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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Oler Men Turn Me On

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-25

"Look at your nasty pussy needing a good fucking." "Do you want to get fucked whore?" "Oh Daddy, yes, please use my whore body anyway you want!" "I will suck and fuck anyone you want!" "Yes Daddy." As I rubbed and moaned Daddy continued to talk dirty to me on the phone. It read: "Your doorbell will ring in five minutes, and you are to open your door and let the old man on the other side in." "He will fuck you and use you at my direction, on the telephone, and I will watch it all on your cam, which you should already have turned on." I quickly got back in the chair, and watched Daddy stroking his cock while I rubbed my cunt.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 11

fetish TimWLy 2018-09-25

"Why look at that Diamond, it seems Tim here does want to give us a little gift before we get to Baltimore, what do you say we give him something to remember us by?" Yvette stated, with mischief in her voice, as she kicked off her heels and began to tease the head of my cock with her toes, as she sat on my desk in front of me. "Tim, do you remember how I stripped out of my dress, in Louisville, well, I am going to do that again right now, and make you listen to every word, but this time you don't get to touch." Diamond said as she walked to the corner of my desk, and began her tease.


Abigail part 1

fetish Ajdj0403 2018-09-25

Abigail asked my wife if she could stay a few days with us seeing how we had the room and we both agreed that it would be okay. A few days turned into a few weeks, neither of us minded seeing how I was very much attracted to her and my wife and her had started getting a lot closer. Amanda tells her "get your ass out off e bed, he's already seen you naked." She finally gets up and comes over to us. My wife on top of Abigail, I start fucking Amanda, putting my dick deep inside of her, fucking her harder and harder and faster until her body shakes with an orgasm and she has came all over my dick.

Piggy Tails Oh My!

fetish Joseki Ko 2018-09-25

I was out at Club Asylum one night and we had a really good topic come up. It seemed she loved long hair, loved to feel it cascade over her breasts, tickle her belly, and whisk across her pussy. I jerked out one of my hairs and left it draped over the blood red rose. As she touched it I saw her start in surprise as she found the calling card, my hair. She looked down at the hair in her hand and back at me. As we lay back on the sand I got to play with those wonderful, gorgeous, fantastic piggy tails. This is to slow down , and I pulled the right pigtail, clutch and brake just like on my bike.

Stuffing the Holiday Virgin

fetish macyalexander 2018-09-25

I was about to cum again as she sucked on my clit when I felt like my pussy was going to rip open – just as I was about to scream, she got up, hand still inside me, she stuffed an apple in my mouth. It just turned me on so badly and I just couldn’t believe how good it felt and he started pushing himself in and out of me harder and his hand was over my mouth and he just kept pushing inside of me and my pussy was quivering and I couldn’t stop moaning and I was just about ready to explode when finally Jim thrust in me deep and hard and I almost couldn’t breathe.

The Best Of Affidha Affindi

fetish johara 2018-09-25

“Thanks my dear Affidha for all your hair…you look so erotic that I want to keep fucking you all night long” Norman said and brushed her pussy hair with his lips. Affidha Affindi was a lovely and horny Malay beauty with all the true features of a Singapore Malay woman; big boobs, hairy pussy, big and wide butt, and a deep desire for a long and intense fuck. He kept his cock nailed inside her horny cunt for a few seconds before he really began to fuck his horny Malay girlfriend, Affidha Affindi. He kept on his onslaught of her horny cunt and Affidha Affindi had another quick orgasm as his cock rubbed against her sensitive clit.

Sam and Leila

fetish GrowinLuvHandles 2018-09-25

"Just what that belly needs – two double Big Macs, two extra-large orders of friends and a large chocolate shake," Leila says, taking the food out and placing it on the table as she gently leads her lover to the couch and makes her sit. "You are getting all warm inside," Leila says, her hand now on Samantha's black thong, her fingers feeling the heat rising from inside. "It's a small price to pay for so much pleasure, don't you think?" Leila quips, moving her hands inside Samantha's top to help remove her bra, then realizing she needs to take her top off first. "Don't worry," Leila says, grabbing the second Big Mac and bringing it to Samantha's thick grease-covered lips.

The Hairley Street Doctor Ch. 1

fetish belab 2018-09-25

Soon she was bouncing up and down on his cock while he grabbed her ass cheeks and sucked her tits and pulled at he long bushy hair in her unshaven pits. "Liz" Jeff said "Isn't Becky's armpits more hairy than yours come here and show me your hairy armpits." I don't think Liz was very amused but she raised her arms and displayed the jet-black gleaming hair in her buttery armpits no less hairy than Becky's jungle " See my hairy underarms its as hairy as Becky's underarms Look how long it is" she said as she tugged at the long bushy hair in her unshaven pits.

Hubby Brings Home Visitors

fetish LoveAllThatSatin69 2018-09-25

I tried not to think about Joe, I could feel him watching out of the corner of my eye, but I didn’t look, I just took T-Dog into my mouth and continued to suck him just as I had D. I even had to pull T-Dog out of my mouth a few times to catch my breath and let out small screams of pleasure as I got fucked by what might as well had been the largest cock on earth. Sure enough, I started to feel T-Dog’s dick spasm when he quickly pulled himself out of my mouth, grabbed me by the hair and f***ed me to my knees facing Joe.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 07

fetish Alfamann 2018-09-25

Like a robot Angie lifted her feet so Alice could remove her panties, leaving her totally naked so that anyone in the dressing room that walked past the open cubicle would have a clear view of her whole body. "Perfect," Alice purred, and before Angie had time to protest she gathered up Angie's discarded clothing, bundled it into her bag, took hold of her hand and dragged the wide-eyed girl out of the dressing room, Angie was mortified to think that she was going to be seen in public in this ridiculous pink dress that was obviously designed for someone much younger than herself, and to make matters worse when she walked she knew that her panda cotton panties would be exposed.

Asking the older women the right question.

fetish 2018-09-25

Younger men do not want an old woman like me, so I guess my sex life is finished. I slept in his room and we had great sex many times. He enjoyed oral sex many times. Giving him oral cost me sex many times. oh yes, (at that time one of the best feeling was blow job of friends mom. You are a nice looking women and I would like to have sex with you. few more times I came over and I complemented the oral sex she gave me. She gets her night gown on and sits by me on the sofa, She ask about premature problems. She has good skin but time has worked on her tits.

chat with a slave girl

fetish mj8319 2018-09-25

After your dinner, and before your bath, you will go to your private room and put the clothes pins on exactly as I described, and then finger your pussy to a fantastic orgasm. As soon as i got home, i change my clothes and i can feel my nipples getting hard as i think about what i am about to do with the clothes pins. I can feel my tits hard and my pussy getting wet, i wanted to touch my clit after the first section, but I remember I have to do it after the last time before i can touch myself. Not long after 10 second i put the clothes pins on again, this time i made it two on each tits and it was amazing how for the few minutes i got wet.

Facial therapy

fetish 2018-09-25

she lays down on couch her head at one end one leg hangs over side of couch foot on the floor the other is pulled up to her chest she is spread wide figering her pussy i get up and i walk to the end of the couch were her head is she looks up at me i take her head In my hands and drool a wad of spit right on to her forehead it runs down into her eye lid and side of her face. she leans down and licks it up off the hard wood floor she then sit on her ass leaning back on one hand knees pulled up and she starts to masturbate again I'm still hard and i keep stroking and after a few min i dump anther load this time it goes on side of her face and into her hair and eye.

Dave's Cuck Story

fetish Defluer 2018-09-25

Vince!" His first instinct was to turn away, when he looked in to see Melanie half naked, not wanting to piss his friend off. Vince, don't let your friend look at me." Melanie called from the bed, but if she was really embarrassed she would have stopped herself, or tried to cover up. You've got an incredibly hot body." Vince nodded, motioning Dave to say more, Melanie brought her second hand into play, one for her rubbing and one for insertion. Oh man your ass looks so juicy." The words fumbled around but Vince was ecstatic, Melanie moaned aloud, it seemed Dave was on a roll. "Oh fuck," Dave cursed as Melanie's lips wrapped around his penis, taking everything her fingers were not holding, her gray eyes going all glassy.


fetish rmlooker 2018-09-24

She moved the chair and Ken pulled himself up by holding on to the door and as he got fully erect, reached down and pushed drop locks down on his braces. With Jessica standing behind him, he moved his chair up to the driver's seat, locked the wheels, picked up each leg with his hands and placed them on the floor of the car. Ken said that if she was going to help him this afternoon she should not get her dress dirty so he handed her one of his t-shirts and asked her if she would like to wear that instead. Jessica said she noticed Ken shaved his legs and he said yes because the straps pulled the hair sometimes and that the braces felt better against bare skin.

I am yours

fetish prettykittymiaos 2018-09-24

We're both close and don't wanna stop so you get rough with me, slamming your cock into my walls left and right and pulling hard on my hair and biting my back and shoulders and neck I'm cumming all over you by this point and then keep my dress held up as you pull out and cum on my back and then smear it in with your dick and tell me how now you marked me and I'm not allowed to clean it up and I have to wear it the rest of the day.

A Maid's Tale Part 2

fetish Lil-Mystery92 2018-09-24

I was a little confused to begin with as the box looked like one of Barbs and I thought she might have left it there by mistake, but then I saw the black envelope with my name across it in white. I went ahead and opened the box inside I found a black dress with a ruffle skirt that just covered my bum, a white apron and bonnet and thigh high black stockings. When I had first bent over for the spanking Barb saw my underwear and freaked she said only girls who want sex wear pink lace underwear she had ripped them off me and stuck them in my mouth while she stripped the dress and apron off me to find my bra.

High School Reunion Drinking Games

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-09-24

Just thinking of meeting you and without a word taking out my cock, you taking it, licking off the pre-cum, rubbing it over your face before you take it in your mouth." While revisiting the blow job she was going to give me, likely emboldened by a few scotches and a hard on I asked Casey if she would be happy if I did more than cum in her mouth? It's OK if you choke a little at the end and I might drive my cock into your throat for the last shot of piss - but mostly I'm just going to try and relax with dick in your mouth and let you slowly drink down all my piss."

Waiting For It

fetish MarthaD 2018-09-24

While stockings began as his fetish, I've come to totally love the way they feel and how great they make my legs look. Because of my husband's fetish I wear stockings, pantyhose or tights just about all the time -- only keeping my legs naked in the heat of the summer when he can enjoy my pretty painted toes in tall strappy sandals. I wanted to feel the power of knowing how hard it made him to be sucking my toes and that I'd soon have him begging to give me any pleasure I wanted. Deciding a relaxing cup of herbal tea might calm me down a bit and buy some time, I slipped my stocking toes into my three inch bedroom mules and made my way downstairs.

First time with real British granny

fetish Jason_4older 2018-09-24

So where in the house now she's having a glass of wine and some food while there's me with my glass of water because I'm already d***k and I don't want this experience being a blur after she's finished eating and eve had a good chat about each other's personal lives she offers for me to come upstairs as I'm walking upstairs it's the weirdest feeling it feels like times standing still and I'm about to jump out of my skin she switches the light on and begins to undress her thin wrinkly body looks better than I've ever imagined or seen pictures of grannies I take my clothes of and she straight away comments on the size of my cock which in actual fact is only 6 inches but maybe she was just being nice straight away she's sucking on that thing like there's no tomorrow her big eyes in those glasses looking up at me while I run my fingers through her short grey hair she's tiggling my balls before she goes down and starts sucking them nearly pulling them out of their socket then the unexpected she says "has anyone ever licked your bum?" I almost swallow my tongue and say no err you mean my bum hole??

Dotheboys Hall

fetish klammer 2018-09-24

The other boy was released from his crib, still firmly gagged, and held by the men in the shower in the corner while the nurse pulled off his rubber pants and removed his very soiled diapers. She washed his diaper area clean, dried him, pilled a pair of the red rubber pants up his legs and in place around his hips, and then went with the men as they frog-marched the struggling boy through a door into the next room. They came back some time later and the girl, like the boy and David, naked apart from her rubber pants and the electronic tag around her ankle, was lifted from the bed and held in the shower while she too was cleaned up and placed in pink rubber pants.

Femdom Strapon

fetish 2018-09-24

I return to stand with my back to him, circling my hips as I start to remove my black silk brassiere and place my arm to cover my 32D breasts, my left hand slides down stomach and into my damp, silk panties. I teasingly ask "Do you want to taste my pussy?" he can just about stifle a moan, "hmmm you didn't say yes" I purred as I removed my hand and lifted my fingers to my mouth to suck my pussy juices off them "Mmm I taste good". I place my foot on his shoulder to give him a nice view of my tight, very wet pussy that is being stretched slightly open for his viewing pleasure, I run my fingers along my slit and dip them into his mouth.

First bi experiences - Part 3

fetish dlcalguy 2018-09-24

His lips on mine as he kissed me passionately and thrust his tongue into my mouth at the same tempo as his cock fucked my ass was so erotic that I usually came without touching myself, and when he reached between our bodies and took my cock in his hand while he fucked me I would shoot my cum almost immediately, every time. "Keep talking", she told me, and I described in detail the feeling of taking a cock in my ass and mouth and having a man's lips on mine and his hand gripping my hard cock as he masturbated me. I warned her that I was about to cum and she pushed the dildo as hard as she could into my ass and at the same time sucked my cock even more urgently.

A Chance meeting that rocked his world

fetish is20090210 2018-09-24

She tossed her hair and smiled at Paul before ripping off the cream-colored blouse, revealing her huge shoulders, massive biceps bulging with muscular definition, each bigger than his head, huge forearms and a powder blue bra, that looked so sexy against her tanned skin, struggling to contained her big boobs. Paul ached to run his hands over her body, to caress all of her, to kiss and lick all her glorious muscles one by one but he had the good sense to let Quin run the show, paralysed by such display of raw power, strength and sexiness. LIKE THIS, MY WILD BABY?!TAKE MY BIG DICK, FEEL IT RIPPING YOU MY MUSCLE AMAZON" Paul said as he shoved his cock hard against her body, overwhelmed with lust and desire.