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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My First Time With Ally

fetish 8incheslong365 2017-10-09

While I am doing this, I am rubbing her pussy under her bikini with my right hand. I start by sucking on her toes, then I lick her foot, and lick all the way up her smooth leg, taking lots of time on her inner thighs, and lick right beside her pussy. I push my tongue inside her sweet, wet pussy often. I push in as far as I can and cum inside of her pussy. As I'm cumming inside of her, she releases the bikini top from her mouth and squeals and moans very loudly. She puts her bikini back on and it is soon soaked in my cum and her juices flowing out of her pussy, even running down her legs.

A Friend in Need Ch. 01

fetish theprince 2017-10-09

Kalie was Lisa's closest friend from work. When do I get to meet him", Lisa asked. He does have a strange name." Lisa said laughing. They talk a lot with their hands, you know, these Indians." Kalie laughed. "I think so Lisa. He makes me laugh, cares for me like I am his baby.... Are things getting better?" Kalie asked Lisa. "You know Kalie, we haven't had sex in three months now." Lisa declared after a big gulp of the wine. Prince and I have been going at it like rabbits." "You animals", Lisa laughed. And then Kalie said something that stunned Lisa. Kalie looked at Lisa in the eyes and said, "To have you as a sex slave.

Adventures of Kat

fetish jsmith126 2017-10-09

Kat squealed and I gave her pussy a third long slow lick, savoring her taste as my tongue worked it's way from the very bottom to the top of her beautiful slit savoring her sweet nectar as it climbed. Her hands reached every which way; they grabbed my ass pulling me into her, slapped my ass violently, pinched my nipples, dug their talons into my shoulders, squeezed my balls, and rubbed her pussy. She leaned back extending her left hand and grabbed my flaccid cock, tugged it gently and gave my balls a playful squeeze asking "what should we do while you recharge?" It sounded like a question, but I knew it wasn't.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 03

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2017-10-09

I walk up to Matt and he puts his hand on the top of my head and pushes me down to my knees so that I'm now looking directly at his growing cock, now about 5" and resting like a lazt "S" on his ball sac, facing my mouth and awaiting entrance. I can smell his manliness when his cock is tickling the back of my throat and I begin to use my hands to caress his muscular chest and work them to his ass, at which point I pull his cock all the way into my mouth and just let it sit there for a moment, letting his balls rest on my chin. His commands excite me and I start moving my head in tune with his thrusts, never letting his cock out of my mouth, caressing his enormous balls to work his load out.

Changing Marriage Ch. 04

fetish sm8100 2017-10-09

Their eyes locked briefly and then Jim looked downward noticing the tight fitting jeans and finally the strappy sandals encasing the woman's feet that revealed a pale red toe nail polish. Jim gave a nervous smile, invited her in, and could faintly be heard under his breath to say, "let's see where do keep the tea?" They headed towards the kitchen where he tried a cupboard door that revealed baking goods but no tea. Alexa smiled allowing her head to go back just a bit sending the message that she knew exactly what Jim was talking about. Not knowing he felt a little embarrassed but when he looked at Alexa and her warm and engaging smile he decided that it was nothing to feel odd about.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 03

fetish Alfamann 2017-10-09

With a heavy sigh, Angie stood, took Peter by the hand, and led him down the stairs. Minnie looked up from her book and smiled, "Yes my dear, both of you." Finally the spanking ceased and Peter tenderly pulled himself off his landlady's lap. Minnie looked over at a very apprehensive Angie, gave her an engaging smile, and then patted her lap in a clear sign that it was now Angie's turn to take her punishment. Angie felt small and vulnerable, like a young child. Before she knew it she was lying across Angie's lap, and after having her position briefly rearranged so her buttocks were nice and high in the air the smacks began to rain down.

Joe's Night Out Ch. 01

fetish RadioBox 2017-10-09

I opened my eyes wide and stared back at you, quickly flicking them between you and the woman, trying to tell you I wanted you to talk to her. I slipped my shoe off discreetly, the long table cloth covering what was going on, and as you continued to try and reply to the woman I started to massage the bulge in your pants with my toes, pressing in and rubbing. "Stop, please." you replied, and I squeezed your balls in my hand, making you gasp. "I don't think I want too." I said, smiling as the room went quieter again, "actually I don't think I'm going to stop for quite a while."

A Little Wrestling Match

fetish Fred1177 2017-10-09

"Winner gets total obedience," Cecelia said. "Stephanie over there has your wrestling gear," Cecelia said. "Not too late to chicken out," Cecelia said. As I reached to move her off me, and Debbie was standing by for the count to begin, Cecelia adjusted my briefs enough that my sack fell out (to the cheers and whistles of the crowd). I took the time to put it back and Debbie gave a quick count to two before I got a big rush of adrenaline and managed to get out from under and throw her away from me and get back on my feet. Cecelia walked up with a great big smirk on her face. "Step right this way, 'Stud,'" Cecelia said.

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 05

fetish MaryGrangerx 2017-10-09

I also told him about the suggestion that it would probably be acceptable for me to wear very small panties and have accidents with Mrs Miller's son, Brian. Even as I was thrusting and grunting my thoughts were alternatively on Brian's giant cock or Mrs Miller being nice to me as her little girl. After that first week, without any accidents I felt myself becoming very juicy and I knew it must have been obvious to Mrs Miller as sometimes when I had pushed myself closer to her than I should have, she squeezed my breasts. Bruce couldn't wait to take Brian back down the shed to show him some new connections and Mrs Miller started to work.

First Time Creampie

fetish creamypussylover 2017-10-09

As I viewed the spectacle Linda suddenly shouted “Oh God, Oh Fuck I’m going to cum! His cock was wet with their fuck juices, and as he pulled away a string of cum hung from his dick to her cunt. Steve smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips and pubic hair, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her. I was licking Steve’s balls and I felt them tighten up as he spewed his second load into Linda, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her twat filled up again with more cum. “There, now you finally got to taste your own cum lover, maybe next time you will actually be able to eat it from my pussy!

Sweet Gushing Pussies

fetish NorthwestRain 2017-10-09

Gently stroking my back, the girl behind me reached forward with her other hand and touched her two outstretched fingers into the pink stream of pee, then lifted them to her lips and sucked them. Maria seemed to understand what I said and smiled again, playfully holding her sisters foot as it waved in the air and gently stroking between her pussy and her bumhole. The more fruit we pushed inside Dellona, the wetter she became and although her pussy was upright like a cup, the juices were dribbling out and into her bumhole, filling the little aperture and then flowing further down her crack, like honey.

Tgirl Jill initiated by 3 BBCs at nightclub

fetish tgirljillforbbc 2017-10-09

With the red spotlights aimed at me, I saw a reflection of a white whore bubble butt BBC Tgirl fuck slut teasing an audience of about 40 rough-looking big black studs and full of black cum on my face and tits. And even though my white whore Tgirl bubble butt ass was stuffed with 24" of BIG BLACK MONSTER COCKS, their luscious black cum still oozed out of my bubble butt ass and dripped down my long, hot pink, silky, stockinged legs and onto my hot pink 8" open toe platform stiletto heels with ankle straps. My Big Black Bull groaned one last time and I felt his hot, rock hard, throbbing BIG BLACK 15" MONSTER COCK explode balls deep up my white whore bubble butt Tgirl ass.


fetish Clare_Ca 2017-10-08

My poor little pooh-pooh hole was still swollen from last night when my girlfriend, Sarah, and her new boyfriend, Tom, came over to my apartment for dinner. My cunt was quivering: shooting blast, after blast, of piss out of me with each and every inward thrust of the bottom of the Chardonnay bottle, rammed deep into my bung-hole without quarter, until every fucking drop of warm golden rain was in the process, of being pumped out of my bulging wine-filled bladder, squirting high up into the air above us, like a reluctant, hesitant, fountain, malfunctioning in a sunny square, somewhere, in a courtyard of Seville.

Lisa or Sarah

fetish cffreak 2017-10-08

Sarah seemed happy when I said good night and that she looked forward to meeting Lisa in Las Vegas. If two single women are going out to a club to meet some men or worse, if they know there will be competition to win the attention of a particular man, they take special care to look just right. Still back-to-back Sarah looked at me and asked, "Do you prefer women with large breasts like mine or smaller ones like Lisa's?" "Now you know why they call those miracle bras." Sarah said looking at Lisa's intense cleavage. "Room service, I'd like to order some champagne on ice." Lisa said giving a nasty look at Sarah, and then smiled at me.

Fisting Memories - First Time

fetish volupval 2017-10-08

So one night after about an hour of amazing foreplay (making out, rubbing, licking, sucking, etc) I was laying on the bed and I could feel his fingers inside me, probing into the deepest part of me. I felt filled up, but it was different than the thick-cock-filling-me feeling. And it was lovely, because the movements made by his fist inside me were so different from a cock. And as I was looking at it, I could feel his fist inside me. And just so you know, I have no burst organs, my pussy is still quite tight and I still feel every cock as if it were my first!

Stretching Pt. 05

fetish ggerard87 2017-10-08

Amy's pussy, still a little stretched from the huge toy last night, was ready to accommodate the new thick shaft. It was not really a fuck this time, but more stuffing the big toy in her pussy and leaving it there while I forced an orgasm with a vibrator on her clit. The next couple times we had sex Amy did not want to use it and opted for her 2-inch thick toy instead, but we used it again the following week, and she loved it. My interests were evolving, and I was not just interested in watching Amy fuck huge toys, but had slowly developed a fantasy of Amy having a big pussy, and it was coming true.

Love Not Given Lightly

fetish 2017-10-08

"I know she's just messing with my head" thought Leah Jane, when suddenly Anna's carresses turned to a sharp sting as she pinched down hard on both nipples. Anna drew back abruptly, freeing Mani's replica cock from the confines of their clinched bodies and teased the ring end of it up and down Leah Jane's breathless torso... "No more secrets then..?" asked Anna as she made Leah Jane look her in the eye by raising her chin with the head of the toy. Anna took a moment to survey her handy work, looking Leah Jane up and down like a rapacious b**st deciding which part of the kill to eat first.

Sophie's Choice

fetish jeb22 2017-10-08

Sophie took a step closer to him as she noticed how uncomfortable he was getting," It's perfectly natural John," she said with a soft, throaty voice," most guys just can't control their own libido and having a woman take the reins makes their experience so much more fulfilling." "Oh Johnny you are going to love this soooo much," her hand continued rubbing slowly up and down, "that lethargic feeling you are getting coupled with the pleasure is you giving in to me," her voice softened," this is where I break you down. It's going to build...and build," hand rubbing a bit more insistently," and build Johnny until you can't hold back and you just give yourself to me," John's entire body jerked as he started cumming in his pants.

Boundaries Pushed

fetish dreamsweet 2017-10-08

"That's not what I told you to do." He sent one blow between my shoulder blades, then I felt him angrily take my hands out of the shackles. I watched him look down at me, and then the small stream of warm liquid started to fall from him. I used the finger covered with my own fluid when I started circling the delicate flesh of his anus. I let my finger relax and slide out as he slid out of me. I felt him push into the deeper moves, and my own sex pulsed with excruciating desire to release. His thrusts came rough and I let my finger go just a little deeper. "Lay down on your stomach." I did, and I felt his hands push my legs apart.


fetish spandexman 2017-10-08

Poor Stella struggled on the floor, she was hogtied with three pairs of her own nude pantyhose, a balled up worn white panty girdle was jammed in her mouth with a wide black cloth wrapped over her pouty red lips four times, she was soaked in sweat and her overstuffed red bra, barely contained her huge breasts and her tiny blood-red nipples were slightly exposed, her red thigh length panty girdle was soaked in sweat her own urine and a three grapefruit sized blob of stale smelly golden-brown feces was in the seat! The front of my red Speedo tented out prominently as I looked at the most beautiful woman I ever knew struggled in tight bondage while gagged with her own worn panty girdle!

My Sarah Ann Ch. 04

fetish Volock 2017-10-08

This was a part of my body I never wanted touched before, but now the sense of trust I feel with Sarah makes me want to drop old barriers and hangups. I feel her fingers slide briefly between my cheeks, she knows I want this but I need to take time, my fears linger still even though my desire burns so strongly. While still softly fingering my ass, she pours a small amount of oil over the toy and my hand, allowing me to lubricate the shaft. I feel like Sarah owns me in that moment, and she is treating me with the care and love that I need so badly. I pump my cock a little harder into her hand, I feel her grip tighten, she knows I must be close.


Cum Tea Discipline

fetish SissyPantySlut 2017-10-08

Suzanne usually keeps me in her mouth and swallows all my cum, but sometimes she lets me spurt in her hand or on her or on me and she licks it up from there. Suzanne wasn't going to take no for an answer so she really worked it, moving her naked body against mine, talking dirty, and moaning until I opened my lips and let the cum ooze in. All I could think about was my big balls and how much I wanted to really cum hard. My balls kept getting tighter and my cock felt like it was swelling even bigger, stretching her lips around the shaft as her tongue hummed all over my sensitive head.

My Wife's Cunt Eating Lessons

fetish Anal Slave 2017-10-08

The next day I went down to the lesbian Bi club and spoke with the manager I told her that my wife liked to suck pussy and eat the pussy juice out of a cunt. It wasn’t long before cum was pouring out of her pussy I looked at the door and a big black Amazon queen came in and spread her legs open and sat down on my wife’s face, as far as I know she has never sucked a black cunt before tonight. When she had come she got up and left and another Korean girl came in and squatted her pussy over my wife’s face she pumped her pussy on my wife’s face till she cum and she got up and left, this went on and on for hours and hours my cock was so hard from watching these women abuse my wife.

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 03

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2017-10-08

I stopped with just the head in, remembering how Glen had done the same to me just a few hours ago and envied her contentment and excitement as she wiggled her tight ass and begged me to enter farther. It drove Sandy wild with lust and she started pushing her ass back at me to impale herself further. Once we both finished our orgasms, as my dick was shrinking, I laid behind Sandy holding her in my arms and asked her about the experience. It also amazed me how Sandy loved the nastiness of the act as I had too when Glen took my ass! In the morning when we woke up I looked at all the dried cum on the back of Sandy's ass cleft and under her left cheek.