter in her pussy.

I Like to Drive

fetish JesaTaylor 2017-10-15

As I take the winding turns and my hands slip gently over the cool wheel, my muscles loosen and my eyes droop into a half gaze. As I turn my head slightly to look at my shoulder, I find the familiar slim line of elegant wrist skin and my tongue immediately begins to water as the scent of leather, fresh tobacco and the sweetness of redwoods come to me. Just before I come to the place where I will stop existing anywhere but deep in my body, his fingers slowly halt to a stop. As I continue to come with him caressing and caressing that spot deep inside me, he lays the side of his hand across my mouth and I bite hard, tasting the flat hide of his gloves.

Sweet Cheese

fetish Toiletdream 2017-10-15

I took the piece of bread with my wife's ass cheese on it and brought it to Todd. "OK," I said, "But this may be a bit of a shock." My wife took her skirt off and bent over right in front of Todd and Jenny. I took a bit of bread and wiped the crack of her ass with it and handed it to Todd. They both laughed and nibbled on their bread covered in my wife's ass cheese. Pretty soon we were all naked and before the night was over, I had fucked Jenny's ass and Todd had fucked my wife's and we were closer than we had ever been.

Breastfeeding Me

fetish mamamilklover 2017-10-15

After I graduated from college, my wife and I moved back to where we grew up close our family, and, of course, close to Erica and Jim. After a year or so of renting a house, we finally purchased a home in October about 5 minutes from them. "OK," she said, "you can bring him to me now." I gave her the baby, and she laid him in her lap, put his head under the blanket, and began to nurse him. "Well, I have always fantasized about a woman breastfeeding me and treating me like a baby, and when you said you were nursing her that day, I could not get the thought of you out of my head. "Mmm, mama likes baby breastfeeding" she said as she rubbed my face with her hand.

David's Summer of '61 Ch. 04

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-15

"You can remove my knickers young man," she said to me, much to the approval of the other ladies who all now appeared to be watching and egging Eileen on. "It smell's like the proverbial tart's boudoir," said Colleen kicking off her black three inch high heeled court-shoes and sitting on the bed open legged in front of me. She threw her skirt and petticoat over me as I pulled aside one of the legs of her lacy pale blue French knickers and began tonguing her. "Well young man shall I squat on your face?" she said shaking her skirt and swivelling her hips provocatively.

Older Sister's Nylons Ch. 01

fetish BlkNYLONS 2017-10-15

I started to stammer and stutter trying to find words of forgiveness praying and begging to keep this from Mom. There I was in my sister's bedroom, on her floor with many of her stockings and heels around me jerking off with one of my sister's nylon stockings pulled over, up and around my hard cock. Her ultra sheer nylon legs swished, and the sunlight from the bedroom window made them sparkle as she walked toward me; her ankles wiggled from her pointed toe, tall, black, four inch stiletto, spiked heels as they dug deep into the carpet. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it slowly looking at her nylon legs and the dark reinforcements on her stocking toes.

Valerie on an Island

fetish subval79 2017-10-15

I didn’t feel as awkward as when he had first met me and we had a crazy afternoon/ evening of super-fetishy sex- stockings, garters, heels, bondage, lots of cock-sucking (mostly me devouring his huge dick - more about that in a moment) and the shivery thrill of having a man unload his balls onto my stocking feet just broke a lot of barriers for me. At that he point he decides what I’m going to wear and after watching me get dressed (stroking that big cock through his shorts) he releases me into the house as a combination maid, companion and jerk off slave.

She Got What She Asked For Ch. 01

fetish Dreadlocks 2017-10-15

"You'll get used to it my dear, now let me take you to your room." I had thought it best for Amanda to have her own quarters during her rehabilitation, so I gave her the suite in North wing of the castle and assigned two female servants to address her needs. "So this is what you meant last night, my God Derek I'm completely bald!" She buried her face into my shoulder and wept and I brought my hand up and caressed her smooth scalp for the first time. She was now out of my hands and into those of the capable therapists and as the doors were closed I could hear her weeping, "Look at me, nooo, that can't be me, ohhh nooo." The weeping faded as I left the North wing and entered my library.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 13

fetish Anal Slave 2017-10-15

My wife said that the more times I suck it the more cock I can get in my mouth. Then she looked at me and said to get undressed I was standing there buck naked and she was pulling on my cock and telling the ladies that I could suck my own cock. I parted her legs with my hands and started licking the black lips and all of a sudden her pussy opened up and it was a deep pink color I sucked her clit so hard Juice was leaking out the bottom of her cunt. On the way home my wife thanked me for sucking my cock in front of her friends and said she was going to have a special surprise for me tomorrow.

Puppy Jack

fetish JacobGoody 2017-10-15

I could sense that the evening had begun the transition into the "fun" that Paul had mentioned, folks seemed to be more touchy-feely with each other, the booze was freer,and from my low vantage point, I could see all the other pups had started to act up and fight for dominance. I started to sweat, and frantically looked around for Doug to help me - this was all the distraction that was needed for Samson's owner to get a firm grasp on my collar and to grab the back of my boxer briefs. Pushing back hard against Samson, I closed my eyes, feeling his pubes on my cheeks, and my own cock slapping wetly against my belly, barking and moaning with every thrust - I suddenly felt a cool breeze across my face.

Anally Yours

fetish LeggoMyEars 2017-10-15

Christy said, "You know I love it when you eat my pussy and I always cum but you know what? Christy said, "yep and your lunch is served baby!" Dusty was thinking of the email comment she had made about fingering her ass and thought about making it comfortable for Christy. Just as Christy's first orgasm hit, he dove into her folds and caught her creamy fluid from her opening, withdrawing his fingers. Dusty again returned to her pussy and began licking and sucking on her clit and lips as he fingered her ass. Christy came hard, soaking Dusty's face with creamy white cum, moaning as softly as she could because of where they were.

Cindy Lou Meets the Vampire

fetish Boxlicker101 2017-10-15

After his mouth had cleaned everything off one lip, Brian treated the other outer lip the same way, swabbing off the pussy juices as well as the blood and mucus and other wastes that made up Cindy Lou's menstrual flow. When he was sure Cindy Lou was through cumming, Brian licked up all the fresh juices she had just produced, delighted with the tinge of her menstrual fluid that was included in them, and resumed licking her pussy between the second inner and outer lips. From her soft murmurs of pleasure and the way Cindy Lou's pussy had already started fucking into his face, Brian could tell she was aroused again, and he hoped she would cum as powerfully as she had before.

Michelle at the Beach Ch. 03

fetish flabuf 2017-10-15

While George was fit, a marathon runner which happened to be a body style that Michelle didn't care for preferring her men to be bigger, more like Pat and Robert, Adrienne was chunky. So there they were Robert, Michelle, and Pat across from George, Penny, and Adrienne and the conversation started. Sitting now Pat turned, leaned forward a touch and asked Robert "So Robert tell me something great about your lovely lady." As he did this his left hand slid over Michelle's thigh and, not noticing any resistance on her part, started to softly stroke it up and down loving the feel of her smooth skin.

Don Takes Over Ch. 01

fetish chas19839 2017-10-15

My heart sank as I saw the keys to my aching sissy clit handed to this confident man who was invading my house. The humiliation of having the giant cock shoved up my ass in front of my wife was worse than I could have imagined. So while Don spread my wife's legs and gave her a series of loud orgasm, I knelt on the floor and obediently fucked myself with the dildo. He just chuckled and gave my plug a little shove to make sure it was in deep before taking the lid off the sharpie marker and writing "CUNT" across my ass cheek. My poor clit had ached longingly all night, as I couldn't help but imagine my wife in Don's arms, probably naked and dripping with his cum.

A Tongue Toy

fetish slcmalemaid 2017-10-15

I so badly want to start eating her out but like a good sex toy I know my place and allow myself to be used. She grabs my head and holds it tight to her pussy while grinding up and down my face and clearly having powerful orgasm after orgasm. She holds my head tight between her legs for some time while coming down from her high. Sometimes, like when she wants to read alone in bed before being pleasured, she sends me off with a card before I'm allowed to come to the bedroom. When we first started out, my wife was worried that I needed to orgasm every once in a while for health reasons and so the cage would come off and we would have regular sex.