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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Pissing Contest

fetish vegascatwoman 2017-10-14

Taking his now softening cock in hand, he fills the drinking glass with hot piss and once he's through, he pours a small amount of it into both stoppered vials and about 1/2 cup into the rubber bathing cap. As she approaches another hard orgasm, she cries out with need and he clamps his entire hot mouth over her clit and begins to suck, while she sucks away on his cock...just as she begins cumming, he blows a huge load and she moves off to view it, as it spurts over her tits and belly and face...she is licking it all up now and saving some in her hand for him, and as she moves around to feed him some of his own hot cream, the audience erupts in applause and passionate cheers...points for both, game over...

Dream Lover

fetish LadyProf 2017-10-14

Finally, from the next room to her right, she could hear a door open and close firmly, then deliberate footsteps crossed a hard floor, perhaps brick or Spanish tile, then another closer door opened briefly and let in a small bit of light, just enough to detect the tall shape of a cowled man, his face hidden by his costume, his hands concealed by the loose arms of his brown robe. "Yes," she whispered, nodding her head in the dark, "I promise." She felt no fear of him, only a strange sense of familiarity, but she couldn't recognize him. He continued to wait patiently until he felt her head drop forward in surrender and heard her muffled, "Yes, I want that." His hands softly squeezed her shoulders in approval.

Peeing in the Woods

fetish 1naughtynymph 2017-10-14

I look at you and smile, then turn toward you and say something about feeling unbalanced, so you fondle my right nipple too. Your cock is showing signs of arousal, so I reach out and rub you through your pants. I'm getting chilled and have to pee, but I hold it so you can look at my exposed breasts. It would have been slightly arousing just to pee at this point, but now you are watching me and I'm sucking your cock. Pretty soon you are leaning back on your elbows with me squatting over you and you are eagerly lapping up every drop of piss and pussy juice you can reach. Little did I know, this was only the beginning of our pissing fun and our sexual experimentation.

Finishing Ch. 02

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2017-10-14

Then at quiet moments of truth I'd admit that I liked it, really liked it, sucking out that sloppy fucking mess from her cunt, making her cum with my tongue, slobbering up my own semen. I fucked her like a wild man, furiously pounding, driving my cock deeper, harder, and I felt my cum boiling up in my balls. I was frantic, out of control, overwhelmed by the nasty, filthy desire to suck my cum from her fucked cunt. I was pushing my face into her, mashing it into her wet crotch, smearing my face in her mess, slurping and sucking the slightly bitter, salty cum, and my dick got rock hard again.

Having sex with daddy beside my computer

fetish 2017-10-14

'I want to be watched', I moaned as I twisted around and kissed his mouth, 'OK baby', he replied and I switched over to the chat room, where the men were waiting for the daddy/daughter fuck show, 'welcome back', went up the chorus as we came into focus, keyboards being hammered as I turned my ass to daddies cock, feeling him slide inside, I gasped and my knuckles bared white as I gripped the table edge.

Daily routines

fetish 2017-10-14

So i started wondering around the house looking for my dress and heels, then I went to bathroom to fix my make-up and hair. i took my dress off and shown her my sexy outfit - a body with stockings and a scarlet choker that I've bought few days ago. I took my dildo out of the drawer and started sucking it hard like it was Her's. I didn't wait even a minute more, took the dildo and put it straight into my ass breathing rapidly and feeling incredibly naughty at the same time. I loved the view of her feeling out of space and being incredibly sexy, especially with her legs in stockings and cum all over her dress.

Class is in Suction!

fetish Namazuros 2017-10-14

Summary: Maybe Teysa should have read her volunteering contract a bit more thoroughly...though perhaps its a good thing that she just skimmed it! She'll need to have those fat teats of hers milked if she wants to stay comfortable...and until she gets used to walking on those hooves, she'll probably spend a lot of time rubbing those huge udders of hers against the ground, making them ache even more. "Goooood girl...yes, the sucking compulsion is always a nice, easy way to throw off an attacker...Professor Nanos goes into far greater detail on page 83 of your textbooks, but the general idea is that Miss Renard is absolutely aching for something to fill her needy mouth.

Dogs Bark And Cats Meow

fetish jdylanh9 2017-10-14

Master reached down and tousled Pussycat's if he were actually petting a cat. I will be along shortly after I tend to this Bitchdog you brought home with you." Master said as he was affixing a collar onto me and hooking the leash to it. All new pets must have baths." Master said as he started into the house holding my leash. I didn't want to spend an entire weekend playing a Bitchdog...oh great, now he has me even thinking the word "Bitchdog." I was on my hands and knees in the bathtub when I spotted the shampoo Master was holding. "Sit down in the tub you fucking, Bitchdog!" Master shouted as yanked my leash. "Oh, my little Bitchdog likes when Master cleans her." He said.

Enjoying her Stem Waist

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-14

The advertisement had said, "Very shapely woman wishes to meet caring man who can appreciate her style and wishes." I have always had a real liking for very shapely women, not just big breasts but good proportions and especially small waists. I place my hand on her dress where her waist should have been and found that I moved it further into her body until I was holding a stem, a tube, around which I could curl my fingers and thumb. By the age of 15, her figure had developed almost to a woman's but her waist was diminishing each few months by the application of a further tighter corset.

The Return of the Dominasstrix

fetish naughtygurl30 2017-10-14

“Come here big boy,” Gina teased while taking Kyle's cock in her hand and began leading him into the house. He looks so good tied up like that." Gina said as we both began transforming ourselves into ass fucking dominasstrixs. "Now I want you to work it into his ass." I stood back and watched as Gina smeared the handful of Crisco into the crack of Kyle's butt. "That little hole needs to be good and greased." Gina was now applying her third generous helping of Crisco to Kyle's anus and had started with two fingers and was working on getting her third into his rectum.

Sally's Ch. 02

fetish seat542 2017-10-14

Taking my hand Olivia gave Kim a sultry, sassy look as we started for the door. Mistress Olivia smiled and began the process of selecting clips for my nipples. Armed with the flogger and a like number of clothes pins, Mistress Olivia approached and wedged herself between my body and the table sitting on the its edge. Mistress Olivia took one of my nipples in each hand and began to tease them. Mistress Olivia placed the crop on the table and stood a few feet from me; hands on her hips and legs spread. Kim shifted from my cock to Olivia's protruding clit and began licking and sucking it.

A Little Help for a Friend Pt. 02

fetish DrLit 2017-10-14

Jessie took me shopping and we got a long, ankle length stretchy skirt that was real tight on my ass, a spaghetti strap top and ladies flats to wear one night. Jessie fell to the floor and said, "Your turn Julie for Jason's cock." Julie said, "I can't wait until tomorrow when we all cross dress and fuck like animals." I was dressed as a woman with real looking DD tits, no blouse and no skirt, only panties and a bra getting a blow job in a private bar. Julie helped put my wet cock back in my panties and put my skirt back on while Jessie helped with my blouse as she kissed me. Jessie said, "We are going to ravish your body licking your nipples, balls, cock and ass.

Couples date with fantasy

fetish NaturalistEric 2017-10-14

Well, I hadn't thought of picking up flowers for my date, so I took Deb's out of the vase (nice guy, huh?), then rewrapped them and drove to Mona's house. "Thank you for being such a good listener, Ben, but I haven't had any sex for a month and I'd really like to slip my pussy over your nice hard dick." "When I got Mona into the car to drive her home, she jumped me, grabbing my hand and shoving it between her legs onto her bare pussy. She did stroke my dick and I did finger her sloppy pussy until I made her come, then took her home and left her on her couch.

Naughty Maiden's Delight

fetish rick_oh 2017-10-14

Vicki was always just as happy to have my cock go out of control and spurt wildly inside her as she was to enjoy lengthy intercourse. Kynisha was obviously hot just thinking about my doing what no one else has done with her - sucking on her cum-filled pussy after copious wads of male seed had been spurted inside her. Vicki said she wanted to see her friend's pussy close-up. They kept talking that way, and after I got an ample amount of Vicki's cream of arousal from her pussy, I ejaculated inside Kynisha's. We talked for a while after that, and as Kynisha got dressed she said, "Thanks for including me, Vicki.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 08

fetish Hotenuf4u 2017-10-14

Tammy also let Elaine know that her teasing was having the desired results from the look at the bulge in his pants lately. I here her saying things like 'suck that black cock you sissy!', 'take that black monster up your ass slut!', and 'take care of that big black cock good you little sissy!'", Tammy said timidly, waiting for some sort of reaction. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Tammy said while starting to slowly stroke his cock. They started to plan out just how they wanted to do this, (see chapter 09 for these details.) Tammy spent the rest of the week teasing Bill to no end, flashing her long legs and lace thong panties as much as possible.

Casual Encounters Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2017-10-13

In town only this weekend (I'd take a hotel room for cover), late 40's, WM (white, married) sexy, professional and society, wants to dirty your mouth and body with my holes. She glanced at my direction and said to him, "Listen friend, my girlfriend and I are having a little argument right now, so thank you, and kiss off." He got up embarrassed and returned to his table. I had this forbidden thought that in a foreign city I would hook up with a decent and good-looking guy who would enjoy my blood, since I'm in the middle of my period right now. "Diane," she looked in my eyes, holding her drink, "I have to go piss like a hydrant, I'm about to wet my pants.

High Heels

fetish Flip1978 2017-10-13

Looking in the mirror I just love the "girl" I see looking back at me, but I am still a little shy about going out like this so I pull on a pair of pants over my skirt and a sweat shirt over my top (it's fall anyways) then I head up to the adult book store. He then puts both hands on my hips and starts to press his bulge against my skirt and up my ass, after dry humping me from behind for a little he askes if I would like a discount on the shoes.

Jim's 1st Day of Physical Education

fetish JimmyJohnson 2017-10-13

The story is set in 1970 and describes the first day of a boy's high school physical education class. But as I looked at the list of male students in front of me, I was reminded that this was my very favorite class of physical education to teach each and every year. Normally, students earn their P.E. credit hour in a single period class that meets every day for an entire year, two semesters. That means that instead of a normal class period of only 55 minutes, these boys will be with me every day from 1:30 until 3:25, that's almost two full hours! The boys don't know it yet, but instead of just reviewing the rules today, they'll actually get to see what a normal class period is like.

A tgirl like no other

fetish sbucks 2017-10-13

I stand up undue my pants and let them fall to the ground, my cock being hard already I start to stroke it, I sit across from her with my legs spread as she places her shoe on my balls. This goes on for fifteen minutes as she looks into my eyes, sticking her tongue out and licking her lips, I can no longer stand it as I get ready to blow my load she places her glass in front of me. I tell her to stick her tongue out as she starts to lick and kiss my balls she places my balls into her open mouth and starts sucking so hard I feel pain.

Stepdaughter's BFF Ch. 02

fetish sirhugs 2017-10-13

Kara was looking back at me as I slid my palm over the head of my cock, cupping it like I did when I read porn, my eyes closing as I focussed on my pleasure, but still aware of the shared experience adding to everybody's joy - even Viola's, whether she admitted it or not. We continued like this for a bit, me stroking my cock, Viola lapping at Kara's cunt, Kara's toes curling from the excitement of watching me as my wife teased her clit, and began adding a little finger action into Kara's wet gash. "I think he doesn't think that there is such a thing as too hard - in biting like in cocks you know," Viola laughed back, and then was quiet, only the sound of her tongue exploring Kara's folds for bits of my seed to be heard.

Durring The Night

fetish Rust1 2017-10-13

“Oh my god… where did you hear that Mal?” Roland asked as his laughter settled, “you said it in your sl**p last night” Malcolm responded looking, “I did” Roland said looking like he was trying hard not to laugh again, “its some dumb shit we used to say back in High School” Roland said getting up off the cough to get something to clean up the mess, “it don’t really mean a thing, but that also means that it can mean whatever the hell you want it to” Roland explained giggling as he did, “man I aint heard that in years” Roland added walking back with a towel, (I’m not gon tell him) Malcolm decided as he watched Roland clean up the coffee, (not yet anyway…) Malcolm thought wondering if what happened the night before would happen again if Roland kept taking those new pills.

Friendly surprise 2

fetish Bonr717 2017-10-13

Mandy got up and in Lilly's face and stuck the strap on in her mouth and said "Now a REAL man is fucking your ass pussy, you worthless whore" "You have been lucky I keep you around". I asked Mandy if the cunt could deep throat it, she said " let's find out" I pulled out of Lilly's sore ass and she laid on her back with her head over the bed, and Mandy guided the dildo into her mouth and toward her throat. I came up top side pulled the condom off my dick, and slap the sissy's face with my hard cock, she springs at it because she wants it in her mouth bad.

Hard Laced Ch. 01

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-13

Christian soon learned that Jeanette's bra size was British 34B, so that she was almost parallel in the top half of her body and her hips measured only 35 inches. One evening, she undressed and Christian fitted the corset round Jeanette's waist and fastened the studs on the front busk. For nearly half an hour he slowly tightened the laces until her waist was well held and still the corset was open at the back by some inches. By summer 1977, Jeanette was wearing the 18-inch corsets for 23 hours each day and the 16-inch ones gradually laced down over weekends and for special occasions.


fetish MoistureGirl 2017-10-13

Didn't want to think about what this could mean, what wrong he could be doing against his vows, his church...his God. He shook off those thoughts and focused on her body again, on the feeling he had wrapped around his fingers. She looked up at him with a devious smile and said, "Forgive me Father, I am about to sin." She reached up to his belt and began to undo it as he stood there with a shock on his face, but not stopping her. After she pulled away he looked into her eyes and said, "God bless you...go in peace, my child." She smiled, "Thank you, Father." She made the sign of the cross and slowly walked out of the confessional, looking around as she opened the door.