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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 02

fetish anonymous3 2017-10-15

But I dove into work, and maybe because I was kind of dreading the appointment with people who shared mine and Tasha's particular fetish, but hadn't come to understand my point of view on the fetish the way Tasha had, it seemed like no time before lunch was being talked about. Tasha leaned over to me and said quietly, "I've been holding a shit since before I left work. I heard the bathroom door open again, and in less than thirty seconds, Tess and Molly and Faye stood ready to watch Tasha make her delivery.Tasha stepped into the tub, still sporting her jeans. Tasha was to my right, Molly on my left, and Tess and Faye across from me. Tasha said, "Ethan, I don't mean to kick you out, but why don't you go down and find Faye?

My First Tattoo

fetish Tats25 2017-10-15

Kristina Aguilera was the "it" girl at the time, and I was a cute, petite blonde, so it was my mission in life to look as much like her as possible: tattoos and all. Let's do it." I urged, vaguely turned on by the thought of having a strangers hands all over me in order to place a permanent design on my body. There was the hot tattoo artist Nick who had teased me for an entire hour and then it was the sight of the sexy new image that turned me on. I came again to the thought of sucking my friends breasts while Nick fucked me and deposited globs of white cum all over my new tattoo.

Latrell by Tay'aria Ebony

fetish tayaria_fans 2017-10-15

But, when you walked through a door toward the back, it was a finished bedroom with carpet and heating. I sat on my cousin's bed and turned his TV on to the show I was watching upstairs. Latrell locked his door and knelt down in front of me speaking in a low voice, "I have a secret to show you, but you can't tell anybody." Something felt off about the whole thing. I walked slowly, nervously glancing at the door every so often as I took off my clothes. He put the red lipstick on my lips and told me it was to make me look more grown up. I ran upstairs and was shaking so badly it took me what felt like forever to open the basement door.

Reversals Ch. 03

fetish RachelClark 2017-10-15

Looking at the first floor patio across the court, Eric wondered if John, the drunk in the next building over, had started like this, remorseful and guilty, drowning his sorrows with booze, until, one day, the alcohol just took over and he didn't care anymore. went away." Eric leaned against the wall and looked away, not wanting to lock eyes with Julia as feelings of shame mingled with sadness in him. "I've been thinking," she started, "since you violated our agreement about playing games while I was working, which really is a very serious thing, like a slap in the face to me...," she let her words trail off as anticipation built in her for what she was planning on saying next.

Better than crossword puzzles

fetish lakeiroquois 2017-10-15

All of a sudden we’re on the move, as her surprised suitor gets looking for a place to turn this trash-mouthed creature into a conquest. Usually he feels he’s in control, sometimes he suspects it’s the other way around but doesn’t care. Watching that woman fuck is worth some level of risk. I can’t understand why people watch sports or look for beauty in art, when they could watch a confident beautiful woman fuck. It’s the only reason we’re on this planet that I can see and we can’t watch? He’s either bound and determined to get more of this, or has that “what the fuck happened to my pants” thing happening. She’s kinda wondering “that was fun, why don’t I just stick with this one”.

Christmas Perks

fetish GrapleIRIS 2017-10-15

Peter rounded the desk and headed down the hall after the maid who was already a good 10 paces ahead. Peter wasted no time in trapping one of her large brown nipples in his mouth, tongue circling; lashing over the tip, trapping it against his teeth. Eyes glued to her hands, he shuddered as the shiny black fingers curled around his shaft, squeezing and stroking. Oh my God Peter!" She was rocking on her knees, opposing him, meeting his hard thrusts, driving him closer and closer to the brink. He pulled back fast, back arching, hips thrusting forward and sent stream after stream of hot white cum to land against her upturned ass and nylon encased thighs.

Mary's Panties

fetish pbody 2017-10-15

Since meeting Mary I knew she loved to fuck men and had several men friends who did her regularly. The only demand from me was that she tell me about it and then collect their cum in her panties. I was always buying her all different kinds of panties, most of them thongs and told her if she ever ran out of them after fucking, then I would get her some more. The rules were that after each man or fuck, she was to put on a pair of panties and wear them to soak up the cum. I would then fuck her good and she would cum for hours on my dick and mouth. It was a lot of fun believe me to go through the pile of panties and she the dried cum.

dancing and at theater

fetish the_shootist 2017-10-15

She said she could feel him getting so hard as he moved his cock back and forth between her legs and before she knew it he was cumming. When we got home we fucked three more times talking about it and how she could feel the other guys cocks pressing against her as they danced. After a few minutes of my playing she usually couldn’t take anymore so she sat down on my lap letting my cock slide in her all the way. I’m sure as he played he really wanted to stick his cock in her cunt and fuck but Jill told me later that shortly after he started playing with her, she felt his cock on her thigh he shot his cum all over her thigh and the seat.

Carin's deprived adventure part 3

fetish carin123 2017-10-15

I did ask if she wanted to stop before we did something her husband wouldn’t like, and she told me she would go as far as I took her, and then just tell him later to get him hard. Walking up the hall to the door, I turned to ask her one last time, and before I could Dawn kissed me. Overloaded with stimulation, grinding back against the toy thrusting deep into me, listening to Dawn moan beside me, watching the woman at the door suck another stranger watching us, and having this pervert just in front of me begging for my panties sent me over the edge again and again, until I simply passed out.

Thank You for Your Obedience

fetish With_Lust 2017-10-15

When my speech centers began working I said something clever like, "Hello Jillian." Well it sounds incredibly witty to a brain that just sent a pint of blood down below the beltline. "I'll just check on a few things and get ready." She moved to the door, "Doggies can't wear clothes if they want to be examined." Dr. Jillian was gone and my clothes hit the little bench on the wall. "Big doggies need their paws covered so they can't scratch." She put something like heavy mittens on my hands. "Good doggy but I can't let you bite me." She pulled out a muzzle and slipped it over my head. "Oh good doggy." She gave my cock what it wanted with a couple of long strokes.

Maggie's Collection

fetish Dak2 2017-10-15

I realized a hand was resting on my thigh, almost imperceptibly stroking my leg through the fabric of my briefs. The hand stroking my thigh felt soft and warm; the rhythm, more lively, but still very light, very pleasurable. Maggie's hand cupped the front of my briefs and lifted gently as she followed the contours up toward the waistband. With her other hand, Maggie lifted the bottom of my tee shirt, and lightly raked my stomach with her finger nails. She continued to watch as her hand cupped me and stroked me through my briefs. As she pushed firmly against my chest, Maggie grasped my cock through my briefs and began to slowly stoke up and down.

Husband In Training Pegged

fetish 425olds 2017-10-15

I felt like I was going to cum, she laughed at me and told me this time she was going to bring me all the way through to orgasm, "But you have to do something for me first," she said. You look like such a perfect little cuckold," she said as she took my cock back into her hands. Now suck on my big black cock!" she said putting it into my face. Take my big black cock you pathetic little bitch!" she said as she took away my last bit of pride. She pumped my cock telling me how she was going to get her nipples pierced and was even going to start wearing a temporary Queen of Spades tattoo on her tits.

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

fetish MissToni 2017-10-15

When I walked in I didn't immediately see my wife so I got a drink, talked with a few people I recognized then began looking for her. On the way home she asked if I minded the way she kissed Brad and I shrugged it off and said, "Honey its New Year's, you just got caught up in the moment that's all." Jerry smiled and got up as she entered the room, "Well, well this must be your beautiful wife Sandy" he said. I watched as Sandy smiled, laughing at something Jerry had said. Anyway I invited Jerry to stay the night, he's had too much to drink and drive at this hour." Sandy smiled as she slurred her words.

Fetish with Neighbor Aunty

fetish sriram7612 2017-10-14

So, every time a girl or married women (we call them aunties) with a pretty face and nice breasts crosses our path, in our imagination we immediately take her to bed, and begin sucking her nipples. Indian women wear blouses and sarees; a traditional outfit displaying the breasts outline and some skin at the hips. I masturbated thinking of the closeness of her breasts, size of the breasts, her cleavage, and her big ass. I started masturbating furiously stroking my penis thinking that I was mauling auntie's breast with my other hand. Aunty was moaning as I continued to maul her left breast and she came close to offer her breasts to my mouth.

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 10

fetish draugrmaker 2017-10-14

“Oooooo… Uncle Mark… I need your cock… That’s making me so fucking horny!” Cried out Tricia. “My little niece wants my cock does she?” I asked. Tricia quickly assumed the position and I pushed my cock into her drenched pussy. She said, “oh my God Uncle Mark, your cum is so hot! “She says nobody can pound a pussy like your Uncle Mark.” Replied Tricia. Cindy and Beth joined me in the shower and Beth sucked on my cock saying, “I love the taste of my niece on your cock! “Oh Mark, the thought of eating Stacy’s pussy has me so hot!” Beth cried out. I then went back in the house and told Beth and Cindy I was going Christmas shopping.

Hotel: Lifeguard

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-10-14

Dark sunglasses cover my ice blue eyes, partially to protect them from the sun; partially to let me brazenly watch firm breasts and tight asses sneak from under the patches of fabric. She closes the book and puts it by the wheel then presses down with both hands lifting her hips from the cement and twisting to face me before letting her hips back down. Her mound rubs over my mouth as I drive my tongue deep, feeling the growing wetness wash down my throat. I hold her legless hips with both hands to steady my face against the writhing body. She moans some words, just sounds, in my mouth and I continue downward until I reach the place where the upward slope of her hips begins.


Her Sweet Pet 4

fetish pornaholic63 2017-10-14

Brushing one of her long silver braids out of her eyes, she went back into the kitchen and started searching through the drawers for a pen and paper to write her friend a note just in case he returned. "Yes I'd like to make a missing persons report Officer-??" she answered while looking for his name tag. "Um..Yes I was directed here by the front desk.,"she began slowly, " I need to file a missing person report on a close friend of mine." "Well, the only thing I could say to do if you really want to help is to go around places you think that person would be and look for clues," Blake gave the only advice he could.

Sausage Sarah

fetish williewonthe 2017-10-14

Sarah cannot miss the opportunity to feel this cock inside her, and its good for business so she whips off her skirt, no panties, gets on all fours and allows the head of this huge cock to rub up and down her slit where her pussy juice has already made her wet. The guy is keen to get on with things but Sarah makes him wait, just easing his cock into her pussy a little at a time, feeling the thrill as his thick member stretches her and fills up her hole. The guy is almost over the edge so Sarah encourages him to do the business and she can feel this huge cock pounding into her snatch, his balls banging into her as he drills his cock deep in her sopping wet pussy.

rare ladies ....

fetish thepet4566 2017-10-14

one day, i was just poking around in another site, when i stumbed across a profile with a lady, with pics of thee most cutest feet, longest sexiest legs, mouth watering, big juicy tits and ever so nice wet, wild pussy! that could haver a guy too spend hours worshipping them, play, being teased, taunted by a sometimes mean or cruel leggy bitch, with those cute toes, legs & ever so wet wild pussy! i have my mistress stocking leg pic as my profile pic, time to go, with a cock ring on & look at her pics and play as i was instructed too.

shannon kelly The Confession Ch. 09

fetish ioanna 2017-10-14

Graduation day finally came and the two boys received their diplomas, after the ceremony was over Jack's parents invited Kelly and Kevin over to the house for cake and ice cream. "I think today would be a good time to tell them we are in love." Jack said. "No more waiting Kelly, we tell them today." He said grasping her soft hands. Mom, Dad, Kevin, I would like to tell you that Kelly and I are in love and we plan on living together when I leave for college." He announced to the stun room. "Dad please refrains from calling Kelly a slut." Jack said calmly. His father reached into his pocket and tossed him a set of keys, Jack looked at them as he held them in hands.

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 19

fetish sarahloveitt 2017-10-14

Ulysses pulled Athena on top of his face, scooping the fruit from her dripping vulva with his tongue before pushing her down to mount him, his elegant shaft sliding in and out of the vulva, frothing with crushed strawberries and cream, flooding his pubic hairs, staining them bright red. Seeing Theseus pull away from Aphrodite, his penis spurting powerful jets of sperm, Hera reached out to catch the spray in her mouth before he threw himself on her shoving the massive shaft, still-dripping, deep into her vacant vagina. Anxious to see the spurting sperm, her favourite sight, Niobe pulleded her loins away, pushing them at Nestor's face, taking his smooth penis in her hand, pulling at it as the muscles contracted.

sex story patr I (sonnnyla) for me

fetish JessicaBrown 2017-10-14

Drivings tough, the fog thick everywhere, from the van I see what appears to be a high end e****t in a red overcoat, the light from the lampost shines down upon her. You look down and give me a wink as we exchange smiles, I get the key out my pocket that the receptionist gave me earlier and turn it in the door, quickly. The light is bad but i can still make out your curvy body shape, i can see the hardness in your nipples, the moisture in your skin and importantly i can still see what i’m doing. You reach to turn the light on, looking in my blue eyes. I’m now a little angry and want to let out my frustration.

The Black Goddess of Subway Cum

fetish EllenMelville 2017-10-14

You never know when a train will be crazy packed, but around 5:30 or 6:00, when three or four million people finish work and want to get home to their kids, dinner, a shower, and a drink—that's a good bet for crowded. So, what happened to Raymond, when he shoved himself into the subway car at 51st Street and Lexington Avenue, his light-tan suit soaked with sweat, trying to preserve from work the feeling of a nice power-trip, with nothing at home for the evening but a bottle of Chardonnay in his Park Slope apartment? looking, grinning, maybe sort of accidentally pressing myself against her ass because the train was swaying.

Best Friends

fetish ableoneable 2017-10-14

"Come, sit down." LInda said as she led Claire into the large sitting room off the entryway. The thought had entered suddenly, the moment Claire met Linda's son, Dan. Claire liked boys. A simple black choker with "SLUT" written in diamonds made Claire start to drip as she contemplated that it had come from Dan's mother. Claire stopped pretending to look at her nails, moved the crop up under Dan's chin and stepped into his room. Dan could feel the come rising and he involuntarily gripped Claire's head and pulled her in hard, completely impaling her face. As she neared orgasm Claire flexed her legs, digging Linda's stiletto heels into her son's lower thigh.