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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Daddy's Schoolgirl

fetish 2017-10-11

You better go over there and suck his hard cock little slut." With this I pull my fingers out of her and she gets up and walks over to where her teacher is sitting. Watching my baby girl give her teacher what I know is great head gets me even hotter and I pull my own dick out, stroking myself slowly, watching her pigtails bounce as her head moves up and down and her ass in the air still red from the spanking. Ohh yeah you little cumslut, suck Daddy's cock." I'm making her gag on my dick as I ram it deep into her mouth alternating between watching her sweet pigtailed head and her ass grinding against her teachers cock.

Playing Nurse

fetish shambles 2017-10-11

As the blood pounded harder into my cock, and I lusted to take those nipples into my mouth, I realized quite suddenly that I had been so concerned with the delights coursing through my own genitals that I had forgotten what being able to do whatever she liked with my body must be doing to Carol. If Carol's tits hadn't been on exhibition in front of me I would have liked to spend some time thinking about what was happening inside Jackson's litle cunt. Carol helped her onto the bed to kneel over me, and she lowered herself till she saw the condom covered head of my prick reaching up to what looked to me like a very shy little cunt.

Pussy Rules

fetish soflabbwlvr 2017-10-11

"I want to make it possible for the men who love fat women to come out of the shadows and embrace them publicly. What you're saying, Paul, is that larger women should look in the mirror every day and say to themselves 'I am beautiful,' and this will somehow inspire enough confidence to break down the prejudice against them?" For the time being, let's stop using the word 'fat' to describe larger women." Any larger woman reading my book must now know by now that I say 'fat girl' with the utmost respect and admiration." She is the President of the North American Women's Size Acceptance Movement, and the author of the book, 'Love Me As I Am.' Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Ms. Shari Wainright."

Bigger Down There Ch. 03

fetish Andrea_E 2017-10-11

"Cum for your little cunty little pet." The bottle was not past the shoulders yet, but it was a good way in and as much I was tempted to take my hand away and push the thing into her welcoming hole, I wanted to bring her off from my own ministrations, so I leaned forward and started licking her distended lips which were stretched round the bottle. The dildo was relatively easy to use with one hand now that it was about halfway into her, and I used my free hand to reach over the top of Helen's hole so that I could pull her lips back and open giving me clear access to her clit which was starting to jut out rather alluringly.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 02

fetish undiecontrol 2017-10-11

Punish me in whatever way you want, but don't make me wear lingerie to work." He dropped down to his knees, tearing spilling from his eyes. 3 pairs of pink cotton panties - bikini style 3 white bras, underwired, plain with seamless moulded cups, back-fastening, white shoulder straps (no transparent straps!) - C cup 3 pairs tights - black 3 white camisoles with spaghetti straps 3 white lady's blouses - buttons on left hand side! "See, darling, narrow side panels and full bottom and front coverage - this is what is called bikini style." She looked at his bewildered expression and, as if answering a question, she commented, "Yes, very plain and boring, I'm afraid.

Little Jessie and the Bad Dream

fetish VirginiaMarieAndrews 2017-10-11

The point of view switches frequently and uses the simple mechanism of signaling each change with "Mommy:" or "Jessie:." Or, for those times they're not in the dynamic, "Melissa:" or "Jessica:." This episode takes place some time after Melissa and Jessica have settled in to their relationship as Mommy and Little Jessie. Jessie: "Mommy, I had a bad dream." I take one more step down the stairs. Mommy: "That's my girl" I flick my tongue harder around your ass, and curve my fingers as they plunge in and out of you. Mommy: "That's it baby girl" my thumbs run over your clit fast and hard, I shove my tongue into your ass and frig my four fingers in and out of your pussy.

A Surprise

fetish hornedwriter 2017-10-11

I try and think of other women and porn scenes that I've watched but thoughts of you constantly assail me as I keep stroking, particularly seeing another cock inside your pussy is etched in my mind. "Good now crawl over to Brad and beg him to see what a real cock looks like." Brad sniggers and swings his legs bringing his cock inches away from me. At that moment hedonistic lust comes over me and I find my lips kissing the tip of Brad's magnificent cock. You stop mid way and push him away before getting down on your knees and licking his cock. I shuffle over to Brad and clean his cock with my mouth.

Got Milk?

fetish latenightcall228 2017-10-11

While I didn't experience any kind of sexual stimulation while breastfeeding directly, pumping almost always got me feeling hot and bothered. I traced my finger over one of the tattoos lightly, and glanced up under my lashes at him. I feel like they're about to burst." My face flushed as he slipped his fingertips down the front of my shirt and into the top of my bra. Adam kissed down the hollow of my neck, up my jaw and then lightly on the lips. Obviously enjoying watching my reaction, he leaned in and kissed me again. My breath seemed to escape me, and a soft moan erupted from my throat into his mouth, as his hands maneuvered over my breasts.

Julie is a Pissmop

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-10-11

With that he took the silver dog bowl that I handed him and placed it on the floor right under Julie's face, it was a nice big one (in fact if you held it on it's end it was damn near as big as Ernie!) and he wasted no time filling it up from his disproportionally large penis. While the seven guys nervously made their way out of the bright room, trying at all times to avoid getting their faces on camera, I left Julie to stay where and like she was – completely saturated and inundated with piss.

From Soccer Mom to my Pantyhose Slut

fetish jarhead40 2017-10-11

I pushed more, "Say it baby, say you want to be my pantyhose slut" Taking a second to catch her breathe and reaching a hand between her legs she massaged my cock against her soaking wet pantyhose and turning her head to meet my eyes she said, "I want to be your pantyhose slut" I knew then that she was mine and I rewarded her by ripping open her pantyhose and slamming my cock deep into her aching pussy she moaned deeply pushing her ass up to meet my thrusts. Placing two fingers by her mouth our eyes met and I said, "Does my pantyhose slut want a second cock?" Without a word she took my fingers into her hot mouth and keeping her eyes locked on mine she gave my fingers the best blow job.

Lessons From a Family Ch. 01

fetish butt2luv 2017-10-11

She looked into my eyes and smiled, saying, "I want to use you right here." She continued the action of our legs, and now I was beginning to get the erection this situation would be needing later. My tongue began moving in and out of her warm body, then switching to licking her hard clit. She stood and looked into my face smiling as she said, "I did chose well." She continued to look into may eyes as she took one of my hands to her breasts and the other between her legs. She let my hips down, and pushed herself back on my mouth, saying, "I want more." She began licking the head again, then down the sides, top and bottom.

Telling a Woman the Truth about her Vaginal Odor

fetish ILoveBigBush 2017-10-11

Her response was music to my ears(or eyes since we were chatting): "No, but it's like in between strawberry blonde and red, so I always thought it was kind of pretty." Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I love pussy hair no matter what the color, but I too had a penchant for strawberry blonde/red, so I was thrilled by the prospect of seeing and licking a huge triangle of orangey-red bush. Somewhat embarrassed, Lisa said, "Let's just say, it's personal." My impression when we were chatting was that she must believe that she smelled down there. Complicating things, Lisa said, "Remember when you said my vagina smelled like 'this feels good and I want to make your cock feel good?'" "Yepp," I replied.

The First Party

fetish Denny 2017-10-11

Two days later Lisa told me to come by her apartment and see how my costume was going to fit. I couldn't stand there all day looking at myself and I didn't want that bad feeling to start so I walked to the bedroom door. "No, no, no," she said, "don't be embarrassed in front of me and I really want to see how good you look in those." I slowly opened the door and walked out. I asked her, hoping that she would think that I was kidding, if I could just wear the costume home under my clothes in case someone needed a super hero later that night. Walking out the door she said she had a good time last night and looked forward to the party and seeing me.

The Love of Panties Ch. 03 Pt. 1

fetish chuckp7860 2017-10-11

Swimming parties were the best to either have panties right off the girls and be able to jack off with them, making sure not enough of my cum leaked on the material for them to actually have an idea of what someone might have been doing with them or have the opportunity to have to change in one of the bedrooms making sure it was one of the women in the house that I wanted to check out what they wore under their tight jeans.

The Weekend Ch. 01

fetish jsg1966 2017-10-11

Some nights, you'd relent and eventually let me cum. This anticipation was rivaled by the usual Thursday night anticipation, as you hadn't let me cum since Sunday afternoon. Every night that week, you had taken me to the edge many times, but always denied me any final release. In addition, you had made me go to work all week withouut underwear, and go into the bathroom twice a day and stroke right to the edge. Listening to you cum over and over, being taken to the edge myself many times. So sometime in the next 8 minutes, I knew you would let me cum for you. Ooooh, Mistress -- I can feel the cum starting up my cock."

Service Girl Stephie

fetish KinkyPhil 2017-10-11

Later I will release them but for now I grab her knees and attach ropes keeping them spread and forward, brushing my hands down her sides and legs arriving at the destination plunging my fingers inside her now dripping pussy getting quivers and wiggles. Stephie leans her head back and pants as she rides the sensations from my plunging fingers tensing her body lifting with her tight stomach, each tense clamps on my fingers giving me the idea that my pole could get trapped inside her vice pussy and be content. Currently she just arches and jerks not caring I am grabbing candles and pouring the wax creating another skin focused on just wiggling through the countless orgasms, numbed from the whipping and clothespins she just pants and tosses tugging on the ropes like a wild person.

The Man Who Fucked His Way Across... Ch. 01

fetish Hugopossetposset 2017-10-10

'Oh I suppose we could have another half an hour of shoe kissing' said Sarah, swinging her Chanel handbag back onto a leather chair. 'Fuck off Char, with your knee high boots on that I want to rub my cock on!' I grinned getting up out of the bed with my big Hampton swinging like a prize marrow. Settle down now, darling' said Sarah 'We do have to go now, remem, Lady Trams is coming to look at that Poussin' Olivia Woodyhead too, in Patrick Cox mauve leather knee high boots, sitting cross-legged talking about her new party planning thing she's got going on the Fulham Road. She was wearing Dior shorts, a Chanel tweed jacket, Ballantyne pashmina and red leather knee high boots with gold zips by Givenchy, damn she looked sexy.

dark desires at the brothel

fetish camay1997 2017-10-10

I shove my fingers in her mouth and fish hook it wide open and give her several quick hard thrusts for acoustic effect. I'm thinking how much i want to shove my tongue in her ass and I like it so much I fill the condom with my spunk. with out hesitation i expressed my one true desire, "i wanna shove my tongue up your ass!" She stands and takes the panties off, but I command her to keep everything else on and stand over my face. I washed her hair, she gave me a sensual hand job and fingers my anus with various oils and creams that heated and cooled my dick.

FridayNightDelight wants to dry hump me

fetish sexyhose 2017-10-10

mmmmmmmmmmm well i'd start by kising you then i would say 'i bet you have had a hard day' you'd say 'yeh i have my feet hurt' id go awwww poor baby, i'd slowly drop down to my knees where i belong, id start rubbing up and down your legs, soothing you and helping you relax, you can see its gettin me turned on so u push your heels against my crotch real hard and say, 'little man can wait unitl later.' i then gently lift up your leg and begin to lick and suck your high heel, you look and smile at how turned on i am by it, you look so relaxed and wet as i slip off your shoes and begin to rub your feet taking my time nice and slowly, then i can resist and begin to lick and suck your toes, you get as turned on as me.

Tuesday Morning With Gina and Brad

fetish rickydickydoer 2017-10-10

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing...I'm sucking Brad's cock!" she snarled at me and went back to sucking his big thick cock with abandon, taking him all the way into her throat and even gagging a little as he pulled her head deeper onto him. Gina let out a big exhale and whimpered as Brad started to pull back before driving his cock into her harder this time. I could see that Brad wasn't wearing a condom and I looked at Gina but before I could say anything, she told him to fuck her harder and fill her cunt with his hot cum. Brad started groaning and soon I could tell that he was cumming inside my girlfriend who also reached her orgasm at about the same time.

Honey Ch. 1

fetish Heironymous 2017-10-10

I plopped myself down on the couch next to Jimmy, pulling my dress up to my waist, exposing my bare pussy, and told Hans, "You can explain later, right now, eat me!!" I grabbed him and pulled him down on his knees in front of me, then pulled his face into my crotch. As my pretty little Hans licked and sucked me, I began to stroke Jimmy's cock up and down. I couldn't believe it; two hours before life had been normal, and here I was getting fucked from behind by a strong, handsome stranger while my husband dressed as a woman sucked on my clit, while I licked his cock through lacy, satin panties.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 05

fetish Alfamann 2017-10-10

Angie and Peter were initially deeply embarrassed when they came down the stairs for breakfast, but Minnie was her usual cheerful self and acted as if nothing had happened. As they exited their room to walk down the stairs to the lounge where they knew their landlady would be waiting, Peter took hold of Angie's hand and they walked down together. Peter and Angie were both reduced to tears by the time they had received their full complement of ten spanks on their totally exposed buttocks. "My little girl gets very wet when being spanked by Mummy, doesn't she?" Minnie moved her finger closer to Angie's face.


fetish sexyfire2010 2017-10-10

I felt his cock trying to find the passage way into my waiting pussy for I was well lubricator with my own cum he went in easy and started moving slow.He pick up the pace and I started to moan an telling him to fuck me harder I had his ass cheek in my hand and was spreading his cheek to get a finger in not the whole way just enough to went he was about to cum, I was going to jab it in the rest of the way to send him and me into a great orgasm which I did.

The Doctor's Office

fetish jsragmanus 2017-10-10

Reaching down with my free hand, I took some lubricant and started smearing it on his cock. "It looks like you're finding this uncomfortable Mr. Wilson, should I stop?" As I asked the question, I increased my grip on his cock, slowly working the lubricant along its thick, long shaft. Do you want me to keep fucking your ass with my fingers and stroking your cock?" By now, I knew he was too far gone. "Please nurse; please fuck my ass with your fingers and keep stroking my cock," he sighed. "Yes Nurse, I'd like you to fuck me in the ass with your strap-on." I was holding his throbbing erect cock in one hand stroking it, while pounding his ass with the strap-on, which in-turn was hitting me just right.