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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish coolguy2020 2017-10-10

She more told that “sale bara lund walle chutiya tu mera narok hey or abb tu kuch bhi nahi karega behenchod” and started to lick my dick again and this time from top to bottom and then towards my balls she was now holding my thighs and was sucking my balls and I was feeling such a tickles which I had never faced b4. I then and there asked sorry to her but she had a different idea and made me all four and she went down and started to lick my cock and was forcing it down to her mouth and I was feeling pain and this time she hold my balls too and started to press then little hard which caused me pain and without and care for her angriness I moved myself from her.

redpuppy's godmother watched him stroke his c

fetish Lateshay 2017-10-10

They all went to Euro Disney, but my godmother stayed home. I was on Xhamster and I was watching your vid when it happened. This one (you're fucking hot btw). Suddenly my godmother (she is 38 and from Brazil, she is a widow and lives alone) knocks to tell me that lunch is ready. I say "close the door!" in panic, and she does, but she stays inside XD. She comes slowly and I can tell she is horny and she feels like fucking right now. I watch your vid and she does too. She is still standing next to me watching the spectacle of this big titted (you are bigger) girl sucking a black cock, and me doing my cock antics.

Damn!! Never Thought We'd Deside On Dogging

fetish Johnnytames69 2017-10-10

Suddenly he reached his hand in through the window and said 'ok for me to play?' while pointing at Tammy's beautiful and by now quivering cunny - I moved my hands to either side of her ass and spread her completely open, causing her to moan into my crotch as the speed with witch her head began to bob was going to be making me explode in her throat any moment. "Hey man, open the door and climb in behind her as i nodded towards her completely exposed pussy, to which he groaned and put his hand on and began carressing Tammy's ass, and inner thighs, and also slowly i noticed he had began rubbing his cocks head up and down on her pussy lips and her fanny.

Special Powers

fetish Julie20 2017-10-10

Now that we were outside of the university they were a lot less gentle; the man from the Home Office sat beside me and, looking out of the back window, I saw the inspector get into the following car as we pulled away in convoy. A man in a black boiler suit came to the car and dragged me out by my arm then he hurried me across the floor and into a small bare office which smelt of dust. Boiler Suit shut the door behind Major Franks then both he and Keitle (of course I knew that none of the names I had been told would be real) began pulling on white surgical gloves.

Lifelong Learning in Perversion

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-10

That night he pressed a little harder and a little longer, and slowly but surely his entire hand slipped inside his wife's rectum. Some nights, Ratan would sleep with his hand deep inside Asha's rectum and she would slowly pleasure herself as he slumbered. Asha showed him the pleasure she got from rectal play, and he resumed the late Ratan's regime and later extended it to filling his wife in both orifices. Rajesh's hands were smaller than Ratan's had been and slowly, as the weeks and months went by, he reached a little further into his wife. Slowly, over a period of months, Rajesh pressed his hand to the top of Asha's rectum, then into the corner that was her sigmoid, and finally into her colon.

Four Words Ch. 02

fetish tom6432 2017-10-10

"Okay Elizabeth Marie upstairs its time to begin your 'panty punishment' be back downstairs in 30 minutes, I want to go to the mall. She came back in about 5 minutes and sat down making sure she lifted her hem sitting directly on the 'spanking mat' with her bare buttocks. She walked ahead of me very slowly so her panties wouldn't fall, holding her 'spanking mat' in one hand and her skirt with the other. She turns and bends for me, her head is straight down her skirt rides up her thighs and I see her white cotton panties in a tight circle at her thighs and the lower part of her rounded buttocks.

A walk in the park

fetish polarbear1983 2017-10-10

About 10 minutes into the drive, casual conversation and a few laughs, things started to take a turn, they got quite sexually charged and the fleeting exchanged glimpses at each other, soon got physical...still on the way down to where ever we were headed, she reached over, at first and to my surprise rubbing my leg while she was driving along, as we reached a red light, she beckoned me over to her, "Come here." she said leaning across the center console. I spanked her again and after vigorously taking me as deep as she could, she pulled back, doing her best to catch her breath, before she herself realized she was being watched.....and with a bashful look and cheeky smile, put my cock back in my pants, fixed herself up and gave me a long wet kiss, before looking back at the guy who had been watching, simply saying to me "Guess its time to go then, hey?"

The Neglected Patient

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-10-10

During the next two hours I spent a lot of my time trying to preserve my modesty by constantly adjusting the plastic sheet as I was positioned for various tests and pictures. I thought he was going to check something on the gurney, but instead he picked up the right side of my sheet and folded it back over the left railing of the gurney. After a minute or so, he said, "Just wait a moment; I'll be back." Then he left, leaving the sheet hanging over the railing, and me completely exposed. I don't know much about these things; but it doesn't look like you've got the right equipment to use this gadget." He studied my lower anatomy with care, then added, "There was another kind I think maybe would fit!

Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 2

fetish CowgirlStyler 2017-10-10

Look, I´m terrible with words so what I´m trying to say is that Jake saw in Kara an easy target to play with. By the time Allyson was picking up some stuff she had left in Jake´s room it should be easy to guess that my b*****r´s cock would already be inside Kara´s mouth. She smiled an happily mounted Jake letting his rod slip inside her wet pussy. "We could do this every day, you know?" - she said, smiling - "Would like that? Jake put his clothes on and kissed Kara before walking out the door. As Jake was heading to the local bar, Kara was smoking a cigarette by the pool.

Foot fetish domination

fetish johnphill 2017-10-10

After 3 rings she answered " hello" I Said " I would like to book a public foot fetish session" she said " ok slave do you have any special requests" I had a flip flop fetish for as long as I could remember I said " can I keep the flip flops you wear to the meeting" she said " ok slave meet at hill park at 3 pm Friday and bring a tribute of 200" I said " yes mistress" and she hung up the phone. She said " my house needs a good cleaning if you do a good job I have a surprise for you got it slave" I said " yes mistress".

Dr. Jennifer Williams: BBW Goddess

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-10-10

I felt a little self-conscious, naked under the gown, with my buttocks sticking out, but concluded that were worse things that could happen to me, and climbed up on the exam table to wait for the Doc. I drew the panties to my nostrils and inhaled deeply, becoming lost in her strong intoxicating scent, then I placed my arms around her and kissed her deeply as I massaged her massive breasts and buttocks. I broke the kiss this time and led her to the exam table and instructed her to lay back and put her legs in the stirrups. I stood on the small step of the exam table and my large hard penis was lined up perfectly with her moist inviting vagina.

Eleanor's Humiliation Story

fetish Amlazi_Girl 2017-10-10

As Eleanor caught her breath from the warm up spanking, Mark disappeared for a moment, telling her to stay where she was. She was bent over the end of the bed, legs spread apart slightly with a small spreader bar, belly and breasts hanging down as she leant on her hands. When you pull my leggings back up and direct me to sit on the chair in my corner, I look down at the sheet of paper waiting for me with the line at the top, and find I'm right. "I want 10." You say, and I squeeze my legs together, embarrassed but turned on by being treated like a stupid little girl. "Insolent girl." Mark said, and the both laughed, looking forward to the anal and to more spankings.

The Long Weekend: A Fairy Tale

fetish Bad_Prince 2017-10-10

But, if Princess Candy and the Bad Prince worked together, they could break the power of the Wizard and with the Wizard humbled and humiliated they go give each other what both of them wanted. The Bad Prince would be installed as the new alpha male and the Wizard would be relegated to permanent tease toy, a living blow-up doll for Princess Candy's cruel pleasure. Only if Princess Candy stood with the Bad Prince could she ever feel that huge cock inside her, have the bad girl longing to be naughty come out and play every now and then. The Bad Prince knew the greatest moment of his life would be when Princess Candy forced the Wizard to personally lube up the Bad Prince's huge cock in preparation for his hammering her tight little pussy.

What's Needed is Found

fetish JackFlash1959 2017-10-10

I looked at my Penthouse and enjoyed the pictures and the stories, but as I said, it wasn’t as good as a watching young mothers guiding their flock through the frozen food section! A seductive smile ran across her lips as she lifted her tit up to her lips and sucked the hard, brown nipple. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes while my hand began slow tantalizing strokes the length of my cock. My cock felt thick and firm in my hand as images of Suzy’s big tits, filling my mouth, danced in my brain. “Looks like you need some help with this guy” A sexy smile rippled across her face as her petite hands wrapped around the shaft and slowly moved the skin up and down.

His Fetish Discovered at Work

fetish Parklife 2017-10-10

Although she had been fucked right before coming to work, I could see that a vast amount of cum had leaked out of her pussy and had been caught between her panties and her crotch. After an initial moan, Brenda began to talk to me, “I knew I just wanted to feel someone’s tongue diving into my pussy after it had been filled with cum. As she put her legs back down onto the floor and grabbed at her panties that were on the floor she looked at me and said, “And now that I know what it feels like, this is only the beginning.”

Black is Better Ch. 01

fetish destroywhiteboys 2017-10-10

Don't you worry, Jon. This big ol' nigger dick of mine will make her very happy; I'll guarantee it." As Tyrone walked away I simply could not believe what I had just heard. It wouldn't be right to deny Jessica what she really wants." I wasn't quite sure what Tyrone meant about the whole converting thing, but I couldn't dwell on it too long. "I can get up to 14 inches long when I have a sexy white bitch like you worshiping it." Tyrone grabbed Jessica by the ponytail and forced her mouth down on his massive, pulsing cock as hard as he could. Your little white dick has been rock hard the entire time I've been wagging my nigger horse cock in your face." I couldn't believe what Tyrone was saying.

The Fiona Files #01

fetish newryder 2017-10-10

She poses now, leaning back, hands behind, holding the knob, one knee up, boot against the jam."Got a kiss for me?" Her pouty lips pull back and her smile reduces me to putty. Fiona takes my face in her hands, my eyes close and she sweetly kisses me on the lips. Objectification, I am an object, like a photo spread; ass, tit, pussy, cock, two pussies, hole. Fio knows what seeing her wear a dildo does to me so she always takes her time to be seen from different angles. Through a few inches of Victorian wood and plaster Fiona sodomizes me, fucks my ass with a silicone dick while families lick ice cream cones just feet away It is god damned wild.

Creampie Gangbang Ch. 02

fetish CreamPieLover 2017-10-10

I removed my mouth from Vince's semi hard cock and began sucking on Tim's limp and growing cock. Stan removed his cum covered cock from my wife's pussy and presented it to my mouth. My wife told me to clean Stan's cock and she instructed Carl to "lube" up his cock with her cum filled pussy. Vince slowly fucked my wife's shaved pussy as I sucked Rick's large uncut cock and Carl slowly fucked my ass. Stan pulled his cock from my wife's pussy and covered her clit with a few squirts of cum. Rick withdrew his cock and my wife rotated on the table so her cum covered pussy was in my face.

The Other Zoo

fetish 2017-10-10

The dream starts out in a zoo. I realize the glass cage is sound proof as people start staring in at me and moving their mouths. The voice instructs me to always smile back and to begin fingering myself and massaging my tits. I am told to sit down in the cage and finger my clit. I begin to feel a small bit of pleasure as I stroke my own pussy and clit. They want to hear you sound like the a****l you are. Take your hand out of your pussy and smear your gooey, thick, wet cum on the glass for them to see and lick if they please." "If you are a good a****l, one of these men may want to buy you for their own zoo.

Oh, Mr King! Pt. 01

fetish exaucer 2017-10-10

Little did I know, that across the city, at that exact same moment, Mr King was lying awake in his bed, his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly, but persistently, to images of me, Julian, walking naked into his bedroom, lying across him on the bed, lowering my head on to his engorged member, flicking at it with my tongue. Meanwhile, unbeknown to me, on the other side of town, Mr King, Dickie, to his special friends, was lying in his bed, remembering the softness of the skin on my face and thinking how good it would feel, to rub his fat cock against it, to shoot his creamy load into my hair.


Snatched Again...Part 2

fetish gag4her 2017-10-10

As you lay in the PVC cocoon on the cold floor of the van you struggle against the tape holding your wrist firmly behind your back whilst whimpering into you gag. You relax slightly as you feel yourself being pulled up by the top of the PVC sack. As I pull you out the sack I see the tape coming away from your mouth. You hear unmistakable sound of duct tape being pulled from a roll. Vanessa places the edge of the tape on your right cheek. You can feel her breasts against yours as she leans forward and kisses your tape gagged mouth as she flicks and caresses your clit. You moan deeply into your tape gagged mouth as Vanessa’s fingers work their magic.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 14

fetish GuyintheTV 2017-10-10

The pipe was different to the one Amber had been using to smoke crack and had a little circular bowl at the end of it, where Kevin was placing the flame of the lighter below. As the tip reached the opening of her cunt he adjusted his grip so both hands were cupping her ample ass and began teasing her by pressing his cock in just a little and then denying Amber full penetration. It was an amazing and wonderful feeling to finally have all the pent up sexual tension that had been building while watching her fuck and suck Kevin, not to mention smoke meth, finally release while being gripped by my Amber's cum filled hole.

Slut Demonstration

fetish Michael Herrick 2017-10-10

With some apparent embarrassment at discussing such a personal topic, Rebecca proceeded to give Andy a verbal FAQ on what it's like to be the owner of a hood piercing. Andy and I watched intently, and laughed when Rebecca's finger made a wet squelching noise as she pushed it hard into her pussy. I laughed heartily and said to Andy, "Well, maybe this wasn't such an ordeal for her after all!" He gave a sly smile and again moved between Rebecca's legs. You liked watching me touch myself, didn't you?" Andy nodded and said to keep talking. "Did you like it when I spread my legs for you?" Andy nodded and speeded up his fingers on her clit.

My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 02

fetish pudman 2017-10-10

"Anyway, thanks for the cum refill, Tom." She leaned forward and pulled our heads together with one hand, placed her parted mouth over my lips, separated them with her tongue and pushed it in until it met mine. I broke our kiss, took my hands off of her tits and grabbing the bottom of her top started pulling it upwards, Shelly hesitated a moment when I moved my mouth away from her, but when she felt me pulling on her top she knew what I was doing and put her arms up so I could remove it.