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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Funnel Ch. 03

fetish a real jrkoff 2017-10-12

He watched as Ms. Green turned suddenly on one high heel and began wagging her extended finger at the naked male, scolding him for something. He saw the women lead the male further into the kitchen and then, as Ms. Fortune removed her skirt to reveal her lovely stockings, saw Ms. Green taking a wooden spoon from a drawer. He felt her very slowly slide her little hand down from the base toward the head, where she paused torturously and then began rhythmically squeezing the spongy head like the atomizer on a perfume bottle. His eyes snapped open and he turned to face the fully dressed Ms. Audrey Green, holding the wooden spoon in hand and glaring at him with hard accusing eyes.

Minister's Daughter

fetish jdk085 2017-10-12

"Well, aren't you worried about letting Kimmy hang out with girls like that?" "Why?" Dan seemed clueless. "But like I said, I had to the good sense to tell the guys to aim elsewhere before they went to…" "You're telling me that you and a massive orgy on New Years with Kimmy and her friends?" "Well with lots of people." Dan shrugged again. Instead I sense Kimmy next to me, watching my cock pump into Kathy's ass. I just kept thrusting until I knew I was going to cum, and then saying "I'm going to cum" just to be sure that Kimmy really wanted what Dan claimed she did.

Pantyhose outdoors 3 with John and Laura

fetish tonyhose 2017-10-12

Making sure the camera was set to silent I crept forward and sure enough there were John and his girlfriend, whose name by the way was Laura, both stripped down to their pantyhose. Laura rolls off John and lying on her back she pulls my head down between her legs and makes me lick Johns fresh hot cum out of her pussy while John is busy licking the cum off my cock. We are soon nearly ready to cum again so standing up we push Laura onto her knees where she sucks us in turn, stroking our cocks when she isn't sucking them.

Old Women Use Sandra

fetish 2017-10-12

While Rhonda continued to fuck my pussy with her fingers (three now I guessed), Veronica very soon started to convulse on my face, thoroughly squishing my nose. Veronica and Rhonda had cum many times, and when I was invited to get up off the bed I could see two wet puddles on the floor courtesy of their overflowing old pussies. After this brief interlude, the evening continued with another two hours or more of me being used by Veronica and Rhonda, more toys were jammed into my holes, my poor bum cheeks were further reddened, I was fucked with strap-ons by both women, and my face was repeatedly sat on.

Bobby Walsh, My Story

fetish Mrchris 2017-10-12

My mom on the other hand had a slim waist with large breasts that seemed to spill out of her chest with a pear shaped butt, she was about five foot five with long wavy dirty blonde hair and high cheek bones, that made her look like a model; or at least that's what the men she brought home told her. I could see my mom shaking her head yes as she was looking up at Tyrell and once again started impaling herself on his still very large but now semi hard cock.

Panty Inspection

fetish Trialbasis 2017-10-12

Cathy smiles as she pulls back so everyone can see Marisa's pussy pulsate in wet pleasure. Marisa's legs are a little unsteady but she calms herself and I can clearly see the wetness leaking from her lovely pussy coating the sides of her thighs. Erica kneels beside me and looks closely at Kelly's wet panty crotch. Cathy embraced her kissing her passionately as Marisa spread the cheeks of her bum and licked the crease and Kelly's little brown hole. Erica opened Kelly's legs and began to suck on her sweet wet pussy driving her tongue deep inside. I played with myself for some time before moving in beside Kelly with my cock now in Erica's face and my ass within easy reach for Marisa to enjoy.


She made me suck his cock.

fetish kgbcd 2017-10-12

She had picked a cocksucking movie and there was a good looking girl dressed like me on her knees sucking on a cock. Can I give you a blowjob and be your cocksucker?” I’m not sure how much of that I said, but it was all what I was thinking as I felt his cock. He was holding my head and I was sucking on his cock and then he was fucking my face, fucking my mouth – just like I’d wanted. He moved his head up and down and sucked me faster as I exploded into his mouth as my wife was kissing my cum covered lips. I smiled and said, “Yes I had a good time and yes, I liked sucking a cock.”

Pissing at the Local Gym Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2017-10-12

Sure enough, the pussy lips of the woman beside her were parted allowing her pee hole to squirt a golden spray of piss into the sink basin. She really wanted nothing more than to pull down her pants and take a piss of her own into the sink bowl, seeing in the process her own shower of golden pee flowing over the clean ceramic surface. "Well", continued Rachel, "we all know about the fact that quite a few of the female gym members are relieving themselves in unusual locations in the changing room and it looks like you just happened to choose the wrong member to pee in front of."

Slave Ch. 04

fetish slaveheathen 2017-10-12

I was ready to crash after the shower, but Mistress Kay made me eat her pussy for an hour before she finally let me go to bed. Kay, Tracy and me, we set up a few special events for this weekend." Mistress Kay got up and headed toward the room I was hidden in. Lori smirked as she poured lube onto her right hand, then slid into my ass too. Before I was untied from the table, all 42 had taken a shot at wrecking my rectum with toys and fists, I had eaten much pussy and ass, and drank thirteen loads of piss. She then slid her ten inch strapon into my already Bam stuffed ass and started slam-fucking me.

Punishment Date

fetish kyrie1595 2017-10-12

The next day John was truly surprised to see Kay come in before eight a.m. though he wasn't surprised when she didn't greet him and simply plopped her sweet ass down at her desk, resuming her work from the previous night. Perhaps you'll think about this exact moment the next time you act like a spoiled child." He laid the paddle on her ass, letting her feel the weight of it, while his hand crawled down between her legs, his finger brushing against her swollen slick pussy lips and throbbing clit.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 12

fetish cuckcpl4play 2017-10-12

Still holding her leash, Sir Jeremy pulled roughly on it and repositioned her facing Gilbert and Sam. Forcefully, Sir Jeremy pressed his new eager slut onto his massive black cock head in this position and he ordered me to keep my hand on the base of his shaft as he penetrated and stretched my wife's cunt lips around his engorged tip. Several seconds later, Sir Gilbert pulled my wife's head off his cock, maneuvered behind her, roughly me shoved me aside (knocking me to my knees with my face glistening from Sir Jeremy's cum fluid), and slammed his massive black cock inside her newly cleaned cunt.

Coupling - with Wife's Friend Ch. 04

fetish VeeJ 2017-10-12

I took a swig of beer from the bottle and let a few drops fall on my feet. "On the floor I said and do not touch anything" I took his nose between my big toe and small toe and my sole was on his mouth. Then I rubbed the cigarette in my pussy making it all wet from my moistness and took another drag and then passed it to Vijoo. I picked up the bottle of beer and poured a little into his mouth and took two or three swigs from it. Suddenly Vijoo 69ed and put his Dicky into my mouth and pressed hard on my head and we sucked and licked and salivated and I came.

David's Summer of '61 Ch. 03

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-12

I heard her knees crack as she stood up then step into her panties, I watched her rearrange her clothing and pull down her nylon slip which had risen up. Glenda was quite tall and slim with blonde hair cut quite short; she wore a knee length navy blue pleated skirt below a white blouse. "He's waiting for you Glenda, go for it girl," said someone as I watched the tall blonde woman stand over my chest, bend her knees and open her legs. "And like this," she said squatting down and suddenly covering my face with her billowing petticoat and skirt. "We'd better make you decent," said Pamela pulling Heather's petticoat and skirt over my head and plunging me once again into darkness.

Black Girl Power

fetish hantheman 2017-10-12

"I bet your wondering how I managed to make Barbra do what she was doing, by the way its not just Barbra" she said and kept her look, I couldn't speak I just felt too weak to say anything "I just fill my role in life, and that would be dominating white women, its natural Mrs Monica" she said as she put her hands on my cheek and rubbed my cheek gently as she still kept her look, I felt weaker than before as soon as she touched my cheeks and suddenly I was slapped so hard I couldn't even see it coming, I got up from my chair and backed up to the wall keeping distance from her, Beth walked slowly towards me knowing I had no where to go, she was just 155 cm tall but why did I feel so weak?

Hirsute Hilde

fetish 4eyedbrit 2017-10-12

I wasn't sure what to feel but my cock seemingly didn't care, Hilde was jabbing her fingers rapidly in and out of my arse and wanking me off, in a perfectly alternating rhythm and with great dexterity. She grabbed a buttock with one hand and raked a finger into my flaming arsehole and gently bobbed her head back and forth on my cock by the way of compensation. Most women who have blown me use their hand at the base of my cock to keep from gagging as I try to thrust my end in deeper but Hilde seemed to be using hers to feed my shaft further into her hot and eager orifice.

Domination Island Ch. 05

fetish slave1981 2017-10-12

Small moans emanated from the Amazon shemale's throat as his mouth slowly and carefully worked it's obedient way up her legs to her chocolate-coloured muscled thighs. It was several minutes later that he'd managed to withdraw all of her member from his throat so that just her cock-head was still in his mouth. It was then finally possible for him to remove the huge penis-head from his mouth and he very slowly inched himself off the bed. He realised this was to be his destiny, and looking up into his new mistress's gleeful eyes he knew that this was going to be the cock he'd probably be sucking for the rest of his life.

Vintage Nylon Lingerie Story #1

fetish SheerLonny 2017-10-12

As soon as she said that she pulled her shorts down alittle to show me that she was wearing a pair of pink nylon panties. They looked like the ones I have been taking from my other friends s****rs and mothers. I took three pairs of her panties, and a pink nylon chiffon waist slip. An hour or so passes and my friend had still not come home so I said I'm going home, because I was about to explode with cum. Rest of my underwear are all nylon panties, sheer teddies, night gowns, silky stockings and garter belts. Right now I'm wearing a white merry widow, with a pair of sheer white 'Nancy King' panties, and dark brown, seamed thigh high stockings.

The Path of Pain

fetish Athalia 2017-10-12

She bit her lip, picked up a needle, consecrated it with the incense, and used its two-inch length to carefully mark off that distance from the base of the nipple to the spot below it, a spot that she knew was extraordinarily sensitive to pain. She went back to the mirror and took pictures of her torso, and then close-ups of her breasts and vulva, with the needles, the impaled clitoris, and the blood showing clearly. And she knew that next Saturday night, she would be kneeling naked before her mirror, her clitoris and nipples swelling with anticipation, and fifteen needles lined up in a neat row at her side, waiting for the sanctifying smoke.

Jerked Between Her Legs

fetish Kessler 2017-10-12

Kara then said, "Don't worry, every guy I dance with gets hard…I like it and it makes me feel sexy." Her straight-forwardness must have left a comical slack jawed look on my face because she stared at me and then began to laugh. Concentrate on what I am doing to you, your cock between my legs and growing hard." Having said that Kara reached over and grasped the head of my dick between the fingers of her left hand and began to rub it up and down. I love the smell of your cum." Kara was right, I have been waiting to feel my cock between a beautiful pair of legs for a long time and she knew it.

The Story of N Day 02

fetish shortonreality 2017-10-12

Kneeling over my head she said, "Time for some toilet practice - open up and swallow every drop or you'll spend the whole day in your punishment cage." She sat on my mouth and let out a long stream of J's warm piss, and I had to quickly learn to just open my throat to let it flow straight into my stomach. Before I could imagine too much, N opened the door and we headed back to the walk-in shower, where she attached the clip-on cock she had filled with my cum earlier and said, "get on your knees - it's time for your feeding, and for your cock-sucking practice."

A Friendly Encounter

fetish nyninchnales 2017-10-12

This turns me on so much and I know you can feel my large dick pressing against the small of your back, just above your ass. Your pussy is still wet from our earlier adventure, and a small bit of my cum drips down the crack of your ass. I let my finger slide between your pussy lips and begin to rub your clit. I feel you cumming but I don't want to cum just yet, so I pull out and hold your hands away. I leave the dildo in as I pull away and watch as each pulse of your pussy pushes the dildo out a little more until it slides out softly onto your bed.

Introducing Summer and Winter Ch. 02

fetish milkyheart 2017-10-12

One of the men roughly grabbed the old woman by her white hair and traced the head of his cock between her eyes, down the bridge of her nose and finally into her mouth. When the man with the thick cock finally finished with my mouth by coming what felt like at least the five ounces I had carried in my mouth onto my face I was able to raise my head and see that the old woman was the one who was sucking my cock. The guy ass fucking me pulled his cock out and came all over the old woman's cheek as she was still sucking me.


fetish wastedaway 2017-10-12

Finally I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come like a b**st. I started pumping my hot come in her ass like crazy. "I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass so loosen up." I obediently loosened up to be rewarded with some of the most intense pain I have felt in awhile. "I am going to do something wild and then I want you to fuck my ass again." she said as she pushed my face into the pillows. I did not last long and when Betsy tried to yank the big plug out of my ass I came like crazy.


fetish rogue-1966 2017-10-12

I hold still, her fingers are a blur on her clit, I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock. Taking a firm grip on her hips I starts pumping forward, working my cock deeper and deeper in her pussy. I start pumping her with deep f***eful thrust and MK moans out, cum baby cum, shot that cum for me, pull out and shot that hot cum all over my stomach and chest. I couldn't take it any longer, pulling my cock out, I jerk it a couple times as MK lays flat, hand a blur on her pussy, begging me to cum all over her. I wanted to feel that hot pussy again and slip my cock back in her slowly fucking her thru her and mine orgasm.