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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pissy Face

fetish Raveboy88 2017-10-13

The thought of bathing you in piss, making you dirty like my used toilet, your clothes and skin smelling of my urine, wet with the pee from the tip of my penis. You look so beautiful to me, so vulnerable, I'm excited, you laying before me, in your clothes, wet with your pee, like a dirty little pee slut. I will fuck my dirty little pee slut wife's pussy, while you're covered in my piss. As I finger fuck your pussy I lick your cheek, your chin, lapping up my piss from my pissy face wife and kiss you again. Taste my piss on my tongue as my fingers slide in and out of your pussy, you are wet honey.

Long Car Journey's are a Blast!

fetish LittleMissFart 2017-10-13

She suddenly grinned playfully at me, she pushed a button on her door which made the windows of the car roll up, closing and sealing them shut, If the strong smell gets too much for you and you desperately want to have a breath of fresh air, you have to give in and beg me to open your window for you!" Despite her window being wide open, the strong smell of all her farts still lingered around. My knickers felt so wet, I kept glancing down towards her thick thighs that was almost bursting out of her black leggings, thinking and fantasising about the wonderful strong gas that had kept blowing out from under them, from her gorgeous big plump ass.

The Mansion (Chapter 3)

fetish wastedaway 2017-10-13

"David and I have spent almost a year trying to establish if you were up to this and you wouldn't have been here if either of us had had doubts about you. David and I are well aware of the fact that is likely to happen. "David will eventually come to see you, but that will only happen the moment he and I consider the time right for doing that. These are the final words. You are left alone with a head full of thoughts and questions. The day and this final conversation have drained you considerably. Suck in your fragrance now that you have left, trying to sense you without being there and think ...

A Matter of Taste Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2017-10-13

There was a small flat bit of my shit in between his fingers and he just licked them off, smeared his tongue around his mouth, and resumed kissing me. As he began moaning, I relaxed my legs and hips, and let the full weight of my pelvic area fall onto his mouth, forcing his lips and tongue into my cunt. She wiggles her ass to accept it and just as it reaches the last knuckle and stops, her cunt relaxes totally all around my mouth and chin and I taste a wetness that begins in dribbles and soon turns to a geyser. I cleaned my arm and hands with my tongue and offered my smeared fingers to Carla's beautiful delicate mouth, which gently obliged.

Miss Jacks PART SIX

fetish twilight22 2017-10-13

Because the fucking had been deliberately slow the manner in the way Samantha had used her cunt mussels each time I spunked it was always a lot more than I did normally. Margaret the doctor was standing in her tight green skirt black nylons smiling, she said get those white shorts off mount the horse you naughty boy. I actually spoke out loudly saying .Please Miss don’t fuck me again I am so sorry I will never ever misbehave look at lewd picturers steal stockings ever. I unashamedly I moaned loudly turning again to my left I watched as Miss Jacks raised her skirt her beautiful long gorgeous legs in those stockings and high heels. Looking at Miss Jacks legs I suddenly began to spunk uncontrollably.

New Deal

fetish WatchingAndWaiting 2017-10-13

Her cries were clearly audible in the miserable guest room where Tim fucked himself against the shabby mattress and watched as the stranger gripped her even more tightly, pulling himself all the way into her pussy and holding her by the hips as he bucked and bucked and grunted and moaned, the deep sounds of his bass voice signalling his own orgasm, deep inside her sopping pussy, he rode her as his movements gradually lost their pace and he finally dropped onto the bed to lie beside her, their faces radiant with satisfaction and sweat.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 07 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-10-13

The Sunshine Holidays 'Flying Pencil' jet-liner (so nicknamed by workers in the Air Line industry, due to its fuselage being of a particularly long and narrow design) quickly emptied of passengers and, as soon as it had, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and air hostess Carol set about the task of removing the four panels that were situated behind the rearmost row of seats -- 50 A, B, C, and D. For a moment, Danny watched the two attractive, brunette, leggy and full-figured air hostesses, Ann and Diane, helpfully ushering the Sunshine Holidays passengers onto the waiting airport buses. Looking down into the foot spaces of seats 50 A, B, C, and D, air hostesses Ann and Diane saw the mouth-sealed, fixed-in-place faces of Eric Pierce, Kelvin Costello, Alan Wallace, and Danny Dawson, respectively.

Mother Mary I

fetish MessMaster 2017-10-13

Lisa watched Mary through the cameras set up around the Davis building and giggled softly at the thought. Lisa, on the other hand, had an older sibling, so she knew how much Jimmy and Ellen were going to love tormenting her. Just before he left, Mr. Davis turned and gave Mary a recent picture of Jimmy and Ellen. Jimmy and Ellen laughed uproariously and ran off towards home, knowing that Mary would hunt them down and kill them after that. She watched as Jimmy and Ellen started to set up the fun games they had in mind for Mary. With one swift move, the blouse was nothing but a sticky, filthy red rag lying on the floor, the only thing covering Mary's chest being her black laced bra.

Sexual Harassment Ch. 02

fetish Cute Little Thing 2017-10-13

In bed Saturday night, Bella long gone to her Bar to work I allowed my hands to touch my little sex. I mean I just saw you cum on your face like some girly faggot, but did you actually shave your body before you did that?" Its not like I could deny it, I was hairless like a girl so I nodded. You didn't think your little faggot dick was enough for me, did you?" She was cooing at me in a new evil but sexy way, I didn't know what she was up to. You sucked a real man's dick and ate his cum, now all you deserve from me is my piss you fucking faggot.


fetish edrider73 2017-10-13

Wendy thought he was stupid for giving in to Angela's outrageous claims during the divorce arbitration rather than standing up to her in court, but Mel just wanted to put the whole thing behind him, no matter the cost. "One of our mutual friends told me that Angela said to her that whenever she's in the ring, she imagines her opponent is you - and that motivates her to do those things that you saw. Wendy found out on a Monday a few weeks later that the event was going to be that Saturday morning at Mel and Angela's old house. It was the first thing Mel had said since the bell rang, and it was a loud yell that startled Angela and everyone else.

Drinking Her

fetish nemmo06 2017-10-13

I took my time eating her, as gentle as i could, enjoying every drop that showed me she likes the feeling of a warm mouth covering her mound and a soft tongue entering her. It's so hard to keep my mouth open and wait, when I feel like eating her again! I usually ask her to drink a bottle of water or beer, so as to be able to fill my mouth. Licking and eating her three times and drinking her once were supposed to make a perfect day. I could no longer take it, but the feeling of humiliation and the sensation of having my mouth raped by her streams of pee made my body tremble, in an orgasm I never felt before.

Wearing her panties

fetish Pinkpantyrandy 2017-10-13

It's almost lunch time I think I better head back to the park to see if that lady is ok .I get there and hand has left so on to another cat to take care of just need to love on this one and make sure the house is safe.Yup everything is good .Now I'm back to Betty's house I get Rosie and we go for our walk finally I can relax a little I put my hand in my pocket a feel the panties oh yeah I forgot a out them I pull them out and sniff them oh what a beautiful smell I forget I'm walking Rosie and end up at Sues .I let myself in heck make sure everything is ok I find my jockeys on the floor lol forgot to pick them up now I lock everything up house is secure and back to drop Rosie off then time for myself until I need to make more rounds checking on clients..

Ann's Revenge Ch. 01

fetish sleepless 3 2017-10-13

Ann moved her right hand around Robs groin area being careful not to touch his cock at this time "I told you you've been building up all day – something this big and swollen doesn't happen in 15 minutes" she noted and started a slow stroking motion along the length of his swollen cock. "You look better than the models in most of that stuff" he feebly responded "but if it puts you in the mood for sex at the weekend I'll do my very best to satisfy you" He was quite chuffed at that response – sort of placed a date on the end game – his dick was not at all comfortable and now he needed a pee – he was worried this was not going to happen without release.

79% cock

Absolute Devotion Ch. 05

fetish KaseyLegs 2017-10-13

"I'm sorry, Miss Erica," I said, no longer able to hold back my tears as I looked back down at the floor. The one place that I knew Jimmy went to when he was meeting a woman was Highlights on The Marsh, a somewhat classy restaurant and bar that sometimes had live music, but was not a club in the sense that there wasn't loud music and wall to wall people. If it makes you feel better, that young man over there was waiting for almost a half hour before his date arrived," he said while pointing towards Jimmy and Erica. "Shit, this is like when I was in high school fucking a chick while her parents were asleep in the next room," Jimmy said before taking a long drink from his beer.

Crack Addict Ch. 02

fetish mondotoken 2017-10-13

Suddenly, the prostitute turned and faced me and to this day I really couldn't tell you much about what she looked like other than her amazing dimensions. "I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I wanna rub my cock into the crack of that amazing ass of yours. "Fuck my fat ass cheeks you little pussy." I gave it a few more licks and pushed my cock deep into the crack of her ass until my shaft was adjacent to her hot bung hole. I sat waiting on the bed so I could get one final look at her amazing ass as she left and to hit her up for a phone number.


fetish hyperpress 2017-10-12

I'm wearing my Roman God shoes, buckled and silver, five inch heels and when you see me you immediately shrink and feel how small you are and before you even notice my red painted toes you see my shaved clean cock standing at a right angle from my body and your mouth waters, I yank on the leash attached to your collar. All the while my right hand is gently, but firmly holding your head still, my right hand caresses and pets your face, cheeks, hair and neck and I urge you and hold you loving that you are fully engulfing my hardness and it feels like wet dreams and sexiness, desire and lust, sweet unattainable relief and sultry soft blues music dripping in my body.

Shannon Kelly - Welcome Biography

fetish ioanna 2017-10-12

I have been modeling for about 5 years and loving every minute of it! I have also recently been a Spokes Model for American Body Builder and Designer Whey, former Rock 101 Rock Babe, and Texas Bikini Team Finalist. Besides modeling and acting, I enjoy a wide variety of different activities that range from extremely mild to extremely wild. On the wild side, I perform spectacular fire shows that include eating and breathing fire and a series of what I call body burns combined with sensual dance. Last but not least, I spend a lot of time interacting with people I have been lucky enough to meet on the web and love getting email from fans, and try to answer all of them.

My Fat Pig s****r

fetish 2017-10-12

The original guy yells, hope you don't mind i texted my friends to come in for fun, next thing you know my s****r is being degraded and humiliated her fat tits and mouth are full as is her hands with cock and balls. He leaves and says thanks for being my fat slut for the moment really needed to get that load off my cock and into your mouth, face and chest! Come over here, all three bouncers have now whipped out their BBCs. My s****r begins sucking one black cock, while one fucks her 38DD tits and jerks another cock, they proclaim to her you are such a pig does your boyfriend know?

The First Cut

fetish HairCutter607 2017-10-12

I noticed the handle of my hair cutting scissors sitting on the sink, after I had pulled the stockings up as far as I could. I began to play with my hair, looking at myself in the mirror as I held it up, imagining it being different lengths, separating out chunks, thinking about cutting some off. I felt a warmth spread through my pussy as I ran my fingers through my hair with one hand, and worked the scissors with the other. I felt him stand behind me, and slide his hands up from my stocking covered thighs to my hips, then trace around the front, brushing against my pubic hair, up to my breasts, stopping there to cup and caress them. you're not going to have any hair left." I opened my eyes, and looked into the mirror.


fetish nyslutboy 2017-10-12

I begin to turn and yell but a ball gag is stuffed into my mouth and quickly strapped shut. I soon feel hands stroking my quickly engorged cock. I am shocked but in not too much time I am fucking back onto the cock and licking my wife's pussy like it was my last meal. I open my mouth and say "Thank you for spitting on me mistresses." My wife says, "Louder." I inhale deeply to yell over the music as the spit keeps raining down on me as I stroke. I keep going, stroking faster and faster and I feel my balls begin to tighten.Then I am hit with something else.

Doctor, Doctor

fetish Txdelicatablegrl 2017-10-12

The very sound makes moisture start to grow between her thighs and she begins to move her hands down to spread her pussy lips and rub her clit. He adds a third finger pressing inside of her and she feels herself start to cum as he begins to stroke her faster. He pushes and pulls and she can hear what a naughty slut she is as squishing and slopping noises begin to feel the room. He waited for a moment and then when her lips parted again he pushed the full length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat, hearing her gag slightly. He took his time pushing against her with nice slow strokes, hearing her lips pop as he almost pulled it completely out of her mouth.

The Captains Wife (Chapter 7)

fetish wastedaway 2017-10-12

While I ate the cook praised my body and told the crew that I was the most marvelous "entertainment." Occasionally as he talked he would slap my rump or squeeze one of my breasts, purportedly to illustrate a point in one of his stories. The cook's paddle was even more cruel while the captain watched, but my tears were happier ones because at least the Red Devil was there to enjoy my suffering. After that final run to the end of the table and back the captain ordered the crew back to work and told the cook to leave me with him.

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 04

fetish Tdisk 2017-10-12

Nancy then reached for one of the dangling chains and said, "Now let me show you how this collar works." She grasped one of the clamps and brought it to Marie's left nipple. As the clamp was tightened, Marie hissed through the pain and said, "I can't explain it but when you hurt my breasts and nipples I don't mind the pain so much. After locking Nancy's wrist cuffs to either end of the short chain, Marie sat down and directed Nancy to stand in front of her saying, "I want to explore your body." Marie's fingers traced the straps of Nancy's harness. I love it when Paul applies it to me." Nancy continued her fondling and said, "It's so very sexy to feel your big soft breasts sliding through my hands.

Secret Boutique

fetish Trubbycat 2017-10-12

"You look great." Picking up a small spray bottle and a soft cloth, Debra said, "Dressing in latex is quite a chore, as you now know. I enjoyed the slow, circular massage as she worked over my back, and bit my lip when Debra turned me around and began gently polishing my belly. I slipped my right foot inside its matching boot and Debra gently extended my leg until my ankle rested on her knee. Debra handed me a pair of red latex gloves. With my open catsuit revealing my well-satisfied pussy, magnificent sexy boots straddling the mirror and the strong smell of latex and female filling the tiny room, I slowly pulled myself together as if still dreaming.