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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Confessions (Nicole)

fetish robertjones 2017-10-08

At the same time as things were growing cold in the bedroom, I began to notice things about myself and about other men I saw around me. Brad also introduced me to other men, successful businessmen, whose looks were nothing special, but whose cocks drove me wild. I confessed to Brad that I wanted to try fucking two guys and drinking their cum. I fucked both guys in every position we could think of, and ended up with a cuntful and a bellyful of yummy cum. Brad and I often have phone sex as I fuck his cum into my cunt. There are plenty of healthy, married men looking for sex at our club, so I am able to fuck and suck to my heart's content.

Minnie and the Newlyweds

fetish Alfamann 2017-10-08

Having arrived in New Zealand, Peter and Angie headed to Lake Taupo where they knew they could find work in one of the many cafes or tourist activities that are abundant in this popular holiday destination. Peter knew very little about the intricacies of foreplay, preferring to quickly ram his eager penis into Angie's sweet, moist vagina. " This delightful little fella is much too full of life," Minnie stared into Peter's embarrassed face, "which for me means another night of disrupted sleep while your darling little wife screams her orgasmic heart out in blissful ignorance of others in the house. Minnie brazenly reached out with her hand and wrapped it around Peter's penis, then proceeded to stroke it, slowly at first before increasing the rhythm.

Babygirls K's Sunday Outing

fetish DaddyJnBabygirlK 2017-10-08

Daddy took a look at the schedule for the swimming pools and quickly agreed, making her face light up with a broad smile and the thoughts of swimming in the cool water, not to mention trying to sneak in a couple of groping grabs on Daddy. The pool wasn't more than half a block away, but by the time they both got there they were sweating heavily from the high temperatures for the day, even though it was late afternoon.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 12

fetish KaseyLegs 2017-10-08

"I like your tube top," Victor told Whitney. Get down on the floor, hands behind your head!" Detective Haggerty called out, looking back and forth between Victor and Grandpa. I was left licking my chops as I stared at her feet and then tried to determine what her legs looked like based on the way the tight jeans she was wearing fit. As Detective Rosewood and the police officer who pretended to be a park ranger led Victor Dibella and Richie Marcello out of the cabin in handcuffs, I stopped licking Laura's feet long enough to look up at her and tell her, "That park ranger cop guy isn't on the up and up.

The Fantasy

fetish vinceh23 2017-10-08

I get a bit harder as she slip her panties over her feet and holds them in front of her for me to see, turning them around so that the gusset is facing me, the slight dampness of her sex visible evidence of her vagina. Do you want to wrap this gusset around your dick and cum in my panties? I watch her as she rubs her clit, a slight moan coming from her mouth as she says, "you're a dirty little boy, jerking in your mommies panties. My body shudders, my legs begin to go limp as I sit down on the edge of the chair, breathing hard as my cum fills the gusset.


I am a Wanker Ch. 02

fetish robin35 2017-10-08

I decided to go a bit more up market and started looking in the Boutiques around town and made a few purchases that I thought would look good wrapped around my cock as I masturbated into them. "Look at the size of those knickers that I have given to you." Susan said. I kissed her neck and shoulders for a good five minutes and watched as her hands moved to her breasts. That first time together I just decided to show you how to wank and do not ask me where I got the knickers idea from I do not know but I am glad I did- but we will come back to that."

From big band to big bang

fetish slipn2panties 2017-10-08

This got him horney again, and so while Marla was sucking his cock again, I pulled my panties to the side and started kissing him. He started stroking me and when I thought the time was right, I got up on my knees so my cock was right in his face. After Tom's first cock sucking I blew a load in his mouth, but he pulled away and the rest shot on his face and my chest. Marla pulled out of his ass just in time to come close to me stroking her cock so she could hit me in the face and mouth also. Seeing Marla and I in our teddies with out cocks sticking out or our panties was a real turn on for Tom and he stayed hard the whole time.


5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 16)

fetish braducles 2017-10-08

“Well, you’ll get that chance shortly cunt, you’ll get to feel my sperm in your hole soon.” I smiled viciously as I grabbed the leather tails and tugged the wooden handle from Monique’s snatch, making her squeal and jerk her legs together as the flogger popped from her pussy. “Please Master, fuck this cunt hard, please.” I could hear her moaning as I started slamming my cock in her tight hole, feeling the strain in her muscles as she tried to arch her body up in order to pant in my ear. “I’m afraid I’m kind of fond of the slut Mack, I’ve spent a long time training her.” Tara’s head twisted side to side, she couldn’t hear a word Jim said, but she humped Mack’s meaty thigh in need, almost as if she knew they were talking about her.

A Wee Story

fetish Shenachie2010 2017-10-08

"I remember about last night yes. She hitched her bottom onto the corner of the table, and leaning forward to kiss him, she deliberately flashed her pretty breasts. You were interested then I believe, are you still?" His penis jumped slightly in her hand as his brain shot it a fantasy image. She held out her hand and they went to the bedroom to his surprise, as he had thought the bath would be the place. His cock pointed towards his chin as she took off her white towelling robe to reveal her neat body. He brought his legs up to give her his thighs to lean back against.

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 03

fetish ScarredRaven 2017-10-08

I feel my whole face heat up as Amy's blue eyes look up at me, the worst part is she even blushes a little bit, embarrassed that I was just asked to comment on how cute her feet are. Amy calms her giggles down a bit to look at how serious Kelly is, she gives an odd kind of smile, but then turns her eyes on me. Try not to think about it as silly and you will probably get what I mean ok?" Kelly says confidently, and Amy simply nods, a finger in her mouth to try and not burst out laughing right away.

Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 02

fetish DAVES4000 2017-10-08

The gentle hands make their way up to her pussy where she feels the fingers starting to explore and spread her open slightly. She doesn't know what to do, as on one hand she is loving the feeling of being penetrated with the fingers, but in total fear of seeing the old dental drill coming closer to her mouth. She looks up to the mirror where she can only see the upper part of her body, her mouth spread wide open with a hand holding the drill in her mouth. Cara lays there looking up at herself, metal mouth spreader still in place which is starting to make her jaws ache with her mouth being spread open so far.

Peggy again!!

fetish blsbls123 2017-10-08

Lucky for me ( sarcasm), my wife had to be in work early the next day, leaving me to hang out with Peggy until she got home. I pretended to be sl**ping so that I didnt have to get clothes off the clothes line in the basement, or let the dog out for my wife before she went to work. Still kinda hard I went out in the hallway looking for her, hoping we could fuck and not wake her s****r. I put a pair of shorts on and went back into the hallway, only to find Peggy, my wifes s****r, coming out of the guest room, with a giant smile on her be continued

She Loves to swallow part 2

fetish assluver7 2017-10-08

These are different stories from, my fuck buddy Crystal shared with me about other guys she has been with they were pretty lemme know what you think. She said that her cousin friend asked to cum in her mouth, she knew about cum, but she really did not know what it was. She said after that she loved the taste of cum, cause he mad her swallow his cum every weekend and even everyday day after school before he started foot ball practice. She was a big cum whore by now,and she swore all the guys she sucked off to secrecy, she said it was a small town she did not to get a reputation.

Liz and John Solve Their Problem

fetish Quietoldie 2017-10-08

John remembers fondly that in the days when they lived together she wasn't shy about showing him her body, sitting carelessly in chairs showing her panties or wandering around the house half dressed. "Dad and mum will help us out and no doubt your mother can give us some money but there's not many firms taking staff on at the moment." John can see that Liz is devastated with his news. "Hello Liz, come in, don't stand on ceremony, call me Andrew, I'm pleased to meet you." He holds her hand slightly longer than necessary and her knees buckle a little. It's a good job you wear it long." John begins kicking off his shoes and pulling down his trousers and underpants feeling embarrassed about his erection.

Foot Fetish Fridays Ch. 02

fetish Brittni4u 2017-10-08

I looked at both girls like we were devising a game plan and asked, "Friday, wear what you think your feet will smell the strongest after wearing them. I gave him his order, "AJ, I know Tina's feet are really sweaty and smell really strong but I think it's time you start licking them. AJ was speechless but he gladly started licking Tina's feet and even sucked her big toe through the nylon just before I stooped down ready to feast on his sweet nectar. AJ could only shake his head yes because Tina was now sitting in his stool above him and rubbing both her strong nude nylon clad feet on his face.


I have to pay the school fees Day One

fetish tim1936 2017-10-08

“Did you get the pictures – she owes about twenty five thousand in fees and extras for herself and her s****r – no, she is not a virgin, done it a couple of times with her boyfriend – You are interested, oh that is good news – full works you say – I had a feeling that that would be the case for this sort of money – No problem I will get the consent forms signed and witnessed ready for you – you’ll send a car. Slowly at first he pushes the helmet just pass my teeth, the camera comes in for a close up, the young girl is still stroking him from the back between his legs, I shut my eyes and try to imagine fields of spring flowers, but it does not work, I am too aware of the black meat in my mouth, I can taste its saltiness.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 11

fetish SylviaG 2017-10-08

"In there please, I think the toilet should be more appropriate for a wimp like you," I said smiling at his blushing face. "Do you want me to kiss it, and suck you for a while?" I said looking up longingly into his eyes. Wearing his girlfriends bra stuffed with her soiled panties, and my tights on his legs, with another pair on his cock and balls, which lay trapped between the loo seat and the bowl. I looked down between my legs, and saw his cock sticking out from under the toilet seat about 2 inches. His trembling lips pressed into my nylon tights, and he kissed softly, maybe a little hesitantly at first.

Night Stalkers

fetish zed_man 2017-10-08

Often I wake in the morning with my hands numb, stretched out over my head or with my sheets in tangled knots and bed clothes pulled up around my waist; my pussy slick with left over excitement. I feel you move a little and, pulling my ass up onto your thighs, you penetrate me completely, forcing yourself deep within me. This seems to remind my assailants that my mouth is unfettered and the gag is quickly fixed back in place, a soft kiss sealing me in, as gentle hands caress my neck and face. As your tongue swirls around in me I feel softer hands on my thighs, gently massaging me, stroking all over my sensitive body.

A "Seeding-ly" Close Encounter

fetish vantan 2017-10-08

Shawn could smell the leather of the shoes that had been on her feet all day, he could feel the roughness of the pantyhose, and then, as Maple hunched her shoulders, and rolled her hips, Shawn's tongue found 'the spot', he pressed softly on her small anus and it was like an orgasm for Vanessa. Shawn allowed one pulse into her, before pulling out, and slipped his throbbing cock quickly into the top of the small torn opening at the gusset as his next contraction sent a rope of copious cum up into Vanessa's pantyhose, and then he leaned himself back, to cum, squirt, spray, pour, out as much as he could muster into her 20-denier clad thighs.


fetish jkjkram 2017-10-08

I hugged her body, feeling her curves, my hand touching her ass. I haven't seen her boobs, pussy or her naked curves. "Ally, I'm gonna cum!" she put her lips on my tip and moved her hand up and down my shaft. The first time I looked at you, I fell deeply in love with you. I love you so much, Ally." a tear rolled down my cheek as I said this. I want to feel your cock in my pussy." My eyes got wide and I smiled. I climbed on top of her and rubbed her pussy lips with my dick. "I didn't know if you wanted me to cum inside of you or not.

The Weather Girl Ch. 05

fetish seat542 2017-10-08

Betty opened a door at the end of the humidor and removed a molded plastic cup attached to a coil of clear flexible tubing. "Using this knob, I can control the level of my urine in the wine." Taking a glass from on top of the humidor, Betty continued, "Let me show you." Betty turned the knob a bit to the left and then opened the tap to a bottle of Chardonnay. Betty's other hand was still in my ass feeling the shit crossing her fingers. Setting the bowl onto the floor, Betty locked her eyes onto mine and brought her shit covered fingers towards her breasts. Betty broke the kiss and pulled back, bringing her shit covered fingers to her mouth.

Cat vs. Bats

fetish maxdname 2017-10-08

Catwoman leaned in close to my ear and spoke, "I've always wondered what it would be like to make love to a beautiful female superhero." The dampness of her breath lingered on my cheeks as she finished and began to pace around the bed once again. "I had your Bat-man and he was like putty in my hands." I looked towards the old men again and spotted a gleam in their eyes that suggested they must have also funded a Batman and Catwoman coupling. With that, the woman playing Catwoman pulled aside the black leather fabric of her hot pants and arched her back slightly so that the short cropped auburn hair of her pussy pressed against my lips, teasing my nostrils with that wonderful aroma of her body's desire.

Making a Maid Ch. 02

fetish garamel 2017-10-08

With my orgasm almost upon me she whispered to me, "Catch it in your other hand because your going to eat that too." Hearing those words I exploded into my palm and as I milked out the last drop, there was probably a spoon full, I hesitated for a brief moment she grabbed my wrist and brought my hand to my mouth, "Glenda honey don't make me mad; open your mouth and get busy!" I hesitantly extended my tongue, and as I did she pushed my hand firmly to my mouth and said "Don't dally and don't swallow it; get busy." I quickly began to lick the cum from my hand , the taste and texture wasn't that unpleasant and when I was finished she told me to "open and show me." I opened my mouth and proudly showed her I had done as she asked.

Beating & Branding

fetish Alice Wells 2017-10-08

He tilted his head away so he could look up and meet my eyes. I rubbed my thighs together and he slid his hand up under me to grab my ass. "C'mon, turn over, show me that pretty ass you little cocksucker." I gave him a sulky look and sat up; my hair was mussed from being rubbed against the pillows for so long. He sat down beside me like a father checking his sick child's forehead for a fever, except his fingers pinched my nose shut. Two more followed before I felt his fingers probing between my thighs, spreading the wetness there to my ass. It felt like he held it there for years, letting it sear into my skin.