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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Artificial Love

fetish androidmuse 2017-10-12

As he brought the car to a stop at the automatic gate, Scott pressed the button to lower the driver's-side window, but nothing happened. Scott knew next to nothing about cars, except that it was starting to look more and more like he'd need a new one. Scott turned to see another car, just outside the gate, its driver leaning from the lowered window, arm raised in a "what's the matter with you?" gesture. He then spent the rest of his time over the next several days creatively distracting himself with little projects, like trying to find the best combination of walking and public transportation to get to his most needed spots around the city.

There she was

fetish 2017-10-12

Instinctively, I reached out and caressed that delicious leg with my hand and kissed and licked the calf against my face! I stop licking for a minute to look up to see her hand coming back out and up to her beautiful face! After an audible moan, I return my face to her pussy and start licking it through the nylon. I kiss, lick and suck that delicious pussy until I hear audible moans coming from her! I caress the front of her legs while I pull her tight against my face and again taste her through the nylon! I am caressing those legs as she moves up and down and grinds on my cock until I feel her tighten then cover my cock and balls with her cum.

Brutal Femdom

fetish klammer 2017-10-12

I finally got across to her I had a kind of a fetish for lady's feet, particularly clad in a beautiful pair of high heels, like she was wearing. She finally wiggled her foot into the shoe, placed her feet on the floor and stood up, eventually straddling my face. There were whips, chains, hand and leg cuffs, mouth gags, helmets and, what appeared to be, about a hundred pairs of high heeled shoes and boots, some much higher than the 4" heels Rose was wearing. I didn't allow myself much time to drink this all in, just a quick glance around, as Rose had stopped moving again and I fell to the task of groveling at her feet.

Magic Hands Ch. 03

fetish Frozenhero 2017-10-11

He squeezed it in his hand and felt how erect her nipple was; jerking boys off for money never failed to arouse Sloan, which made the tips of her tits stiffen. Sensing he was close, Sloan gripped Jackson at the base of his shaft in one hand, then used her other to jerk off just the fat head of his cock, letting her palm tease over the ridge of it. Jerking off men for money always seemed to turn Sloan on, so much so that she and Tom would fuck like newlyweds nearly every night. She didn't really like giving hand-jobs when Tom wasn't around to pimp and protect her, however Derek was probably harmless. With her palms suitably slick with lubricant, Sloan knelt between Derek's legs and took his cock into her hands.

First Night

fetish OneWhoAdores 2017-10-11

As I had with her other foot at the club I brought my lips down to the top of it to brush at the base of her toes, but this time I then slowly moved upwards, lightly kissing my way first to the front of her ankle, around to her heel, to the side of her foot, onto her sole, and then into her arch. Extending my tongue I began with long and languid strokes over the soles of her feet, working my way over one heel, up her calf, spending some extra time at the back of her knee, before licking my way up the back of her thigh to the bottom of her buttocks crease.

The Adventures of Kitty Ch. 02

fetish RoxieCarmichael 2017-10-11

The feel of him pressing against her, and her own thoughts of being exposed like that, made the trembles in her tummy start immediately, so when his large thumb moved the thong aside and slipped inside her she groaned and pushed back to take it deep, the orgasm springing on her immediately and her hips quivering as he moved the thumb slowly inside. She rocked on his hand, mewling and panting, and when she heard him rumble quietly "What a good little kitty you are" she came again, shocking herself into falling forward to press her face into the cushion and grinding her hips against his fingers.

"Cosmetic Surgery " Re-occurring Dream

fetish DiamondLife 2017-10-11

She walks up to the sheet and peels it back, my big boobs are now humongous,and I am laying down "How could this happen" I shout at her but she just says "Pokerface and leaves the room after turning two little taps under my armpits to the flow position, "FUK DOLL it says here hun, so that's what we is making you look like!You Bimbo that means F:Female U.K. United Kingdom D.O.L.L. Diamond Of Lower Lothian, my place of birth, trying to convince her. My belly trim non existent and my pussy also pierced with a ring leaning against a large extending clitty, my make up heavy my hair bleached platinum blonde, my nails long and red like claws, on my feet extreme stilettos so spiky so high, my favourite black see thru negligee adorns my shoulders, I am a Fuck Doll!!!!

Anna's Milk Ch. 03

fetish yesterdays 2017-10-11

Beautiful Anna, a redheaded and luscious woman with freckles, curves, a new baby, and a husband in Afghanistan, had a minute before had my cock in her mouth, and was nursing on it for what she called my "milk." She'd already let me nurse twice on her milk-filled breasts to get the sweet liquid out, and so she said it was only fair for me to give her something in return. Right after Anna had asked me if I loved little Ben, and I'd said yes, she was moved to tears by this. "There's some extra here," Anna said, smiling again while holding out her right breast with the drop of milk on it.

Controlled By Lillian

fetish Croozer 2017-10-11

She stood up and began to lightly stroke my penis, saying, "I am a cum slut...I love your thick, hot, white cum, and I own it." I was breathing fast, and feeling as though I could explode when she squeezed by penis so hard it hurt, and sadi, "Remember..I will tell you wehn you can cum." "If you behave like a good slave, I will let you see and cum all over my mother's lingerie...would you like that?" she asked. Lillian sucked my limp penis, untied me, and said, "Go home for tonight...Wendy and I will want you here tomorrow night." With that, she went into her bathroom, and I dressed and prepared to leave.

Financial Domination--HS Crush Part 1

fetish beg4ignore 2017-10-11

I enjoyed our friendship a great deal and I felt sort of bad in a way that I used that friendship and a bit of her guilt about not going out with me on sexual dates to leverage her into agreeing to participate in my fantasies to make them real. But....I was a bit shocked when I saw her with a group of her friends, and said "hello" and she didn't even notice me, didn't budge, didn't stop from talking with her friends, didn't acknowledge me whatsoever. I sent her texts thanking her for acknowledging me, thanking her for adding things to her wishlist, thanking her for taking my lunch money, but nothing in return.

Hot Wife Orgy Part 2

fetish withmyfeetup 2017-10-11

Suddenly I thought about Jim. Would he tell anyone that he fucked my wife while I stood by and watched...and wanked no less? As they tightened up and rode her pussy and ass filling my wife with cum, I came in the bowl a second time. Steve thrust into my wife and smirked as he watched a male hand encircle my dicklette and begin to stroke it once again. As I watched, the latin wife spread her legs before Cynthia and proffered her dripping, cum filled pussy. No longer surprised by anything that happened in this room, I watched as Cyn lowered her mouth to the waiting mound. In real life my wife is a cum-slut and enjoys cocks of many different size and shape.

The Landlady's New Pet- part 14

fetish midsummerman 2017-10-11

The women in the room were taunting a male who hung by the neck from a short scaffold; his feet dancing in exquisite pain and ecstasy just inches from the safety of a floor he could never reach, his ankles bound tightly, his wrists tied painfully tight behind him, belts around his knees, thighs and one around his upper body, severely tight so that this reinf***ed that he knew there was to be no escape. The women cheer deliriously and buzz at their gaping pussies with vibrators as the man jerks and dances, bound helplessly as the rope bites tighter and tighter about his neck; he snorts furiously as his windpipe is restricted, taking in the heady scent of female arousal, making his cock bolt upright.

Mark and my wife in pantyhose

fetish tonyhose 2017-10-11

Mark doesn't need to be told twice and moving back down the bed he gets between her legs which are tied apart to the bedposts and pulling the vibrator from her cunt, slips his cock into her instead. As his thrusts speed up as he gets ready to cum in her cunt, my cock erupts my cum over the back of his pantyhose and as he feels the warm cum spreading over his bum, with a cry of pleasure he explodes his cum into my wife's hot cunt, spurt after spurt of hot cum filling her until eventually his cock begins to slip from her cunt. As Mark moves aside to collapse on the bed beside my wife, I move in and begin to clean them both up, licking his cum from her cunt and my cum from his nylon covered bum.

Roz Ch. 2

fetish Lucien_Al 2017-10-11

Leeann started to cry wildly and thrust herself against my mouth and I could feel her legs start to clamp around my head as her orgasm broke like a dam wall, her juices flowing freely from her hot pussy. As I remembered the taste of Leeann's pussy and the feeling of Roz sucking my hard cock, I lifted Cindy's panties to my nose and sniffed and licked away at her dried pussy juices as my other hand started to stroke away at my hard cock. While I started to slowly push my cock deep into her tight pussy I saw that Karen had moved around and was kissing Wendy while her fingers danced over her pert nipples.

Britney the Meathole

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-10-11

She worked his member like a porn star should and soon, too soon, he shot his load down her throat and the last vestiges spunked onto her lips for Britney to lick clean with the dirtiest smile on her face that I had seen for a long time. Christina kept masturbating and they kept on filming until finally Armand started to spasm a bit and he withdrew his cock from Britney's mouth and once free launched a massive spray of his cum all over her pretty face. One of the men comes forward and pulls Britney to her knees, he ruggedly slaps his monster dick back and forth on her face and crudely insults her with names like "cock sucking cunt", seconds later he plunges his 10" penis down her throat and is fucking it hard.

Jennifer Wets The Bed Ch. 02

fetish writedoctor 2017-10-11

The moist, pointed tip eased between Jennifer's pink hued cunt lips, invading her urethra. In dreamland Jennifer realized her thighs and lower legs were firmly strapped to the medical chair's stirrups. The red powder was not bright as lipstick, Jennifer's entire mons swollen and aroused. Soon." Denise whispered, deliberately feathering around her irritated pee hole. Please let me piss." She whispered to the imaginary woman. Grasping the backs of thighs, Jennifer flipped her legs backward and up over her head. Jennifer's nails deliberately gripped fleshy ass cheeks and soothingly stroked her straining vertebrae. Jennifer gagged, impossible to imbibe the gushing amount of sweet piss. Jennifer slowly allowed her torso to unwind and legs eased back onto the wet bed.

My Teachers Love Me

fetish littlebitchboy9 2017-10-11

I wanted her to see the struggle in my eyes as I frantically pulled my shirt down to try to hide my boner from her. She was trying to block all sight of her huge delicious boobs because we both knew that's why I was rock hard. I showed her that that wasn't gonna work by staring at her boobs whenever she looked at my eyes. The rest of our conversation consisted of me acting extremely embarrassed, me purposely trying and failing at cover my cock, her smiling and giggling at me, her failing at covering up her tits and us exchanging glances at each others goods. When she leaned on me she put her huge boobs right beside my face but just out of sight and touching range.

Feet Feats

fetish Mike46 2017-10-11

Absentmindedly, as we watched the movie, I began to knead Sara's sock covered feet, squeezing firmly and pressing into the ball and arch with my thumbs. Sara gripped my cock between both feet, sliding slowly and sensuously up and down its length, her toes spreading to find the perfect fit. When I closed my eyes I could see Sara's foot wantonly sliding in and out of my butt, and when I opened them I could see her other glistening foot sliding up and down the length of my shaft, sometimes pressing it firmly against my belly and sliding from side to side, cupping the swollen head in her arched toes.

My Night In The Sun

fetish wastedaway 2017-10-11

The Oriental girl, especially when massaging oil on the fat girl's back and thighs, always lingered a little longer than was necessary on those delicious globes of the big girl's ass..and at least once, I was sure, slipped her dainty index finger under her friend's suit and diddled her anus oh-so-lovingly. The beach was sparsely populated this early in the morning, Gina and Susan ordered me to stand with my hands at my sides while they fingered each other's pussies in front of me and watched my stiff cock bob in the breeze. As the voices came nearer and nearer, Gina and Susan each placed a hand in the crack of my ass, and pulled my cheeks apart as widely as they could.

Jackie's Crossdressing Fantasy

fetish jackie-cd 2017-10-11

I go all out dressing up as a sexy slut for party that I am about to attend. I soon end up with my cock plunged into a hot girl, then a guy behind me lifts up my short skirt and sticks a hard dick up my ass. The guy that I am sucking then fills my mouth with cum and I swallow most of it, but some runs down my chin and the girl starts licking it up and giving me cum kisses. I start licking the cock as it slides in and out of her dripping wet pussy and his balls are bouncing in my face. The girl then starts licking up the cum that is all over my face and feeds it back to me.

He'd Wanted This

fetish horsefly 2017-10-11

Without thinking, he'd purchased the biggest thing the store carried, eight inches long and two in diameter, the strap-on cock his lover wore was as life-like as they came: its veined, slightly upward-curving shaft terminated in a egg-shaped head (for easier entry, he'd hoped while inspecting it), painted in a flesh-tone so close to real that he *almost* couldn't say it was fake, with even a soft line along the bottom (where a tube ran hidden inside the latex from the tip to the base) with a tiny hole at the end.

Story #1: Watching my wife for the first time

fetish Balsac83 2017-10-11

Fast forward some I told her it was a turn on to know he would be fucking her later that night. My wife starts suckingy did while they watch and do their thing as well. So my wife starts sucking my dick and has her ass raised in the air pointed in his direction. He was sitting there strocking his cock with watching my wifes bare ass. I almost came watching his face shoved in my wifes ass but i had to control myself. We met a l lot of great people on that trip.....including a black guy that I knew was into her and he would always come find us and was very confident and being its a nude resort, I could see why.

Jolene & Steve

fetish devoutmalesub 2017-10-11

They walked back to the house, casually flirting and Steve egging Jolene on about who she was with and had she fooled around. Dave and Chelsea were going to share the living room with Jolene and Steve that night. "You're a bitch, Steve." Jolene said, grinding her pussy into his face. A moment later, Jolene came out of her bedroom, naked, and went to the bathroom, not even noticing Steve. Jolene grasped Steve's 6" cock through his pants and lightly jerked him off. Eat his cum that came from his much bigger dick and balls." Jolene started frigging herself with her free hand, building to a slow orgasm. "Cum eater." Jolene whispers into Steve's ear as they both fall asleep on the living room floor.

Bedroom Research Ch. 02

fetish wylite 2017-10-11

I went into instant shock as two photos slipped out of the envelope they were pictures of me; it wasn't a pretty sight; there I was sitting on the floor with a pair of girls panties draped over my head and worse still it was plain to see that I was also wearing panties. For two seconds I thought perhaps I wasn't going to dress up but then common sense took over; I was going to fuck Mandy; dam, I would wear anything to do that. "No Beth," interrupted Mandy, "It's your pretty little sister Felicity. Mandy disengaged, looked across at me and said, "Ok Felicity let's see you fully dressed again." I quickly complied and waited for their next order.