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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Baby Factory

fetish jeromeodawg 2017-10-13

She had been cramping a little, and the nurse said she was within a week or so of the big event, so she went home to her innocent-looking little house and called up a friend of hers who had helped other prostitutes deliver their babies safely and quietly. Every thrust sent her belly rocking, the c***dren inside kicking here and there, until soon bother Darla and the man were spasming with climax, his entire load flooding her fertile womb directly, as promised. Months and births came and went, her belly continuing to grow, her cervix shifting position the more it was used, so that the relapsing opening was lined up perfectly for entry.

Buy Something Red

fetish chloe_carter 2017-10-13

I smile in spite of myself, thinking about your hands finding the material, taking in its luxurious feel for a moment then tearing it off of me with a hungry growl. "Shhhh," you whisper closely to my ear, sliding your fingers along the left strap of the red lace and then pulling it from my skin slightly, letting it snap back against my pale skin, where it will undoubtedly leave a mark. My good little girl." Your words are soft and kind, but your hands are suddenly rough as you position my arms above me, palms on the mirror. "You know what to do, my good little slut." My eyes never leaving yours in the mirror, I take your finger slowly onto my tongue, tasting my salty sweetness, all there for you.

The Theatre Ch. 1

fetish Aussieseeker 2017-10-13

Her other hand she used in tandem with her sweet mouth, stroking the length of my saliva-wet shaft as she kissed and suckled the head, or else holding me tight about the base of my hardness as her mouth bobbed up and down around my rigid cock. When I saw that Rachelle's preparation of Lara was almost complete I knelt behind Rachelle and positioned my swollen cock-head between the pouting lips of her pussy. My throbbing cock and Rachelle's masturbating fingers triggered Lara's own orgasm, and I groaned in delight as the waves of her cumming caused her anal sphincter to tightly grasp and ungrasp my dick in swift succession.

All her idea...

fetish irisandsteve 2017-10-13

A guy that we have had threesomes with in the past phoned to say he was looking to come for a visit. Her request was once we all got situated in the hotel room we’d meet at, she wanted him and I to begin our encounter with him and I sixty-nining. He opened the door and him and I shook hands and gave each other a quick man hug and then he embraced her, their mouths pressing together in a deep passionate kiss, tongues swirling. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes when he said “oh baby I want you to feel this”. They continued looking deeply into each other’s eyes and smiling broadly she mouthed the word “wow!!”.

A Nylon Surprise

fetish TightsManUK 2017-10-13

After the initial explosion had subsided I pulled his tights down exposing his sticky softening manhood which I took deep inside my mouth once again, cleaning him with my tongue before removing him from my mouth and looking up at Tom's shocked expression. Tom admired my new nylon tent and began stroking me as he sat on the edge of the bed; teasingly he slipped his lips around the tip and briefly licked and sucked me before removing me with a grin and moving back onto the bed. Tom gripped his tights clad member and began masturbating furiously as I looked on, sucking his toes and thrusting harder, deeper and faster inside him.

Good evening counselor !

fetish sweetcc07083 2017-10-13

Topher gets in my car as usual,  gives me a nice kiss on the lips an we chit chat about our daily lives. Tonight , when hes about to get out of my car,  I lean over to kiss him goodbye . I stick my hand between his legs of his dress pants an start rubbing his cock. I like having that control of driving a guy to cum in my mouth. I just hummed mmmm on his dick an he shot his load into my mouth so hard. I drove home rubbing my nipples thinking about getting home an making myself cum.  By the time I got to him cumming in my mouth , I started squirting so hard on my bed.


fetish 34a 2017-10-13

After she put her to bed I looked at her and asked if I could suck her breasts to see what it tasted like, we have had sex before she got married and always enjoyed each other. I was not wanting to stop so we started to neck again and my desire was to suck some more milk, the night continued till late, the baby woke and needed a feeding and that just got me going again, I am addicted to breast milk and someday hope to have some in my own breasts or if anyone knows if there is something a girl can take to start lactating.

Older Sister's Nylons Ch. 02

fetish fanofpantyhose 2017-10-13

Sue let her pumps dangle even more, playing with her feet, letting the heels slap against the floor of the car, making a popping kind of sound; It was so unbelievably hot, watching her in her seemingly innocent game of seduction that my boner became as hard as ever and my sister would easily notice it, given that I didn't wear anything under my jeans other than the girdle, garters and stockings. The slightly sweaty and beautifully smelly feet of a young 20-year-old woman, covered in finest sheer black nylon stockings, right in front of me, ready to be touched, massaged, explored all the way?

Jenny's Punishment Ch. 02

fetish Authorman1969 2017-10-13

Jenny crawled up to me between my legs and was staring right at my cock standing almost straight up from massaging her ass cheeks. She began to suck moving her head up until I almost came out of her mouth and then down again slowly until I could feel way down in the back of her throat. As I spread the soap over her back I massaged her shoulders and back causing her to push her ass into my cock which was still spent from her sucking. I think she liked the head massage she got while I washed her hair. I stood up and pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy from behind and started a steady motion fucking sweet Jenny, much to her delight.

"Oops, Sorry," Dean Flashes Wife #4

fetish SusanJillParker 2017-10-13

Having already opened Pandora's Box, every weekend Dean's three, horny friends, Bob, Jim, and Michael visited, not so much to visit with Dean but rather to spend time with his sexy wife, Kim. Having already seen her without her clothes for an extensive amount of time while watching her strip herself naked before she masturbated herself, they already knew what she looked like nude. "I'll have sex with the three of you while my husband watches," she said looking at each man, "if you all confess your secret, sexual fetishes and that includes you too Dean," she said pointing an accusatory finger at him. "Um, my secret, sexual fetish is that I collect panties," he said looking from Jim to Michael to Dean and to Kim.

my new life...

fetish sex-is-my-obsesion 2017-10-13

'master please......please no....'i wisper.he says nothing as he gets the metal wire clamps ang clips my body with them.'you need to act like the worthless bitch-slave you are!'he snarled as he turnedthe geirator dial all the way up to back lept off the table as i wailed at the unberable pain that shot through me body.'P-P-PLEASE MAST-TER .P-P-PLEASE S-STOP.' i gasped.he turned the dial to 0 and my body went limp.'what are you?'he asked'a mindless-slutty-bitch-slave to do all of you bidding my all-powerful master' i say breathlessly.'will you ever run again?''.........'

Gas Money

fetish lessbeme 2017-10-13

When she got in the car, she made sure that when she opened the passenger door, she would bend over giving Darren a clear shot of the goods. Darren would be eye-balling her tits all day and eventually act like all men do, resort to sexist comments, brag to his friends or even hit on her. By this time, Darren was opening up the cashiers drawers and was trying not to look out the side of his head at her. He opened his mouth to say something but by this time, Lisa pulled down her bra and exposed her tits. Lisa looked up at Darren and said "Thanks.

Mistress Katie Supervises Ch. 03

fetish royalrogue 2017-10-13

She had arranged for Mistress Katie to visit occasionally and to ensure Michael was behaving himself, which really meant to ensure his continuing arousal and frustration with teasing and chastity play. Two days earlier, Mistress Katie had visited, and after a thorough teasing session during which she enjoyed two very nice orgasms while Michael throbbed in his cage, she had left him locked in his chastity device. Michael moaned softly as he felt Mistress Katie dismantle and remove the chastity cage from his cock. Mistress Katie slid one hand down to grasp tightly around the base of Michael's hard cock. Michael sucked his juices from the ring as he watched Mistress Katie consider her dripping fingers and then wipe them across the tops of her soft breasts.

Katies Revenge part 3

fetish sadie56 2017-10-13

Her moms cunt was getting slick with juices and her mom was now gently moaning and couldnt help becoming aroused by her daughters ministrations with the vibe.After about 10 mins, Katie could tell her mom was on the brink of comeing..Just what i wanted she thought to herself she could see her moms brown starfish start to pucker as orgasm was imminent.Katie shut the vibe off and went into the kitchen grabbed a big pitcher filled it with icewater and returned.Katie drenched her Mom head to toe with that freezing cold water.Once again her mom was almost crying in agony.Thought I was gonna let you have a good cumm Mom?

Bablee Ch. 05

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-10-13

Bablee and Adrian were talking about school, and Jimmy told them about his job. It was then Bablee let go of the last of her morals, giving up the struggle, and became both brothers sex toy. It was wrong to be laying around, practically naked, letting two boys use her like a sex doll. With their big strong arms around her, holding her still, she felt all the more like their pathetic little sex doll. Bablee was no longer upset over being used like a sex doll, she revelled in the feeling of being humiliated. 'The little thing doesn't look eighteen, how do you know she can screw the boys?' Mr Andrews asked.


The Special Agent

fetish optimuspr1me 2017-10-13

“Over the desk please Ms West.” Ms Jones said with an alarming matter of factness. You may push the head of your cock into Ms Wests anus. Ms Jones licked her fingers, then slipped them around Simon’s fat prick. then Ms Jones slipped two fingers into the well lubed cunt of Ms West. And soon these two fingers began to curl upwards and began to massage the head of Simon’s cock. And now the head of your cock is stuck up her arse… I bet you’re wondering what it feels like to be stuck right u to the hilt don’t you…?” Soon Ms Jones had a finger up Simon’s arse. Ms West soon pushed back onto her bosses hand and Simon’s cock.

Cumming all over wife's tits and accidental f

fetish ChristopherAdams2034 2017-10-13

I want you to fuck me so hard and suck and bite on my nipples the whole time until you explode. She said "I don't want you to be afraid to ask, think you can do it 20 times before we go to bed tonight?". I began sucking on her perfect tits and her nipples got rock hard. She said "where are you going to cum?, can it please be on my tits?" I told her I was glad to do that for her ;-). Every shot was a bullseye and good amount of them hit so hard they ricocheted right off her tits and hit her in the face.

i walk in the door

fetish Ant277 2017-10-13

I look around the room to find the things I've asked you to leave out .. I come back to get you after I'm ready, I tell you " please put the blindfold on and listen to my every command."I say please do exactly as I say or this nights fantasy will not work as I've planned" you say I trust you but I'm scared... I walk you by your hand into the bed room .... I can't get enough of you ..I shove my cock deep inside You buck like a wild horse and you shake as never before bury your face in the pillow and tell me ...

Helen's Garden of Delights

fetish electricblue66 2017-10-13

As he gets to his feet he pulls his tee-shirt high over his head, and stands naked before Helen, his fresh young prick rigid against his belly, his little tits hard and tight. Helen knows that the girl will want to compare the slight weight of her rising young breasts with the heavy big tits in front of her, and she also knows that Johnny will happily let his prick tighten and bounce at the very different sights in front of him. Helen holds her breath as the girl turns and faces her, her hands holding the white cups of the plain bra to her wonderful breasts, hiding her gentle mounds from the older woman's eyes.

Blue Bird

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-10-13

I watched the short rounded part where my leg once matched the other and smiled for a moment before letting go of the skirt, giving it a shake to make sure it hung properly. His fingers explored my wetness and felt inside for a moment before his hand drifted to my short stump. "I guess I did a good job," he teased as he sat upright and stared at the nakedness once covered by my short skirt. I grinned as I closed my fingers around the warm skin, just letting it rest in my grip for a moment before leaning down to kiss the skin stretched tightly across the swollen head. His hand held my breasts like a warm bra and his thumbs caressed my nipples into replicas of small mountains.


Her Panties Ch. 01

fetish RonanTheAccuser 2017-10-13

During the rest of the year it's not that bad, but in the summertime, my sister-in-law is home from school, and stays with us, resulting in a fifty percent increase in the amount of laundry that I have to do. I quickly put one leg through the panties, and then the other one behind it, pulling the silky purple fabric up over my cock, which gets even harder as it feels the fabric start to constrict it. I start to punish my cock with harder, rougher jerks; between her glorious scents, and the pressure the elastic of the panties on my balls, I start to feel pre-cum leaking out of the head of my cock.


fetish Lucien_Al 2017-10-13

While I looked up and down the table, watching people filtering in I felt a warm pair of hands slip under my shirt onto my shoulders, "Hey, how is my favorite man today?" Carla said. "Carla and I are very open about most things" she said, "I hope that I'm not too late to join the fun!" I felt Carla's hands slip around my chest and then start a path down to my Speedo; her fingers gently lifted the elastic and slipped down to cup my hard cock. Carla turned and drew me towards her, her lips meeting mine, as her tongue slipped deep into my mouth, she slipped her hands onto my Speedo and started to pull it down over my hard cock.

Milking Time

fetish ashy14 2017-10-13

Suddenly, the doctor began to laugh, "You stupid fucking jock do you realise what I have made you take? "The cycle has begun you will cum 60 times in one night." The doctor flicked another switch and the tube began to bounce on my cock. "THE FUCKING BASTARDS" I screamed, the doctor had only left me one option and that was to try and manoeuvre my hand on the switch and increase power to make me cum. Suddenly the doctor appeared and said "Well done you have accomplished the task I may have been mean but I am not a monster you have ten minutes and then you can get out." I felt used and humiliated.

Questions of the Heart

fetish who_me2003 2017-10-13

Wanting to feel her words caress the depths of my mind. So many questions, without answers, and too afraid to ask. I want to lightly run my hand up the back of her thigh, until it becomes her ass. Ok, maybe not, because when I dream of her ass, just touching it is not in the picture. Would she think me to be some kind of pervert, if she knew how much I want to kiss, and nibble at her ass? Some of my questions may have been answered, but probably not the ones I need the most. Using my mouth, I could bring her to the brink, and maybe she would beg me to fuck her.