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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

s*s coming home from the bar.

fetish dirtyalamander 2017-10-10

i asked her "so explain to me why your pussy is full of cum" and she looked over at me with a smirk and said well if you are so curious ill tell you. I knew for sure he wanted me when i was laughing and i put my hand on his leg and i could feel his big thick cock hard in his pants going down his leg, i left my hand on it and gave it a squeeze. I wanted them to cum at the same time so i worked his cock deep into my throat and back my pussy onto his dick as hard as i could.

My Amazonian Queen

fetish Wayne Extreme 2017-10-10

I just looked into her brown eyes and said, "You'll love this." And down her body I slid kissing and licking until I reached her pussy. I took her nice little clitty in my mouth and started to hum, but I made a break from the advice my girlfriend gave me, I not only hummed, but I hummed Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle" which had her flopping on the bed like a fish. I gave her a quick kiss and said, "If it's alright with you, may I continue from last night?" She gave me an approving nod and I placed my lips onto her hard right nipple, sucking sometimes nice and slow, sometimes hard and fast, and sometimes a combination of them all, until I brought out a small orgasm in her.

She Pees Freely

fetish daddykins 2017-10-10

Then I turned the camera on and steadied it with one hand while I aimed my cock with the other at Sarah's elevated ass. I let go of the finger clamp I'd put around my cock and the dam broke, spilling a couple of beers worth of warm piss onto Sarah's naked ass. I'd never had a mouthful of a woman's pee before, but the sight of Sarah fingering her cunt to get her juices flowing inflamed me, making me hot for her bodily wastes. Sarah aimed the camera at the two horn dogs and caught the image of the masturbator letting fly with a powerful spurt of semen that trucker boy snared on his quivering tongue.

Dream Wrestling

fetish Voronov 2017-10-10

Destiny takes advantage by bending one leg until she gets her foot between Sebastian's buttocks, slipping the big toe beneath the waist-string of the male micro and pushes it backwards. A side shot shows how the triangle pouch remains hooked on the erected shaft, which, despite Destiny pulling like mad, cannot be bent backwards because the girl's weight is blocking it between the carpet and the man's belly. A shot from above shows the total scene which is built like a flower made with naked bodies: in the center SEBASTIAN spread-eagled, with upright standing DESTINY punishing him, and around the four other girls (ANGELICA, VICTORIA, LARRISSA and MELANIE) stooped over his arms and legs, each with a man behind who is pressing his cock against her ass (BOGUR alias MR X, IMI, PETER and TOM).

Maggie's Panties

fetish alexjackson 2017-10-10

In her sleep she had pulled her left leg up, which in turn pushed her skirt up, giving Alan, from where he was now standing, a view up her skirt and to her panties. Alan once again found himself looking at Maggie's panties, although this time he was looking at her ass straight on, and her legs were placed slightly apart, giving him a much better view. Maggie straightened again, moved to another toy, and bent down, but this time Alan watched her the entire way. A few times he lifted himself up, moving a hand towards his cock and holding it down against her panties so he could get a better look.


The Possibility of Being Caught

fetish twitchums 2017-10-10

Having sex in a place or situation that holds the possibility of being caught has always sharpened the thrill of the moment for me. I recall a couple times where I took huge risks of getting caught pink-handed, but the thrill of the moment always seemed to outweigh the risks. Since I'm on the subject of traffic; I can recall another occasion when I was driving on the Autobahn and this same girlfriend decided to pass the time by reaching across, unzipping my jeans, and starting to jerk me off while I was zipping down the road at 160Kph. These are just a few times I can recall having sex in a situation that lent itself well to the possibility of getting caught.

Jennifer's Summer

fetish spankingjenny 2017-10-10

It is Saturday morning of the second week since arriving and as expected I will get my spanking right after breakfast, Martha tells me not to bother getting dressed and to just keep on my short nightie until after my punishment, all eyes are on me at the table and I am far too nervous to eat. I get a tingling in my pussy every time I lift my dress so he can take a long look then caresses it saying what a nice firm bottom to spank and then he always gives it a little smack, telling me what a sweet obedient girl I am.

New Golden Shower Adventure

fetish wetguy42 2017-10-10

When she came back to earth, I shoved my hard cock right into her waiting pussy and fucked her like a madman. She obviously was enjoying herself and as the flow started to slow down, she began rubbing her piss soaked pussy up and down on my cock. Take his fucking cock in your mouth and let him piss down your sissy boy little throat. As soon as my cock got near his face, he started flicking his tongue and was trying to catch my cock in his mouth. As my stream was slowing down, I felt his wife part my ass cheeks and start to lick my little rosebud. Like the obedient slave that he is, he immediately got between her legs and started to lick her pussy.

Jeff's Friend Gerty

fetish shoeslayer 2017-10-10

"Yes Jeff and you know something, what you were doing, it made me realize you are older than your years, it gave me a tingly feeling at times and I really liked that, when you had a nice time, with my half- glasses, you were happy, you could not believe how lucky you were to have Gert's sweet little half-round glasses and you knew that for whatever reason, they got you hard, and you enjoyed doing what you did with my glasses, didn't you?

David's Scottish Cousins Ch. 04

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-10

Linda was wearing a plaid pleated skirt and again I could see a very ornate white petticoat on display under her seat. I parted the legs of her French knickers with my fingers as she flipped her petticoat and skirt over my face and arranged it evenly so that I was enclosed in her private warm dark underworld. Molly again appeared red-faced as she looked at me and my penis and I noticed Mary admonish her with a curt expression. My face had a strained expression as I continued to rub myself frantically all under Molly's pubic area licking everything within reach of my tongue, rocking my head from side to side under her swishing petticoats.

Panty Consequences No. 02

fetish PantiesAndPies 2017-10-10

Now David could spend all of his time wearing his prettiest panties and masturbating to fantasies which were mainly now about Mandy and Sandy. Wearing his white panties he couldn't help but get hard as he stood before the reception desk talking to Mandy and Sandy. Suddenly Sandy grabbed him and held him tight as Mandy removed her dress and shoes, standing before him now in just her white slip and the lace panties he could see through it. Sandy told him, "We will decide what colour is yours and dye those the future we will buy three the same and dye one pink and one for you if you decide to stay with us." Again David nearly came, leaking yet more pre cum.

Jimmy the Geek Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2017-10-10

Their first copulation was marvelous, Roxy orgasmed like a garden hose, but even with her enlarged love hole, Jimmy was still too much. Two nights later, Roxy was sufficiently healed and horny to try Jimmy again, but after a half hour of his incessant pounding, she could take no more and Roxy fell asl**p to the rhythm of the squeaky bedsprings, a very satisfied smile on her face... She came over to Jimmy's workshop one afternoon with a defective waffle iron, asking if he could fix it. Gladys didn't understand what was happening until she felt her pussy lips stretch apart and a large foreign object penetrate her twat. She reached back with her hands, pulling on his skinny ass, trying to hold him inside her steaming pussy.

Reunited with Panties

fetish Nomdeplumfutuo 2017-10-10

I had been hardening since she asked if I wanted them, but this slow revealing of her beautiful body and panties made me an instant rock, as I glanced down at her thong-clad pussy for the first time. I took the time to examine the details of Eleanor's body—from the soft curves of her legs flowing into her hips, and the smooth pale skin of her inner thighs that led down to her groin and the slight puffy edges of her most private area, to her ass below that and the smooth crevasse that split from her pussy into two magnificent round cheeks. Slowly, I brushed my nose ever so lightly against her slit as I inhaled deeply and smelled for the first time the pure sexual aroma of Eleanor's pussy.

Sexy classroom encounter

fetish 2017-10-10

Alex feels her hot juices start to squirt out all over his cock, when she is finished he takes it out of her yummy wet hot pussy and pushes her onto her knees, letting her lick her yummy juices off his hard cock, she keeps some in her mouth comes up to kiss him, mmmmmmm her juices taste amazing. Hannah then tells him to get back on the desk so she can fuck him, and make him cum all over her perfect tits, Hannah begins to side his hard cock deeper and deeper inside her hot wet pussy.

Playing with FIRE

fetish 2017-10-10

We decided to meet at a train station she looked stunning in leggings and black cardigan with her shoulder length red hair and deep brown eyes. I could see she was nervous so later that night I held her, starring into her deep eyes then we suddenly kissed - It wasn't amazing, more like a stiff boring kiss but after the kiss she kept cuddling up to me holding my hand and stroking my arm as we were waiting for the goodbye train like a 1930's movie. I began to fall asl**p on her stomach whilst she stroked the back of my neck, suddenly I kept looking at her flat stomach, smooth legs and her beautiful face.

Ingredients For A Steamy Evening

fetish Lockston 2017-10-09

Feeling the mattress depress next to her, she expects to be taken, breathing in deeply in anticipation, only to feel her arm being moved up over her head and her hand being tied to the bed in the same manner as her ankles, secure but not painful. Carefully moving in circular motions, he runs an ice cube around her nipples, kissing and sucking the warming water off of them. He releases her clit and lips, licks his fingers then runs his hands down one of her legs. Holding one of her feet with both hands, he runs his finger between her toes, spreading and pulling each one. She can feel his moist hands on her breast, kissing and licking as he releases each nipple from their tortuous clasps.

A Fantasy with Lisa

fetish chastityfan 2017-10-09

With my make up applied heavily and Lisa dressed similarly we looked quite slutty as we left for the club and I was sure we would be getting a lot of attention that evening. This time they wanted to give me the "Porn Star Finish", so I sat on my knees in the middle of the room with my head back and mouth open while they jerked off in my mouth and on my face. The night played like a rerun of the previous one, me stripping to my thong, garter, bra and stockings and screwing Lisa to orgasm after orgasm in as many positions as we could think of.

A Night Of Toilet Service And More

fetish subm_atty 2017-10-09

So, now that you know how the "toilet" works, feel free to use him whenever you need to go." I heard several voices thank my Mistress before her steps led out of the bathroom. And I am not using the funnel." The tube was pulled from my mouth and I felt Mistress Jenn step over me to straddle my head. I needed the entire hour to shower, clean up the bathroom and regain a little strength from my five hour ordeal as the guest "toilet." I continued to purge the piss from my bladder for another 30 minutes.

Something New

fetish falcon29 2017-10-09

By the time I rolled her panties over her hips and knelt to lift each foot out of them, one at a time, she was grinning through the frown. "I think we need to find some new way to live," I told her as she leaned back on my arm. I poured handfuls of water over her long dark hair until it was saturated. Maybe we need to...I don't something new or different." I scratched and rubbed her long back before I went where we both knew I was headed in the first place. I pulled her by her hair to me and kissed her hard, biting her lips and being bitten in return.

Nicola's Hairy Armpits

fetish M_Sirk 2017-10-09

I can remember visiting a young cousin of mine called Kim in hospital, a girl I had a bit of a crush on, and my surprise when she raised one arm over her head and displayed a patch of fuzzy, light brown hair in her armpit. I couldn’t control myself any longer and, pushing her back against the door, pulled her T-shirt up and kissed her big, beautiful breasts, my lips brushing against the hairs around her nipples. Placing my hands on her buttocks, parting them, I lifted myself up slightly and planted the head of my dick against her moist slit, which looked startlingly red compared to the surrounding fringe of black hair.

The Taking Pt. 01

fetish Shadow_chaser 2017-10-09

I told her that if she ever spent the night and if she came over to use the room, I said I would like for us to let her have the room for her work. Mandy has a client coming in about 15 minutes and while she's getting ready and Laura is making breakfast, they talk about their experiences escorting. About a half hour later, Mandy and her client comes out of the room. They talked for a bit then Mandy asked Laura if I had told her about my fantasies of my lady being escorted. I told Mandy I agreed then Laura agreed but asked Mandy to go a little slow at first with overnight clients.


The Ex Comes for a Visit

fetish CDinpanties 2017-10-09

She leaned up to my ear and whispered, "Do you want to be my bitch again?" I moaned, "Oh god yes!" into her ear and began to kiss and lick her sexy little ear. She lays next to me and starts to kiss me softly while running her hands over my belly and slowly down to my cock. Except for her thong, which she grabs and puts next to my head and says, "Don't forget to smell my panties while you jerk off bitch!" She leans over and kisses me softly and tells me she'll be back soon and she will bring some toys with her and make me a real bitch for her.


Bablee Ch. 02

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-10-09

Paula had forced her into the boys dormitory, so it wasn't Adrian's fault. They weren't her clothes, they were the schools, and there wasn't much chance of defeating one of the girls, let alone a group of them. Looking worried at the growing ring of girls, she dropped the towel and quickly got dressed. The boys out there were eighteen, and would look at her as though she were just another rude western girl. It was only when the boys quietly said rude things about the dress, that she felt bad, and pulled at the hem. 'Hi Brenda, Miss Jackson sent me over for the new girl's details, Bablee Kahn,' he said. 'Mr Kahn's wife?' Eileen asked, looking bemused. Bablee, quiet woman, from Pakistan?' Josie sarcastically asked.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 07

fetish nylonleglover 2017-10-09

Gazing at the dress again as her fingers idly pulled a pair of blue tights across her knuckles, Alice closed her eyes and rolled over onto her back again, and with her arms, legs and almost all of her torso under pantyhose tights and stockings she made fists with her hands grasping something in each greedy claw and held it up above her head. Sitting up abruptly on the side of her tiny Barbie bed, crossing her legs conservatively, toes pointed and holding up the two pairs of nylons to hide her lovely breast, Alice flipped her hair forward dramatically to cover one eye, looking slightly like Marilyn Monroe as she arched her naked back and with a sultry Catherine Hepburn style voice said, "Oh...