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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 03

fetish chauncygardner 2017-10-12

Like this." I was a little off balance leaning forward, and when she pushed down on the back of my head, the dick speared right into my mouth. I ran in to find my Asian flower lying on the bed (not in the wet spot) with her tight athletic legs handing over the edge, she still had her heels on (that was a good sign, right?). I struggled to dress, wincing from my cock pain, and not wanting to take my eyes of the high octane porn happening on my own bed. If she takes my concern to mean she should close more drapes while I'm away at work, she suggests we open the drapes next time I'm sucking Magnus off.


Weekend Surprise - Alicia's View

fetish JacobRain 2017-10-12

"You know, years ago you told me that when I wear hose with leather shoes it drove you pretty wild." I gave my shoe a little extra bounce and he definitely noticed. He looked thoughtful briefly, shrugged and said "The first thing that came to mind was you just doing something relaxing like watching a movie using me as a footstool. I paused again and took two deep steadying breaths, stood straight, pulled my shoulders back, then walked in like I owned the place. "If I want to take off the hose and make you smell my bare feet you would have to do it right?" I made the mistake of taking a drink of the wine and nearly shot it out through nose as I saw the expression on his face.

Amanda & Angel - The Instructor

fetish vicioussid 2017-10-12

He lightly pulls the leash bringing you into a deep lip locked tongue kiss with Julian. Julian took hold of his cock with the fore skin still covering the head he started slapping his jet black cock against your aching pussy. I then asked you "Amanda You want Julian's black monster cock inside" you reply "oh fuck I do" I pull from inside you and switch spots with Julian. I jerked to the sight of you with Julian's huge black balls in your mouth and his cock hanging over your face as you look up at him adoringly with those beautiful blue eyes. You tell him "baby I think you were focused on other things" He laughs and says "your right Amanda your right" Still holding your hand after checked your ink out.

Real Selfish Lover Ch. 02

fetish realbigsid69 2017-10-12

Paula wasted no time in mounting my face as my tongue slipped inside her. "I guess I'll literally be kissing your arse a lot more often then," I said a few minutes later before slipping my tongue back into her again. I would alternate between her pussy and her arse for an hour or two every night we got together and Paula now wanted the same in the morning. She still loved my cock inside her but it had really awakened a sexually confident girl by knowing she was entitled to oral as much as she wanted and expected it too.

Diary of a Cuckold Wife - 1

fetish victoriablacklace 2017-10-12

When I got home from a long night of partying and dancing with my girlfriends, my cuck-husband was right where I had left him… kneeling by the door, collar tightly secured around his neck, leash dangling lazily in front of him as it softly grazed his small and pathetically caged cock. I am not worthy enough of pleasing her.” Before the bull could answer, I yanked my cuck’s leash back abruptly and asked, “What do you say to me?” He licked his lips eagerly and said, “Thank you my Goddess for bringing home a real man that I could make hard for you to fuck.” I nodded back towards the bull’s cock and my dutiful cuck went right back to sucking.

The bus home

fetish suckerforit 2017-10-12

When I got on the bus that night I pushed through the crowds to my usual place, within a couple of minutes I again felt the hands on my cheeks, and within seconds they were under my skirt on my bare thighs. I must have jumped a bit at this intimate contact because a voce whispered in my ear – “keep still don’t make a scene.” I was now feeling quite turned on and when the hands reached up to squeeze my pantie clad arse I simply spread my legs as far as my skirt allowed. The following day in preparation for the trip home I went to the ladies at work and removed my panties – this was almost without conscious thought – just driven by the desire to be touched again.


Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 03

fetish Duke567 2017-10-12

It had been almost 3 weeks since Kate had locked my cock up in a chastity cage. Finally on Friday, almost 3 weeks after being locked up, they key arrived, but then Kate just needed one more orgasm before letting me out... I just couldn't believe that I hadn't had a orgasm for almost 3 weeks, had no chance of any for another full week, and I was fucking my wife with a strap-on while my cock was locked in a high security chastity cage. Kate detached the dildo from the straps, kept working my ass with the dildo while she sucked my caged cock into her mouth and swallowed all the cum that I could give her.

A sissy story

fetish 2017-10-12

Instead, I was fantasizing that I was a sexy, slutty co-ed, whose nipples got "hard as cherry pits" (according to the porn book), and whose hot pussy dripped with "honey" when a boy put his hand in her panties and his finger slid into her slit. Debbie cut short her account, but I was left with a strange mixture of revulsion and arousal at the image of Andrea having her hands on the hard cock of an 8th grader (a boy that I had a crush on!), while he felt up her bare breasts. Do you shoot cum yet?" I shook my head from side to side, hoping he wouldn't be disappointed ."Perfect!" he said, as his fingers stroked up and down on my little cock-shaft and he played with my dangling balls with his other hand.

A Day Away From The Beach

fetish butterflyjamie84 2017-10-12

you like instruction's, humiliation and piss well here is your fucking chance to show me how well you follow direction!" As i go to stand to get a piece of towel, you grab my hair and shove my lips to the rim of the urinal. You look at me; say "damn that was fun, and head for the back stairway." I don't know your name, but I will forever remember the sweet taste of you cum, the warmth of your piss, the thickness and length of your hard cock, and the firmness in which you took charge.

My Special Recipe

fetish ImaFantasy 2017-10-12

You see, the idea had come to me, maybe because I love the taste of cum so much, when talking to my lover, after some good, hard, hot, sloppy sex! Someone commented on the fact that I wasn't eating, but Michael spoke up and said "She's on a special diet, she can only eat what I feed her from my fingers...isn't that right Jackie?" And true to his words, Michael began to feed me bites from his plate, starting with a chunk of the cum soaked roast. Leaning toward him, I opened my mouth and accepted the first bite of the "special" meat from his fingers, licking and sucking the juices from the tips of them.

Sex Toy Uh Oh!

fetish Adeana 2017-10-12

Big black rubber penis looking dildo with suction cup on it: got it as a gag gift from a friend I am very drunk and very horny!' I knew I had a fun night out, got a few looks from some younger guys, and had on an outfit that I thought was pretty sexy and that is always a turn on thinking you really look good in something, you know? I took the vegetable oil bottle out and walked back over to the suction cupped penis on my dining room chair. I had my hands on my thighs near my knees, and just saw my oil stained shirt, legs on each side of the chair, still in my heels, and my mini skirt hiding everything from view.

Interracial Office. Toni and Paul (flip it!)

fetish imornery81 2017-10-12

The idea or Paul looking at these sites and most probably imagining her, had caused her to paint their faces on so many of the scenes that she lost count of the number of orgasms she had, knowing a young white man in her department wanted her to dominate him! “Get your fat white butt in here, you owe me!” She snapped, more concerned that some nosey neighbor might be wondering who had pulled into the cul-de-sac at that hour or the older man across the way might step out to walk one of his two new puppies. His fingers were sliding under her ass and pulling her hips up to his mouth so he could deep delve his tongue into her wetness as if looking to bring up pearls of great value from the bed of the ocean floor.

Factory - 24

fetish marconitx 2017-10-12

The attendant stepped back to the control box by the door and with the push of a button, the cable began to retract, slowly pulling his leash upward. When she'd removed his pants, he was about half mast just from the anticipation, but with her knowing hands he began to grow harder and harder. Slowly one finger circled his opening while the other hand continued to coax him harder and harder by going up and down his legs. One hand returned to circle his anus while the other tugged his tool backward ever so slightly then began to pump. Around and around one gloved finger went as the other hand slowly pumped up and tugged down on his meat.

Sticky Lips Party

fetish rick_oh 2017-10-12

After the conversation, she came hopping into the other room and said that some friends from college were in town for the weekend and she invited them (Virginia and Bridget) to come over and stay the night. I felt like my nuts were blue because Darla had hand-jobbed me yesterday and earlier today and stopped before I would have ejaculated. You see, Darla likes me to service her pussy with my mouth after I pump a full load into her. After the three women consumed more wine, Virginia and Bridget mentioned that they're roommates to this day, and Darla asked them if they had boyfriends. Yes, that's good." I nestled my mouth up to her pussy and gently kissed and licked while she trembled and moaned.

A Hot Weekend At The Rooftop Swinger Hotel In Holl

fetish 2017-10-12

My wife and I stayed at the Rooftop Swinger Resort in Hollywood Florida over the Memorial Day Weekend 2010. When she came out of the lady’s room, she waived me over to the bathroom and told me, “I have something to tell you honey.” She wanted these two well-hung black men to tag team her on the side of the pool. She went over to both these men and started fingering herself and licking one of the guys balls. We cuddled romantically for a few moments, voraciously french-kissed eachother and smiled at all the dirty old men watching, thanked the two generous black guys and went back to our room to discuss the possibilities of having a c***d by one of these black men.

Demon Lovers

fetish Erocus 2017-10-12

He hadn't been too thrilled missing a chance to suck Robbies cock off but Joe'd finished the job with enough professional teen demeanor that Rob had decided to not kick his ass for stroking him slightly as he'd spray painted his cock and balls. Granted he hadn't seen a lot of naked asses, mostly it was tits as he pounded his cock into some tight moist pussy. he knew he got the right pressure/touch when her head and body arched, somehow forcing her pussy closer to his mouth as her moans started whimpering from her throat. Looking into her eyes he barely had time to register how beautiful she was before her lips were on his and her tongue was teasing his like no tomorrow.

Wild and kinky night at adult theater part 2

fetish cumluvr56 2017-10-12

He asked if I like his big cock fucking my ass hole. As he squeezed down hard on my balls I felt the head of his cock swell even bigger then felt a load of cum squirt into my ass. My balls were aching he was squeezing them so hard but it felt so good and I shot my cum into cock suckers mouth. As he drained my balls of what I'm sure must have been my biggest load of cum the other guy pulled his softening cock out of my cum filled ass. Just as I started to say I was out of the mood someone behind me pushed my head down then rammed his cock into well fucked and cum lubed ass hole.

My Wife Natalie Ch. 01

fetish james0141 2017-10-12

He sat on a chair in the corner of the sitting room and I went to the kitchen to get more drinks and as I passed Natalie who was sitting on settee, I kissed her just after she took a long drag on her cigarette and she then blew the smoke out into my face with a wicked grin. Soon I could see the covers on bed moving and realised that natalie was stroking his cock making it hard and the look on Mat's face told me he was enjoying it. No sooner had I taken in that sight, the covers came off and Natalie was climbing on top of Mat while holding his cock, the sight almost made me pass out as she lowered herself onto his cock and started riding him while still taking deep drags from her cigarette .

Factory - 17

fetish marconitx 2017-10-12

The orderly walked over to an open door where another attendant, a lady, was standing; both peered in the room. Just then, 17 felt the woman's large hand across on his bare ass. Her other hand continued its jerking and began to caress his young cock. Her left hand began to pump in and out of his small, tight, virgin opening. She was pulling and tugging his young, thin cock while blasting his little hole with the other – it worked every time. Her left hand pummeling away at his backdoor, he now felt the urge to pee growing toward the tip of his cock. As she was leading him out the door, the bigger lady followed closely behind him though he could barely walk.

Brown Eyes

fetish LadyLydia 2017-10-12

Dr. Dubois chuckled, "Mr. Hamrick, it's procedure that the attending physician attempt the first round of insertion therapy on a patient as past her due date as Miss Benson." He chuckled again, and as he stood, setting aside his clipboard, I noticed with shock that he himself was sporting an enormous erection. Obediently, I took my hand off my own aching dick and went back to work on our patient, massaging both breasts, then rubbing down her swollen belly, bucking against Dr. Dubois. This proved to be the end for them both and Miss Benson came in a screaming frenzy, both hands clutching the sheets on the table for dear life as her head rolled back and forth and her ripe, swollen body met every thrust the doctor brought it.

Pissing on the C.E.O.

fetish leekeyone 2017-10-12

A thick squirting stream of clear piss shot from the slit at the end of my dick and started to trace a running stream down the urinal wall.' I realised that her new position awarded me with a stunning view of the shape of wonderfully firm looking tits, all the way down to where the cup of her bra hid her nipples from sight. I felt the resumption of my earlier piss as the first stream of hot clear urine leapt from my dick end. Sure enough there was my long dick squirting a fast flowing stream of urine all over Miss. Here Mr. Latham, I want you to piss inside my blouse.' Obligingly she popped open a button and held her top open to my squirting urine stream.

Fuck Me Dean Ch. 03

fetish Aussie_Ton 2017-10-12

Fuck my titties with that beautiful cock." Shannon said as she slid closer holding one breast in either hand, and wrapped them around my saliva slickened cock. Pointing it towards her inviting lips and flicking her tongue around the underside of the shaft and head she said, "I want to be covered, I want to feel your hot sticky cum all over me! As I regained my breath and saw her there looking for all the world like a wanton pornstar released on the world I couldn't help but remain partially erect watching as she let the sticky ropes of cum slide down her cheeks and chin, catching some of the pools with her tongue and letting others coalesce in her ample cleavage.

Cuckolding the facts

fetish derrylad230 2017-10-12

The effects of sperm competition are well documented.[6] Further, when initiating sex, the man mate thrusts harder, deeper and longer, in efforts to remove the sperm of the other man and is biologically driven to have sex multiple times. Meanwhile, the wife enjoys greater sexual stimulation, first by her other lover and second by her cuckolded husband. In addition, the wife enjoys the neurochemical "highs" triggered by entering into a romantic or physical relationship with another lover. These highs include the effects of oxytocin, other neurochemicals which trigger excitement, euphoria and other feelings common to the beginnings of romantic relationships. When a new lover is taken, it triggers the neurochemicals of a new relationship, bringing home excitement to her husband.[7]

Caught Again by s*s: Part 3

fetish 2017-10-12

I turned to get out of sight when Steph saw me and called out "hey b*o, I'd like you to meet Lisa." With that, Lisa turned towards me, her eyes got big, her mouth opened a little and I wasn't sure what she was going to do. She asked if I wanted her to pee on me, my cock started to get hard but I said I didn't think so. Instead of getting on the toilet, she took off her panties and stood in the shower, arched her back a little, spread her legs and started peeing, that was just so cool to watch and my cock did get all the way hard.