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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dirty Story

fetish M_Sirk 2017-10-14

"Squat down." She got down on her haunches, her arms extended behind her and her hands planted in the wet soil, her arse a couple of inches from the ground, her legs parted. That’s it, like a dog, scrabbling about in the dirt." She rolled over as requested, most of her body now smeared with earth, her muddied arse towards me. As I pushed myself in and out of her tight, hot rectum I threw my head back, the sun shining onto my face, my eyes closed, bright golden spangles and whorls dancing in the redness, and for a moment, as I came, shooting my sperm into Jill’s bowels, I thought I was fucking the planet, the very earth itself.


The Manse Ch. 03

fetish myimaginaryfriendme 2017-10-14

"Let me help you clean up." And with that, she reached out and took my cock from me and leaned forward to take the tip into her mouth. I'm in!" And he walked over to one of the toilets, took his half erect cock into his hand and pointed it skyward. I looked around to see Heloise and Sheila both with handfuls of suds washing me. Heloise began to soap Sheila and then looked at me, "Aren't you going to help?" "I think you need to wash my feet, Mark," said Heloise. I need you to help me finish getting ready before we head down to the dining room." Again, she flashed a sly grin and it felt like she almost winked at me.

Ann's Revenge Ch. 04

fetish sleepless 3 2017-10-14

His role as the photographic image setter at his company, making sales catalogues for sexy lingerie has ensured he has been hard and stimulated inside his wife's padlocked chastity device and her selection of lacy female underwear she has had him wear all week has kept his mind continually thinking about sex. She leans over and looks closely into his eyes, kisses him on the lips and her right hand moves to touch over the constrained bulge inside his trousers. She now looks at his sex area covered in some very yellow ladies panties with blue lacy edges and his swollen penis entrapped inside the chastity device.

Dairy Queen of the Breeders

fetish Tivanosa 2017-10-14

The Earl, Hunter, stood dressed in black leather, tall and handsome with long black hair and a freshly shaved face; with a brandished riding crop in hand, he was a formidable figure. Hunter stood in front of Valeria and grabbed her hips; Aeva pulled down his pants to reveal a throbbing erection. Valeria moaned and fell under the spell of her lord, the Earl of Crawford, Hunter, and together they locked lips and genitalia, becoming as one amidst the gasps of all around them. Thus began the life of Valeria Chasity, former Heiress to Wessex, now the Dairy Queen of the Breeders, special concubine and love to the Earl of Crawford.

A Body Made for One Thing (fixed)

fetish pete2277 2017-10-14

At this point my cock was doing the talking and I said, “is it because all these men want you and all those women are jealous of you?” She turned to look at me with a fire in her eyes, “excuse me, but do I know you?” She quickly looked around and then whispered, “please don’t.” It was a pleading voice and I felt her stiffen, but she held her ass right up against my hard cock. I leaned into her and said “I am going to walk over to the bathroom, meet me there in 5 minutes and I will give you what you need baby.” With that, I turned away trying to hide the tent in my pants and I headed over to the bathroom.

The Plumber

fetish powelldonovan 2017-10-14

Stacey dropped the cubes she was still holding, took a big swing of her own drink, and then bent down and pressed her lips up against my asshole. Then there weren't any more ice cubes, and I turned around -- to find my cock going straight down Stacey's open throat. I could glide the red candle back and forth in her cunt with just two fingers, but had to use the whole strength of my other hand to get the white one first as far in as it would go and then almost all the way out -- but not quite. I grabbed the red candle out of Stacey's hand and threw it against the opposite wall, cracking it in half.

Naughty Donna

fetish toocold 2017-10-14

It was dark, and nobody but John knew, and he'd been quite kind about it, but the memory of the hot rivers running down her slim legs, the humiliation of her boyfriend seeing her piss herself like a child when she was actually a shapely young woman of 22, none of that was something she wanted to repeat. Donna continued to shift her weight and cross her legs, pressing her thighs together in her tight jeans, as the lift slowly made its way to John's twelfth-floor apartment. After she smashed several plates, John gave Donna her first non-wetting related spanking, and this established a new pattern that saw her getting punished three or four times each week.

massage experiences...i am a great masseuse ... ms

fetish vanessavilla 2017-10-14

About 3 minutes later she walked back through the door and handed me my change and I felt i nice sigh of relief. She then poured oil on my dick and began to slowly stoke it, while rubbing my balls. She rotated from rubbing my balls and cock to using both hands to stroke my dick up and down. Although I was in total fucken bliss and felt like i as just about to cum, I thought to myself it would be nice to turn around and see someone sitting in a chair right next to me playing with their pussy. She leaned over and the top of me stroking my cock with two hands and I could feel her hands on my balls and thighs and I began to shoot my load every where.

Squirting Pregnant Pussy

fetish wife2hotblk 2017-10-14

The very first time it happened is especially memorable, because I thought that my waters had broken. I am not sure what time my husband came to bed that night. But since I am a light sleeper, especially with a monster rolling and kicking inside of me; I woke up when he tried to slip quietly into our marital bed. I can achieve dozens of strong orgasms that way, which was exactly what I wanted and needed at that moment. I drenched my husband's thighs and our bed as clear liquid gushed from my pregnant pussy. If my midwife or obstetrician had known the basics of sexual physiology then I might have avoided a rather nasty induced labor.

All in the Family Ch. 06

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-10-14

Curt looked up at the man, probably in his forties, as he shifted between feet and the large mailbag pulled one shoulder lower than the other, his hand rubbing his chin then tugging at an earlobe. Holly sipped and watched Katlin pull her pant leg up slightly and rub the end of the stump. You know, I've never heard of another black person wanting this." She waved her hand over her stump then pointed at each woman's arm stump. "Maybe the two of you would be interested in talking someday." She watched him sit several feet away, his legs crossed, a hand over one knee.

The Panty Club Ch. 02

fetish nikki_2021 2017-10-14

As she watched, Anne wiggled them about and pushed and probed and slowly but surely, the panties were stuffed inside her until only the merest scrap was visible, poking out from between Amber's shaved pussy lips. Amber swapped the pink thong that Anne had been wearing for a pair of white lace panties that Abby was now wearing and that Teri must have worn to school. Teri was now wearing Amber's green cotton panties and Anne a blue thong that belonged to Abby. Amber went home in the blue thong, Abby in Amber's green cotton, Teri in the Pink thong and Anne in the white lace that was the first pair to have ever been pissed in at school.

Perennial Garden

fetish morningscribbler 2017-10-14

We had a thick, green privet hedge that served as a breakfront and privacy fence around the entire lot, including her little raised-bed vegetable garden that consistently yielded not only exotic salad makings for us but also enough for any of the other members in the resort whoever wanted anything. We both got home from work late that night; we weren't able to start the hour long drive up to the cabin until after it was dark; which was fine with me; that meant Lana would strip and finish the ride naked as soon as we were onto the little country back roads.

Katie's Muscle Journey 012

fetish KatieTay 2017-10-14

Immediately I feel the searing pain in my shoulder joints as Ryoko crosses her legs and crunches my arms close together behind my back, pulling on my wrists to help extend my arms and overcome my resistance. Slowly, reluctantly, I brace myself, my arms still trembling slightly, and turn over to see her standing at my feet, her eyes ogling my muscled legs with a hard glint in her gaze. Meanwhile the psychological warfare continues, with Team Ryoko trying to psyche me out with comments about the pain my arm must be in, and my dear Jessie and Penny encouraging and cheering me. I surge forward, shrugging off the pain in my arms and shoulders, and I see the flicker of surprise in Ryoko's eyes as she gives up the advantage.

C.L.A.M.P. Ch. 01

fetish owengreybeard 2017-10-14

His hands lay limply on his lap as he fell slowly forward until his panicked face rested on his right leg. I will engage the self diagnosing aspect of the program, which will identify all neural pathways which can be controlled, meaning voluntary systems primarily. I have no empirical data with which to make a comparison." I merely state that I have no data to compare the sample with. "On the contrary, I have kissed and been kissed by many women mother, my aunt Donna..." "Well, I do have to admit that my Aunt Donna was quite pretty, and..." Alana stooped to put on some very pretty high heels, and most of her left breast was revealed in the open space above the topmost button.

Kodiak Jack: Heroine Blood

fetish DarkLordPriapus 2017-10-14

Beard and Skinny shook hands with me on the deal and then they got busy extracting the heroines from my SUV cab. I was getting too old for all this super heroine crap, and with each step I took down the cobblestone sidewalk, my knees gave me little annoying reminders in the form of creaks and digs of pain. A few looks at her greying brown hair, pulled back in a sloppy tail, the smattering of badly chosen tattoos in various places on her body, the dark eye liner, the bloody red lipstick and the age lines now creeping into her face, told you most of what you had to know. "The woman said she bet she could bring down Lady Liberty in her own way, y'know like her own fashion..."

Cum Guzzler by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-10-14

her huge plump lips caressing their soft ball sacks before taking them into her mouth. she sucked and slobbered on those huge nuts and saliva was all over the place and her plump pussy had swollen up so much it was actually bulging through her skin tight pants. the man enjoyed this sight, with her face smothered having the life sucked out of it she was no longer a personality, just a limp and still body with a belly full of cum. the horrific end of this cum loving big lipped young suck slut would of have been tragic if she had been good for anything besides giving head.

30 and in heat!

fetish 2017-10-14

I would love to find a guy as horny as me that doesn't lie every time his mouth opens! Good and bad ~ considering that it's no longer just boring sex, but bad because I'm to *shy* to tell guys that is what I like or want on the first meeting! I love feeling a man's hand in my hair and his cock down my throat - all I want to do is look up and smile and beg for more. I crave to try it again - I love feeling a man's hands around my throat when his cock is deep inside me, it sends me into orgasms like I never knew I could have.

Medical Clinic Fanstay

fetish SydneyShaw 2017-10-14

The nurse then asked me to jump up on the table help me remove my gown and then she placed a blue latex sheet over me. The probes slowly began working and I could feel a small but very pleasurable tingle which although centre in my genitals seemed to spread throughout my body. Once all 20 probes where successful inserted in my scrotum a soft rubber sheath was placed over my penis and covered my entire pubic area and then sealed on to my latex body suit. Slowly all the probes attached under the head and base of my penis began to start work sending waves of intense pleasure though out my body.

The Meeting Party

fetish EroticMistress 2017-10-14

Deciding if I wanted it to be formal or if there should be other instructions given when my subs RSVP’d… I decided there would probably be at least a day or two before receiving any calls from my boys so there was time to think of that later.. Gary is the first to arrive: I show him his room, and as he settles in I smile knowing he will soon be mine completely. Before arriving to the party each one had instruction to email me the one thing they would be thankful for while attending this party… I have those replies and will announce them as soon as they are all settled and ready for this experience to begin.

Cuckolded at Sarah's Stud

fetish KCUM 2017-10-14

"I'm ready for my first baby." Janie told Sarah, "and I want to choose a real stud to serve me. "Well, I have a good selection of powerfully built Afro-Carribean males," Sarah smiled encouragingly, "Ramon here is available right now, would you like to interview him?" His cock looked good too, the several pictures of it erect from all angles showed a thick powerful veined shaft and a large swollen head with a thickly cut meatus. "Look Roger, that is a real man's cock!" Janie teased her cuckolded husband. "If he eats it up, it will improve his performance," Sophie commented, "anyway Janie, as we have covered all the formalities perhaps you'd like to come back next Monday and Ramon will serve you with a baby then.


fetish zeero_kool 2017-10-14

Suddenly the stranger brought his face close to her ear and spoke in a commanding voice, “Blouse kohl apna, Mujhe tere Nange Doodh dabaane hain.” Neelu’s mind till now had lost connection with her limbs completely and her hands went on the back to open the string of her backless blouse. The stranger, without any hesitation pushed his hand inside her blouse and squeazed her naked breast so hard that a shreak came out from her mouth, but she clenched her teeth and didn’t let it come out of her lips. Neelu tried her level best to hold her moan inside her mouth but she could not control a deep sigh from her lips and her hand tightened on the cock of the stranger.


fetish SassyBri 2017-10-14

I regularly shave my man. It's hot, slippery.... and what woman doesn't like the idea of having a blade slide against her man's prized possessions? I've found the most efficient way to shave his junk is as follows: 1) A bucket of very hot water. a. A brand new razor or blade. EVERYTIME My preference is BIC's "Soleil Bella" brand (4 flexible blades). b. A shave cream. The best is Pure Romance's "Coochy" Conditioning Shave Cream. If I want lots of lather, I use Barbasol's Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream (Raspberry Mist) You can get that at Wal-Mart. If you want to try the "Coochy" Cream. Your gonna need these to soak his nether regions in for a few minutes before shave cream goes on.

Sun Hee Ch. 06

fetish metalimbic 2017-10-14

Imagine my surprise, then, when ten minutes later I found myself lying naked except for the chastity cage on Sun Hee's bed with all our textbooks and notes spread out around us. The way Sun Hee laid on the bed propped up on her elbows made her lower back arch and her ass pushed upwards, almost as though she was asking to be mounted. Of course, the other thing that was distracting me was that while Sun Hee's left hand was studiously flipping through pages of her notes, her right hand kept drifting down to wrap around the plastic of my cage. Sensing opportunity, I went in for the kill, pushing Sun Hee back against the bed and burying my face between her big tits and pushing open her legs.

At the Top of the Class

fetish Alesandro69 2017-10-14

"In fact," she continued, "I want you to get a closer look." Mrs. Holland motioned for Brad to kneel next to her chair which he cautiously did. Do you know how badly I wanted to fuck you when you were under my desk kissing on my feet and playing with your cock?" Brad felt both mortified and excited. Mrs. Holland smiled and knelt down, quickly dropping Brad's jeans and swallowing his cock, pleasantly surprised at how big it was. Then, sitting on the bed she began to rub his cock with her feet, occasionally letting Brad kiss and suck her toes. Mrs. Holland didn't know if she wanted Brad to cum in her pussy or mouth and she couldn't have it both ways.