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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Helping Sasha

fetish Arkasha 2017-10-09

"You can go a little harder than that," Sasha said, "The pump does it pretty hard, and sometimes it takes a minute to get it started." I started suckling again, and Sasha began moaning again only louder, and this time, after only a few sucks, I felt her right hand on my leg, brushing up and down my thigh. After a few minutes anyway, as her left breast was beginning to run empty, Sasha started pumping my cock with greater intent, and with her left nipple still in my mouth I came, spurting come all over her hand and the bottom of my t-shirt.

In & Out

fetish malesub01 2017-10-09

On the flip side Daniel and I enjoyed each others company, he was good looking, we both liked to please our wives and to top it off my wife said he had a big and very sexy cock (she had seen pictures). I set the glass aside and placed my hands on his shoulders pushing my hips forward slightly so that he took me a little deeper into his mouth. His cock had gone somewhat soft while I was fucking him but a few strokes of my hand had it headed back to full hardness. I began pounding Daniels asshole while I stroked his cock hard to match the pace of my fucking.

Fantasy For My Friend

fetish naveen40 2017-10-09

I want to feel all of you and am hard as I rub your soft skin. The soap runs down me and your hands follow it down, first washing my hard cock and then reaching behind me to run the soap into my ass. As my hands slide over your back again, with you on your side, the fingertips hold one buttock and press in, running along the inside. My hands are braced under your legs and I look up your body and see that you are smiling and that your eyes are closed. Once more I push hard inside your pussy and your legs clench my head. I feel your hands next to my head, moving you back and forth and feel your lips as you kiss me.

My first time fisting a woman (back in the day)

fetish 10x13 2017-10-09

One night when we were playing she said she wanted to see how many fingers she could insert 2, 3, 4 then I tucked her thumb in and she drove her whole hand in and had a shattering orgasm which I abetted by working her wrist in and out. It tasted awful and she said, "we'll do that later I want to feel your hand inside of me!" Nervously, cautiously gently I began to finger her wet slick cunt. I told her of my discomfort and she said, "that's cool, I think I have had enough!" I pulled my hand out and moved around to kiss her deeply while her body quivered with after shocks.

Letter to a cuckold 2

fetish liveforsex 2017-10-09

Long and short of it is She ended up leaning over the worktop ,head in the sink screaming while I fucked the living shit out of her from behind, damn she squirted all over my balls and legs as I pummelled her, did you know she squirted like that? Long and short of it is She ended up leaning over the worktop ,head in the sink screaming while I fucked the living shit out of her from behind, damn she squirted all over my balls and legs as I pummelled her, did you know she squirted like that? I don't like to leave a woman short so I laid her down and rubbed her clit till she came herself (man her orgasm face covered in cum!!!

Jackie and Rod Meet

fetish Willing2Do 2017-10-09

Here are those I have identified so far: cunt, pussy, honeypot, fuckhole, twat, quim, gash - box, cunny, cumhole, slit, vagina, lovenest, lovehole, manpleaser, mansqueezer, hole, slit, camel’s foot, mound, slash, womanhood, folds, flaps, lips, nether lips, tunnel, channel, mons, furrow, belly, beaver, snatch, gash, vulva, cavern; cock, tool, rod, dick, pole, lovestick, penis, shaft, prick, manhood, tumesence, unit, joint, staff, hard(on), erection, plumb; breasts, nipples, pillows, titties, globes, mounds, milk factories, teats, aureole, melons, buttons; seed, semen, relish, cum, juice, jism, jizz, cream, nectar, offering, deposit, load, wad, goo, gob, baby pudding, squirt, spunk; clit, little man in the boat, girl penis, woman cock, hooded erection, nub; pulsating, throbbing, fluttering, flapping, stroking, plunging, pistoning, driving, slamming, sliding, riding; balls, nuts, sack, scrotum, acorns; asshole, rectum, back tunnel, bowels, poop chute, hershey highway, chocolate way, pucker, rosebud, anus, anal opening, shit tube, fart canal.

Not Just a Fetish

fetish rick_oh 2017-10-09

That's why advertisers try to relate almost everything to sex." She slightly puckered her lips for a few seconds and said, "Do you have any doubts about the power of sexual arousal?" I wanted to hold her and press my lips to hers, but something inside said, 'not yet'. "With dedicated practice you can considerably extend the time of orgasm before ejaculation." She slowly slithered her hand up and down my throbbing cock some more, and repeated the sudden pulling on my testicles when my reaction told her that I was near spurting. I found it easy to approach ejaculation while practicing - all I had to do was think of the evening with Joni, and her lips, legs, hips, and sweet pussy.

The Adventures of Georgina part 1 - First Time

fetish 5155y 2017-10-09

My aim was to meet a dominant woman who might want a submissive man to feminize or perhaps just other trannies to discuss clothes, make-up and girly things. Once dressed and made up, she felt and acted like a girl and started to fantasise about being with a man. Sure, I could kick and scream the house down and no doubt neighbours world come running to my aid, but did I want the whole World to find out I was a sissy slut, who invited men round to suck?! I sucked hard and bobbed my head in time to his thrusts, my hand wanking his shaft, as he encouraged me with his vocal comments.

Futanari Ballbusting: Boxing

fetish RichardPercival 2017-10-09

I was conscious not to fall to the ground, but my hands instantly went to protect my balls and my knees were clenched together in a squat like position. She punched me in the right tit, causing all my attention to go there, and with my hands up, covering my sensitive boob, she bent down to one knee and smashed her padded fist (the pads did nothing) into my unprotected groin, causing me to fall on the ground again. Then she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth, brought me to completion in like 10 seconds (the act of cumming was a tad painful and everyone joked that I didn't last long), but as I came Jen brought her un-gloved fist up and smashed her knuckles into my unprotected jewels, causing them to audibly crack.

Life With s*s: Pt 19

fetish 2017-10-09

We got to our room, leaving the lights out like last night, except for the bathroom and opened the patio doors and the gate to the beach are. As soon as we got into the room my "date" wasted no time, he already knew what I'd do so he just quietly put his arms around me and started to kiss me. She started to eat her out, I don't know who came first, it was like Jeff was grunting and the girl was moaning almost at the same time. As everyone drifted out, Jeff and I sat at the table in our room and made plans for the next day, after that it was time to go home and start back into the routine.

BJ Queen

fetish Anal Slave 2017-10-09

She was a very kinky girl and she loved to play role models One time she tied me up and shaved my cock and balls, then she when down on me and started sucking and licking on my bald cock, after she sucked my cum into her mouth she came up and placed her lips on my mouth and fed me my cum back, it was my first taste of male cum. It felt good to me too, she's got one big dildo dong that has a suction cup on it, she will stick it to a wall and I will back up and she will insert it in to my ass and I will start fucking it until my cock shoots off into her mouth.

Sister Mary Encourages a Donation

fetish FatViagraCock 2017-10-09

Sister Mary Seraphina had bigger, rounder breasts than I'd imagined the many times I'd jerked off while thinking about her. "Eddie," she said, in her newly young voice, "do you have to be somewhere right away?" She squeezed her hand once more. Sister Mary stood up and reached her hand into the right pocket of my robe. "Yes, Eddie, this is what good boys get in heaven, whenever they want it," said Sister Mary. "Eddie," she said, "I'll be thinking of you doing this every time I see your sister at mass." She must have felt the jerking of my cock, because she encouraged me, saying, "There it is, Eddie; be my good boy and pump all of it into me!"

Relief on the Beach

fetish mirrorman 2017-10-09

Brian was halfway through his first drink when this vision of loveliness waltzed into the bar, he had to look twice before he realised that this was Janet. Janet had decided that she would give herself to Brian; she was hoping he felt the same way about her but she couldn’t tell. Brian stopped, ‘I want you Janet, I hope you feel the same way.’ Brian fell to his knees and pulled Janet to him; his hands lightly grasped her thighs and moved upwards underneath her dress until he reached the thong she was wearing. Janet moved her mouth up and down his cock faster, when she felt the first throb signalling the impending ejaculation she thrust her mouth as far down his cock as she could.

Black Mamba - pt 2

fetish germanboi4bbc 2017-10-09

Not knowing what was expected, I took a wild guess and said "Yes Mistress?" suffering the bemused looks of people passing by when Melanie arrived to open My face was covered with dried cum, I was wearing a flowered blouse is on your face, I'd guess that Jennifer is going to make you her bitch. intently into my eyes, Melanie smiled, placed her hand gently on my head and As I sat there on the pot with my dick in my hand, and cum on my face, "My little white bitch has fixed herself up quite nicely" Jen said with a cock at me and said "Let me clean some of that cum off of you." She then

Piss Whore

fetish kimnormundie 2017-10-09

I stand 5'2" tall, I weigh 100 lbs, I have 34DD tits, 22 inch waist, 28 in hips, I have waist length jet black hair, black eyes, full pouty lips, and an ass that is fit for fucking. I start by doing the stair master for a half hour, I then go to the men's room and collect one of my special water bottles that the men fill with their golden nectar. Candy asks where are we going and I tell her about a bar on the outskirts of town that is a hang out for just the kinds of guys that should know how to treat a piss whore on her 21st birthday.

Under Lock And Key

fetish mmurrells 2017-10-09

This is the reasonably factual story of a phase my wife and I went through a couple of years ago.We've pretty much moved past it all but we still look back on it as a fun experience. About a week later she sat me down and told me she'd been thinking about it and looking through my computer without me knowing, trying to decide what she wanted. It was a very detailed story in which a wife purchased a cock cage (if you aren't familiar with it, google it) and kept her husband locked up, using his built up sexual energy as a bargaining chip to get whatever she wanted.

Tied and Blindfolded

fetish amybbwred 2017-10-09

His hot wet tongue feels so good combined with the vibrations of the egg inside me and my hips are moving almost on their own, rubbing my pussy against his hot mouth. He brings me to the edge two or three times, letting me get close to cumming, and then turning off the egg and pulling his tongue away. I'm moving my hips to match his strokes, and it doesn't take long for the combination of his hard cock and the vibrations to make me cum again. My moans and pulsing pussy must be too much for him, because as I'm cumming I feel his cock swell and explode inside me.

You Come Home

fetish fotisampini 2017-10-09

I place my mouth around the head of your cock again, swirling my tongue around it, I then move over to kiss the side of your stomach as I move the waistbands of your pants and underwear down a little, then over to the other side where I do the same, you are more than happy to lift your hips up to help me. I sink down a little, so that the head of your cock is inside me, you moan a little, but not quite enough so I slowly sink all the way down making sure you can feel every millimeter, moving my hand to stroke your balls as I go.

Cougar on the Prowl

fetish TitfightAugur 2017-10-09

Ever since her divorce, Patricia had made a habit of picking up young, handsome college guys and, in a way, reliving her lost years with the exact same kind of bed partners she'd missed out on when she was younger. The blonde knew she didn't really need the extra help, but there was no denying that it did serve to make her substantial chest even more pronounced than usual, giving the mature beauty a truly eye-popping cleavage that seemed to draw in hungry looks from pretty much every male in the establishment. Thinking about the brunette's almost-challenge some months earlier had made her eager for a confrontation, and Patricia wasn't ashamed to admit to herself that she was looking forward to stealing away some floozy's boyfriend tonight.


Nightshade becomes Nightslut

fetish thorprovoni 2017-10-09

The young woman attacked the super-heroine quickly and gives her a punch in the face. The young woman dances around the super-heroine and gives her a kick in the ass. The super-heroine attempt to rise, but the girl is too fast and gives it another kick in the ass. The girl gives the super-heroine another kick in the ass. The young woman goes back and gives a strong kick in the face of the super-heroine. "Well, then, Nightshade, I want you naked .- says the young woman, looking coldly at the super-heroine. -"Well, stupid super-heroine, "- says the girl - Lick my boots! Night slut knows this and, trembling with fear and humiliation, she starts licking the boots of the girl.

How I Became a Cuckold

fetish cockster21 2017-10-09

However, I do sometimes fantasize about sucking a penis again, as I have enjoyed my past experiences and always liked the look of a big hard cock. I know this is an indiscreet question, but my boyfriend has an average-sized penis, and I always wanted to know what it felt like to have a big thick cock inside of me." Dave didn't waste any more seconds and started licking Kristen's hard nipples, and was now touching her ass with his hands. It took a good 10 minutes of me applying more lube and him putting pressure on her anus and fingering her to finally get his cock all the way inside her ass. Dave took my head and started fucking my mouth like he did to Kristen earlier.

The Making of a Young Nylon Foot Slave Ch. 01

fetish Nylonnlover 2017-10-09

We are about to send him to a military school and just give up on the matter." The reason that Adam and Danielle came up with this idea was that just before the end of Susan's divorce, she had her husband Sean eating out of her hand. I could use him to run errands and run here and there for me." Danielle thought that thus was fantastic and said, "When do you want him!" Susan remembered her last remark with Claire and with the seriousness of Daniel's Statement, maybe they were about to disown Mark.

My Cousin

fetish Rodlives 2017-10-09

Anytime she came around she would ask me how she looked and pose a bit, turning so I could see her ass or pushing her tits out a little. She new I was hard it was pushing against her, but instead of getting up she wiggled around my lap a bit grinning down at me. Just then she go off me grinning and walked away swaying her ass. I had the best cum of my life to that point absolutely soaking her panties so they became transparent around my cock. I though of getting her panties and showing her what she did to me but never did. Just imaging my cousins face if I had handed her those soaked panties still gets me hard.

A Mink Blanket Day

fetish BlueDaisy 2017-10-09

Jannie thought about these things as she sat on the comfy sofa in the living room of the house she and Bobby rented from their next door neighbor, Steven. Feeling frustrated and wishing Bobby was home, Jannie pulled the soft blanket closer around her, holding her right hand, the hand that had been rubbing between her thighs, close to her nose so she could catch whiffs of her scent. He had thought about waiting until either Bobby or Jannie was home, but he really wanted to start reading it now, because it was a technical book that Steven needed to study for a test he was taking in a few days.